Malema pals benefit from R1.7bn tender

2012-10-26 08:13

Johannesburg - Former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema is accused of rigging a R1.7bn school feeding programme in Limpopo to favour people close to him.

He allegedly presented a list of people - including two of his cousins, his part-time bodyguard and his former driver - that he wanted to receive a cut of the money, the Mail & Guardian revealed on Friday.

The newspaper said five sources had independently told reporters how Malema had given the provincial education minister a list of favoured service providers for tenders providing school meals in Limpopo.

Tender details were then manipulated so that the people on the list could become beneficiaries. 

The seven school contracts were worth a combined R40m over two years.

Malema this week denied sending any list to the department and called for people to provide proof.  

Responding to the fact that people close to him had won big contracts, Malema said people shouldn’t be condemned for knowing him.

"I've always told them: 'Never be afraid to do business with government, but also never expect any favours from me.' They have a right to be economically active, but they must all comply with the law and if not then they must be charged."

The provincial education minister’s office also denied receiving any list or manipulating tenders. 


  • robes.spear - 2012-10-26 08:18

    When is this guy going to face charges and be prosecuted!

      opinionator - 2012-10-26 10:00

      How long is a piece of string?

      scouter.fourone - 2012-10-26 10:42

      Love the name, Robes - very clever and has made my day the more I think about it! I think you will find that his demise will be timed to coincide with the ANC election - just a guess, mind you.

      paul.chick.501 - 2012-10-26 10:50

      The other one i love is "juliusyouprick" ....i need a new name any one got any good names for me ?

      art5SA - 2012-10-26 12:53

      What will Pavin do about this? Did he not state that ALL TENDERS WITH GOVT WILL BE SCRUTINISED by SARS? All "TALK" once again....

  • rozanne.peters - 2012-10-26 08:19

    Thuli madonsella. you have got your job cut out for you. some more dirt to investigate?

  • Tony Lapson - 2012-10-26 08:20

    I guessed they denied it, that means it didn't happen. They are such honest people, we can definitely trust them.

      art5SA - 2012-10-26 12:53

      Trust them about as far as you can SPIT!

  • hannes.mitchell - 2012-10-26 08:21

    This oke is just like Zipper Zuma - As hy lê teel hy, as hy staan steel hy...

  • customdesign - 2012-10-26 08:23

    "The provincial education minister’s office also denied receiving any list or manipulating tenders" - of course they will deny it, it makes them complicit.

      art5SA - 2012-10-26 12:54

      When they DENY... then you KNOW it is the TRUTH!!

  • daniel.motlhatlhedi - 2012-10-26 08:23

    Economical freedom. Scandals scandals scandals.

      sandy.langenstrass - 2012-10-26 09:28

      He means Economical freedom for himself ONLY. Typical....carry on are digging your grave.

      art5SA - 2012-10-26 12:54

      I would LOVE to urinate on that grave... one day!

  • kala.bafazi - 2012-10-26 08:23

    I am actually all commented out over this tosser. There is nothing left to say that hasn't already been said.

      brad.ken.18 - 2012-10-26 08:41

      Indeed. He doesnt deserve more "airtime".

      sandy.langenstrass - 2012-10-26 17:49

      You right, how much more can you say what a Bas#tard this Malema is.

  • hitting.thefan - 2012-10-26 08:24

    Just part of the official corruption sindicate of S.A. and the head of the organization is Jacob "shower head" Zuma!!!!!!

  • gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-10-26 08:26

    What's new?

  • larry.piggott1 - 2012-10-26 08:28

    I can not believe that there are people who still support this clown, especially when the support is from some of the people that he is ripping off.

      opinionator - 2012-10-26 10:03

      Thats actually pretty funny. So glad i have common sense and logic.

  • frank.hall.7509 - 2012-10-26 08:28

    When are we going learn that this man is corrupt to the core, he is a fool and should be taken off the news front. all we do by writing about him is enlarge his image on the national front. GET RID OF HIM

      brendaanne.anderson - 2012-10-26 15:39

      @ frank hall - but how are the masses going to know how corrupt he is unless these kind of articles are written?. I have to smile at people that reprimand News 24 for reporting on Malema ( because they are SO tired of reading about him) but they must have clicked on the article to have to have read it in the first place?? i.e. If they were that tired of reading about him, why not just skip the article ?

  • thulanit - 2012-10-26 08:30

    All of them are corrupt, you can't trust anybody in this South africa of ours, this is bad for this country, greedy Bastards !!!!! We pay tax to feed the fat cats, look at Malema's face !!!!

  • JohnDough - 2012-10-26 08:31

    I hope he likes prison food. How can any civil person steal from hungry kids?

  • apepler1 - 2012-10-26 08:32

    Greedy Mother F........ Hell get his day!

  • Ketshabile - 2012-10-26 08:32

    What a shame! It sims like most politicians are stealing 4rm the poor. Even apartheid was not like this to the people that it was in their favor. Shame you Politicians.

  • marilyn.docherty.9 - 2012-10-26 08:33

    How many more 'skeletons' are going to creep out of his cupboard? He is acorrupt 'swine'!!!!

  • dragonfire47 - 2012-10-26 08:34

    These filthy disgusting criminals dont have a soul, stealing money that was supposed to feed hungry kids, you reached a new low in depravity and you will be judged

  • richard.zanner - 2012-10-26 08:35

    Like anybody still believes a word they say.

  • osmaseko - 2012-10-26 08:35

    I think this is another article to have website hits. Why don't those people who have this info forward it to the Authorities? This is making me sick

      andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-26 09:00

      @osmaseko. Tapes go missing what do you think will happen to paper ??

      luke.dekoker - 2012-10-26 11:35

      And the courts (in Limpopo) burn down..Paper and tapes with it!!

  • darryl.maze1 - 2012-10-26 08:35

    He's just like the rest of the ANC, CORRUPT and full of crap. But you brainless followers will keep believing him while he steals money from you all and you will be the ones left starving and in the cold. Julius and all these corrupt officials must be brought down once and for all so SA can grow properly.

  • khethu.ndlovu.3 - 2012-10-26 08:36

    1.7 billions... a combined 400 millions... Which is which? News24 get your facts straight before you tjatjarag here, bloody agents.

      StanSenamo - 2012-10-26 09:10

      @khethu.ndlovu, you must learn to read with your eyes and not your head. The article says \The seven school contracts were worth a combined R40m over two years.\ This translates to R560 million over two years for these seven schools. Then the question should where will the rest of money be deployed? The article should have provided for the breakdown of the remaining funds.

      khethu.ndlovu.3 - 2012-10-26 11:18

      Stan, will u plse use your eyes to read, not your heands, as usual, you just said what i said, you just wanted it to come from you.

      frans.visserdsb - 2012-10-26 23:20

      Ok, the school feeding school for all the schools in Limpopo is worth R1.7 billion. He was allegedly involved in rigging the tender for the school feeding scheme for 7 schools - which is worth R40 million. The headline is misleading - he is accused of manipulating a small part of the entire R1.7 billion scheme. Still just as corrupt, just as sick...

  • - 2012-10-26 08:37

    It gets worse with this turd!!! A school feding programme is honestly below the belt now?? Taking the food out of the mouths of his own kind!! Just shows u what kind of rubbish this country holds!! Y cant they just find him guilty already !! or must more kids go hungry before his criminal tendencies are accounted for ???? So sick of him as is !!!

  • maphile - 2012-10-26 08:38

    Please is government officials so spineless and corrupt that they will let an individual mess with their responsibilities? Is the Limpopo Provincial MEC so naive and lack vision and strategy just to be handed a list of service providers and approve it with out questions? Please give us facts and stop bombarding us with information from faceless sources.

      lorain.maseko - 2012-10-26 08:55

      @ Maphile yes Limpopo as a whole is led by people who dont have the skills to do so,why else do you think they now under goverm=nment control? So to answer your question "Is the Limpopo Provincial MEC so naive and lack vision and strategy just to be handed a list of service providers and approve it with out questions?" The answer is YES

  • karlu.unos - 2012-10-26 08:43

    He also never a saw a million with his eyes...He has done worse, i know. He used to control everything that concern tenders in Limpopo, even his granny got a tender

  • toni.k.mcquillen - 2012-10-26 08:44

    goodguy.buthelezi, you really shouldn't be naive about these situations this effects poor people the most. Make sure people back what they are saying and not just make statements to win you over.

  • nOs.gUrU - 2012-10-26 08:44

    Am not a fan of Malema, but come on News24... Is this what the news has become? Nonsensial speculation without any proof! You can do better than that

      lyellvanderwalt - 2012-10-27 00:04

      I agree. The ANC and Malema have been so trustworthy, forthright and honest. So any speculation is completely unfair. And then, everyone woke up and it was just a dream.

  • balosang - 2012-10-26 08:50

    Anything new please, by now we should be all aware that this has been the practice in Limpopo under the command of Cassel Mathale, he knows all about it...

  • tshivhombelaf - 2012-10-26 08:55

    Aha! 'Champ' of the poor.

  • johan.verster.90 - 2012-10-26 08:56

    I think this is just the tip of the iceberg-I think this sort of thing is widespread in our country,just look at the cars the "previously disadvantaged" are now driving...

  • gregory.hill.984 - 2012-10-26 08:57

    come come, he is not benefiting, his friends are benefiting, how can we be so racisit as to deny him the right of nationalising the mines, taking the land and helping his friends become financially stable. As long as people keep voting ANC, this will continue, Africa has never had a succesful economy, with the exception of Botswana, but hey who wants to follow Botswanas example, much better to go to Zimbabwe to get ideas, seeing that Zimbabwe is such an example of African success. Amazing how a white born South African is not considered South African, I dont see EU and USA telling all the black people there to leave, should they do that their own White people will be up in arms screaming racist, dont see many black people saying, hey white South Africans are also South Africans.. To all the uneducated on here, WHERE do you want WHITE people to go? We have the same passport as you do, we can not just get on a plane and move, leave everything we know behind us, we are NOT British, we are NOT Dutch we ARE South Africans

      abrammothothi.mamabolo - 2012-12-07 10:06

      Who was selling the land to the dutch and the british

  • tokkiel - 2012-10-26 08:57

    I wish some one would shut this idiot up for good! Just take him out. I am sure it can't be so difficult. His got enough blood on his hands already.

  • lucky.lehlaka - 2012-10-26 09:00


      lionel.nel.7 - 2012-10-26 09:20

      lol lucky sounds like you benefited somewhere somehow , good luck to you and your malema friend cause together you guys will just keep making this country poorer

      ed.gutsche - 2012-10-26 10:42

      dude, just to let you know 4 things: 1: The easter bunny does NOT exist. 2: Santa Claus does not exist. 3: There are no honest politicians in Limpopo/Mpumulanga. 4: Juju is corrupt. sorry to let you know all of these sad sad truths on a friday, but maybe once you cry yourself to sleep on your big pillow, you will wake-up a new person tomorrow? well i can hope...

      jan.griesel.98 - 2012-10-26 14:16

      LOL, its so funny, if you click on somebodies linked FB profile, as favourite Activities " Joling" and as Interests "sex", makes you think.

      reg.nagel - 2012-10-26 21:43

      P*ss-off lucky strike...

      niekie.vanheerden - 2012-10-28 08:06

      LUCKY! I'm sure you went to school with fatboy malema, because just like fatty you can not even spell! Go back to school moron!

  • Andrea - 2012-10-26 09:00

    Jail is no good, this comrade will find a way out. Can we just send this tosser to the bottom of a mine shaft please, any shaft will do in this instance, as long as it's deep with no way out.

  • lovenergy - 2012-10-26 09:03

    I guess in first world countries they would say its like stealing candy from a baby; in South Africa its like stealing the only meal of the day from the lips of our starving children! All these corrupt a-holes see is money! Their greed knows no boundry! That money could have developed hydroponic growing schemes but how much do you want to bet thay R40 mil only bought them a little plate of pap if they are lucky! For that type of money no child in limpopo should go to bed hunrgy or worry about malnutrition. Why are people with NO experience being awarded these tenders?! And it makes my blood boil that some brainless zombies still think this is ok! I wish I could let you look thru the looking glass at what SA could have been without this greed from this swine.

  • andy.mku.9 - 2012-10-26 09:03

    news24 is like New Age these days

  • julie.vanniekerk.3 - 2012-10-26 09:04

    The question is, WHAT is going to be done about this!

      gregory.hill.984 - 2012-10-26 09:12

      Nothing, it has been denied, so it didnt happen, and the profits that do not exist will be used to purchase imaginary cars and imaginary luxury houses

  • goodguy.buthelezi - 2012-10-26 09:06

    Instead of focusing your energy on Zuma, who is busy spending millions of tax payers money building his home, you are wasting your time and energy on a story that lacks facts and based on a rumour and Provincial Government dosent know anything about these claims. Sometimes I cant help but ask myself whether your brains function properly

      gregory.hill.984 - 2012-10-26 09:16

      lets see, focusing on Zuma, we all know he is corrupt, we all know he is stealing money, we all know he will soon have enough wives to fill up his lovely new houses bedrooms, and we all know that the uneductated will all still vote for him. Hell the ANC could dress a gorilla up in a suit and ask people to vote for the Gorilla, and we could become the first country with an Animal for president, then again, the Gorilla may do a better job......

      opinionator - 2012-10-26 12:08

      So coming from the guy who votes ANC and supports malema...

  • shaun.cousins1 - 2012-10-26 09:10

    surely there is some unpaid tax money there

  • attie.gerber.1 - 2012-10-26 09:11

    they should black list the whole lot of them including the premier from doing business with govt and award the tenders to honest people

  • luvuyomatwa.luvuyomatwa - 2012-10-26 09:13

    You were fighting for Zuma, ready to kill for him. These days you are on your own. That's how stupid you are boy. After Polokwane I said that (izono zenu zizakunilandela), ask your former father(Zuma) he will tell you.

  • shawn.swiegers - 2012-10-26 09:18

    Yes Malema, only problem is the world condemns the whole of South Africa because it knows you!

  • christopher.laurenz.5 - 2012-10-26 09:18

    tik tik tik.....

  • phumi.ntlabati - 2012-10-26 09:22

    Who takes the Mail & Garbage seriously? We know that their investigation department known as "Amabhungane" is facing closure due to finincial restraints. Now they are resorting to cheap journalistic conducts and ethics with their faceless sources! It seems they have jumped into the national sport of character assassination! We are not suprised Mangaung is just around the corner we are going to hear more of these fairy tales!

      Sonnyjakes - 2012-10-26 09:33

      Go have a life. Thank god for press freedom, don't know how long though.

      toni.k.mcquillen - 2012-10-26 09:43

      hmmmm funny thing is you obviously take it seriously, you obviously read it, and then commented on it..........

  • edgar.mooi - 2012-10-26 09:24

    The department allow bcs they will olso be encounterbel for these wrong doings ,the trueth is there's lot of project done by malema he ws very corrupt young man . The trueth will set you free ,the trueth will prevail my friend ,,,,, and you will be like all that hv think of they are heros but they fall. There's no right from wrong i think you learn that at school that if you wrong you dont pass.

  • manamela.moshe - 2012-10-26 09:25

    And i bid for that and get nothing. Hmmm.

  • robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-10-26 09:26

    Oh Wow! Surprise, surprise!

  • toni.k.mcquillen - 2012-10-26 09:26

    Ok well firstly calling the media agents etc, is a bit far fetched. Firstly they never claimed it was "proof" only what sources have reported to them. Secondly, anyone who testifies of late ends up dead, I am in agreement that Zuma should not be spending our tax paying money in such excess on her personal property, perhaps a solution for this is like the USA and UK have implemented there is a house in which the president (or primister) stays in whilst in office. And I am not in disagreement that there are ANC members that are corrupt, this is not the agrument here, the issue here is that Julius Malema has used his resources for personal gain, now this is to be sorted out in court. But my question to you is, why would you support Malema? He supports Mugabe's ideals, are you happy in having all the Zimbabweans in your country taking your jobs? they are here because of Magabe, so perhaps you are not happy with Zuma and feel that the ANC is looking for a scapegoat, and in many cases I am sure there is a level of truth to this, but I pose the question that do you want a country with the same problems as Zimbabwe? Because by supporting Malema I fear that is what you are heading for, also what has he actually done for you? that said, I know he has listened to some complaints, but what has he actually done for you?

      paul.chick.501 - 2012-10-26 09:42

      Toni you need to take that speech to the masses they dont see it here

      abrammothothi.mamabolo - 2012-12-07 10:30

      The zimbabean are not taking our job,you hire them because you dont want to pay a living wage and you abuse them.Super power like(Britain) impose sanction to zimbabwe because they own anything there, and to prevent neighbouring country to help them.

  • nhlaka.m.kunene - 2012-10-26 09:26

    real enemy of revolution!! Propagandist who want to ruin our country as they are doing in Limpompo. How can u run SA if u fail in a small province with less economic complexit like Limpompo" U Bloody agent!! nibukisa ngabantu abamnyama.

      toni.k.mcquillen - 2012-10-26 09:35

      This is going to be decided in a court of law at the end of the day, if the prosecutor has a leg to stand on he will prove it. But do you not think it is time to start opening your mind to other ideas, I really recommend reading this article, it is good to have insight from all areas even if you dont agree with it: By Mzansi Politics

  • Sakhiwo - 2012-10-26 09:26

    Senikhangela nje kwanto engegama lakhe uMalema ngoku.Tjo niya zixakekisa maan!

  • ftakalani - 2012-10-26 09:28

    Let ur sources bring concrete evidence so tht he may be charged if true nd stop speculating cos tht ain't enough