Malema supports Jansen

2009-10-29 14:04

Bloemfontein - ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has come out in full support of University of the Free State rector Jonathan Jansen remaining in his position.

"We do not agree with any call that he must go," Malema told reporters after a meeting with Jansen, who has come under wide-spread criticism for offering a pardon to the so-called Reitz four.

"Jansen is one of our own," he later told students. "We cannot feed Jansen to the enemy."

Malema said as a youth organisation, the ANCYL could not stand in the way of students who wanted to return to university, but disciplinary steps should then be taken against them.

"They must apologise and show remorse when they come back," said Malema.

TRC-like process

He said that ANCYL had "frank" talks with the rector to say that certain issues must change.

Addressing students, Malema said that the Reitz issue was not about individuals, but the institution.

He said the ANCYL agreed with Jansen that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission-like process should be instituted at the university.

Everybody, black and white, should be able to express their feelings at such a forum as to how they had been affected by racism on the campus.

Malema said he agreed with Jansen that the institution was still racially divided.

Under fire

Jansen came under fire after announcing that the Reitz Four would be allowed to return to campus and continue their studies if they wanted to.

RC Malherbe, Johnny Roberts, Schalk van der Merwe and Danie Grobler still face charges of crimen injuria in court.

Two of the students have already completed their studies, but two others are planning to return to campus.

The four allegedly made a video in which five black university employees were shown taking part in a mock initiation into hostel activities.

The employees were filmed on their hands and knees eating food which had apparently been urinated on by a white student.

Jansen's decision drew wide-spread criticism, causing him to start a "consultation process" about the matter.

  • Biza - 2009-10-29 14:11

    This institution is still WAY behind. At Stellenbosch University, for example, they have these 'TRC-like' meetings every few months where students of all races talk about their experiences and share opinions. That's what civilized people should do. To think that in an institution where race counts over anything else, its such a big deal having one simple SRC meeting where students talk about things........really now!

  • Kruger - 2009-10-29 14:12

    the only reason he is back tracking is to duck the hate speech charges against him, again his lack of backbone has been exposed. Julius you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny!

  • Alien Dude - 2009-10-29 14:12

    Who cares.What a waste of space.

  • Simon - 2009-10-29 14:14

    I can't believe I am saying this, but I think that Julius is correct.

  • AlmostExpat - 2009-10-29 14:18

    "Jansen is one of our own," he later told students. "We cannot feed Jansen to the enemy."

    Who is 'the enemy' I wonder

  • Hans - 2009-10-29 14:20

    Could Juilius please identify who the "ENEMY" is???

  • Eric - 2009-10-29 14:21

    Wow!! Wonder what's the hidden agenda with that agreement of Malema. Be as it may, I also support Jansen.

  • slimkat - 2009-10-29 14:22

    "We cannot feed Jansen to the enemy."

    Exactly who is the enemy
    and who will eat Jansen

  • andrew - 2009-10-29 14:25

    Yes i fully support the comment made by ANCYL president Julius Malema. The students must be forgiven but they need to be taught something as a lesson for what they did. We shouldn't crusify them.

  • Olivier - 2009-10-29 14:27

    Who is the "Enemy" Malema is referring to here? As I recall, Malema and the rest of the ANCYL were the ones calling for Jansens head...

  • Gerry - 2009-10-29 14:28

    Wow ..its about time this Malema guy spoke something constructive . His disciples thought that he was gonna call for the resignation of the rector and he took them by surprice .A clear example that you should not follow everything your leader says cause he just might change his mind and deviate from any constructive behaviour

  • Skollie - 2009-10-29 14:28

    And here comes Mr Malema and give, maybe for the first time in his life, a very matured answer to a very complexed matter. Congratulations Julius. This is the talk of a leader. Keep it up.

  • Better side - 2009-10-29 14:33

    This is the leader we want in Julius Malema. Talking things through, rationally thinking about a subject and not throwing gasoline on the fire.

  • GT - 2009-10-29 14:36

    Well I have some admiration for motor-mouth Malema, for taking the time to go talk, not cause more division between blacks and whites, for a change ...

    Malema if you can learn how to be a leader, and respect people and take the trouble to understand other peoples views, then you might actually grow into a leader worth mentioning in the future ...

  • Justin - 2009-10-29 14:37

    Well done Malema. For once you have sounded like a adult speaking sense. Now please carry on with your positive comments it will always be welcome. (You realy have changed my mind about you so dont go and say some ridiculous comment in the future!!!!) PLEASE!!!!)

  • anonomous - 2009-10-29 14:40

    i think that those guys should not be allowd to come back, yhey knew what they were doing and now they have to face the music, yea as a university we migt forgive them but we still want the 5year probation, in all the time that has passed those guys havent even apologised meaning that they have no remorse, they should b locked up and throw away the keys

  • Ams - 2009-10-29 14:40

    Wow! Something sensible out of this man's mouth. It might just rain tomorrow. But don't get your hopes up people, he will probably say something stupid in the near future.

  • Bethuel - 2009-10-29 14:41

    Our country is on the brink of catastrophe just imagine how youth league were all up against the proffessor in question some even uses racial factors but the leader recommended by president Zuma just easily convinced by the rector.Where these youth of this country are clearly going?Which direction youth leader shows our youth?because of their leadership Free State youth must appear before court.was Mr president correct to recommend Mr Malema or may be is still to early to mantled him?

  • Zane - 2009-10-29 14:42

    but wasnt Julias the one that said Jansen must go??? this whole ANCYL is a farce to insite violence aginst whoever opposes the ANC

  • william - 2009-10-29 14:43

    in maybe a few generations people will say...those guys in 2010 actually listened to African we know that what they say is not what they ment,unless they can get away with it...what they did is not what they saw and what they told was misunderstood...they will know what I know NOW that all these guys are a joke

  • donky - 2009-10-29 14:43

    Why report what this idiot says in the media. Ignore him and he will go away. Stop giving him free advertising!

  • KOBUS - 2009-10-29 14:46

    What is he implying? Jansen is "black" and the enemy is "white" and that is why the ANCYL suddenly likes him? I can see Johnathan shaking his head in pity right now. If you know the man, you'd know that he has no time for such racial nonsense.

  • Truth - 2009-10-29 14:46

    It is so funny to see the whites praising Malema when he does something for them.

  • larry - 2009-10-29 14:47

    Fact remains M is the biggest idiot ever to hold a position of power in SA, and neither one nor one hundred informed decisions will ever change this.

    What an idiot, and i wish we the press would just stop covering the garbage coming from this uneducated fool.

  • JBird - 2009-10-29 14:48

    What would Malema have said if the rector was white. His comment that Jansen is one of our own smacks of his racist tendencies. How on earth will it be possible to have an inclusive government when statements like this can still be made. And by the way who is the enemy. Julius feels nothing for the white people. He is the biggest racist of all. As for the Reitz four they are lucky. If I was the rector they would be expelled. Racism should not be tolerated at all and neither should Malema. He is a disgrace who creates populist support in subjects he has no knowledge about.

  • adambotha - 2009-10-29 14:48

    Well well well!! This comes as a surprise! Wish that Malema was like this 24/7. Perhaps if he carries on like this he will someday become a good leader. Still holding my breath though....

  • winna - 2009-10-29 14:49

    well said julaks

  • Junaid - 2009-10-29 14:49

    Juju!!!Juju!!!Congrats you made us South Africans proud.

  • Malale Mathews - 2009-10-29 14:50

    South Africa is happy that the two agreed.I support Malema that the students should come back. They should undergo counselling also, because they really need guidance. As a sign of remorse they should steer a Reconciliation Project during their study, so that they participate in transforming the University. Viva Malema Viva!

  • by george - 2009-10-29 14:50

    Have you people not realised, it was not Julius Malema that sparked debate. He is just being an opportunist. Its Prof Jansen that is correct in that we need to extend an olive branch for racism to die.

  • Vrye Denker - 2009-10-29 14:52

    Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. So for Malema to be correct once every couple of years is nothing to celebrate. (just kidding. If the man says or does something I agree with, he deserves to be commended).

  • Africanboy - 2009-10-29 14:52

    It does not take rocket science to know that the ENEMY here is RACISM. Well done Julius, I hope this is a lesson 4 people to listen to Juju and analyse the merit in his words rather than make nonsensical comments just because it’s Julius

  • Ghwappie - 2009-10-29 14:53

    Wow. Just goes to show: even somebody with Julius's school record can go to university and emerge a mature and changed man...

  • M.G - 2009-10-29 14:53

    I still fail to imagine how these white guys felt like doing this to elderly people.How wud they had felt if any one of their mothers was subjected to this kind of treatment? The principle to honour fahters and mothers is across all racial divides,and I see no reason why these men should overlook it.

  • Johan - 2009-10-29 14:53

    NEVER thaught i would agree with Jules...

  • Mosiuoa - 2009-10-29 14:54

    If Malema had been a student at UFS or perhaps have spend some time in that campus, was He gonna say what He just said? An example should have been made with this four may be UFS would be a better place by now.

  • AMUKELANI - 2009-10-29 14:54

    How long are we going to allow such racism in our country?.Yes those "reitz four" have achieved their goals(by underming blacks)but they must be charged before they return to the campus.

  • Ben - 2009-10-29 14:54

    Fist Jansen was to be killed cause he's a rasist. Now.."Jansen is one of our own," and "We cannot feed Jansen to the enemy."... I thought the ANCYL was the enemy?!?! WTF!? HAHAHA!!!!

  • Jas - 2009-10-29 14:55

    So a few days ago one of his cronies calls for Jansen to be killed. Now Juju has a meeting and decides that Jansen is one of "them" (whoever "them" is, but I suspect what he means is non-white". Finally, he asks that Jansen not be fed to "the enemy"... Now I wonder who that could be. Forgive my cynicism, but Malema is just trying to get his party out of some seriously hot water on the back of his braindead Free State counterparts comments.

  • Law - 2009-10-29 14:55

    Just goes to show what happens when the populist is confronted by an intellectual...... there is simply a non contest as Julius does not have mental capacity to match his gob. A leader in the making??? me thinkest not!!

  • Gee - 2009-10-29 14:56

    Once you step into Prof Jansen's office and talk to him about these issues, you will understand what his intentions are. We need to stop marching against verything that we do not agree with. It was acceptable before 94, but now i think we should be able to draw a distinction between a march for service delivery and a march at an academic institution, if it is necessary at all.

  • stamper - 2009-10-29 14:56

    good move mr malema teach these morons how to play chess

  • Confused - 2009-10-29 14:58

    Might I make a cautionary comment regarding Herr Dr Professor Malema? Heck, I will anyway. Julius ("not just ANY chicken") Malema has not changed his spots (excuse the mixed metaphor). He's probably only now noticed that Prof Janssen is not (GASP!) a "White Oke". I'd be very, very cautious in attributing anything resembling leadership qualities or actual logical thought to ol' Cluck Norris (Malema) here.

    But, perhaps I am wrong. Nah. Don't think so.

  • chris - 2009-10-29 14:58

    @Truth.What did Malema do for the whites?

  • Bobo - 2009-10-29 14:58

    Malema is always correct when he says something that suits minority, the fact that he supports Jansen on these white racists boys to return to campus is seen as matured to some white minority. others have comended him for the first time, it says a lot about this country. That the thinking of the majority of white people that you only make sense when you support them

  • boitumelo - 2009-10-29 14:58

    the enemy is the whites on the council, they convince jansen & now he wants us to support him. jansen is a white man trapped in a black skin.he is so rasict, all the meetings that i've attended are 70% afrikaans.

  • snoopy - 2009-10-29 14:59

    Judging by the comments, one other Julius should learn, is that to be a politician you cannot be a poet as well. You need to talk straight, not pretty. Instead of 'we cannot feed him to the enemy', he should say 'we should support him'. Plain and simple. Politics is about specifics, not vagueries.

  • Still Confiused - 2009-10-29 15:00

    Oops ... forgot ... perhaps Cluck Norris needs an accurate timepiece donated to him. Arriving 20 minutes late is plain rude and arrogant. Who does Cluck think he is? Ahhh ... scratch that question. We know who he thinks he is ...

  • SAfrican - 2009-10-29 15:05

    Ok..Thats it is going to snow!!..Did Malema really speak like that!!

  • kelebogile @ufs - 2009-10-29 15:05

    something is very wrong with all the people that speaks to jansen.its either the council has something on him or the workers have being paid to allow those students back & open reitz again.