Mall robbery murder described

2011-10-25 10:46

Pretoria - A security guard described on Monday how a director of a security company was shot dead while trying to stop a fleeing robber at Irene Mall, outside Pretoria.

Evans Mavhina, a guard at the mall, was testifying in the North Gauteng High Court in the murder trial of Zwakahle Mavundla, 27, of Joubert Park in Johannesburg.

Mavundla is accused of the murder of Jaco Pretorius in August 2009.

The former policeman, who headed the guarding division at Protea Coin Security, died behind the wheel of his car. He was shot in the abdomen while trying to block the escape of one of the men who robbed a jewellery store in the mall.

A salesperson at Sterns jewellery store, Adelaide Semela, testified that Mavundla and two other men had demanded money from her at gunpoint shortly after the store opened.

When she told them there was no money in the store, they ordered her to put jewellery into plastic bags.

The robbers dropped most of their loot and ran out after a security guard entered the store. The robbers told him to lie down, but he ran out screaming for help.

Mavhina testified that a customer pointed a firearm at him shortly after he entered the store that morning.

Took a chance

Two other men searched him and took his cellphone and wallet. Mavhina was kneeling down when he decided to take a chance. He ran out and shouted for help.

When he looked back, he saw the three men running in the opposite direction. He followed and saw two of the men jumping into a getaway car.

Mavundla was too slow for the car and ran towards Nelmapius Road with Mavhina hot on his heels. The guard tried to stop cars. The driver of one car tried to block Mavundla's way, but he took out a firearm and shot at the driver through the window.

While the car's driver continued driving, Mavhina and a group of others followed Mavundla when he ran under the bridge at the R21 road.

Two men and a Coin Security guard took out their firearms and pointed them at Mavundla, who still had a gun in his hand. When they warned him to drop the gun or they would shoot him, Mavundla took off his jacket, rolled his firearm in the jacket and put it on the ground.

The group then tied Mavundla's hands with his own belt before the police took him from the scene, the guard testified.

Mavundla has pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder and other charges, including two of robbery with aggravating circumstances, three of assault, unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition and a charge of conspiracy in terms of the Riotous Assemblies Act.

The State alleges he conspired with at least two other men to engage in a robbery and theft spree of at the mall that day.

The trial continues before Judge Jody Kollapen.

  • paul.prinsloo3 - 2012-01-07 12:02

    Hope Mavhunda and his fellow murderes do not suffer Diabetes, because then they'll all be releasd from jail, if they are not let out on protracted bail as happened so often. Reliable doctors assess the medical conditions of these prisoners, as had been done in the cases of Nengyene? Shabir (poor man must be sufferung something terrible after having remained breathing for so long and with unbearable discomfit;remember, he was critically ill due to an irrevrsible medical condition while jailed in hospital, but he still bravely bears it. Pray for him, but let nobody know exactly how you prayed, as prayer is a very private matter. Those very competent and incorruptable doctors, (remember that they all took the oath) have found that that Selebi also suffers from, and have bravely so suffered while still in office (how brave)a mortal condiion. I am however, very disappointed at Darby-Lewis' antics; pretending to be in his mid-seventies and faking cancer. How cunning of the man? Did he not realise that those well trained, incorruptable doctors would have exposed his lies?

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