Man arrested for shooting nurses

2013-02-09 19:40

Johannesburg - A 42-year-old man was arrested for allegedly shooting two nurses inside the Vyeboom clinic in Makhado, Limpopo police said on Saturday.

He was arrested with his girlfriend, 27, and her 30-year-old brother in Giyani on Friday night, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said.

"After the shooting incident all police officers in Limpopo police stations were informed and then later that day the vehicle was spotted in a village called Basani (in Giyani). The tree suspects were cornered."

Police found and unlicensed firearm and confiscated several handbags and four cellphones which were stolen during the armed robbery at the clinic.

Mulaudzi explained the 27-year-old woman and her brother were not arrested in connection with the shooting, but for being in possession of stolen goods.

On Friday morning a man arrived at the clinic wearing a balaclava. He fired two shots at the floor forcing the clinic security guards to flee.

The man then took off his balaclava and went inside the clinic.

He went into one of the consultation rooms and shot one of the nurses twice in the stomach.

The man then went to another consultation room and shot a nurse in the arm.

He then helped himself to a set of car-keys and four cellphones and fled in a nurse's VW Polo.

Mulaudzi said the nurses were in stable condition in hospital.

The three would appear in the Giyani Magistrate's Court on Monday for possession of unlicensed firearm, stolen goods, and a vehicle.

"Since well they were all found in the possession of these stolen goods they will all appear in Giyani because police in Giyani also opened a docket of possession of stolen goods and a firearm."

He said the 42-year-old man would then appear in the Vuwani Magistrate's Court for armed robbery and attempted murder on Tuesday.

He was also linked to a car hijacking in Polokwane on Wednesday.

"He will also appear in the Polokwane Magistrate's Court next week Wednesday for that hijacking," Mulaudzi said.


  • Trevor Moller - 2013-02-09 19:59

    Was going to comment but I decide not to waste any time on a bull sh@t topic

      PointBlank - 2013-02-10 09:46

      But you did comment numbnut.

  • Sakhiwo - 2013-02-09 20:20

    Police guys should'hv shot him

  • rollingstone.kanyane - 2013-02-09 21:14

    at 42 this should be someone dad some people wont grow up

  • NANO - 2013-02-09 21:45

    yes for shooting nurses. That's what he does he shoots nurses

  • johan.syffert - 2013-02-10 04:31

    Why shoot? Was it neccesary to shoot them? I mean if you have a gun you can still rob them without shooting them, the mind baffles. Criminals are so brazen because they know we cant shoot back.

  • maneo.molefe - 2013-02-10 04:50

    Possession of stolen goods carry a minimum sentence of how long? Anyone who accurately knows, plz help.

  • phill.sarefa - 2013-02-10 07:09

    Dunce of a criminal. Add ten years to his sentence for being so stupid. I suspect he is a friend of some leaders who commit heinious crimes and then have hundreds of supporters who intimidate the courts by calling them counter revolutionaries! No price for gussing which party he voted for - the party that canvasses for votes even in prisons.

  • parrot.mashau - 2013-02-10 07:27

    justice must be strict

  • SKYWATCHER30 - 2013-02-10 07:58

    lets hear it from the unions now, come on, nurses union, anyone, oh dear not a peep, typical

      citenga.ntambua - 2013-02-10 08:19

      I am surprised with different comment and joke . how can you just shut at this people who are at work for the society ? criminal please go back to your drawing board . what happen to the security of this clinic

  • magau.thomas - 2013-02-10 08:18

    That's very stupid they shoot health care woker who is caring for our life. This criminal must die in prison they belong in prison

  • kortbroek.duplessis - 2013-02-10 09:13

    SA must have some of the most savage people in the known universe. Reading these articles makes me wonder if I am still living in the real world.

  • Duits - 2013-02-10 09:47

    Holy cow! What a badly written piece!

  • sihlangu.hokweni - 2013-02-10 10:02

    Unworthy THUGS!

  • Bonisile Bonnie MtakaMphemba - 2013-02-10 10:35

    will he serve a sentence for attempted murder also, are the nurses unions gonna make sure justice is served, if it was dat easy 2 shoot the nurses how come he didn't shoot @ d guards???... SA crime & justice

  • leon.coetzee.182 - 2013-02-10 11:26

    And fauna and flora will be pursuing the murderous trees...

  • Nhlakanipho Clark Mzelemu - 2013-02-10 13:38

    he shot two shots on da ground to scare security guards away, and shot straight at the nurses........... wow

  • luther.duplessis.3 - 2013-02-11 12:44


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