Man 'beaten' at Cape refugee centre

2012-01-26 20:15

Cape Town - A Zimbabwean man was allegedly beaten up by security guards at the Maitland refugee reception centre, in Cape Town, on Thursday, according to a news report.

Police and home affairs were unable to confirm the report.

"I am still waiting for details on the case," said Colonel Andre Traut.

EWN news reported that the atmosphere at the centre was tense after Thursday's alleged attack.

A Bangladeshi man died there while queuing for asylum documentation on Wednesday.

According to EWN, people in the queue said there was an argument between the Zimbabwean and several security guards. The injured man was apparently taken to hospital on Thursday afternoon.

People Against Suffering, Oppression and Poverty (Passop) member Langton Miriyoga said criminals were lurking in bushes near the centre, waiting to pounce on foreigners. The centre’s manager said he would investigate the complaints.

Home affairs department spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa said he had not heard about the attack, but was aware of the Bangladeshi who died.

"The man was sick. It was very tragic. We extend our condolences to his family."

The 33-year-old Bangladeshi man had initially been barred from entering the premises because of his medical condition.

Democratic Alliance MP Annette Lovemore said she would write to Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to ask for a full inquiry into the state of service in refugee reception centres.

"As the country that receives the largest number of individual asylum applications in the world - about 250 000 a year - South Africa should be employing an effective and efficient management system when refugees seek sanctuary in our country," she said.

  • Boer - 2012-01-26 21:16

    I disagree with the brutality of some in South-Africa, problems can be sorted out in a civil manner but in a way I can also understand that these foreigners are taking much needed jobs away from South-African citizens and that is why people get the moer in.

      Hotkop - 2012-01-27 08:09

      True. Why don't they go back to their prosperous countries? After all, apartheid made this the worst country in Africa, don't know what they want here.

      henk63 - 2012-01-29 09:01

      They helped screw up their countries by voting along tribal lines. At best, they did nothing to change the course of corruption, racism, nepotism etc. in their home countries.They should stay there and reap what they sowed but no, they heard of that land of milk and honey down south and immediately started to pack. They are not refugees. They are opportunistic leeches and should be immediaty sent back to where they come from. Why not flee to their other neighbouring countries but always South Africa? Soon SA will look like all the other scrap coutries to the north anyway.

  • ewald.v.niekerk - 2012-01-26 21:17

    250 000 a year!? Can that be ???

  • Adam - 2012-01-26 21:25

    Interesting how it all works. Africans, Indians and others in "3rd world" countries seek asylum in SA while some South Africans wish they could seek "asylum" in the UK, Canada, Australia and the States to name the most popular.

      Hotkop - 2012-01-27 08:10

      Some people really want to live in a corrupt country. The ones who don't, want to leave.

      sahil.ismail - 2012-01-27 10:50

      @Hotkop...why are you still here? (or if not still reading SA news?)

  • Faith - 2012-01-28 13:58

    I understand d situation in their countries but we really can't accomodate them coz it's a major burden in our economy...

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