Man bust with gun at Worcester roadblock

2012-12-05 12:28

Cape Town - A man will appear in court after being found with an unlicensed firearm at a Worcester roadblock, Western Cape police said on Wednesday.

Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said the man, 43, would appear in the Worcester Magistrate's Court on Thursday, on charges of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

He was one of seven men arrested at a routine roadblock on the N1 on Tuesday morning, during farmworker protests.

"The suspects were driving in the direction of De Doorns when their vehicle was searched. A .308 Mauser and 60 rounds of ammunition were found in the vehicle and no one could produce a valid licence for the possession thereof," Traut said.

AWB uniforms

Six of the men were released after an investigation. The SABC reported that four of the seven men were dressed in Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) uniforms.

Traut did not comment on the AWB uniforms.

Table grape harvesters began protesting in De Doorns in early November for R150 per day and improved living conditions. Most earned between R69 and R75 a day. The protests soon spread to 15 other towns, leading to violence and two deaths.

Farmworkers suspended the strike to allow the Employment Conditions Commission to review the sectoral determination for agriculture, which stipulates minimum wages, number of leave days, working hours, and termination rules among others.

However, many workers resumed the strike on Tuesday after Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant said it would be impossible to address their demands by their December 4 deadline.

The Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) announced on Tuesday evening that the strike had ended after it came to an agreement with Agri-SA to conduct negotiations on a farm-by-farm basis.

Talks would be about the wage demand of a R150 per day, and a profit-sharing scheme.

If no agreement was reached by January 9, workers on those farms would strike again.

  • DuToitCoetzee - 2012-12-05 12:56

    Was wondering when this article comes up. What was these men doing. Pub crawling. lol. They first only said it was a Mauser and I was wondering what they were doing with a 112 yr old gun(Boer War). Stupid me. lol. Maybe we must do donations for these guys to buy other warm jackets?

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-12-05 13:00


      karel.vanrensburg.56 - 2012-12-05 13:09

      DuToit, stop lying to yourself. Of course one can't win a war with one Mauser, but seven men with AWB uniforms and a relic weapon of the Anglo-Boer war can do a LOT of damage to racial tolerance and relationships if they got the opportunity to shoot a farm worker or two. Our country is unstable as it is, we don't need this also. I'm glad they were apprehended in time.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-12-05 13:29

      @Mbulelo. Ha, ha, ha! I am not lying to myself. It was all tongue in the cheek. I do not associate with those mentioned and believe they deserve the disrespect my remarks, jokingly, reflects. The 308 Mauser is a modern rifle.(that was why I threw in the "Boer War" words) This morning on the news they only talked of a Mauser. You see the connection point? (AWB clothes + Boer War Mauser) lol. If it was a bunch of farmers going to protect their farms it would have deserve a better comment, but there were no need with this last march. Maybe they were going for "Rhino horn" hunting(that is the more appropriate rifle for it) and they had no other warm jackets. LOL.

      mya.bee.39 - 2012-12-05 13:31

      Well said mbulelo, any right or left wing extremist could have done major damage to racial tolerances. I was expecting these strikes to turn into something really ugly, but it just went away quietly it seems... still trying to figure it out. That being said, I think I read Du Toit's comment differently, I read it as he was taking the mickey out of the "awb okes", that they thought they were big manne when they were not. People are afraid and tensions are running very high in this country...

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-12-05 13:35

      Spot on mya.bee - 2012-12-05 13:40

      The problem here is this.... It might be only one Mauser, and according to the article 60 Rounds of ammunition, but in the right hands that can easily relate to at least 55 head shots at a very long distance. I get the feeling that tactics are being radically changed by both left and right extremist groups, and that is not good news! Are we seeing terrorist type destabilization??.. I hope I am wrong. - 2012-12-05 13:41

      On a lighter note though, It does give new meaning to the term "Long distance self defense" :)

      karel.vanrensburg.56 - 2012-12-05 13:44

      Sorry DuToit. Now you know how much experience I have with hunting rifles. Of course "my kind" only know about AK-47's (joke!) Non the less, we're better off without these loonies trying to "rescue" our country with guns.

      strikeback.strikeback - 2012-12-05 14:16

      Everybody seems to be concerned about the damage that "could" have been done by one man with a Mauser. What about the damage that "has" been done by one man in a silly COSATU T-Shirt with his BMW? Strikeback site now fully automated for anonymous uploads of detail of strikers.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-12-05 14:23

      @Mbulelo. At least they can work while half full of mud(dirty).lol. Ja man, agree. This country can't afford to have another conflict flaring. There is toooo much to do already.

  • klipkop.degroote - 2012-12-05 13:02

    Khaki pants and two-tone shirts sure are ugly but AWB uniforms?

      jj.jeno.1 - 2012-12-05 13:17

      I think you mean Khaki "pant". Hahaha!!

  • chris.gill.9849 - 2012-12-05 13:08

    There's no cure for stupid.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-12-05 13:31


      stirrer.stirrer - 2012-12-05 13:41


  • - 2012-12-05 13:15

    All the jokes aside people.... There is more to this than what meets the eye. I do in no way support the fundamentalist ideologies of the awb, BUT... When it comes to our farmers these guys are always there. They arrested the occupants of one car, how many got through?

      jj.jeno.1 - 2012-12-05 13:21

      Very true and we really should take it seriously. As someone said above we are already facing an unstable situation, i hope there isn't one event (like this may have caused) which leads to all out racial separation and war. We as South African have a duty, regardless of race (which i hate to have to mention), to bring this country back to where it belongs. Fight our current government and any government running the country until we achieve a peaceful, productive and successful South Africa.

      Louise - 2012-12-05 13:26

      There's definitely more to this than what meets the many cars got through?

      karel.vanrensburg.56 - 2012-12-05 13:29

      Thank you JJ_D. I wish that reason would triumph emotion on these forums. Its time that we fix this country!

      Wally Wal - 2012-12-05 13:34

      This story is very far fetch

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-12-05 13:40

      The people will point them out. The people do not want these imbecile ideas again in the country.

      JohannDuToit - 2012-12-05 14:19

      Do yourself a favour and go look at the BKA group on facebook.. Those were but the tip of the iceberg they cought... - 2012-12-05 14:39

      @JohanDuToit... What are you trying to say? Are you claiming that the BKA is now in bed with the AWB? I support what the BKA is trying to achieve, as long as it is non violent and as long as their motives are self preservation and making people aware of what is happening... BUT, if what you are implying is true, and that they support the AWB they may as well not have my support!... Do you have any idea of what war is like? Do you?

      JohannDuToit - 2012-12-05 14:59

      Nope not implying at all that they are with them and I support what they do! I'm just saying that if you keep an eye on the hatred (understood) of the folk that post on the page, its very clear that somewhere, someone is going to take words into actions, and that wont end very well. Cosatu / ANC stirring the wrong pot here...

  • John - 2012-12-05 13:30

    JJ D, I like your positive attitude Morena hope we have more citizens like you in RSA. Cheers Baba

  • itumeleng.mogaki - 2012-12-05 13:33

    Bwahahahahahaha how funny is that - I mean really - moving right along.

  • andreviljoenjoubert - 2012-12-05 13:55

    I’ve never been nasty on News24. But there is a first time for everything. That being said, there is no movement that I despise more than the AWB. You guys are living in a F..up past and it’s F..n..up our future. Go chew on the comb in you sock and choke.

      karel.vanrensburg.56 - 2012-12-05 14:08

      Their actions is self-justified by their flawed logic. What is truly sad is that they probably genuinely think they're doing the best thing for their volk, while actually destroying the country for the rest of us, and for themselves.

  • nhlapop - 2012-12-05 14:33


  • emille.harmse - 2012-12-05 14:51

    These idiots give Afrikaans-speaking people a bad name. Why is the AWB still around?

      wimpy.vanderwesthuizen - 2012-12-05 15:49

      one can then ask one self why is the anc still around.

  • sandor.l.varga - 2012-12-05 15:37

    If you wearing AWB uniform off course they will search you... I put money on it: if they are wearing normal shirt and pants than nobody would have search a car... Very amateurish by AWB, looks like need some proper military training with intelligent officers.

      JohannDuToit - 2012-12-05 16:00

      Or they want the ppl to know they are coming... send a few to get caught and the whole nation knows they arent underground anymore..

      sandor.l.varga - 2012-12-05 21:37

      Yup Johann you might be right, sacrificing few people but a statement is out. ANC should start to think to don't make sheeeet in the Western Cape.....

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