Man dies at Cape Town Christian rally

2012-03-19 09:09

Cape Town - A man died of renal failure at a Christian rally in the Cape Town Stadium at the weekend, the Cape Times reported on Monday.

Simon Williams, 56, a pastor, had been discharged from an intensive care unit on Friday before attending the "Higher Life World Conference", where televangelist Chris Oyakhilome was said to perform miracles and cure the sick.

It was believed another person may have died in hospital after also attending the conference.

About six other seriously ill people were rushed from the stadium to hospital on Friday evening.

Hundreds of sick and disabled people queued outside the stadium on Sunday, the last day of the conference.

According to the report, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled last year that the Christ Embassy church could not prove its pastors could perform healing miracles, and had to withdraw all such television adverts.

- Were you at the conference? Send us your story.

  • Antoine - 2012-03-19 09:24

    how do you make a statement on a basis of no information, what exactly went down?

  • Hans - 2012-03-19 09:24

    What a bunch of nutcrackers.

  • Fourhundredkg - 2012-03-19 09:29

    Was Moegoe Moegoe one of them?

  • thechrisberryshow - 2012-03-19 09:31

    .....some serious morons in this world

  • Matthew - 2012-03-19 09:32

    Why are these people allowed to advertisse themselves as healers?? That is so unethical, and is superstition trespassing into real world scientific theory. The priests or pastors or imams or whatever the christians have need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for offering medical treatment for a fee, when it is all a load of bollocks. Charge them for impersonating doctors, remove their tax-exempt status and charge anyone involved with willfull manslaughter or homicide. It is the same as me peddling crystals for cancer therapy, and promising a result, but just with the little built-in christian clause that if the mumbo-jumbo doesnt heal you, then it is your own fault for not having enough faith. (faith = forcing yourself to believe what you know to be false) The real retards though, are the people who believe this holy cr@p.

      godjuniour - 2012-03-20 10:26

      Since you rely on scientific in your reasoning, why don't you conduct a scientific research to discover why science has not been able to create life?

      Anwar - 2012-03-20 13:44

      "offering medical treatment for a fee" .. last time I checked.. medical was not free

      Belinda - 2012-03-21 12:24

      if you don't believe now then you'll believe in hell. now is the time to seek the face of the lord and not be caught up in unnecessary debates, whether you know it or not, like it or not, eventually all knees shall bow and all tongues declare that He(Christ) is Lord.

      DiziLiziD - 2012-03-26 12:15

      SubGenius... You should rather not comment. You really can talk cr@p. The Healer does not advertise himself as a doctor. it's a healing conference, but people who know anything about God and Faith know that with out faith, you will not be healed! Jesus said, "you are healed according to your faith." I believe and have seen amazing miracles done by God through these kind of healers. I have seen people who i know, climb out their wheelchairs after 10 years of being paralized. I have seen people i know be cured of cancer etc etc. So please, dont put this stuff down. God is real! Very Very Real!

  • Marion - 2012-03-19 09:32

    "Matthew 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."

      phillip.crossley - 2012-03-19 09:43

      ???????????? Do you have any thoughts of your own?

      Marion - 2012-03-19 09:47

      @phillip.crossley - why do you find it necessary to comment on a post that was directed at Christians, not atheists?

      Matthew - 2012-03-19 09:58

      Not only christians can be reborn and evangelising. I am a reborn, evangelical atheist, and I have just as much right to convert people to my side as the christians do to save peoples immortal souls. (Although there is no such thing as a soul or spirit.)

      skootzie - 2012-03-19 10:01

      Public forum and all that ..

      phillip.crossley - 2012-03-19 10:03

      I know not of what thou speak.... maybe thou could clarify thou words for meist!

      Mandu Ngcobo - 2012-03-19 10:04

      How do you know that the man didn't pray when he was alone?

      Jeffrey - 2012-03-19 10:14

      So now if christians go into a cupboard and pray quietly they will be healed of their illnesses? Matthew is also a load of crock, not just 6:6, but from start to finish.

      Mandu Ngcobo - 2012-03-19 10:14

      Matthew 21:21 Jesus replied \Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done. If you believe, you will recieve whatever you ask for in prayer.\

      Marion - 2012-03-19 10:14

      If one treats God as though He is a performing seal who will deliver on demand of any preacher you must not be surprised if your prayer does not bear fruit.

      Marion - 2012-03-19 10:22

      @Jeffrey - if you believe 'closet' literally means a cupboard, then that is what you believe. To me it means pray privately and quietly and do not shout your prayers repeatedly from the rooftops. There are many people who have, in fact, experienced healing after prayer and nothing you or any other atheist has to say will ever change our belief in a higher power. Possibly because we only have IQ's of 60, but that doesn't faze us in the least.

      Hans - 2012-03-19 10:30

      And so Jesus said: "Now listen carefully! I don't want to end up with 4 different versions of this....!"

      Mandu Ngcobo - 2012-03-19 10:32

      Why pray at all then, Marion? Matthew 21:21 is pretty clear: ask and you will recieve. No conditions.

      Marion - 2012-03-19 10:43

      Mandu Ngcobo - We can quote scripture all day if you like. I fully believe in the healing power of prayer. I also believe in "Matthew 6:5 - And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward."

      josefaramelato.mthombeni - 2012-03-19 10:46

      That is truth, God is Alive... It is sad to see so many hypocrites and non believers are having access to internet. That man is send by God but that does not mean everyone will be healed. Your knowledge about things of God is so limited. Leave Christianity to Christians!!!!!

      Matthew - 2012-03-19 11:16

      @josefaramelato.mthombeni - yes, I wish christians would keep their christianity, no one else wants or needs it.

      Marion - 2012-03-19 11:30

      @SubGenius - (as in substandard genius?) - Atheists keep telling us to keep our Christianity yet you cannot resist sticking your unwelcome noses into any article about Christianity so that you can constantly feel better about yourselves. Conversion of a Christian to Atheism is less likely to happen than conversion of an Atheist to Christianity (or any other religion for that matter).

      Merven - 2012-03-19 13:25

      @Marion, because it is a public forum. If you want to direct posts to Christians exclusively, do so on a Christian forum. Otherwise don't complain when someone comment on it.

      baldersnatch - 2012-03-19 14:09

      I'm still trying to understand how people can simultaneously believe in the power of prayer to alter the course of the future, AND God having a plan for everyone. What is the point of praying if God already has a plan? Are you going to change his plan? If you change his plan then it effectively means that he figured that he was wrong, and not actually omniscient. You can choose one, because they are mutually exclusive: A) God has a masterful plan, or B) Prayer has any effect on the natural world.

      Sunshine - 2012-03-19 21:40

      //"Matthew 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."// I wonder how many Catholic priests used that one....

      Nick - 2012-03-20 14:50

      marion please go look at this it wil explain alot

      DiziLiziD - 2012-03-26 12:20

      @Marion. you are a wolf in sheeps clothing. you call yourself a christian but you clearly have no clue. Please take your conservative legalistic religious heresies and go ask God to make you a true Christian! Thanks. i pray you wake up soon!

  • Craig - 2012-03-19 09:34

    Death cures all sickness!

      Rob - 2012-03-19 09:47

      LOL. No disputing that !

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 12:11

      You next!

      Leroy - 2012-03-19 14:48

      and so are we all!

      David - 2012-03-19 21:55

      hahaha very good...

  • Melusi Myaluza - 2012-03-19 09:35

    it must be a monday to read stories like these.some people just never learn.these nigerian pastors are in it just for the cash,they don't give a rats ass if u get healed or not. coz they know they can't heal! and for a pastor to fall for that crap, he deserves what he got!

  • Jack - 2012-03-19 09:36

    Jesus still heals today!!!!!!

      skootzie - 2012-03-19 10:02

      Does he really? Why then, did a man die at this rally?

      zaatheist - 2012-03-19 12:44

      He certainly saves - just look at all the tax free lolly that is collected from the gullible sheeple.

      Nick - 2012-03-20 14:53

      what exactly doe he heal then jack? lets do a test why dont you ride a bike and then jump off it and get roasties all over your arms and legs and then lets see you ask him to heal you and see what happens. bet you my car nothing happens

  • tshiamo.morajane - 2012-03-19 09:49

    "if anyone of you is sick call the elders of the church to lay hands on you" I lost a dearest sister after the Jo-burg conference... Christ heals and there must be a complete teaching in Healing,,,Sad though

  • Mandu Ngcobo - 2012-03-19 09:54

    Oh dear. When will people learn? Religion is the biggest scam of all time

  • Nicole Priem - 2012-03-19 09:56

    man cannot heal, only God can and anyone who claims otherwise is doing the work of the devil.

      Sipho Matlakala - 2012-03-19 10:07


      Matthew - 2012-03-19 10:33

      Oh, so all doctors are devil-worshippers?????? Actually, man can heal, and very well. I think the ratio of DOCUMENTED scientific healing:faith healing successes is somewhere around 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000:0 That must be the most delusional insane statement I have ever heard. So I assume that when you are battling illness or need a surgical procedure then you avoid doctors and western medicine, because it does not work, and then seek out a man of god to do the job properly?? It was church people like you who were responsible for the outbreak of the Black Death in Europe in the Dark Ages (ie the time Europe was ruled by the backwrds repressive catholic church) by the Pope releasing an edict saying cats were satanic animals. This led to brainwashed superstitious idiots burning cats at the stake and charging them with witchcraft (TRUE! - the insanity gets more and more ludicrous) this led to plagues of rats, and coupled with the churches mistrust and denial of genuine medicine led to a third of Europes then population being wiped out. So, in the real world, man CAN heal, as everyone knows. It is god's medical endeavours that are suspect, irrational and a load of fabricated lies.

  • Sean - 2012-03-19 09:57

    And why aa Nigerian pastor? Arent there enought South African pastors???

      Matthew - 2012-03-19 10:24

      Infinity Rider?

      owamin1 - 2012-03-19 12:36

      They haven't cottoned on to the quick money-making mechanism

  • dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 10:08

    They walk amongst us *smh*

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-03-19 10:08

    He probably paid to gain entry to the event, all which went to the greedy Pastor Chris. I say he paid with his life.

  • stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-03-19 10:11

    He probably does this healing part-time. The rest of the time he's selling drugs.

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 10:15

      I wouldn't be suprised Stefan, this man is a fraudster and am actually disappointed that our people can fall for this stupidity, we are sooo gullible.

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 12:15

      Same as u voted for the anc dumisile, that makes u one

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 12:17

      Well stefan, we have the most stupid security force in our country if it could allow a drug dealer to invite ppl into the stadium. Why don't u report this frausdter? Doesn't it make you one too, i suppose so?

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 15:25

      @Tugwana I don't argue with fools, that's all

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 16:32

      Just remove the speck in your eye 1st before pointing to another one's eye. Your speck is probably much bigger, to an extent that it makes u blind & it does a good job of blocking sound reasoning.

  • isabellameyer - 2012-03-19 10:12

    Amazing that the newspaper does not report on the hundreds that were healed for real. I saw with my own eyes a woman that had elephanitis and that had not walked for 58 years, and she was healed. And a baby that have not been able to breath without an oxygen mask and was healed. There were many many more, but the newspaper only focuses on the bad. Wow. I am not the original "sheeple". I am a thinking person, but I saw what I saw. It was not smoke and mirrors. You can not act out the joy and the relief and peace that was on those people's faces that got healed. shame on you to choose only to talk about the bad news. I am truly astounded.

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 10:20

      Isabella why does this man only heals the one's he chooses to heal? he has never healed someone that they've thrown or dumped at his feet, he always chooses who he heals or who his church trustees choose, doesn't that raise suspicion??? come on lady this man is a scam finish and klaar.

      Melusi Myaluza - 2012-03-19 10:21

      so u one of the gullible,I guess

      ereynecke - 2012-03-19 11:25

      Isabellameyer I was there as well and I am not blind. What you are saying is the truth. What about the little boy with HIV from birth that could not walk and he was heeled. The eyes of that little boy tould a big story.

      Sibanda - 2012-03-19 11:56

      i was there also, many came off their wheelchairs, others could now see, hear...even if they were paid how do they pay thousands of pple and not 1 comes up front to say he was paid...God loves you despite yor negativity

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 12:08

      It's jealousy isabella, pure jealousy. It beats me why wasn't the church interviewed on this incident, or the concerned families, or even the police? I hate with their gutter journalism. This is cannon fodder to lot of atheists in this blog...

      Patient - 2012-03-19 12:57

      @isabella... newspapers are just agents of darkness... you must never expect any positive publicity about Man of God..

      zaatheist - 2012-03-19 16:23

      And how many amputees were healed? None. Until you can demonstrate that god heals amputees you are justdelusional.

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 16:35

      @Progress, same goes to those who comment negatively about Christianity. They are nothing but agents of darkness too.

      DiziLiziD - 2012-03-26 12:35

      I agree Isabellameyer. @dumisiledee.. The man does not heal anyone. God heals. and God heals people according to their faith. I have also seen amazing healings of people i know personally. I have seen people i know, get up out of their wheelchairs, after 10 years of being completely paralized. So dont Mock GOD. He heals who He wants to Heal and People without faith wont get heal. Before you go running your mouths, please do some reseach. @Zaatheist, there have been amputees that have been healed. You just dont read about them on Darwkins website or any of your atheist friends pages. Thats all. Media24... You need to do a second article on this conference please. Interview all the people who were healed, and do a proper Job. Your article is one sided and only showing the couple who were not healed. I bet there were many more that were healed!

  • Victor - 2012-03-19 10:13

    Far too many gullible people in the world.

  • Bill - 2012-03-19 10:14

    To subgenius you make a comment that JESUS did not exist, I now understand why you call yourself sub genius. Any historical record will confirm that Jesu lived, by the way what year is it now- 2012Ad. Our calendar and years are detrmined by his birth and death.If I were you I would not show my ignorance to this extent.

      Kevin - 2012-03-19 10:33

      Err, actually historical records do not provide proof of his existence, in fact they prove he did not exist. The Romans were very good administrators and kept detailed records of the population and to date no mention has been found in their records - a little known fact that "Christians" seem to gloss over. In reality the Christ myth is based on an older religion (Egyptian) and was adopted by the believers of the time.

      Dean - 2012-03-19 11:14

      @ Kevin. I was in Egypt a few years ago and saw the evidence of Christianity beginning. I saw the story of Moses on a tablet that pre-dated the Christian version by about 800 years.

      Matthew - 2012-03-19 11:27

      YOU CANNOT USE THE BIBLE TO PROVE THE BIBLE!!! There are no contemporary records of a Yesh'ua Bin Yosef being alive. preaching, being arrested or executed by Pontius Pilate within that time frame. All references to jesus are from the 2nd - 4th centuries AD. The only other documented reference was in the writings of Josephus, which are now widely known to be falsified. But I always get mixed up between jesus, buddha, dionysus, mithra, krsna, gilgamesh etc. Funnily enough, they were all born 25th December, had 12 disciples, performed miracles, raised the dead, lived ascetic lives, got betrayed by one of their own circle, got crucified or impaled, and rose after 3 days. Sorry, but these iron age death-cults that flowered around the middle east at that time all look the same to me, being a non-semitic, non-middle-eastern, non iropn-age dwelling modern human, who realises the world is more than 7000 yrs old, is not flat, the world is not the centre of the universe, there is no god nor his dynamic son, not intervener, no word, no truth (well not in the bible anyway)no salvation, nothing to be saved from, no grace, no forgiveness attrition, pennance or dogma. Reality is hard and I suppose a fragile mind would find it easier to cling to superstition when faced with their own definite eternal mortality.

      Marion - 2012-03-19 11:34

      @SubGenius - then you cannot use any historical document as proof of the existence of a person or an event. A historical document is an historical document and there are more than 20 000 manuscripts all contributing to the bible as we know it.

      Randomhero6661 - 2012-03-19 11:35

      @subgenius, amen brother...

      Matthew - 2012-03-19 11:36

      Actually you can use historical documents to prove a myriad of things. How delusional. But then they have to be genuine documents, not the edited propaganda, picking ideas out of a hat of the Council of Nicea. Ever heard of that?

      Grunt - 2012-03-19 11:52

      @Subgenius. Not worth arguing with you because you are a fool.Just for you: Psalm 14:1 The fool has said in his heart, There is no God! They acted corruptly; they have done abominable works, there is none who does good. Psa 14:2 Jehovah looked down from Heaven on the sons of men, to see if there were any who understood and sought God. Psa 14:3 All have gone aside, together they are filthy; there is none who does good, no, not one.

      Matthew - 2012-03-19 12:11

      Nope. Quoting from pre-historic bad jewish morality-poetry as if it has any relevance whatsoever makes you to be the bigger fool. Since everyone is throwing bible verses around, let me join in. Trevor 34:8 2 Nigel 15:54-98 Talbot 32:34-87, 67:23-32 Themba 23:12 (BBB-EEEEEE book that one) Randy 54:12-192 And my all time favorite : Austin 3:16

      DiziLiziD - 2012-03-26 12:41

      Sub Genius... or should we say, top-Idiot. There is more proof, from sources outside the Bible, than there is for Alexandra The Great. So please dont lie for the sake of your religion which is Atheism. Atheists are blind and arrogant fools. Go do some homework atheists! God is real, The Bible is Truth and Jesus is saviour!

  • Moi - 2012-03-19 10:15

    Absolutely tragic. How can you take advantage of terminally ill people???

      Victor - 2012-03-19 10:20

      How can you take advantage of mentally ill people !!!!

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 10:49

      How can you take advantage of elderly people?

      Moi - 2012-03-19 11:36

      @Victor - why belittle their faith? They have the right to believe what they will. It's unfortunate that at their time of need, you get fraudsters taking advantage of them.

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 12:04

      How can the government or the anc take advantage of the poor and the unemployed?

      Merven - 2012-03-19 13:31

      Why can't a sexy blond take advantage of me???

  • Jeffrey - 2012-03-19 10:20

    What really annoys me is that this multi-millionaire "pastor" got a massive discount from the City of Cape Town for the use of the Cape Town Stadium because his organisation is recognised as a non-profit NGO, so the ratepayers are subsidising this codswallop. I'll believe in miracles if the Stormers move from Newlands to the new stadium and then win the Superrugby tournament. Start praying all you Stormers fans.

      ereynecke - 2012-03-19 11:31

      You all see way rugby mad people think of only RUGBY. No place for any spritual grouth

  • frederick.kruger - 2012-03-19 10:25

    All those who attended this event looked to a man for healing. If all Christians are able to pray for healing, why do they need this man? Does God have favorites?

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 11:59

      Apparently because they couldn't pray for themselves or they tried but didn't get healed. So they believe that Pastor Chris, the anointed servant of God will intercede on their behalf as it had happened to thousands of terminally ill ppl. That's why they came.

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 12:02

      Yes, God does have favouraties. Those who don't commit sin & hide it (hypocrites, and those who seek Him first before everything else & depend on Him. He'll work through such favourites like Pastor Chris to deliver those who are still living in sin and do not believe in Him, to show that He still cares for them.

      Marion - 2012-03-19 14:12

      @Tugwana - I have to disagee with you totally. God doesn't have favourites. We are all equal before God and no one needs a preacher to intercede between him/her and God.

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 15:28

      this Tugwana dude is as crazy as hhahhahahahha ok bye

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 16:42

      @dumisiledee, im just defending my faith hahaha. Marion i didn't say anything about intercession hey. This is all about healing & deliverance, and the attitude of the whole lots who mock the existence of such in this blog. I won't allow it.

  • Lawrence Mandipa - 2012-03-19 10:30

    Why the newspaper os only reporting on these..what about those that got healed?? Why do pple blame the pastor wen they failed to get their healing by FAITH.. Jesus christ is the same yesterday today and forever meaning the power still works in thorugh the agency. Of the Holy Spirit and if u believe and act your faith you will be saved or healed no matter wat condition you have..

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 10:50

      I give up! not out of defeat but out of frustration, you can only do so much to try and open up someone's eyes...

      Matthew - 2012-03-19 11:43

      And Orcs are real! You just need to have faith! It is true because Lord Of The Rings says so!

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 11:55

      Let them be Lawrence, they belong into the world. They'll never get to understand matters of God's Kingdom. You can't expect someone who don't believe in Jesus to also understand His works.

  • isabellameyer - 2012-03-19 10:30

    @dumisiledee - He doesn't choose. God heals. And I can't tell you why. Maybe it was that person's time. @melusi, you can call me what you want. Gullible I am definitely not. But I will not stand quiet when I have witnessed real people with real illnesses get healed by the power of God. You might call it gullible. I promise you a woman that walks after 58 years, does not care what you call it.

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 10:54

      Isabella WHY has he (this pastor Chris) NEVER ever agreed to heal a person that people just brings to him? why does it only have to be his church trustees or ushers that have to bring the sickly to him? that's my question? don't you think this is a scam? don't you think these people have rehearsed this? have you ever had a close friend being healed by this so called healer? if not then please don't try and convince me of this man's "healing capabilities"

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 11:52

      I hate to say, wait until you terminally sick yourself and then you'll get an answer. It's just boggles one's mind that u expect Pst.Chris to move around thousands of ppl - singling out the sick! Surely, that won't make u happy either. If you have a brain that makes you fail to comprehend devine matters, then don't think taht everybody does.

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 15:29

      Tugwana you're a joke seriously man, you contradict yourself, yoour one comment says you HATE news24 and yet you're the follower of Christ and wada wada...duuuude you're a joke lol

      Alex - 2012-03-19 22:02

      Isabella, people should be wary of those who claim to have god-like healing powers and use these "powers" to enrich themselves. People are taught that God is humble, not an exhibitionist with the need to demonstrate his power in a grandiose and narcissistic display? A woman who has not walked for 58 years would have severe muscle dystrophy, which is easily noticeable. Her lack of muscle in her legs would be something impossible to miss and in order to walk again would slowly need to strengthen and build these muscles... You say you saw her walk after you were informed she couldn't. Yes I am skeptical... Had you said you saw her leg muscles return and she was then able to walk I would be less skeptical. Did they show how weak her legs were and her lack of muscle as result of decades of immobility and show the strength that had returned after being "cured" ?

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-20 10:04

      Oh Thank you Alex, well said maybe Isabella will understand what frustrates me about this whole story. Its just too good to be true.

  • isabellameyer - 2012-03-19 10:32

    This man, Pastor Chris, has not claimed that he heals. That is what the newspapers would want you believe. He does what he say Jesus do and God heals. Christians, don't condemn a man, that you have not heard speak because you believe what the media, that ignored all the miracles, writes. I am not a member of his church, but I saw what I saw. And I believe God still heals today through the blood of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and resurrective power.

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 10:56

      Scam scam scam and why pay to hear the word of God if you claim he's a man of God who is used by God? what happened to the poor that aren't able to pay for entrance?

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 11:47

      @dumisiledee, and so that makes you better or the righteous one? What about the poor. Who made them so. It's shouldn't be a business of Pastor Chris. It's governemnt's business, and pls tell your govnm to stop the corruption R29b) and give the money to the poor!

      isabellameyer - 2012-03-19 13:11

      @dumisiledee - there was no entrance fee. where do you get your "facts" from. It was for FREE. And it wasn't him healing - he never claimed that - It was God. I don't have to fight for God or this man - but I am telling you the relief and joy in people's faces that got healed, can not be acted out. The healings were for real and that is actually all that matters. Granted, there are a lot of scamsters out there as well, and I understand people's skepticism. All i can say is that I was there, I was even a bit skeptical, but I saw people healed after years of illness - Grace for free. Whether you believe it or not, is to no consequence to God or the person that received the healing.

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 16:51

      I'll never contradict myself ever! aren't a person. Even God Almighty does hates sin & evil; so do I.

      Llewellyn - 2012-03-20 08:46

      isabellameyer - claiming not to be gullible. You are probably the MOST gullible person I have ever heard of. Please supply PROOF of ANY of these people healed. Will make you an instant millionaire! (just google it). Showcasing your stupidity and gullibility on a public forum does not do you or your religion any favours.

  • Eunice - 2012-03-19 10:34

    Jesus did it so we got to believe. Miracle healing is happening and is real. But, beware of a satan or evil spirit could also deceive us to give us miracle healing. Evil could do wonders too in this healing. So, beware or on guard against the cunning devil. So, don't adore such healing too much unless it's done in Jesus's name. If u believe in ur heart & have faith u will be healed.

  • Terrence - 2012-03-19 10:42

    I for one , am fed up with the rigid , dogmatic nature of organised religion. Isn't it strange that all "GOD" seems to want , especially in Mega churches is money. I recently read an article in TIME magazine about the Nones. These are people that believe in God , and come together to pray , to reach out to local communities and generally try to improve life for their fellow man.I am more inclined to do this than attend some fake healing crusade. Then again they do say that desperate men will try anything. I am not terminally ill so I can't comment , but odds are even SubGenius would go attend one of these crusades if he had terminal cancer or some other terminal disease.I am by no means an atheist but I am no fool either.

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 11:43

      I suppose u said it well when u wrote "you ar not terminally ill". So let the terminally ill speak for themselves. You don't know what they are going through every day. Thanks

      isabellameyer - 2012-03-19 13:12

      Terence - nobody paid anything and people got healed. So it wasn't fake and it wasn't for the money. Don't criticize something that you do not have knowledge of.

      baldersnatch - 2012-03-19 14:20

      @isabella, it was fake, and you have a very superficial view of reality. The money need not come from the average public person coming to the stadium. There is a lot more money changing hands behind the scenes.

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 16:47

      @baldersnatch, can u substantiate that? Or else it'll remain a false allegation.

      Mark - 2012-03-19 17:44

      @ Tugwana: the pastor is worth 50 million bucks. that substantiates itself.

  • josefaramelato.mthombeni - 2012-03-19 10:50

    When it is time to die you die.. Your non believing does not by a long shot reveal that God is dead. May their souls rest in peace. That is the path for us all. No one will escape it. Jesus said he will come and fetch us one by one. Even during his time he performed miracles at his desciples disposal and still one of them went to betray him.

  • Mc - 2012-03-19 10:58

    So this pastor believed in the powers of another fraudulent TV pastor? Oyakhilome, isnt he a Nigerian? Fake all the way to hell and back!!!

  • Theo - 2012-03-19 11:06

    One lost, but so many others saved... And if you believe that, then this crock of crap was probably on your to do list, if you weren't actually there yourself!

  • Yolandè Rwaai - 2012-03-19 11:08

    So Pastor Chris

      Yolandè Rwaai - 2012-03-19 11:13

      wanted to say; If pastor Chris

  • evelyn.pepler - 2012-03-19 11:11

    Flipping idiots are unbelievable, sad that the millions of sick and desperate will do anything travel anywhere and give any amount of money in the hope of a cure. These christian Pastors are a dime a dozen, they are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere and spew any amount of drivel. No end to the super modern buildings they are erecting called churches, where the congregation HAVE TO HAND THEM 10/15/20 % OF THEIR SALARYS..... GOOD GOD! they also live super luxury lifestyles, and are quite shameless, driving Luxury vehicles LIKE PIMPS, and own or rent luxury homes while everyone is down sizing they are super sizing. They pray on the emotions of the sick and desperate and have an audience who will hang on their every word, a mockery to religion and to human intelligence..

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 11:19

      Very sickening indeed Evelyn

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 11:39

      Well u may call them names but what do you have to offer them Evelyn. These "flipping idiots" go there because they have know that thousand of sick ppl (who have been written off ) get healed & that remains their only hope which u & many other sceptics can never provide except to poke fun. This has nothing to do with supermodern churches etc. Well ppl should make their minds and test if a pastor is real or not.

  • Sennacherib - 2012-03-19 11:12

    God does heal. He healed my 4 year old son after everyone said there was no hope whatsoever and He did it without the help of "pastors." By inviting people to a conference to experience God's healing powers is wrong on so many levels. For one, it's prescribing to God when and how He must heal and secondly, if God is everywhere we don't need to run to buildings to experience His healing powers. My son is a daily reminder of God's power. Even the doctors are still amazed at how he could recover. Just because there are charlatans out there doesn't mean He is not doing His work among us.

      Matthew - 2012-03-19 11:31

      Yes it exactly means he is not doing his work among us. I suppose you are one of those people that when the weather forecast says rain, and it doesn't, that would be classed as a miracle. There is always only a 50/50 chance that something will either happen or wont, not long odds, and most definitely not miraculous. Jesus flting down from heaven on a luck dragon, jumping off, performing some major surgery, singing a few lines from Highway to Hell, pulling a two headed rabbit out of a hat, saying goodbye to everyone, handing out Ferero Rochas to everyone, saying 'I'll be back' before calypso dancing into the sunset. Now that would be a miracle.

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 11:33

      Let ppl make up their own minds thank you. No one dragged them to go to the stadium but it's through their reverence for God. Nonetheless, if ppl go to stadiums for sport, why can't they do the same for worship. Such dbl standards!

      Saffa - 2012-03-19 11:42

      @SubGenius - I am just a little curious as to why you spend so much time, emotion and energy commenting/slamming and ridiculing a concept you (by your own admission) have no zero belief in? I am allergic to seafood old chap - so I don't visit seafood restaurants. I can't handle the ballet - so you will never find me stuck watching Swan Lake......You get the picture? I would appreciate an answer - dankie.

      Marion - 2012-03-19 11:43

      My point exactly Sennacherib.

      Bob - 2012-03-19 12:03

      "There is always only a 50/50 chance that something will either happen or wont". Whatever you may be, SubGenius, a genius you are not. And if those who belief in faith healing are gullible, then how much more so are those who belief that Jesus never existed.

      Sennacherib - 2012-03-19 12:12

      @SubGenius: Test your theory. Jump in front of a freight train. After all, there's a 50/50 chance you'd survive the encounter.

      Matthew - 2012-03-19 12:16

      @Saffa Watching crappy ballet or eating seafood does not cause people to die (read the headline of the article) Nor is it responsible for the millions and millions of deaths caused by religion and gods special representatives on earth. Read the true history of the church to see what a fabricated corrupt man-made oppressive monolith to stupidity, darkness and lack of reasoning. I think that you people are the guilty ones when it comes to proselytizing, what do you people say? ;Turn or Burn' Well I aint turning, and there is no way I am burning in a non-existant afterlife. Science 1 - religious delusion - 0

      isabellameyer - 2012-03-19 13:14

      There are no formulas on how God heals. Is someone at a conference's healing any less wonderful than your sons? Why are Christians attacking each other? We were called to love, not judge.

      Saffa - 2012-03-19 14:30

      @Sungenius - I don't think I said I was a Christian (my religious preference is of little relevance).....All I asked was why YOU are intent on spending so much time and energy bashing Christianity? Have you been appointed by the international council of atheists or are you simply doing what you accuse the Christians of doing? The way I see it - you say there is no God - fair enough - would you prove that for me please?

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 16:58

      @subgenius, u are entitled to your own opinion....thank you. One will certainly forgive you for your ignorance of knowing Jesus. You don't know Him & so don't comment as if you do, period!

      DiziLiziD - 2012-03-26 12:52

      @ Sennacherib Crap man. I believe in God and Healing. There is nothing wrong with having a conference where God can Prove Himself through Prayer, Healing and many other ways to people. What about Angus Buccan then. You are saying that what he does is wrong too? please just shut up.

      DiziLiziD - 2012-03-26 12:54

      @ sub-genius/TOP IDIOT... actually, eating seafood can cause death to people with allergies. stupid genius you are! You people wouldnt believe in God, even if He came down to you and showed Himself! Actually, He already has come down and showed Himself!

  • Grant - 2012-03-19 11:21

    I recall what that great man of God, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke said about 20 years ago : "The devil asked me what about the many people I prayed for that did not get healed. I replied, I do not care, I am doing what the word of God has commanded me to do" Mark 16:18

  • Michael - 2012-03-19 11:21

    these people who claim all sorts of things in the name of God "JESUS" should be made to prove their claims publicly if they cant they should then be given a hectic fine for false advertising .

      Patsy - 2012-03-19 12:41

      As far as Im concerned, everyone who advertises anything, be it shampoo, vitamins or faith-healing, should be made to prove what they say bcause it usually BS....

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 17:01

      @Patsy, hahahahahahaaaa. Include weight loss concoctions too.

  • Joe - 2012-03-19 11:28

    You can cure aids by eating a rhino poachers balls....

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 15:32


  • nanasei.kobbina - 2012-03-19 11:28

    wow sad, may his soul RIP, lost for words

  • Tugwana - 2012-03-19 11:29

    Just offer these sick ppl an alternative you hopeless armchair critics. At least these "so called" pastors as u'd say, have given these ppl hope that you can't except to mock. If u don't believe, it's your choice & pls stay that way and leave believers alone. The story on those who have been reported to have died has not even been verified and therefore it can't be balanced. Why didn't they interview the church concerned, family members, hospital, and the police!!! I hate pure sensationalism and rumour hyennas who are ever ready to lap & feed on such rot.

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 12:30

      Yes, that paraplegic was scammed by frausters who also come to church and pretend that they are servants of the church. Remember, no one can monitor over 65000 ppl of who is a fraudster and whois not. So the paraplegic was so gullible such that he/she allowed ppl to take advantage of that situation & got the better of him/her. Even in soccer mactches u got those that still sell fake tickets. No one has ever paid for healing or will pay for it. It comes through God's grace.

      Melusi Myaluza - 2012-03-19 12:40

      but u evading the real question, why are they handpicking who to heal? thats all I need to know?

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 12:55

      Firstly, they don't heal but Christ works through them to heal those sick by faith. Secondly, it seems they hand pick but from my point of view, it's matter of 'operations management' and process flow. Actually, out of faith, ppl are commanded to pray for themselves as they are too many to attend to all of them. And those who have received healing, do come forward to testify. I'm not part of this establishment but I do understand these basic procedures in order to avoid a senseless stampede.

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 15:33

      Thank you Melusi this Tugwana dude is busy running away from the questions posed.

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-19 15:34

      Tugwana BS!

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 17:06

      dumisile, you have shown your true self. I'm not surprised, it useless to argue with atheists or those who enjoy living in sin. It's like washing a pig that'll return back to the mud.

      dumisiledee - 2012-03-20 10:08

      Tugwana you claim to be a christian yet you fail to even act like Christ. You don't even know how to give people facts you're not even trying to make us believe what you believe in is good, you just sound like an angry pushover person that wants people to believe in what you believe in without giving them reasons why they should. So dude please!

  • nanasei.kobbina - 2012-03-19 11:34

    news24 why do you report on such things knowing for sure it will cause fiction. Next time please leave religion out of your reporting.

      Melusi Myaluza - 2012-03-19 11:36

      is it babalaas talking or u serious?

  • nanasei.kobbina - 2012-03-19 11:35

    some of us are Christians but we are not so very strong and these comments from non-Christians are confusing us, please lead us not into temptation we are trying to embrace our new life as Christians, tltltltltl

  • Garth - 2012-03-19 11:45

    This is just plain hilarious. Two people die and six end up in hospital after attending a faith healer and a nigerian faith healer at that! Hilarious! You religious people with your ridiculous beliefs. Proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. No pudding, no eating.

  • Bianca Ntombokhanyo Mjiba - 2012-03-19 11:46

    point of correction the conference was not n will never be for healing bt teaching the word of God and most people wen they Pastor's name they focus on healing and this program was for Christian not healing so ppl came n yes the were miracles to those who believe and have faith without him even touching them so next tym get your facts straight before posting anything. many many people were healed!

  • Ivor Swartz - 2012-03-19 11:48

    How sad is it that the media is known for writing all the flaws in any system. The hardly talk about the success, but seek to find any stench in any meal. The conference was a huge success, and it was free. For most people it was their first time in the Stadium, and that alone was an experience in itself.\r\n\r\nI was there. I saw the hundreds of volunteers running around making sure things run smoothly. I saw the vendors preying on the wallets of the goers with their tasty foods.\r\n\r\nBut I was also there to witness for myself what God, or pastor Chris, or whoever did. People were healed of their infirmity; eyes were opened; dumb spoke. I was there. I saw it with my own eyes, and yes, arts of me wanted to think its all staged but that's what faith is about I guess. You have to believe, or write negative about it, right?

      Bianca Ntombokhanyo Mjiba - 2012-03-19 11:55

      Thanks love n may God bless you and am sure you heard wat pastor said about the media n as for i just got to pe n we have alot of testimonies people]re still receiving

      Melusi Myaluza - 2012-03-19 12:51

      believe what u want,the man is a fake and a fraudster!

  • AntonKingsize - 2012-03-19 12:05

    Twits getting scammed!! Who allows these fools to operate?

      Tugwana - 2012-03-19 12:33

      They are clever, committed and well organised fools I must say. Because they could fill up a stadium to ful capacity - the size of Cpt Stadium. I like these "so called" fools who happen to operate legally, meaning, the security services didn't find anything wrong with them.

  • Dakey - 2012-03-19 12:28

    Monday wouldn't be Monday without our Christian bashing article of the day. My condolences and prayers go out to this man and his family.

  • nokuthandwa - 2012-03-19 12:47

    and Pastor Chris didn't save him? WHY? If he can perform miracles??!!

  • rvgreunen - 2012-03-19 12:47

    Screw technology and medicine, the invisible man will save us. Seriously!!!

      Marion - 2012-03-19 14:15

      @rvgreunen - you've obviously never heard of someone who died despite being given the best medical treatment available. The doctors will save us, seriously!

  • keketso.polisa1 - 2012-03-19 12:55

    So atheists believe that there's something that exit that they shouldn't believe they believe

  • robert.cerff - 2012-03-19 13:19

    I'm hardly going to go on about how stupid religion is... that's not really part of the story as it's put forward. From what the piece says, I reckon he was on his way out anyhow. That said... I wonder how many have died at/or shortly after these "curing" services? It begs the question why people go with such a poor success rate (0% proven) then again desperate people will do anything to cling to something... anything that offers hope. Kinda sad that these "ministers" "leaders of men" prey on the sick, elderly and quite literally dying.

      Patient - 2012-03-20 08:36

      Message of the cross is foolish unto those who are perishing but unto us who are being saved is the power of God. Only fools says there's no God. you are rite is foolish unto you because you're perishing...

  • carel.hayden - 2012-03-19 13:20

    seen twice.. not flashy though... very mysterious