Man dies from gas inhalation

2013-01-18 15:45

Johannesburg - A man died after inhaling gas at a company in Eersterust on Friday morning, Gauteng paramedics said.

Three other men affected by the gas were taken to Montana Hospital, according to Netcare 911 spokesperson Santi Steinmann.

"Exact details of the cause of the incident will remain the subject of an investigation."

The name of the company was not immediately known.

  • leandra.brikwa - 2013-01-18 16:33

    Come on name of company not known?

  • godwin.symons - 2013-01-18 20:13

    "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning"

  • Trevor Moller - 2013-01-18 22:23

    ja I agree next time ask ur buddy jesus to make sure its laughing gas

      pjthesecond.eldest - 2013-01-19 05:44


      Sean Wasserman - 2013-01-19 08:21

      Laughing gas (nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture) also has the potential to kill you.

  • michel.pieterse - 2013-01-19 04:20

    This morning another man died of slipping and falling - It is not yet sure where he slipped or on what he slipped but he slipped - Does anyone agree that I will make it as a News 24 reporter?

      maneo.molefe - 2013-01-19 14:36

      I think u'll make a #better reporter than news24 jurno's. @news24 why report a story so poorly?

  • jurgen.eksteen - 2013-01-19 07:05

    A Nando's fart ...

  • Trevor Moller - 2013-01-19 10:24

    At least laughing will let u die laughing

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