Man dies in generator explosion

2012-06-03 07:53

Johannesburg - A man died when his portable generator exploded in his home in Vlakfontein, south of Johannesburg on Saturday, emergency services said.

The man lost his right leg in the explosion, said spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi.

He died on his way to hospital.

The cause of the explosion was not known, said Mulaudzi.

  • Nthope - 2012-06-03 08:25

    But when will Eskom give them electricity, now a life is lost. RIP

      Koos - 2012-06-03 09:29

      I hate it when people tell only half truths so let me add the second part for you Tamaranui: “Millions of generators are utilized in RSA” since the ANC screwed up Eskom.

      Gestoffle - 2012-06-03 09:29

      Government gives us nothing, tax payers give it to us. YOUR government just steals, loads of proof in the news. EISH-COM - run by who tama-naai-do? - is private just in case your pea brain didnt know that..........

      Gestoffle - 2012-06-03 11:34

      Yip - very common thing for tama-ra-naai, goes and deletes all his comments, when he knows he has been caught out by his lies.

      Tamaranui - 2012-06-03 11:47

      Thank the Bias N24 Moderator,

      Tamaranui - 2012-06-03 11:50

      facts like Generators are utilized all over the world, Generators are numerous here in RSA, Facts like a liter of fuel has similar energy blast as a stick of dynamite, No No these are non-compliant here

      Tamaranui - 2012-06-03 11:51

      Condolences to the family , sorry for your loss, Even this N24 ??.....

      Gestoffle - 2012-06-03 13:26

      Tama-ra-naai- Very sneaky and under-handed tactic to quickly put all your comments back after my comment..and then subsequently go onto blame news24 as fruits. If you hate this site so much then get-outta-here twit. "Facts like a liter {SIC} of fuel has similar energy blast as a stick of dynamite," Dig that hole deeper, you have confirmed countless times today what an idiot you are....we need idiots for the world to go round.....suck that potato boy.....

      Martin - 2012-06-04 10:00

      nope he must buy electricity, like the rest of us, stop the give me cr@p

      Sharon - 2012-06-04 10:36

      i wonder if he was also going to run his primus on jet fuel

  • jerry.kb - 2012-06-03 08:29

    so sad. be careful when handling such stuff. anyway, it was surely an accidentt, maybe he was always careful and that had to happen. who to blame ? no one i guess

      Nicolaas - 2012-06-03 22:57

      @JERRY, as per TAMATIDOO and DOMJAN, surely apartheid!

  • Maria - 2012-06-03 08:50

    that terrible news! Poor man, may he rest in peace.

  • Jally - 2012-06-03 08:53

    eish!!! this should be considered as to what made this incident

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-03 09:11

    Poor guy he was probably trying to keep warm.Condolences.

  • Piet - 2012-06-03 09:18

    How the hell can a generator explode.??? TNT in the fuel tank?? Burn maybe but not explode....

      Koos - 2012-06-03 09:33

      Just last week a generator for some reason (still brand new) build up pressure in the oil compartment. The next moment there was a miniature explosion and oil all over the walls. Never saw anything like it and it still does not make sense. Could not find any fault and neither could the supplier.

      louis.langenhoven - 2012-06-03 09:34

      that is my question exactly and I need that info to educate myself...damn! Sounds dangerous!

      watsongeorgejan - 2012-06-03 09:36

      And by tuesday someone will be sitting on handsome life insurance payout.

      gerry.gee.39 - 2012-06-03 09:39

      Petrol leaking into the sump of the gene, due to leaking carburettor. This mixes with the oil. When you try to start the motor it can ignite, causing a sump explosion which can send out pieces of the engine casing. Most gene's used in domestic application are of crappy construction and design so the engine casing is thin alluminium. Good idea to shut off the fuel tap after use!

      Gestoffle - 2012-06-03 09:53

      Another pearler comment by tama the coconut, trying to act intelligent. Another vague are wrong if the stick of dynamite is the size of the lies that you tell, then we could be talking about the size of a ship that you can see in the richards bay port, at portnet where you work.

      Chris - 2012-06-03 10:32

      Could this problem be a fault of the manufacturer? What make and model was it?

      Nicolaas - 2012-06-03 22:59

      @Pieter, I am sure it did explode, coming from CHINA you can expect anything

  • Nomlindo MaRadebe Nogemane - 2012-06-03 09:23

    God has pointed the man Dont blame anyone we all going to die with a different ways

  • blane.blandon - 2012-06-03 09:30

    No accident is freak , if all the elements are there then : Bingo , you have an explosion .

  • Werner - 2012-06-03 09:50

    Very sad. Unlucky for him that he was close to the gennie at the time of the explosion. For those who have generators, the most probable cause of this unfortunate accident is that the main power was not isolated and the gennie was running when the power came back on.

  • Oompiet - 2012-06-03 09:51

    1000 ways to die

  • Manie - 2012-06-03 10:06

    Mr reporter, please get out of bed and go see what the hell happened. The story does not make sense. There is not enough energy in a portable generator (kinetic or other) to remove a mans leg and kill him. Unless he filled it with high explosive. The story stinks. Go be a proper reporter.

      Gestoffle - 2012-06-03 10:48

      Clearly you tama-cocnut, dont know either. 2 litres of "explosive" fuel would not blow your leg off - you a fool shut up.

  • Hadebe - 2012-06-03 11:50

    This site is hacked m tellin u.

  • Tamaranui - 2012-06-03 11:52

    This site is Run by a bunch of spineless fruit.

      Hadebe - 2012-06-03 20:53

      Ngswel amazwi awazi

  • ivan.frantz.3 - 2012-06-03 12:07

    Im just wondering as to how on earth is it possible for a generator to explode, any theories ???

      Gestoffle - 2012-06-03 13:21

      Yes, I know, this generator uses rocket type on the market.....

      Tamaranui - 2012-06-03 17:03

      Combustion engine run on flammable liquid.....Ring any bells ???

      ivan.frantz.3 - 2012-06-03 18:52

      @ Tamaranui, so then why dont our car engines explode. Please explain ? never heard of any combustion engine exploding ! except this one . . .

      Nicolaas - 2012-06-03 23:02

      @Ivan, TAMATIDOOS will not know, because donkey cars does not run on fuel!

      VaMbozha - 2012-06-04 11:55

      petrol bombs?????

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-03 18:49

    I bet that gen set was made in china.Maybe it was being used indoors without ventalation,maybe the spark plug wire came loose causing a spark which would cause the petrol tank to explode if there was a leak,there are plenty ways a generator can explode.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-06-03 18:55

    Do any of you so called clever okes know that petrol burns when in an open container but close that container its an explosion.Do you okes know what compression ignition is?

  • richard.viljoen.14 - 2012-06-03 21:30

    Exactly what Werner said in my opinion happened. When using your generator during a power failure make sure the main feed at the electric box is off, or best still, fit a change-over switch to your electrical db board which isolates the electricity completely.

  • Ditoa-re - 2012-06-03 22:43


  • Ditoa-re - 2012-06-03 22:45

    Or there was a Bomb hiding inside the generator

  • Ditoa-re - 2012-06-03 22:48

    Huh explossion?? This must have to do with terrorism, maybe the guy was a terrorist

  • ludlowdj - 2012-06-04 10:11

    Eskom failure!!!!!

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