Man found hacked to death at Marikana - report

2012-09-11 18:01

Rustenburg - A man was apparently hacked to death on Tuesday near Lonmin's platinum mine in Marikana, North West.

A Sapa reporter saw a picture of his body, taken by a news cameraman.

The man was found near the site where striking mineworkers gathered earlier in the day before embarking on a protest march to a local hospital.

But North West police spokesperson Brigadier Thulani Ngubane could not immediately confirm that a body was found.

"I cannot say that a body was found until it has been reported to us. So far, there was no report of a dead body found in Marikana."

The photograph showed deep cuts behind his neck.

As journalists raced towards the spot where the body was found, the leaders of the protesters intervened, telling everyone to move back, away from the scene.

Tuesday afternoon saw a standoff between policemen and the protesters at the Andrew Saffy Memorial Hospital in Marikana.

A throng of protesters marched to the hospital in the afternoon, from an open space near the hill where 34 people were killed following the violence on 16 August.

As the protesters approached, police barricaded the hospital's entrance with four Nyala vehicles. A police helicopter hovered overhead. A private security reaction vehicle was also near the scene.

The protesters were carrying pangas, knobkerries, golf clubs, arrows and spears.

One of their leaders, Loyiso Mtsheketshe, said they wanted to instruct the hospital to stop discharging injured miners into police custody.

A protester said they also wanted to convey their concerns to the hospital about its role in the ongoing strike.

The protesters claimed the police instructed hospitals to tell them when the wounded mineworkers were being discharged, and arrested them then - some even before they left the hospital premises.

The group of protesters marched around the hospital and departed in different groups. They headed back to the open space near the hill - where they congregate every evening.

The Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration met employee representatives in Rustenburg on Tuesday, as a strike at Lonmin entered its second month.

"A meeting was held with the employee delegation [accompanied by the clergy] at the CCMA offices in Rustenburg. At this stage we cannot confirm the contents of the meeting," said CCMA spokesperson Nersan Govender.

This followed an aborted attempt at wage negotiations on Monday, when just under 7% of workers reported for work.

Under a peace accord signed by three unions representing some of the 28 000 employees at the platinum mine last week, it was agreed that wage negotiations would be re-opened, but only if workers returned to work.

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) did not sign the accord, but did arrive for wage talks on Monday.

Its representatives waited in vain, with the National Union of Mineworkers, Solidarity, UASA, and Lonmin representatives for representatives of a splinter group of workers to arrive.

  • chaplinncharlie - 2012-09-11 18:05

    So we start killing because we not getting what we WANT...Easy isn't it...

      max.reynecke - 2012-09-11 18:21

      What do you do with a dog that bites you when you want to feed put it down.

      vierkleur.transvaal - 2012-09-11 18:32

      fire them all

      Squeegee - 2012-09-11 19:37

      This is not a strike it is a rebellion. Strikers negotiate towards an acceptable settlement; these guys are setting impossible demands, using war talk, killing people, attacking the police, etc. Send in the army, the enemy is at the gate. Malema should be tried for treason.

      juan.prinsloo.750 - 2012-09-11 19:41

      And Gift of the Givers are still saying ag shame poor miners. Un freaking believable

      tw2066 - 2012-09-11 21:15

      Funny - a hacker anywhere else in the world has to do with IT. But in SA ...

  • ReneMuller.XOXO - 2012-09-11 18:06

    Another human life means absolutely bugger-all to these thugs. I'm speechless (almost)!!! Sick bloody bastards.

      grant.callaway.50 - 2012-09-12 13:41

      As I commented on previous pictures (said comment later removed by News24) - those waving machetes must be shot in the head! There is one reason, and one reason alone why these animals would carry machetes!!!

  • nun.chuck.7 - 2012-09-11 18:08

    I will never pity these miners. Some of them are nothing more than murders. Unfortunately the cops didn't shoot all the killers it seems, thats the only pity.

  • rplescia - 2012-09-11 18:08


      nads.delange - 2012-09-11 19:15

      Guys, you're just feeding a troll, just report his comments and ignore him, he's obviously below filth and thus not worthy of our time or intellect.

      desertratbkf - 2012-09-11 19:20

      Its kaya time! Rest that brain cell! Ring piece!

      KeeperofChaos - 2012-09-11 19:24

      @dom-kont-troversy; you clearly suffered during apartheid and you have a grudge against white people. I assume you don't have an answer as to what these stike actions are doing to our economy, no. All you can do is throw around racist comment. Use your brain please, not your tool.

  • john.rees.1656 - 2012-09-11 18:10

    I expect the rabbit had somthing to do with this killing, maybe getting his own back

  • chet.dreyer - 2012-09-11 18:10


      kobus.hattingh.5 - 2012-09-11 18:29

      Savages indeed and on a par with those running (or rather ruining) this country :(

  • kelvyn.davidson.1 - 2012-09-11 18:12

    its not miners people !!!! its political struggle ! SDU's are still in force and killing any opposition is the only way to get votes in this barbaric wasteland of civility !

  • irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-09-11 18:13

    Hope the Gift of the Givers are safe! LOL! And they want to support these filthy swines!

  • frederick.frier - 2012-09-11 18:14

    Juliaaaaas is instigating them, and the government sits back and does nothing!!!!

      desertratbkf - 2012-09-11 18:55

      I smell a rat!

  • hennie.vanderberg.5 - 2012-09-11 18:16

    ok ... we are 10 to 1 ... we need more

  • tshivhombelaf - 2012-09-11 18:18

    If this lawlessness prevails, many are going to lose their lives in the name of freedom of assembly. If they don't want to work they must remain at home. I am surprised these holigans called strikers are still roaming the koppie armed with indigenous weapons. This situation really compromises the safety and security of the country, let alone non-participants rights.

      lara.vanrooyen.1 - 2012-09-11 18:48

      Since mining and farming cause so much issues, just close the industries. We will import everything and the masses will be the ones who suffer the most as they will not be able to afford even a loaf of bread.

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-09-11 18:19

    Oo yes! No wonder raging dogs kill one another most of the time due to rabbies.

  • mkhindana.peter - 2012-09-11 18:19

    Can't JZ just take a one day break from the bedroom and go out and sort out this mess ASAP.

      tw2066 - 2012-09-11 21:19

      LOL - you have a good sense of humour bud..

  • madoda.monamudi - 2012-09-11 18:22

    God have mercy we need your intervention holy Spirit our leaders have try and failed. I pledge to all South African to Pray for peace in our country. A man is death because of R12500 really those miners must be arrested for caring dangerous weapon.

      flysouth - 2012-09-12 16:37

      The ANC has determinedly turned a blind eye to every transgression of law by the strikers and continues to do so. Any man carrying an offensive weapon and brandishing it, in public, in an intimidatory manner, as they do, is subject to arrest and criminal charges laid under the Dangerous Weapons Act. By refusing to take the necessary action, which would certainly involve the use of great force, I suspect, including the army, the ANC perpetuates the violence and encourages further violence.

  • ken.grimblegrumble - 2012-09-11 18:24

    Lowest of the low. Sympathy for the strikers No Way. Law and Order Missing. Police must go in for the kill. No more nice guy take them out but this time, big time.

  • samantha.ungerer.1 - 2012-09-11 18:25


  • bruce.kendall.10 - 2012-09-11 18:25

    I say close the mine,nothing more to discuss!!

  • warren.mark.92 - 2012-09-11 18:26

    How can people kill someone with a panga ,what a cruel way to die,so the miners are clearly violent there no dout about it,SAPS I sulute ul for choosing life instead of death when faced with these inhumane miners that day

  • wendy.schneider3 - 2012-09-11 18:27

    this country is leaderless.. these morons need to be stopped once and for all! with elections around the corner the whole country, will be held at ransom. anc is useless nowhere in the world would a government stand for this bs.

      irene.buthelezi.1 - 2012-09-11 18:48

      @thapelo ~ Wipe your eyes and wash your face because you're very much confused. Thick as well.

      mmotsamai - 2012-09-11 19:02

      i second u, we have a bs president, i hope we have pres wit one wife and does not have any army of children. @thapelo idiots like you are sadly in abundance so you could be right

  • desertratbkf - 2012-09-11 18:29

    SHOWERHEAD!!!!!!! WTF are you going to do about all this?????????!!!!!!!!!! You are as low life as the vermin doing these atrocities. Youre scared of them arent you? Useless good for nothing criminal!

  • goldwright - 2012-09-11 18:29

    And they wonder why the police shot them..........

  • mrp721 - 2012-09-11 18:32

    Why have these "miners" not been fired yet??? They are clearly no longer out gathering for the "pay increase" now it is soley to cause trouble!!! SAPS go do target practice and shoot the bloody lot of them!!!! Wipe them out!!!

  • wendy.schneider3 - 2012-09-11 18:32

    cowards just like malema while in masses they will kill and destroy. alone puppies. a$$holes!!!!

  • larry.piggott1 - 2012-09-11 18:32

    Bloody Savages. Enough now, let these guys continue and we can all kiss South Africa goodbye as it slides down the drain.

  • glen.e.huysamer - 2012-09-11 18:32

    Here we go again, some just assuming that because the body was found close to the strikers that they are the culprits, I am not saying that this is not a possibility, but I am not going to assume that it is either. The mining issue is blowing it's banks, that is for sure, and there is surely going to be many more deaths connected to what is not just a labor dispute anymore, and I would say that it is safe to assume, that the mining issue has now progressed into the start of a revolt, against NUM/Casatu and the whole ANC Alliance. Could it be the beginning of the end for the ANC? The slope has become very slippery, as the ship begins to tilt once again towards violence. So no wage negotiations, no settlement on the asking price might lead us to no ANC?

      christiaan.vanvuuren.9 - 2012-09-11 18:58

      Its not about assumption... Why do the strikers keep reporters away? Hacked to death? Yeah of course some murdering opportunist saw a gap to kill somebody with a machete, and he's using the striking miners as a veil... Fact is that these okes are going to kill alot more in the near future. Im not a doom prophet but its clear through their actions. Espescially considering that many of the.strikers dont even work for Lonmin...

      glen.e.huysamer - 2012-09-11 19:58

      Yep Chris I have to agree, There seems to be a lot of murdering going on around the mining issue, at hand it seems that over the decades this has become the norm, and there is no way this can ever be condoned or argued away, and I have to totally agree with you that if this strike continues to go on unabated South Africa will land up having another truth and reconciliation commission in our future. Now forgive me if like to stretch my phrases, and ignore the normal paragraphing that seems to frustrate Irene.

      gerry.gee.39 - 2012-09-11 20:18

      I R E N E GREAT Reply!!

      tw2066 - 2012-09-11 21:31

      Huh did I miss something with the whole p a r a graphing thing, and what happened to Irenes comments? She generally makes alot o f sense. By the way, I also doubt the milkman or the postman hacked this dude to death......

  • bernard.ingram - 2012-09-11 18:34

    FFS, N24 it is knobkieries!!!!!

  • Steven Trollip - 2012-09-11 18:37

    this is murder now

  • barry.ahern.3 - 2012-09-11 18:42

    To be Honest, im damn surprised it took so long after the slaughter of the others for there to be more bodies...They are animals, savage creatures who bey for blood and power, led by the war inciter himself, babyface juju.

      mmotsamai - 2012-09-11 18:54

      I personaly despise malema, but if u were following all his speaches at the mine you would know that he asked miners to march peacefully

  • zolani.ntenge - 2012-09-11 18:55

    Where is leadership of this country, cause this has gone on for far too long. How many lives must be lost before this madness is stopped?

      madoda.monamudi - 2012-09-11 19:10

      We don't leaders here is only greedy people who exploited workers long time, now is not easy to confront mines bosses because they are in payroll for exploitation of workers. They busy concentrating to Mangaung while people killing each other.

      gerry.gee.39 - 2012-09-11 19:28

      Zolani... What leadership? \Leadaship\ onto the rocks, as he has been doing! Our leader doesn't have the b*lls to stand up to these thugs and hooligans.

  • madoda.monamudi - 2012-09-11 18:58

    I am appealing to DA leader,IFP, Cope, Human Right commission, IPID, UDM and other opposition leader to go and Disarm those miner's because all of them they were Blaming the Police for the Massacre now another human being life is gone they are Quite but when the Police act to defend themself they talk too much at Parliament.

      prisca.tlhakung1 - 2012-09-12 03:00

      I totally agree with u, specifically Mr. Dearest Lekota!!!!

  • Michael - 2012-09-11 19:05

    Deploy military, that situation at Marikana is unusual, therefore unusual approach isneeded.

  • cya.ngoma - 2012-09-11 19:12

    Where are those people who were saying the police actions were wrong? I'm sure they are happy now because the miners have a right to kill other people (according to their law

  • mawetu.janda - 2012-09-11 19:17

    That's MALEMA'S HAND!!!

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-09-11 19:22

    a few more need killing

  • danscholtz123 - 2012-09-11 19:23

    Ok before anybody gets excited ----- we can not blame the striking miners no way! This is the fault of the SAPS as they could be to scared to use their firearms or it is LONMIN's fault they are not providing protection to their "workers" yep we can not blame the poor innocent striking miners they would not do such an evil did would they?

  • provence.poppies - 2012-09-11 19:29

    murdering animals

  • bongile.langa - 2012-09-11 19:29

    what now south african justice system and those involved in these negotiations, more and more innocent lives will be hacked. Unless these heartless souls are put to their place once and for all, they're not going to stop!!! Worse than animals.....GREEDY nd INHUMAN beasts.

  • herman.coetser - 2012-09-11 19:29

    Its unfortunately a future we can expect if we don't get true and proper leaders. People with a passion for our nation willing to stand up against that what is wrong, corrupt, destructive. A new breed of youth, living out steadfast character and not greed. People with a passion to change the world, people with no fear for the wicked and evil. Leaders who can inspire everyone that is unfortunate enough to cross their path. Reformers, exposing those who are destroying lives, peoples futures. Where is the true leaders, are we all too scared to step out with courage? Will we except the norm created by greedy politicians who can't manage a house hold never mind a country? Are we afraid of prosecution or even death? I would rather die doing what's right and just, even if I can change just one life it would be a victory? So I ask, do we feel helpless, like there is no hope? Or do we start to be the inspiration this country and come to think of it the whole world desperately needs?

  • JackTrend - 2012-09-11 19:47

    Time to put an end to it. They're don't want to work anyway.

  • dan.makgopela - 2012-09-11 19:51

    Those leaders who incite violence in Marikana,they have blood in their hands cause that is tantamount to murder. We cannot allow our brothers and sisters to be used by some lunatics who just want to leverage their political mileage. Enough is Enough.

  • douglas.reid.921 - 2012-09-11 19:55

    If Juju did what he's doing here in Zim, Cuba, Russia, China, the homes of our comrades, by now he would have been shot. But here he does what he likes because we have toothless hawks an the rest of government because they know they are all from the same mould.

  • jacques.swanepoel.372 - 2012-09-11 19:57

    Wonder what will happen if I take a Panga to my boardmeeting ?

      glen.e.huysamer - 2012-09-11 20:15

      Nobody will argue with you, unless, of corse if somebody else brought a gun. However, let us not forget it is the pen that always wins in a board room, when it signs the signature.

  • mkheswa.ndweni.1 - 2012-09-11 20:04

    Dis thn is increasing itsself,kahleni bo,wht cn be done to stop dis.because people lyf are now getting danger

  • lehlohonolo.g.magwaza - 2012-09-11 20:06

    law enforces be it the department of defense,or police as much as these ppl have families and mouths to feed,so have you.weapons they carry serves as a sign of war.mine to you is kill before u get killed.if only i had my way with Malema i swear,i realy swear.

  • renier.lubbe.7 - 2012-09-11 21:41

    Most of this happens thanks to malema! Why no public outcry? Or is it okay for people to kill as long as the police do not kill while protecting themselves. Any support (including the support given by Gift of the Givers)to these strikers constitute support to the senseless killings.

  • quentan.dewet - 2012-09-11 22:52

    Get rid of Malema, he only stir the pot. Afterwards, when most of them are dead, he will laugh in his sleave. He doesnt care a hoot about them, savage!

  • quentan.dewet - 2012-09-11 22:54

    Get rid of Malema, he only stir the pot. Afterwards, when most of them are dead, he will laugh in his sleave. He doesnt care a hoot about them, savage!

  • darryl.maze1 - 2012-09-12 09:11

    And we must feel sorry for these miners????? Look at them, they are being savages. Killing there own workers. The police must go in there with force again and sort this out one and for all

  • angela.ostling.watson - 2012-09-12 12:55

    Why don't the shareholders of the mine offer to start with immediate construction of community clinics, schools, perhaps a sporting facility? This, a once-off sum by them as a gesture of good faith separate from wage negotiations. They could use local labour, creating immediate employment and boost the morale of the community. If a better community relationship existed between the financial decision makers (shareholders) and the community in good time, this situation would not have arisen. It got to a stage where the community was so discouraged that they were easy prey to those malicious trouble-makers who started the violence. Malema isn't helping either! These people need to be calmed down, guided wisely and all involved need to work at establishing a better employer/employee relationship

  • marc.hugo.75 - 2012-09-28 07:45

    Just the one? So, that's forty..........