Man found with genitals in wallet

2012-11-08 10:37

Johannesburg - An Eastern Cape man caught with his teenaged nephew's private parts in his wallet has been arrested, police said on Thursday.

The 18-year-old went missing in Thebe Locality, Nqobo, on Sunday, said Colonel Mzukisi Fatyela.

"... On Wednesday the community found his private parts in his uncle's wallet. Police were then called," he said.

Fatyela said the 42-year-old man took the police to Malande Forest where they found the youth's mutilated body.

His head, arms and legs had been chopped off and were found not far from his torso.

Earlier police said he would appear in the Nqobo Magistrate's Court on a murder charge.

Fatyela said he would no longer appear on Thursday, but on Friday.

Human Settlements, Safety and Liaison MEC Helen Sauls-August expressed concern about violent crime in the province.

"It [is] incomprehensible that a human being would commit such a gruesome act to another human being," she said.

"It's even worse that a relative could be involved in this inhumane atrocity. Families are supposed to protect each other, instead of butchering each other like this."

She commended the speedy arrest.

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-11-08 10:42

    Bloody savage

      silenta.solly - 2012-11-08 11:07

      And the scum still has appetite to eat breakfast in the morning knowing exactly what he did......wish he can die already

      nancy.kay.712 - 2012-11-08 11:17

      Some of these people are known to use the ball sack as a money bag. The american indians did the same thing with women's breasts. I think it is savage.

      emmett.wesleygarrett - 2012-11-08 11:25

      Must be one of these local witchdoctors practicing African witchcraft or something.

      patrick.mampane - 2012-11-08 11:31

      He reminds me of the cemetery murdering savage that was sentenced earlier this month.

      kayley.segal - 2012-11-08 11:52

      He reminds me of my ex-wife's lawyer....

      toni.k.mcquillen - 2012-11-08 12:29

      Animals dont act like this, we are supposed to be the superior species. It is just plain sick!

      bond.ndalo - 2012-11-08 12:33

      It shocking....private parts in a wallet!

      LutherKingsley - 2012-11-08 12:44

      The cannibals from the old world also practiced witchcraft and also believed in muti, fortunately those countries have since been westernized.

      OSSY24 - 2012-11-08 14:46

      SA TABOO

  • sagin.verity - 2012-11-08 10:47

    how warped and twisted are the people of this country? Damn!

      OSSY24 - 2012-11-22 13:47


  • coenraad.vanderwesthuizen.3 - 2012-11-08 10:50

    What the hell is wrong with some people? Is this a muti murder?

      lorain.maseko - 2012-11-08 10:59

      Sounds like it.

  • toofaan.monsoon - 2012-11-08 10:51

    Seriously people. Never let your kids out of your sight. There are barbarians amongst us. And they actually look human.

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-11-08 10:53

    WTF??? That's all I can say!

  • kenpeg.dawson - 2012-11-08 11:00

    Balls to that, Are they savages.

  • Khomotso - 2012-11-08 11:03

    He was probably gonna take them to a sangoma 4 some kind of muti. SMH

      gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-11-09 21:26

      Most likely to sell it?

  • freddied - 2012-11-08 11:04

    Jesus is coming back

      kyle.buitendag - 2012-11-08 11:25

      ja so is Santa, idiot

      christopher.collings.9 - 2012-11-09 03:08

      hey Inhlanzi if u do not read or know your Bible dont waste our time in having us explain it to you. Halfwit

      indianajohn - 2012-11-09 14:07

      Great advertising christopher. I'm sure everyone wants to be just like you.

      gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-11-09 21:26

      Not yet, we first have to experience satan and hell.

  • mashudu.ndou.3 - 2012-11-08 11:05


  • warwick.railton.7 - 2012-11-08 11:05

    My wife takes my balls every time I open my wallet for her. :)

  • jomar.delange - 2012-11-08 11:06

    Insane. This man should have his cut off.

  • BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-11-08 11:08

    Is this part of black/tribal culture, or something completely different? Not a loaded racist question, I'm seriously asking.

      wesselo1 - 2012-11-08 11:29

      Its like the black commentators saying, when there was a story about an white Afrikaans lady having sex with her dogs, thats white culture.

      lulu.shezi - 2012-11-08 11:31

      no but it's such a dumb question...retarded really..all ur lyf growing up in south africa do you really have a misconception that such exists in our culture?dont u perhaps think that just as any race/culture there are the bad/evil people doing such?u mean to tell me u myt think we do such on cultural occasions?no man

      frank.cornelissen.1 - 2012-11-08 11:34

      luvo.luvos - November 8, 2012 at 11:26 Tell this to the families of the 34 miners gunned down after killing the rabbit! Sad fact is that Africa is still besieged by sangomas of various types and even Zoomer, our esteemed (NOT) president graces these "spineless dogs" with his presence. So it seems very weird for you to act so surprised?

      storm.trooper.125 - 2012-11-08 12:13

      i been traveling from african country to african country..its muti is well known in african/black cultures/tribes..specially in the DRC & UGANDA!! So please do not give bigchiefpudding thumbs a united nations observer & its facts that black culture believe in muti...human organs etc.

      storm.trooper.125 - 2012-11-08 12:14

      wesselo1..limpopo love to have sex with its not jus a white culture..

      lungelo.yili - 2012-11-08 12:18

      dark magic my friend. its cross-cultural

      siphom.mnguni - 2012-11-08 16:08

      No, I am not defensive at all I was just illustrating to you that barbarism knows no colour. Because if it does Gert van Rooyen and Joey Haarhof would still be alive so are the 16 girls he kidnapped in 1986 till today we are lacking answers as to what transpired. Well as of what you called culture it does not affect me because I am township born and bred. I don't practise mumbo-jumbo nonsense.

  • LynneOeschger - 2012-11-08 11:08

    This is an absolutely absurd belief in muti. This is 2012. No amount of this behaviour is tolerable. This is just the same as thinking it is OK for honour killings to happen in Islamic countries, or India. This is an irrational and out-dated, barbaric way of thinking.

      LynneOeschger - 2012-11-08 12:00

      I have no intention of using the race card here. What it is, really, is simply superstitious nonsense that has no place in the modern world. I feel exactly the same way about religions that encourage honour killings, killings and other absurdities.

  • nasiefa.jacksonlazarus - 2012-11-08 11:09


  • robin.bradley.9803 - 2012-11-08 11:12

    What a bloody Barbarian.. I suppose thats what you get when you have a rapist for a president

  • Matodzi Tshedza - 2012-11-08 11:12

    The guy is sick

  • gary.guy.507 - 2012-11-08 11:14

    And yet, there are still those in this country who oppose the death penalty!!

      shona.williams.739 - 2012-11-08 11:27

      It definitely needs to be brought back. People that say no to the death penalty are obviously guilty of something themself

      siphom.mnguni - 2012-11-08 13:49

      Sir, let us educate each other here. When it comes to the death penalty, it's not because there are people opposing it or not but it is section 11 of The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa,1996 which opposes the death penalty. And for that section to be changed, a 75% of the members of Assembly plus National Council of Provinces with a total number of 6 Provinces. Then there is also a case which form what is called a judicial precedent which was decided by the Constitutional Court, S v Makwanyane. Surely you can see how difficult it is to bring back death penalty.

      lorain.maseko - 2012-11-08 14:14

      @ gary.guy.507 - I doubt you will find one person besides those woh have bodyguards that oppose the death penalty, I think more job vreation we need the death penalty, let it cleanse us of all that is evil then we can look at normal people to employ.

  • franks.rebecca - 2012-11-08 11:17


  • crazyjourno - 2012-11-08 11:18


  • charl.malan.12 - 2012-11-08 11:18

    Jeffrey Dahlmer and Ted Bundy have nothing on the criminals in South Africa! Barbarians

      kitty2wp - 2012-11-08 12:26

      those 2 were classified sick and insane. what is the excuse in SA?

  • nketso.kgwadi - 2012-11-08 11:18

    Don't even know what to say

  • thadelphukem.completely - 2012-11-08 11:19

    WTF!!! Shoot the b@stard, finish and klaar!!!

  • luvo.luvos - 2012-11-08 11:20

    This is straight out of a horror movie. And what's this bloke doing carrying his nephew's b#lls around in his wallet?? Sick!!

  • Forgotten - 2012-11-08 11:20

    Nooooo!! That is just nasty!! COME ON!!!

  • lulu.shezi - 2012-11-08 11:25

    satanism to the highest degree....dear God...sies

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-11-08 11:53

      Highly doubt this has anything to do with satanism.

      LynneOeschger - 2012-11-08 12:00

      Satanism? Oh get real.

  • beverly.young3 - 2012-11-08 11:26

    This BEYOND comment.....un-bloody believable, just when you think you have heard and read everything.....

  • dave.kofang - 2012-11-08 11:26

    Pure evil!He doesnt deserve to walk the streets anymore.

  • ardenharvey - 2012-11-08 11:28

    wtf..... mental!!! I cannot believe what I am reading....

  • mampho.masemola.7 - 2012-11-08 11:29

    My goodness, these lunatics still think that they can get rich by torturing young boys and removing their private parts, m disgusted by their barbaric behavior.

  • Truth.nnete - 2012-11-08 11:30

    People are instructed by sangomas to do this kind of things,the sangoma should be found and probed also because he is equally quilty.

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-11-08 11:51

      But if a Sangoma is involved, then it is Black culture. Conflicting opinions here. It seems some Blacks don't really know their cultural history?

  • lvhukeya1 - 2012-11-08 11:31

    money is a root of all evil 'speechless'

  • Adrian - 2012-11-08 11:32

    what.......dont we all have a penis in our wallets......

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-11-08 11:51


  • Justin Mettew - 2012-11-08 11:33


  • alex.vorster1 - 2012-11-08 11:36

    Really? So over hearing about these monstrosities every day! and what is being done about it?

  • craig.lowe.3572 - 2012-11-08 11:36

    WTF ?

  • siphobongohead - 2012-11-08 11:36

    Strange. A man usually keeps his genitals in his pants.

  • pieter.verm - 2012-11-08 11:41

    This guy is nuts!

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-08 11:43

      He is nuts about nuts :-)

  • BossTPlaya - 2012-11-08 11:41

    May his soul rest in peace. God bless the dead. This is gory

  • kobus.hattingh.5 - 2012-11-08 11:43

    Bring back the death penalty also for those involved with human muti, irrespective of whether its stolen from a corpse or a person being killed for it. This belief system must be wiped out completely.

  • michael.i.wright - 2012-11-08 11:44

    I've heard of guys complaining that there wife keeps their goods in her purse, but this is ridiculous.

  • kumba.bamenda - 2012-11-08 11:45

    The Black people in South Africa are nothing like the rest of Africa, thus who have been to central Africa will know what i am talking about, I dont blame the white people for not liking blacks, there is nothing to like, iam black myself and i dont see anything to like in a black south african, all they do is negative, black people in the rest of Africa are nothing like this people

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-11-08 11:56

      I share your sentiment, only to qualify a little further by saying this is not the case with all Black S/Africans. I know some outstanding people who are Black S/Africans. But generally speaking, I am inclined to agree with you.

      lulu.shezi - 2012-11-08 12:27

      see now it's people like you who give otha foreign nationals a bad name...for your information i'm damn proud to black...from my kinky hair,to my brown eyes n my gorgeous brown skin...jus cause you have an inferiority complex dont paint us all with that brush..we dnt welcum such...BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL

      storm.trooper.125 - 2012-11-08 12:31

      yes alot of blacks have down graded themselves in africa..but i cant agree with your comment...majority of blacks in south africa dont believe in such muti believes.. and yes muti murders is among black ppl...& it gives the rest of black ppl a bad name..

      storm.trooper.125 - 2012-11-08 12:51

      themba stop be indenial..muti is practice by blacks in those few blacks that pratices it wit human flesh give all sangomas an pple a bad name..before white men came to africa..your forefathres was throwing bones to tell ppl that they need human mutis..

      kumba.bamenda - 2012-11-08 12:52

      themba.thwala you are guys are so stupid and dump, every one in South Africa is moving ahead in life, whites, Indians Coloureds, and the so call kwerekwere are all moving ahead in life, while idiots and dump assess like you and your people are moving backward from living in an RDP House and later selling it and moving into a shake, the so call kwerekwere are here because of the positive things the white did to this country, the blacks are always the first to say my country, what positive did you do to your so call country, only destroying it

      aphiwe.mayola - 2012-11-08 13:00

      Dude u r lying, I won't bother going in2 details of y u're talking crap but just know that you are!

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-08 13:13

      storm, you are talking sheet. Every racial group has its deviant members. You cannot use a few examples of nutcases and attribute them to the rest, unless your brain is the size of a pea. Bamenda, go to Hillbrow and see how you kwerekweres are 'moving forward' there. SA is infested with 419 scamers, prostitution and drugs thanks to filth like you. There where whites everywhere in Africa. You idiots kicked them out, and squandered your economy like you were eating peanuts. Now that there is hunger and starvartion and wars in your country, you ran to SA instead of fixing your mess in your countries, only to up SA like you did your countries.

      mmaphongwana - 2012-11-08 14:22

      Storm dear they might be doing it for muti but remember the white couple killed another in cemetry? Whether u white or pink,all races do crime,that was a brutal incident ever heard some1's face removed and stored him in a refrigerator.

      lorain.maseko - 2012-11-08 15:52

      @ kumba.bamenda - Ypu are right other Affricans are nothing like SAns,you people are far worse hence why yáll are here you messed up your own countries so much the you had to flee,so dont come with your BS please go home sort out your crap and live happily ever after.

      lorain.maseko - 2012-11-08 15:54

      @ kumba.bamenda -Go move ahead in your own country why the hell are you here? you are part of the problem,we would humbly request that you leave and take your breathren with you

      somikazi.pita - 2012-11-08 17:15

      I love me and fellow Black brothers and sisters from 'Cape to Cairo', but I hate 'house slave' stock like you kumba. You see...I don't need to be 'liked' by any other race to feel good about myself... Read a bit of Malcolm X, that should help you with your 'self hate'.

      ali.makhadzi - 2012-11-08 18:41

      I would never trade my beautifull BLACK skin for anything, nor be anywhr else but here in R.S.A, u know ths place is a greener pasture than even most places with higher population of the whites that u r soo envious to be. #ImProudlySouthAfrican, no matter what!

  • Leigh Nicholl - 2012-11-08 11:45


  • mokgadim - 2012-11-08 11:46

    Bathong! Ke dilo mang?

  • Dane.Billionaire.Prinsloo - 2012-11-08 11:47

    Death Penalty MUST COME BACK Please!!!!!

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-11-08 11:59

      Sure, let's wait for Mandela to die... WTH is wrong with you.

  • thabojames.mohanoe - 2012-11-08 11:53

    da devil is takin over da world, fellow christians lets pray hard n fight dis satinism( Boloi)

      SarcasticAgnostic - 2012-11-08 11:57

      Highly doubt this has anything to do with satanism.

      LynneOeschger - 2012-11-08 12:10

      Your prayers will probably have the same effect as the muti those miners killed other people for to make them invincible.

  • storm.trooper.125 - 2012-11-08 11:56

    when is this few africans gona stop this muti sh**

  • jody.beggs - 2012-11-08 11:57

    Yet more African's doing it the African way. When the double law systems comes in bet there will be more muti runs like this... Damn the man , save the rainbow nation.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-08 12:28

      Hey you european, take your head out of your behind and start allowing some oxygen to flow into it. Right now you are thinking through your behind

      imran.phiri.9 - 2012-11-08 19:25

      Satanism has domnated

      jody.beggs - 2012-11-09 15:08

      @imran.phiri.9 no such thing , if you believe in satan you believe in god ... @themba.thwala.775 interesting you use "european" , would a european person be caught with a penis in their pocket ? Last I checked "muti/somgoma's" are african ! Chop ...

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-09 15:42

      damn or are domkop the man, my point which clearly went above your head is that people live in africa but pretend to be europeans. By the way, sangomas may have orginally been black africans. I guess \Europeans” do even better. It was only last week when I read about \Europeans” living in SA murdering another and putting his face in the fridge. Other \Europeans” living in SA doused another wih petrol and killed her. It's om news24 today. Btw there are white african sangomas today. Read and weep, ypu ignorant little man: Also google \white sangoma and see hom the number is increasing. You can then weep for aslong as you wish :)

  • leshaun.ferreira - 2012-11-08 12:04

    How can you live in a society with people like this???

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-11-08 12:17

      Are you waiting foran answer? Here we go: unless you have been living in a cocoon all by yourself all this time, you just carry on pretty much living the same way you have been

  • Clerance Lephaka - 2012-11-08 12:07

    The world is coming to an end.

  • thunder.clap.587 - 2012-11-08 12:10

    Introduce Shariah Laws and All This Will Definitely Come To An End.

      NePhTron - 2012-11-08 14:14

      And most of those requesting that law come into being will be sitting without limbs, eyes etc. So be careful what you ask for.