Man held for abducting girl, 14

2012-05-31 11:48

Durban - A man has been arrested for abducting a 14-year-old girl who went missing two weeks ago in the Durban North area, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Thursday.

Captain Thulani Zwane said the girl was found in the city's Malvern suburb on Wednesday, in the presence of a 35-year-old man who had since been charged with abduction.

She was reported missing on May 20 after she had been at her father's house. The girl was taken to a doctor for a medical examination.

The man would appear in the Durban Magistrate's Court soon.

  • Piet - 2012-05-31 11:53

    Sick Sick country

      Johan - 2012-05-31 12:41


  • Michael - 2012-05-31 12:01

    Sickest cesspool in the world.

      Piet - 2012-05-31 12:03

      That is describing it mildly!

  • raghavendra.pai1 - 2012-05-31 12:10


  • Hoenderma - 2012-05-31 12:14

    Well done police

  • Rainbow - 2012-05-31 12:21

    Thank you Jesus for her safe return.

      Johan - 2012-05-31 12:45

      She was found by someone from the police. Was Jesus the one who allowed her to be abducted?

  • Per4more - 2012-05-31 12:32

    why is it a sick sick country? this happens all over the world. I remember Maddy going missing after her own parents drugged her, I think that's sicker. Stop being so negative over South Africa, it's better than any other country ( I know, I'm living abroad ). I know this family personally, it's a shame it happened, but no need to put a whole country down for one mans wrong. Hey, and at least South African police can find their missing

      Tanya Kay Kierznowski - 2012-05-31 13:48

      Completely agree

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-05-31 12:52

    Hope he rots in jail.

  • andrew.arde - 2012-05-31 14:26

    News 24 once again tells half the story.........She apparently met the man on Facebook and went with him on her own free will. I still think the man is sick though for preying on an innocent 14 yr old girl, but come on News24 get all the facts please?!?!?!

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