Man in court after baby ‘used as weapon’ dies

2015-02-16 12:38

Johannesburg - A man accused of killing his 2-day-old baby when he used her as a weapon to attack his girlfriend, is expected to appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Monday, Gauteng police said.

The woman told the police that, during an argument in their flat, the man asked her if he was the baby's father, Warrant Officer Wanda Olivier said. "He then hit the mother with the baby," she said.

The couple then left the flat and walked to a petrol station at the corner of Church and Rebecca streets in Pretoria West.

The police called Best Care ambulance services, which arrived to treat the baby around 03:00 on Sunday.

They found the infant wrapped in a towel and drowning in its own vomit, spokesperson Xander Loubser said.

According to Beeld, the mother told paramedics that, after hitting her with the child, the father threw it on the ground. She apparently had a wound on her forehead.

The two were taken to a nearby hospital where the baby died.

  • C'est moi - 2015-02-16 12:43

    That is the sort if thing that should hang, no matter who's baby it was.

      Bri - 2015-02-16 13:07

      I don't understand how the mother is not being charged either. She was quite clearly neglectful by choosing not to take her baby to the hospital to be checked. No wonder some (many)children grow up with complete disregard for other human life, because it is a miracle that they even survived at all. We are living in a world where this generation of parents are not parents at all. Just stupid, vicious, malicious monsters who have children.

      Eric Southland - 2015-02-16 14:22

      What type of virus scum uses any baby as a weapon. Is some one doing such a deed even human or are they alien virus's in human form? It is sick sick sick.

      Ann Murray - 2015-02-16 14:49

      Sounds pretty much like trailer trash to me!

      Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - 2015-02-16 15:50

      Ann Murray do you have trailer parks in South Africa?. I didn't know that.

  • Jon Hing - 2015-02-16 12:43

    Just when you think people can't get anymore depraved and psychotic .....

  • Helene Jacobs - 2015-02-16 12:44

    F monster. Sick world we live in!! RIP Angel!!

  • Thamsanqa Mazizi - 2015-02-16 12:45

    Sick people in this world!

  • Cecelia du Plessis - 2015-02-16 12:45

    Ag nee man

  • Jenny Anderson - 2015-02-16 12:46

    Barbarian!!!!!The life of this baby needs to be avenged. If proven guilty HE SHOULD HANG!!!!!RIP BABY

      Beaulah Fortuin - 2015-02-16 12:51

      By his balls

  • Derrick Dawson - 2015-02-16 12:49

    WTF is it with all the violence against children? The percentage of sickos in society is shocking

  • Brandon Eric Mitchell - 2015-02-16 12:49

    No words....where is the womens league now.

      David Khumalo - 2015-02-16 12:56

      It's not high profile enough, no camera's at the court so they all chilling having a cocktail somewhere.

      Kamohelo Moshodi - 2015-02-16 13:13

      Who are you talking abt? Ooohhh useless women who sleep with zuma?only fools who believe in them.

  • Simon Henderson - 2015-02-16 12:50

    Wow. This has got to be the worst news I've read in a long time.

  • Francois Eales - 2015-02-16 12:51

    Sick animal !!!

  • billy.dixon.3958 - 2015-02-16 12:51

    Proud South Africa

      Mac Naidoo - 2015-02-16 12:54

      If that mother called for help immediately who knows the baby could have been saved. Hang them both

  • Isabella Rodrigaz - 2015-02-16 12:54

    She walked with him to the petrol station after seeing him not only hit her with the baby but also throw it at the floor. Why didn't she call an ambulance first since it's the cops that called the ambulance? Another thing is how did these cops find the baby after which they called an ambulance?

  • Marcel De Graaf - 2015-02-16 12:55

    What the hell is wrong with these people?

      sekwati.robinson - 2015-02-16 13:03

      these people?

      Francois Jordaan - 2015-02-16 13:10

      Yes Sekwati these people. These people that allowed that to happen to a baby. The mother and father or were you hoping he would be racist in his remarks?

      Alex Amos - 2015-02-16 13:15

      These people is correct, the mother and the man are to blame, these people is the plural of this person.

      sekwati.robinson - 2015-02-16 13:17

      hahaha calm down

      Rodger Neil - 2015-02-16 13:21

      they arent "people" ,just disgusting bipods

      Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - 2015-02-16 15:52

      Sekwate, yes these people, what else was Marcel suppose to call them?.

  • Sinoxolo Nhonkie Gibson - 2015-02-16 12:55

    Oh no man! This is just wrong!

      Siyabonga Biyela - 2015-02-16 13:44


  • Nawhal Umm Fiyaaz Majiet-Armien - 2015-02-16 12:55

    if our leaders can get away with murder than surely so can the citizens, or they can go to jail, on the tax-payers money

  • Gavin Green - 2015-02-16 12:57

    Effing caveman!!! Who in their right mind would do such a thing???

  • Bernice Thompson - 2015-02-16 12:57

    I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face, I couldnt even finish reading this story. This piece of scum needs to die a slow and paintful death.

  • Xoliswa Nana - 2015-02-16 12:57

    Both of them are the killers to me sentence them

  • nthabiseng.mohlala.754 - 2015-02-16 13:00

    This is so sad. He must rot in jail!!

  • Benny Ranko - 2015-02-16 13:01

    i m speechless.

  • Denise Gordon - 2015-02-16 13:03

    sick sick sick - words fail.......

  • Scott Ramsay - 2015-02-16 13:03

    What the hell kind of animal does this kind of thing?!

  • Ethan Mostert - 2015-02-16 13:08

    W T F?

  • Barenice Dickson - 2015-02-16 13:10

    So so sad. May this baby's soul rest in peace. Being a mother and reading this makes me want to cry :'(

  • Sonnyboy Mathebula - 2015-02-16 13:17

    OMG!!! aish

  • Antoinette Russouw - 2015-02-16 13:17

    Bring Back the DEATH Penalty & Hang this 'thing'!!!

  • scottfamily - 2015-02-16 13:18

    what goes through a mans mind when doing something like that? i hope when he goes to prison he is "taken care" of and kept alive and repeated everyday

  • Mandisa Cebisile Gwala - 2015-02-16 13:19

    How can he use a child as a weapon.....since from when a child can be a weapon to hurt someone###he is a very stupid idiotic foolish man...

      sekwati.robinson - 2015-02-16 13:21

      very barbaric yet she allowed him to father a child with her,what's wrong with this women being attracted to monsters

  • Sabeer Mahomed - 2015-02-16 13:20

    When theres no God to fear

      Bri - 2015-02-16 13:44

      what bullcrap - I don't believe in this god and so I certainly do not fear him! I certainly would not do this or anything close or far from it. I bet that both these people believe in this 'god'.

      Mark Russell - 2015-02-17 00:27

      I don't believe in God and have never done anything like this. The bible is a terrifying read if you take the time to see what that God condones or would expect of his loyal followers. That God is just as mentally ill as the main character in the story posted. Where was this all knowing and peaceful being while this innocent baby was being battered to death by its questioning father? Probably sleeping like he was through the Holocaust. Time has come to realise that god will not save us, only we can save us.

  • Kamohelo Moshodi - 2015-02-16 13:20

    Tmrw he will be the minister of sports or CEO of SABC zanc will promote afta two months,a lagacy of zuma.

      Mkhwanazi Nkwali Phumlani - 2015-02-16 13:28

      So sad, the comment.. This kind of thinking is irrelevant here... This had nothing to do with the ANC or the president

  • Freda Adams - 2015-02-16 13:21

    Mentally ill people does these kind of acts. Psychopaths. They do not feel anything. They become state patients at the end of the day. So sad .

  • Alain Craven - 2015-02-16 13:22

    I am lost at the bit "The couple then left the flat and walked to a petrol station at the corner of Church and Rebecca streets in Pretoria West." Wtf?

      Phumi Mlokoti - 2015-02-16 20:22

      I'm also still trying to process that part of the story. How can the mother take a nice stroll to the petrol station after that? WTF indeed

  • Vanetia Mentor - 2015-02-16 13:25 why didn't the mother leave wth him? Yoh. Sad

  • Happy Christopher - 2015-02-16 13:30

    Looool..... Is not funny! Lock him UP! Poor child.

  • Mkhwanazi Nkwali Phumlani - 2015-02-16 13:30

    This is awful hey

  • Linda Nel - 2015-02-16 13:34

    Barbarians! Sick low-life scum!

  • Comet Mosena - 2015-02-16 13:34


  • rishaveea.mohabir - 2015-02-16 13:35

    We live in a sick world. Thats just disgusting. Bring back the death penalty.

  • Adriaan Alderson - 2015-02-16 13:36

    Had to read the headline a few times to make sure I wasn't making a mistake, still can't believe it

  • Rodrigo Salaman - 2015-02-16 13:36

    The pain an innocent child must have felt sounds unbearable from the very people that were supposed to care for and protect her. "Drowning" in her own vomit because they were too uneducated to know what to do or simply didn't care for their own child. From the mother's words "it" was thrown down. How can a mother refer to their child as an "it"? She obviously has the same mindset as the father..the child is not a living human being...but an "it"...We habe much bigger social issues in South Africa than I ever thought....My heart breaks for the little girl and I can understand where mob justice comes from...

  • Sandra Moodley - 2015-02-16 13:36

    The story is published comments are made we are tottally disgusted at what human beings are doing to innocent children on our doorstep. No one will be sorry if that parents were shot in cold blood by the police for doing what they did. Set an example and please let us know what has been done to those criminals that sacrifice babies and little children who cannot fend for themselves. A mere couple of days in jail, seems like they going on holiday , I suppose the more terrible the crime the longer the get to enjoy themselves in prison. Now I know why there is HELL!

  • carrieanne.jackson.9 - 2015-02-16 13:45

    How sad sick people in this world. They should both go to jail. Sickos

  • Bvg Vsion - 2015-02-16 13:46

    This is not acceptable and the full might of the law needs to be entered into here. This shocking and no person should treat a person as a human shield, particularly a baby of 2 days !!!!!

  • rofhiwa.ronald.1 - 2015-02-16 13:47

    Cry the beloved country i think the same demon that have caused the parliamentarians to fight in parliament has now descended to the citizen to use their baby as weapons.

  • Lynton Spencer Steyn - 2015-02-16 13:48

    Just when I thought I have heard it all. This is the most depraved thing I have heard in my life.

  • JacoVintage - 2015-02-16 13:52

    This is sick! The mother is crazy as well.

  • Notch Johnson - 2015-02-16 14:07


  • Michelle Beyl - 2015-02-16 14:10

    Sick sick man. Hope he goes to hell !!!

  • Michelle Beyl - 2015-02-16 14:11

    Sick sick man!!! Hope he goes to Hell !!!!

  • Kegan Dustin Clark - 2015-02-16 14:22

    Worse than animals