Man shot in Pietermaritzburg

2011-01-22 11:30

Johannesburg - A 31-year old man believed to be an off-duty police officer was shot in Pietermaritzburg on Friday night, emergency personnel said.

"He was approached in Edendale by an unknown group of men and was shot in the neck," said ER24 spokesperson Derrick Banks.

Paramedics found the man in a pool of blood and in a critical condition.

It is still unknown why the man was attacked.

"Apparently the man is an off-duty police officer... police are investigating."

He was transported to the Pietermaritzburg Medi-Clinic.

Police were not immediately available for comment.

  • coolwaynie - 2011-01-22 12:07

    The events in this story are about as informative as a CIA document.

      Grant - 2011-01-22 12:40

      Do you possibly mean - 'The report on the events....' When being critical, make sure your own post is accurate. Smartarse!!

      coolwaynie - 2011-01-22 12:57

      No I don't mean the report. I mean the events. Everything is vague. Why are you being so bitchy madam?

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