Man thought baby's body 'was meat'

2012-06-22 21:07

Pretoria - A man was arrested in central Pretoria for carrying the body of a newborn baby in a plastic bag, Gauteng police said on Friday.

"The homeless man said he was actually going through rubbish [on Thursday night] to see if he could get some food and saw a plastic bag which felt quite heavy," spokesperson Wanda Olivier said.

She said the man, 45, thought it was meat and did not open the bag. He carried it to his sleeping place and told some people they should join him for dinner as he had found some food.

When he opened the bag, he realised it was actually the body of a baby boy. The people around him alerted the police and he was arrested on the corner of Bloed and Paul Kruger streets.

Olivier said a murder case had been opened, but this could possibly be changed to an inquest.
Police were searching for the baby's mother.

  • puse.mabuza - 2012-06-22 21:15

    This is so creepy. It really sounds like a horror movie. Somebody please tell how as a woman carry a baby for 9months and then just decide to dump him/her in a gabbage whY not terminate pregnancy. You are cruel.

      Squeegee - 2012-06-22 21:29

      What's the difference? This makes no sense.

      catgirl1971 - 2012-06-22 21:35

      Hang the bitch.

      Dakey - 2012-06-22 23:29

      What squeegee said, what's the difference? Do you think a mother who aborts their babies at 20 weeks can judge a mother who kills her child 18 weeks later? Murder is murder. It is sad particularly because there are actually a lot of couples looking to adopt, choices could have been different.

      Robin - 2012-06-23 05:23

      In my opinion not even an animal would do such a thing...

      Bruce - 2012-06-23 13:26

      Robin,actually animals do abandon their young when conditions are bad or if they sense that there is something wrong with the young one. And to all the others, no abortion is definitely not the same,the foetus cannot yet live on its own. Or would you say that a spontaneous abortion is murder by God?

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2012-06-23 13:41

      She did terminate the baby you fool. Just a different method, either way both disgusting.

  • melisha.naidoo.5 - 2012-06-22 21:17

    Shame this is so sad! Please God,help the poor.

      maseratifittipaldi - 2012-06-23 04:06

      God has helped hundreds of ANC government officials and hangers-on to become millionaires, so I am sure he will get around to helping the poor some day. There is only one way to improve the social situation in our country - get rid of political parties and get our nation educated properly.

  • Muhammad - 2012-06-22 21:18

    People are gone so far ! Did anyone see adog carring a dead dog. We have gone far beyond that 2. Worse than animals

      thandazile.mayeza - 2012-06-23 01:47

      Thanda:O poor man,I Feel sorry for him.

  • Barefoot - 2012-06-22 21:39

    Shame poor man has to go through all that! double trauma, at least he will be fed and have a roof over his head even if it's only for a while. can't blame the police though they have to verify every story to make sure they are not dealing with a deranged baby snatcher.

      warren.vanwyk.3 - 2012-06-24 11:07

      "He thought it was meat and did not open the bag." ?????????

  • Boy - 2012-06-22 21:41

    It is hard to realise just how very, very poor some of us are.....

      maseratifittipaldi - 2012-06-23 04:17

      And some feel it is their right to take money from the fiscus to buy executive jets. As we speak, there are ANC government members and friends travelling the world and the country in extreme luxury, for pleasure. They are the "owners" of expensive properties and possessions.They have "business" interests where they do nothing yet see huge amounts of money roll into their fat bank accounts. You can say, without fear of being wrong, that the rich of this country (especially those in government) are actually stealing from the poor. We need a change. A radical change - and soon. Our country cannot grow like this. May the souls of the poor, and also this innocent baby, find peace.

  • nelson.maboko - 2012-06-22 21:42

    Eish!!! Some of the country's realities are scary. Sad! Sad! Sad!

  • Irene - 2012-06-22 21:44

    The thing that gave birth to this baby should be hung.

      tshandazenzile - 2012-06-22 22:04

      The evil that men (humans) do lives after them.

      Florence - 2012-06-23 08:35

      Not forgetting the Nigerian daddy behind together with his load of drugs...

  • justinecornil - 2012-06-22 22:02


  • lephans.lufuno - 2012-06-22 22:09

    I am speachless,angry and annoid. Hw on earth we stil have such kind of pple, punish all de killers i say

  • mapitse.m - 2012-06-22 22:24

    Where on earth is the old rule,whoever who gave birth 2 these poor baby doesn't deserve to live at all,I'm sure she not even thinking straight may GOD be with U*sad face*

  • fdalana - 2012-06-22 22:35

    i feel sorry for this poor man.

  • Innocent - 2012-06-22 22:42

    Some Women are cruel,behave like snakes leave it offspring unattended and it their flesh.police must not waist their time arrest poor man,they must look a monsters mother ,who deserving non other than root in jail.

  • rock.jason.52 - 2012-06-22 23:09

    Put the blame on foreigner as usual, am sure some people will say it was a foreigner man who make that woman pregnant..... \r\nAt least the homeless man gain himself one night indoor.....

  • Nada Nozimbali - 2012-06-23 01:42

    Where is the father? It takes two to make a baby!

      Berthram Bowles - 2012-06-23 02:27

      he might not even know of the baby's existence...

      Bruce - 2012-06-23 13:29

      Bertram - The father slept with the mother,presumably did not use a condom, so no surprise she could be pregnant!

  • karsten.kaminski - 2012-06-23 01:51

    Call me sceptical, but he picked up a bag that he assumed to contain meat. Common sense even to a homeless person would be to check the contents of the bag??

  • atisang.mosepelovic - 2012-06-23 02:21

    The same people he was trying to feed turned on him

      warren.vanwyk.3 - 2012-06-24 11:11

      So (according to your infinite wisdom), his friends should not have reported this crime??????????

  • Berthram Bowles - 2012-06-23 02:30

    you are hilarious!! where do they come into play? careful of drinking more than you can handle, boy...

  • justice.tshifhiwa.90 - 2012-06-23 02:51

    If she is to be found mst rot in jail,stupid lady......

      Irene - 2012-06-23 14:41


  • ndyeboreginaldmazawule - 2012-06-23 02:51

    Poor guy. Police should get the parent and prosecute her

  • ooJama - 2012-06-23 05:55

    Yho! Yho! Yho!

  • Steven Trollip - 2012-06-23 06:09

    tankiso f@@k y 2

  • charne.coetzer.35 - 2012-06-23 06:34

    Its really really sad that just any moron can fall pregnant! Government clinics give condoms, the pill and the injection for FREE! The sad truth is they will never find the mother and she will go on to do it again:( these poor babies do not deserve to be left to die

      Lunga - 2012-06-23 07:21

      What if the mother was raped?

      Tashbbz - 2012-06-23 12:04

      I agree with u and @Lunga, even if the woman was raped, fact remains that she was pregnant with a child, another human being that didn't ask for this, didn't ask to be here and just to be dumped and killed? What must it have felt like being in a plastic bag, having ur last breath in a cold disgusting place with no1 to love u? That's unfair... Its murder and that's that... Hw can u even validate something the mother did?

      warren.vanwyk.3 - 2012-06-24 11:16

      And the humanitarian award of the centenary goes to... Lunga Biyela.

  • simon.masendeke - 2012-06-23 06:52

    From the word go why he did'nt open the plastick bag

      phosa.peter2 - 2012-06-23 16:47

      Have'nt you ever come across a 'hobbo', they take everything tender as food, even nappies,they check it where they live.

  • marumobongani - 2012-06-23 07:27

    eish mzansi

  • Al Rost-Felder - 2012-06-23 07:27

    Well at least the address of the arrest was appropriate! BLOED ST

  • samuelk.mohlakoana - 2012-06-23 07:52

    Oh my God. Sorry 4 this starving homeless man for all that. Anyway i like ur generasity nd humanity as u were eager to share wth others if u realy ddnt know dat is baby body. Hey for u who dumped that baby God saw u and u need to repent as u r a killer too. Very bad for the man who impregnated u. Ladies please halt dis horriable actions.

  • fatimah.mavuso - 2012-06-23 07:54

    Poor man

  • chamunorwa.mpofuparira - 2012-06-23 08:29

    Sm times the law its funny.Thr waz no nid of arresting the vagrant.The cops must look 4the culprit not an innocent man.Y wasting time n energy.Find the offender not the finder.

  • refiloedineo.moseamo - 2012-06-23 08:32

    Ohhhhh poor homeless man please can police help this man bcuz this s a serious essue n the mother of the child I ask ma slf whr ever she is what s she telling her self how could she do that kill inocent child but still god s watching him cuz he gave her this wonderfull child but as her heartless she kill her own flesh n blood ohhhh god forbid*sadface*the person who kill the inocent desrve\r\n to die too

      thandazab - 2012-06-23 10:00

      I've been watching Isidingo n crying for the whole week for the sibekos n bianca! Iam also expecting n I cannot imagine loosing my child in any way shape or form. How can u as a mother not bond with your baby while its in you! U giving it life, feeding it. How can u not fall in love with that little thing when it moves inside you. You really have to be in some dark twisted place to do this!

  • george.khumalo.94 - 2012-06-23 08:56

    very sad!, feelin uneasy by just reading the story

  • thandazab - 2012-06-23 10:12

    Whenever I read such stories. I think of all the married couples who desperately want to have babies but can't. Life is just too unfair!!!

  • diskonco - 2012-06-23 10:51

    OMG! Poor soul. Cops are sometimes useless, why even arrersting the gewone man instead of searching for the cold-hearted woman, nx, ey women, mxm. Thanx to my mom and wife for not killing me and my babies.

  • Luvo - 2012-06-23 10:52

    Oh boy...and I thought I've heard it all!!

  • Iviwe.mawande.kubalo - 2012-06-23 14:29

    Ohhhhh pöör homeless man...

  • Bongumusa Madikane - 2012-06-23 14:38

    there goes SAPS; instead of being grateful to the guy for getting them a case to work on, they want to arrest him! some Cops are just magnificent fools

      molele.molwedi - 2012-06-24 05:08

      I like ur commnt .but pls dnt say fools,no no no,correct them nt insult them.they are mothers n fathers uniform stil same as u n me.

  • clearanceubisi - 2012-06-23 16:06

    the bitch deserve 2 be locked up & throw away the keys

  • kim.t.lochner - 2012-06-23 18:11

    Just wondering what if the baby was a stillborn and she didn't know what to do with it???

  • Synomore - 2012-06-23 19:00

    Eish thats bad, poor homeless guy

  • Julie - 2012-06-24 11:33

    The real tragedy is that certain species breed like flies which lead to countless unwanted pregnancies. China has the right answer - restrict every family to only one child and have them sterilised afterwards. In the old days couples had many children - sometimes up to more than a dozen, BUT with this difference that these children were well-cared for by their parents. Sure, many families were poor, but they survived and grew up to be responsible citizens - not like the present aforementioned species whose little ones often take to the streets, learn how to rob, rape, murder - shall I go on???

      tokeloshe - 2012-06-24 12:38

      Species? We are all the same species. For all we know this child was stillborn and the mother just didn't know how to cope. I find your comment objectionable.

      caraleemclaughlin - 2012-06-24 18:31

      Julie - calling anyone a 'species' is quite disgusting. China, really? Did you honestly just say that? So every child is not allowed to have a sibling if they are poor? My domestic just had her second child and her baby is well looked after by her. Its the governments fault. What this women did was appalling and it should not be allowed, but I dont think that making the world have one child each will be the answer. Who makes the final decision about who has more than one baby then? The government? Our president has more than 10 children and loads of wives, not a very good example is he?

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