Mandela close to medical care in Houghton

2012-12-27 16:05

Johannesburg - The doctors treating former president Nelson Mandela believe he should remain in Johannesburg for now to be close to medical facilities that can provide care to the 94-year-old, the government said on Thursday.

Mandela left a hospital on Wednesday evening after nearly three weeks of treatment, and was taken to his Houghton home.

Madiba has spent more time in recent years in his home village Qunu in the Eastern Cape.

Mandela's grandson, Mandla Mandela, said he hopes "it won't be too long before he's with us back in Qunu, where he belongs," but acknowledged that the doctors' assessment is critical to any decision to travel.

"It can be a strenuous trip," the grandson said in an interview with eNCA.

"We will await the feedback from the doctors as to when he will be fit and ready to come back home."

Mandela was admitted on 8 December to a Pretoria hospital. The former president was treated for a lung infection and also had a procedure to remove gallstones.

"Where Madiba goes, in which period, in which times, is a matter that is entirely dependent on his own wishes. Whatever he wishes, we will do," presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj told eNCA.

"But right now, the doctors have considered it necessary and good that he should be in Houghton so that he's close to all the facilities where we can give him high care," Maharaj said.

Maharaj noted that Mandela had been in good spirits while receiving President Jacob Zuma and other visitors while he was hospitalised.

"Madiba was doing well, but as you know, when you're recovering there are ups and downs, slight ups and downs, and the doctors are looking for a steady progress and that began to be registered over the last few days," the spokesperson said.

Maharaj said Mandela is able to see his family "more easily" now that he is at home, but he appealed to the public to respect the former president's privacy "to allow the best possible conditions for his full recovery".

  • sthembiso.jali.50 - 2012-12-27 16:19

    me thinking that mandla mandela is the same guy who sold the broadcasting of madiba's funeral to sabc 1 for million. he can't wait.

  • tim.gordon.5011516 - 2012-12-27 16:21

    I'm also guessing the doctors dont exactly trust government to fly them safely to Qunu.

  • charltonnicky06 - 2012-12-27 16:31

    Wonder what they are not telling us?

      en.gineer.359 - 2012-12-27 17:22

      What else would you like to know about a sick 94 year old man? What could they be hiding from you that would shock you?

      desmond.drake.1 - 2012-12-27 17:37

      @ en.gineer.359 - That he is still alive

      pieter.lith - 2012-12-27 20:58

      My point exactly. First of all. I think it's time that the press no piss off and leave the old man to some peace. I fully believe that there is a lot that our comrades are not telling us. One thing for sure. The day that man dies and it is announced this country will come to a stand still. Not even the unions will EVER be able to achieve what will happen that day.

  • robert.doyle.712 - 2012-12-27 17:05

    Part of Karma will be him dying in Johannesburg with sirens, hijackings, Rapes,muggings etc etc all around him. yOU MUST SLEEP WHERE YOU MAKE YOUR BED.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-28 07:39

      You wish Boeremag idiot

  • glennmozambique - 2012-12-27 17:10

    God be with you Madiba , but i believe your self serving anc comrades are lying to us, who love you, about your health, to serve their own interests, please stay with us as long as God allows, and lead us away from the evil path your so called self serving money hungry comerades have chosen so that ALL South Aficans can enjoy the bounty our land affords THE UNFORTUNATE, AND THE ANC UPPER ECHELON WHO DONT CARE ABOUT THE UNFORTUNATE.

  • eugene.muller.7 - 2012-12-27 17:29

    should give one of our fine government hospitals a try next time...lime the rest of us.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2012-12-28 07:40

      But why? The rest of you are not and will never be Nelson Mandela or measure up to his name

  • tshivhenga.tsumbedzo - 2012-12-27 17:46

    ubva habo mandela chibadela.ndi zwavhudi zwa doba zwa sumba uri madokotela abvaho nnda a na fhano south afrika ri toda madokotela a fanaho na hayo ea lafha mandela

  • Stewart Croucamp - 2012-12-27 17:50

    Zuma if you were a dog we might like you - just don't open your mouth.

  • pat.torngren - 2012-12-27 18:02

    He is old and he is mortal -- he cannot live forever. Pretending he can is doing a disservice to us and to him. One day, like all of us, his life will be over, but his legacy will remain -- as one of the greatest sons of Africa. And for a few brief days, most South Africans will forget their differences and celebrate the life of the man who brought us together.

  • nicolaas.vanschalkwyk.5 - 2012-12-27 18:11

    Enough already.Is there no other news in south africa?????

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