Mandela grandson's wife blocks 3rd marriage

2011-12-22 14:37

Johannesburg - The wife of Nelson Mandela's grandson has challenged his Christmas Eve wedding to a third wife in court, claiming the law does not allow the chief to practise polygamy, a report said on Thursday.

Tando Mabunu-Mandela says her civil law union with Mandla Mandela blocks his marriage to customary wives, according to The Times.

Mandla is a grandson to Nelson Mandela and also a member of parliament. He heads the family clan in the Eastern Cape.

"While it is correct that, in African tribal law, a husband may take more than one tribal wife, this is of no assistance to (Mandela) because he has married me in terms of civil rights," the paper quotes Mabunu-Mandela as saying.

South African law allows a person to be married either to one spouse under civil law or several spouses under customary law. He cannot have wives under the different laws at the same time.

Mabunu-Mandela had her husband's 2010 marriage to a woman from Reunion Island declared illegal in May this year on the same grounds.

A sheriff this week seized assets worth R100 000 from Mandla after he failed to pay maintenance to his wife pending their divorce that has been pending since 2009.

The 37-year-old chief has made the news for all the wrong reasons over the last few years. Members of his village accused him of expropriating land to build a luxury hotel and sports stadium this year.

A court had to order him to release journalists he held hostage when they investigated the allegations.

Two years ago a report alleged he had sold the broadcasting rights to Nelson Mandela's funeral to the South African public broadcaster. He denied the report at the time.

Nelson Mandela returned to his rural home in June after being discharged from hospital in January for an acute respiratory infection.

  • Had - 2011-12-22 15:03

    We care about this why ???

      John - 2011-12-22 15:33

      Because we pay for these elites" excesses

  • J.D. - 2011-12-22 15:18

    justice and democracy a la africa. whoaa!

  • AyGeeWils - 2011-12-22 15:21

    Can someone please report on a decent, upright and law-abiding member of the ANC ... I'm sick of hearing about all these scumluferous people!

      Johncarlos ? Biza - 2011-12-22 17:39

      We'd have to find one first. Don't hold your breath.

      Sean - 2011-12-22 18:33

      @Itumeleng - Please find me one , it`s like finding a needle in very big haystack . The ANC is the scum of the earth and they think they are above the law !

      AyGeewils - 2011-12-22 23:33

      Itumeleng - I'll happily take critisism on the chin fella - but on the matter of midget mind - please do the sums - I got 45 likes and 1 dislike (you of course :)) so who is looking more like a midget? Mandla Mandela is totally engrossed in the ANC and i did not say it was a ANC 'matter' but a ANC 'member' For future reference - you will never provoke me into reponding with pointless vitriolic so next time don't bother ... :))

      Chezzius - 2011-12-23 08:44

      Seriously - I am no fan of the ANC however, I am no fan of random slandering either. You're asking to find an ANC member that doesn't think they're above the law... I'm going to challenge you - how many of you don't think you're above the law? Of course you've probably never killed anyone but it starts with petty things... ummm try speeding for example. Most people drive faster than the law allows. Finally, this article has nothing to do with the ANC. Every family, not talking about the ANC but rather the Mandela family, has a black sheep. Sheesh don't you people ever get tired of random political slandering. No one listens to people that complain all the time. Get constructive in your criticism of the government and you may actually get someone's attention. All this whining is enough to irritate me, a person that actually agrees that the ANC are failing their voters and the rest of the country. What kind of impact do you think it has on people that support the ANC - Do you think they actually listen to you whining and think hmmmm maybe this person has a point?

      Graziella - 2011-12-23 15:03

      @Chezzius A thousand recommend for you! It's pretty funny how people are just so eager to piss on ANC's chips before even the salt and vinegar has been put on. Their pedantic ramblings reek of self satisfaction ,tiresome.

  • Monica - 2011-12-22 15:22

    There is so much debate about keeping tradition .Everyone wants to respect the polygamy and lo-bola. Nobody wants any more go haunting(for a living not poaching),give up to all modern gadgets,not sending children to school,live in traditional kraal,wearing traditional clothes every day and many more pass occupations but every man wants 2-3 wives and every parent to get money for lo bola.At the end of the day there is no nation on this planet who did not have a tradition but the word progress and people embrace what is good and think with nostalgia about what the ancestors did (white people also have ancestors)Than is inappropriate for black people to select from tradition only what suites them.

      Graziella - 2011-12-23 08:08

      Why is inappropriate for Africans to select from OUR traditions only what "suites" US? Who is supposed to be selecting for US what to embrace or live behind.

      Henk - 2011-12-23 09:03

      Graziella, what she means is that we all live on one planet and that life evolve continuously. Even whites had to let go of certain convictions and habits as time went by. Monica is saying that you selectively hang on to certain notions and defend that as your "culture" while on the other hand, you greedily consume everyting the hated whites introduced you to. She says that you should choose between all or nothing. If you want to live like primitives, throw the clothes off your backs, move into a grass hut, leave the cars and computers behind, no more whiskey, no more sushi or refined cuisine - everything, then have as many wives as you want. She says come along or stay behind. She says practice what you preach. Understand now?

      Graziella - 2011-12-23 11:16

      There's nothing wrong about being selective, no one said or forced you to let go of some of your traditions, it was a personal choice and Africans, especially being in their continent, and after years of being forced to westernise should decide, on their own if they want to slaughter animals or not, as long as they were not breaking any prevelant laws. After all how would you like it if the shoe were on the other foot and your social identity depended on the whims of Africans? None of your business whatsover. Must do much much better.......

  • ivan.coetzee2 - 2011-12-22 15:39

    Held hostages???? Why is he in parliament and not jail, oh oops that's the qualification criteria for ANC parliamentarians. Bloody mandelas's think they walk on water!

      steve.dupreez - 2011-12-22 16:39

      Thanks Itumeleng - couldn't have said it better myself. This "kots"zee should also update his knowledge of our polititians - Ivan, this Mandela is a chief of his village, he is NOT in parliament

      Van - 2011-12-23 01:49

      @ Steve: catch a wake-up or try and read if you can. 'Mandla is a grandson to Nelson Mandela and also a member of parliament."

  • Larry - 2011-12-22 15:40

    These guys do not believe that the Law applies to them.

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-22 16:18

      one guy did this, how many more guys are implicated

  • Cherylin - 2011-12-22 15:48

    Well done Woman!! You tell him like it is- hate the Archaeic and unjust polygamy thing. It is old fashioned and in a Country where Aids is a daily killer- it is just irresponsible. There is a time where tradition needs to accommodate common sense and human rights.

      Riaad - 2011-12-22 16:06

      Polygamy doesn't spread HIV, Cherylin. Fornication and adultery does. Polygamous spouses who are faithful, will not contract HIV sexually. Polygamy is scripturally allowed while fornication is scripturally forbidden. The truth is sometimes bitter, unfortunately.

      Itumeleng - 2011-12-22 16:20

      thank you for bieng intelligent and objective woman, this way we can built

      Kevin - 2011-12-22 16:29

      Cherylin you are right, that Islam allows it shows how backward it is. It might have been necessary to insure the survival of the species in the 7th century when Islam came into being, but today it is outlawed by all intelligent sensible governments.

      Riaad - 2011-12-22 16:31

      @Falcon2020 I know of a mononogamous couple with 7 kids. So a polygamous union with 2 kids from each wife? Beats this hands down :) Polygamy is not legalised fornication. The wife in a polygamous union has FULL RIGHTS to inheritance and maintenance, etc. Unlike the "one night stands" of fornication (Western polygamy), where the girl gets pregnant but the guy walks off scott-free. Some women don't mind sharing their husband. NO WOMAN likes her husband cheating on her!

      Graziella - 2011-12-23 06:51

      Polygamy trumps men having mistresses or multiple girlfriends every time.

  • Itumeleng - 2011-12-22 15:54

    you are a disgrace

  • etienne.human - 2011-12-22 15:58

    He is a disgrace to a great man, imagine the sorrow Madiba must feel when hearing all this about his grandsons ...

      Van - 2011-12-23 01:51

      Die appel het nie ver van die boom geval nie.

  • Shoe - 2011-12-22 16:21

    Just in case he has forgotten, his father died of Aids. There's a killer disease out there that does not suffer his reckless lifestyle lightly. Stupid Chief!!!!

  • Comrade - 2011-12-22 19:16


  • Alva - 2011-12-22 21:48

    This guy sounds like a right toss! Well done to his wife.

  • Michael - 2011-12-23 02:18

    Thats the problem with these guy's. They want the best of both worlds. Whenever it suits them, they will choose the best "culture" out of the two, and defend their decision based on the "it's my culture" or "it is within the rights"

  • Boer - 2011-12-23 05:48

    why does any women let a man marry another wife/ cant see the attraction (from a women pow) of marrying an already married man, he must be really in love with you...

      Graziella - 2011-12-23 06:53

      African marriages as institutions are based upon social stability rather than the fickleness of infatuation, physical attraction, looks and materialism.

      Boer - 2011-12-23 11:41

      so an african women marries the chief of the village (an ugly, grumpy old man) so that her family can use some of the land (belonging to said chief) for cattle grazing. sounds very 20th century. i think her family will be very pleased, her... i am not so sure

  • Homemissionary - 2011-12-23 06:26

    You go girl!

  • Cherylin - 2011-12-23 08:01

    @ Riaad- what if he , or one of his new wives already has Aids. Which is more than likely. As long as Wifey is able to also marry another man and have a hot other husband on the side- then I am all for it. The scripture were also written long before Aids, global warming, mass population and so on. Time for a change and Fair treatment of both sexes. What is good for the goose is food for the gander. And realistically- if he is shagging more than one wife- it represents a certain morality and view on women in general- I am sure he tests a couple of women on the side as well.The days of harems should be over- as are the days of slaves- we are not cattle

  • FerretGee - 2011-12-23 08:50

    Hauw, but it's the "African Way" ...

  • Jojon - 2011-12-23 08:53

    she is cok-bcking him

  • Nicholas - 2011-12-23 09:04

    Sounds like another young Mandela trying to make headway out of the name that his Grandfather made famous..

  • tony.delucchi - 2011-12-23 10:35

    ...why turn this into a political debate, it is a legal issue and quite an interesting one.

      Graziella - 2011-12-23 10:46

      Becuase its fashionable to slander the ANC, Zuma and Africans.

      thiesa - 2011-12-23 15:43

      This is very interesting - does it mean that if a man has a customary wife that he may now not legally get married to another wife? Or is it only the other way?

  • Jacqui - 2011-12-23 11:45

    Graziella, personally I don't care if he has a hundred wives, but why do the taxpayer have to pay for them?. You are so quick to point out that those that don't like it should sod off. Well my dear the Congo is waitng for you.

      Graziella - 2011-12-23 12:03

      Why do tax payers in all other countries pay for the so called royals? Congo is in Africa, the artificial borders are a European construct.

      Jacqui - 2011-12-23 12:21

      Graziella you are very young with all your venom you will learn. Most Royals as you put it pay taxes what is your excus?e. If borders are a European construction, pray enlighten me why your kin are always fighting each other about borders. You don't know what you are talking about. Go ask for a meeting with Zuma and see where that will get you. You are insolent and down right rude. We struggled for freedom, what sacrifices did you bring?. You behave like a spoiled child

      Graziella - 2011-12-23 12:29

      So Mandla Mandela doesn't pay taxes. Dress it up any way you choose, it's still sour grapes. If that's tough to swallow, keep chewing and keep a glass of water nearby, but give the straw-grasping a rest.

  • David - 2011-12-23 12:21


  • Gerhard - 2011-12-23 12:27

    Graziella cannot admit to a government sanctioned kleptocracy.

      Gerhard - 2011-12-23 12:42

      It is so obvious now that the tenderpreneurs are stealing the abjectly poor blind in this country. What has the anc done for the poor in 17 years? Dare I ask, what will they do for them in the next 17 years.

  • Jacqui - 2011-12-23 12:35

    Graziella, you remind me of a young man, freshly arrived from Soweto, so keen to join us exiles in Europe for some real protesting. He couldn't wait, till the day of the protest the wind howled and there was snow everywhere. He declined coming along because it was too cold. Speaking of grapes, only the consumer decides if they are sour or not. With that little one, kindergarden is out. Go play.

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