Mandela's grandson in contempt of court

2011-12-25 07:54

Johannesburg - Tando Mabunu instructed her lawyer Wesley Hayes to make an application in court against former president Nelson Mandela's grandson, and his now wife Nodiyala Mandela for contempt of court.

"You must remember that both Mandela and his now wife Nodiyala are both in contempt of court, they ignored a court order...I am busy this evening [Saturday] drafting the papers," said Hayes.

Princess Nodiyala Mbalenhle Makhathini wedded Mandela in a private celebration in Mvezo Royal palace on Saturday.

Earlier this week, Mabunu was granted a prohibitory court order against Mandela, which prevented him from marrying anyone while still validly married to her.

Although Mabunu was nowhere to be seen near Mvezo today, it is believed she flew from Johannesburg to Mthatha on Friday.

Mabunu had scored another success on Monday when Mandela's assets were successfully attached by Port Elizabeth based sheriff after Mandela had defaulted on paying living maintenance fees.

Hayes said he would approach the court next week.

  • Ian - 2011-12-25 08:23

    contempt of court in the anc, dont be stupid, he will suddenly get shaikalitis

  • proafrikaans - 2011-12-25 08:23

    Court order? Come on! We're talking about the connected royalty here, to whom laws don't apply.

  • Malose - 2011-12-25 08:28

    This is madness, how can you stop someone to get married, how will the court enforce such an order if granted.

      proafrikaans - 2011-12-25 08:32

      Very simple - the court can annul the marriage or declare it invalid. But an interesting comment, nonetheless, showing as it does a particular mentality and lack of comprehension which seems to be widespread amongst certain groups.

      tony.kirby1 - 2011-12-25 09:24

      Malose because he is STILL married to his first wife.

      Gail - 2011-12-26 16:12

      Malose, Mandla is still married to his former wife and can't afford to pay her maintenance. Why would a Swazi princess marry a bankcrupt politician with diminished responsibility would be a smarter question. I know this lawyer personally and he is very clued up on Xhosa traditions as well as our countries laws. Mandla married his first wife legally and not under customary law. When this marriage broke down he was ordered to pay costs as well as maintenance to the woman he cheated on and he was too busy spending it on his new lover, much like Zuma and the soccer Boss's daughter. His legal wife has taken steps against him to obtain her share of the legal marriage as well as steps to prevent him from marrying the princess as the divorce has not yet been concluded until he meets the terms and conditions. If there are children from this marriage then he is legally bound to pay maintenance for them until they are considered adults under the law which is I think 18 years old. Good luck to both women. At least the legal wife knows her rights under law and is not allowing him to walk away from his commitment to her. This is why AIDS is so rife in our country because the leaders set a poor example and idiots like yourself think it's okay. If you don't use condoms and practise one wife for life and have sex with any woman who takes your fancy sooner or later you end up with a death sentence. One of Madiba's sons has already died of AIDS - maybe this guy's brother. Reason for divorce.

  • Johncarlos Cynical Biza - 2011-12-25 08:35

    TimesLIVE rightly calls him Mandla Mandela on their headings. They do not use the trashy News24 tabloid reporting style.

  • Larry - 2011-12-25 08:37

    He may be above the Law, but I hope that his wife Tando screws him into the ground.

      Lyndatjie - 2011-12-25 09:15

      Ha ha - I agree.... there is nothing more vicious than a woman scorned... :)

  • Shoosh - 2011-12-25 09:05

    Take this SOB to the cleaners, take everything he has to teach him that he is not above the law, even if that is his perception because of the family name whose credibility is slowly being eroded by the multitude of corrupt offspring.

  • NickvanderLeek - 2011-12-25 09:20

    maybe his thinking was if he married someone else he wouldn't remain legally obligated to his first wife (or that by marrying another he was 'officially' divorcing. doesn't make sense, but then not making sense is a pastime for SA's political elites.

      Ben - 2011-12-25 09:36

      Time will come that the political elite will need the court and the law to protect them and they will only then realise that it is better to obey the higher powers.

  • nspaynter - 2011-12-25 09:39

    Good for him. What right has a court to rule who you marry and when. That is a private matter and nothing to do with the court. We live in a country where polygamy is practiced so what's the problem? There are people committing adultery all over the place and nobody says a thing...... For me personally a person gets married for life "Until death do we part" I accept divorce but I do not accept re-marriage while your ex is still alive. But that's my personal feeling and I do not impose it on others.

      Ben - 2011-12-25 09:56

      This is a legal matter and all people of any country should obey the laws of his country. If not there will be chaos. The only way to get out of this situation is to emigrate to a country where all laws suit your personal taste.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-25 10:08

      The laws of South Africa allow men to have more than one wife. In the USA a man who married another woman will be jailed, it is a criminal offence. As we legally allow polygamy in SA how can a court prevent a man marrying more than wife? BTW wile we are on this, is a SA woman allowed to have more than one husband? And what about gay people, can a gay person be married to more than one partner?

      nspaynter - 2011-12-25 10:17

      Ben said: 'The only way to get out of this situation is to emigrate to a country where all laws suit your personal taste.' Or get our parliament to change our laws. Remember our law was one man one wife. Parliament changed that to suit those who wanted more than one wife.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-25 10:49

      Sounds confusing, Janine. So you have to first choose what kind of marriage you wish to enter into that that ties you down for the rest of your life. So if you're married under the one man one wife concept you're not allowed to change your mind later and then take on more than one wife. What happens if you have chosen a customary marriage, like president Zuma for instance, and have a few wives, and then change your mind and decide to only have one wife? Sounds very complicated to me. Personally, and again I emphasize personally, it makes a mockery of what I understand as marriage.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-25 10:52

      I was just speaking to a friend. Now I am even more confused. He told me that a customary marriage involving more than wife is only available to black people and not whites. Surely that is blatant discrimination? Why can't white men also have more than one wife if they wished. It shouldn't be based on race.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-25 10:59

      And what about people who married under the old apartheid law and did not have the opportunity to have a customary marriage. Surely they should now be given the right to choose a customary type marriage and have a few wives.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-25 11:05

      OK! I suppose it's the same as whether an antenuptial contract is signed or not. Whew, I am glad I never married and single. It's too complicated........

      Ben - 2011-12-25 11:22

      Our present law system was developed for a civilised nation, by a civilised nation but all people in S.A. dont agree with, or accept the laws. The government now also has a problem with the judiciary. One will have to work out why. I dont know because laws are made in government in accordance with the constitution.

      nspaynter - 2011-12-25 11:27

      Ben, we need to remember that that same civilised nation made laws that were racially discriminatory.

      Ben - 2011-12-25 11:55

      No but the costitution was accepted after 1994.

  • Kevin - 2011-12-25 09:52

    Prosecte the idiot. No one is above the law.

  • Trevor - 2011-12-25 10:23

    Hells Bells....people it's a "party"...until they sign legal documents wanting to be recognised by the "law" as a married couple THEN they have a problem with the court order...even the media are just milking the Mandela name now must admit...smakcs of tabloid news this News24...

  • sandile.memela1 - 2011-12-25 10:40

    this story is not even about the ANC @ Ian. you're being stupid now. for your your info, this man is not even in politics, he's only a traditional leader.

      Pixie86 - 2011-12-25 12:09

      thank you!!! White people on news24 blame the anc for everything!

      nspaynter - 2011-12-25 13:18

      Pixie, sadly this isn't just a white thing. Yesterday in another News24 forum a black guy was blaming the DA for everything even though the DA was never mentioned. I wish we could all become just plain South Africans. Also we need political parties which are raceless!

  • ludlowdj - 2011-12-25 11:01

    This is one of those stories that involve politically connected men sho think they are above the law and hateful self serving woman trying to get all she can

  • John - 2011-12-25 11:01

    As he is NOW legally a criminal, what are the chances of proving that he embezzled or stole money from the Mandela Foundation for Chldren? Notice money not for relatives, but for Children? It has been written that they would ask Mandela, and the old man would call the FNB bank, and tell them to give money to his sons - and grandsons? And will the investigation prove the thieving activities of the whole family?

  • Hugh - 2011-12-25 11:41

    apples never fall far from the tree

  • Hugh - 2011-12-25 11:43

    just a thought maybe he had a tribal wedding. To be recognised it has to be registered at court. The marriage is not recognised until then. Now did he did he not breat the law?

      Ben - 2011-12-25 12:00

      That is possible. However, I think it would then have been fair if he divorced his wife first, because he accepted marriage under this law and he put his signature to it which made it a binding contract.

  • Chaapo - 2011-12-25 12:29

    The fat nobody whose only claim to fame is being born with a Mandela name. Unfortunately, the name cannot buy brains for these Mandela children and grandchildren.

  • chris.khanye - 2011-12-25 13:06

    In contempt of court in SA - what's new? He is in government and how many times has the government been in contempt of court?

  • Patsy - 2011-12-25 17:58

    I'm curious.... Is the law against bigamy now no longer applicable, can any South African have more than one wife or does this only apply to black people?

      PyroSA - 2011-12-25 21:52

      If you are married under civil law like he was, you're only allowed a single wife. Tribal/Customary law allows more than one wife. You can have either of them, but not both.

  • Comrade - 2011-12-25 18:58


  • Wendy - 2011-12-26 08:50

    Why when anything is reported on this man, is it Mandela's grandson??? call him by his name. Nelson Mandela is not responsible for him.

  • Janice - 2011-12-26 13:21

    You can take some out of the bush...BUT!!!???

      Sannie - 2011-12-26 20:08

      Stupid comment.

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