Mandela reappointed me, says Basson

2012-03-27 13:56

Pretoria - Cardiologist Dr Wouter Basson told a professional conduct committee on Tuesday that president Nelson Mandela had re-appointed him to the SA National Defence Force in 1995 because the United States and British governments regarded him as a threat.

Basson was in the witness stand for a second day to fight charges of unethical and unprofessional conduct before the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA).

The charges arise from his involvement in the apartheid government's chemical and biological warfare programme in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Only carried out orders

Basson testified that a co-ordinating committee and the surgeon general at the time had been in overall charge of the programme and that he only carried out orders as a soldier.

"His decision was final and I had to see to it that the work was done," he said.

He said that although he retired from the then SA Defence Force (SADF) in 1992, he was called back in a civilian capacity to oversee the destruction of substances and weapons forming part of the project.

Only the teargas was saved, and several tons of it was handed to the police.

Basson reiterated that his task had been to create a defensive chemical and biological warfare capability for the SADF, but said a limited offensive capability was also necessary to equalise battle conditions.

The SANDF was established after South Africa's first democratic election in 1994, replacing the SADF, but incorporating personnel from the SADF, the homeland forces and the armed wings of political parties.

According to Basson, former president FW de Klerk re-appointed him to the SANDF, on a civilian level, to help dismantle the chemical and biological warfare project.

There followed several meetings with the US and British governments, after which former president Nelson Mandela again appointed him, in a civilian capacity, as head of cardiology at the military hospital.


"The American and British governments at that stage regarded me as a threat and wanted to get me under control. The initial suggestion was that they should appoint me and that I work for them as a chemical and biological warfare consultant.

"My role would have been to ensure that technologies that were developed in Western worlds were carried over to developing countries for peaceful purposes.

"The South African government did not like the idea of one of their citizens working for other governments and president Mandela gave orders that I must be appointed in the defence force again in a civilian capacity," he said.

He claimed that the regulations were bent for a day to allow his re-appointment in 1995.

He was thereafter a member of the SANDF until he started a private cardiology practice in Cape Town in 2003, but had no further involvement with chemical and biological warfare.

According to Basson, he re-enrolled at the University of Pretoria for retraining as a cardiologist to satisfy his colleagues and patients that he was on par as a cardiologist.

Basson reiterated his stance that the 1980s were "crazy years" and that his actions should be seen in the context of the times.

"People did things. Doctors planted bombs. Decisions were made in the context of the time.

"Nothing I did was aimed at harming anyone. In fact it was aimed at preserving life and minimising loss of life.

"I never acted unethically or unprofessionally," he said.

'Half truths'

Salie Joubert SC, acting for the pro forma complainant, accused Basson of "telling half truths" about, among other things, his chemical qualifications to try and remove his training as a medical doctor from his activities while he headed the germ warfare programme.

He put it to Basson that he was reappointed to the SANDF because he had collaborated with Libya and was regarded as a threat which had to be brought under control.

Basson admitted visiting Libya on several occasions over a 10-year period, but said he had no idea what was discussed with president Mandela at the time.

Basson admitted that his training was in physiological chemistry, but said he was appointed to head the project because he had a better knowledge of chemistry than most of his military and medical colleagues and had used that knowledge for the project.

"Stop any doctor on the street and ask him if he would have been able to do it," he said.

He denied that it had come as a shock when the HPCSA decided to continue with the professional misconduct charges against him, but said he had thought that he would be able to "get on with his life" after the Constitutional Court confirmed his acquittal in 2005.

The hearing continues.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-03-27 14:13

    The HPCSA is simply on a race related witch hunt. it has no reasonable grounds for finding against Basson unless it at the same time strikes every single other present and passed military development member from the role as well and writes in a clause that automatically de-registers any future research and development doctor in any arms industry going forward. I doubt that there would be very many non ANC members who would not be honored to have Dr Basson perform surgery on them.

      Kala - 2012-03-27 15:14

      And some one bombs innocent women and children in Amanzimtoti and gets a road named after him. Such double standards.

      Andrew - 2012-03-27 16:05

      Just because he is a brilliant doctor and a clever mind does not justly his behaviour and his psychopathic tendencies. He is a a sicko who has no regrets for poisoning those fighting against apartheid. He must face the consequences for his actions.

      Andrew - 2012-03-27 16:10

      @kala...Please remember, two wrongs don't make a right... let's debate the issue of Basson. There were many atrocities from both sides prior to 1990. None of them should be made to look justifiable.

      Kala - 2012-03-27 16:47

      Andrew - I did not try to make two wrongs into a right. I'm saying why do we have a man on trial for folowing orders but we name a road after another man who followed orders (presumably by Nelson Mandela) and killed innocent women and children.

      bluzulu - 2012-03-27 18:13

      @ Kala, He is not in front of a criminal court , He is fronting a Medical board hence these council is purely charged with looking at his Ethical behaviour from the standpoint of a medical Professional who swore an Oath to protect life not help take them.Looking at all the documented facts against him, there is only one real decision here. You can not have temporary principles as a Medical Professional.

      Andrew - 2012-03-27 18:52

      @kala..We had the TRC....and we try to move on as a country...many that did commit atrocities have asked for forgiveness(eg Adriaan Volk)...Bluzulu's comment is on the mark

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-03-27 19:11

      Does he perform any surgery? Please improve your your general knowledge, sir.

      henrileriche - 2012-03-28 12:29

      @Andrew, I doubt Kala is trying to "justify" Basson. It is more a question of the ANC (SA) government making another wrong, to fix the first wrong. So you beef should be with the so-called govament representing "all" of us, and doing a "great" job at reconciliation. CoughhhhhBS!

  • Christopher - 2012-03-27 14:14

    Free him!

      Kelly - 2012-03-27 14:34

      I agree, leave him alone. If the guy that planted the Church street bombs and the guy that killed innocent teenagers in the Magoo bomb blast in Durban can not only walk free....but get elected as a top cop in Gauteng, then Wouter must also be left alone. He has a brilliant mind, leave him to heal our citizens with heart problems - both black and white. What good will his genius mind be if he is sitting in jail ?

      Tshifhiwa - 2012-03-27 14:43

      Leave him alone he is "white".

      Christopher - 2012-03-27 15:11

      Exactly Steen...he is set him free. And Kelly I agree with your remarks, he can help this country of ours with his knowledge and his ability as a doctor, can the cowardly Magoo bomber McBride do the same...of course not!

  • Willie - 2012-03-27 14:16

    Another wastefull legal expense by the state. Hands off our Wouter, he acted on instruction just like every Umkhonto operative.....only difference,they were to stupid to develop what Wouter did.

      Siyanda - 2012-03-27 14:28

      May the good Lord have mercy on you.

      Willie - 2012-03-27 15:31

      He has and I am blessed on a daily basis thank you....may He have mercy on your chronic shortage of intellect.

      Deon - 2012-03-27 15:33

      Willie, the spelling for your "to stupid" is "too stupid". Deon

      Mark - 2012-03-27 15:40

      willie is a troll

  • Inkwazi - 2012-03-27 14:16

    Guilty as charged, this the same man who helped develop chemical weapons agaisnt to be used against blacks....

      Trevor Kahn - 2012-03-27 14:36

      It's wasn't aimed at "blacks" it was aimed at communists... Which the MK supported... The communists were also using biological weapons which would have affected every other South Africa of all colours. Stop being racist and think about was happening at that... If the communists had gotten through... This beautiful nation of ours would be another North Korea or Iran...

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-03-27 14:40

      ...actually he was not only developing weapons but also developing countermeasures to DEFEND against any military organisation in the world, SA needed and still needs people like Dr. Basson, what? You think that USA, UK, China, Russia, Middle East etc. etc. dont have active chemical weapons research programmes? And you flatter yourself or other "blacks" this research and delveopment took place (and still does by the way) to protect ALL of SA's people...

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 14:46

      Trevor Kahn: You are wasting your breath! Its only racial,not factual!

      Oom - 2012-03-27 16:10

      And the blacks blew up people in churches, wimpy bars and shopping centres.

      Mc - 2012-03-27 16:57

      Nee OOm

      Fanie - 2012-03-27 20:02

      There are countries that still have weapons of mass destruction.(WMD)...Could we also have the personel involved charged, tried and convicted. WMD are not for defense but for attack on the human race!

      Emil - 2012-03-27 20:30

      The first black Surgeon General,the late Davidson Masuko, once asked Dr Basson whether he helped to develop HIV...Basson's brilliant answer was somewhere along the line of "Sir if you believe that, you can believe anything and there's no use trying to convince you otherwise" Now Inkwazi during the 1980's South Africa's black population had access to worldclass academic hospitals like Baragwanath, Kalafong and Garankuwa Hospitals.Those hospitals were better than any other state hospital in any other sub-saharan country.It just makes absolutely no sense that on the one hand you would have access to worldclass facilities and on the other hand they try to kill you with chemical weapons.It is OKAY to go on about how bad the Old SA was, but get your facts rights and give credit where credit is due (which would mean, admitting that academic hospitals looked much better than now).Furthermore there is absolutely no evidence that chemical weapons were to be used against blacks,but perhaps against the enemy (which during that time included White Cubans, and Russians who are mostly white who were in Angola, or do you think your limited intellect would get more respect if you play the race card?

  • Shirley - 2012-03-27 14:26

    This is a racial witchhunt! What you do under orders is different to what you do publicly! For goodness sake is there nobody with any real defenc other than racial?

      Oom - 2012-03-27 16:16

      Maybe the ANC is playing tit for tat. After Afriforum took that idiot malema to court, they now feel they need a white victim. Just with Wouter these idiots are playing out of their league

      Eric - 2012-03-27 17:24

      @ oom. your flag says it all. Afriforum is a front for right wing organisations and is part of the trade unnion solidarity and the white homeland Orania. You lot will never ever get the apartheid days back

      Riaan - 2012-03-27 22:08

      Eric Yes, and the ANC is a front for the Illuminati. Halfwit!

  • Ryan - 2012-03-27 14:30

    I would not know how to comment on this as it was way before my time, what i can say is that he is an exceptional cardiologist and has saved many lives it would be a great loss to the medical profession if his licence was taken away.

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 14:49

      Troll alert!

      Phillie - 2012-03-27 15:57

      Thank you for admitting your age and knowledge shortcoming it is a breath of fresh air considering the drivel sprouted by our racially biased commentators that were probably not even born but know it all. It is high time we all adopt your open minded attitude but I suppose for blacks it is better to destroy and kill than than building and preserving.

      Makatikamusona - 2012-03-27 16:23

      @Oom how much anger do you have for Ryan

      Oom - 2012-03-27 16:27

      Uhh that was directed at you mathika, look like you deleted your stupid comment

      Mc - 2012-03-27 16:59

      Nee Oom

      Mc - 2012-03-27 17:22

      I think Oom is old, when he was a kid rainbows were black and white.It's 2012 now i bet your memory is in black and white.

      Generaal - 2012-03-27 17:22

      @MC - You should rename yourelf to Mc Tyre. Inflate to 150PSI.......

      Mc - 2012-03-27 17:44

      @general: i guess your rear tires on your car are at least twice as wide as the front ones.

  • Morama - 2012-03-27 14:34

    Can South Africa move on please....if they are busy interrogating basson and what about the "Camp quattro" in Angola?Anc doesn't say anything about such things but are able to follow Basson as if is the only one? Let ANC do introspec unto themself and come clean because it looks to me that they think are in the struggle still?Let the past be and focus in the present for brighter future.Some of us are still having some questions as to how our relatives died in ANC CAMPS.

      Emil - 2012-03-27 23:34

      Morama,comments like yours give me hope that one day, I as a White person will be free to critisise the ANC without being labelled a racist.That one day the overwhelming majority of black people will realise that BEE and afirmative action cannot uplift a majority from a tiny minority,but that it diverts attention from how the ANC is messing up everything for everybody, as their incompetance makes it impossible to focus on the future.The ANC did not bring democracy to South Africa.International pressure,growing white opposition to the Nats and Civilised black leaders like Buthelezi did more than the ANC and their links to countries with bad human rights records-and that is why they would rather party,party,party with tax money than abolish toll roads that are harming plans for economic progress.In the end they will blame whites and apartheid for their failures and will have to keep on encouraging the races of this country to hate each other and live in the past-because that is what makes them look good to the uneducated millions with their third world standard matric certificates.And that is why they keep something like the Basson issue alive...

  • Jim - 2012-03-27 14:39

    Where is Chris Mahlangu when we need him most?

      Morama - 2012-03-27 17:57

      @ Schalk...."Gravy brigade".ROTFL!!!

  • acsteyn - 2012-03-27 14:39

    Basson broke his ethical promises. Irrespective of how good a cardiogolist he is and whether Madela protected him as an asset for a different reason at the time, Basson is guilty of undermining his oath and should he be allowed to practise his presence will be an indictment to future medical practisioners.

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 14:50

      In what capacity was he hired-a heart surgeon or a bio weapons developer?????????

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-03-27 15:16

      Sort of like Zuma's current presence is to future politicians...geez people, Basson has brains, and brains are clearly needed in SA right now! Amnesty for Basson, NOW! Or get Zuma and the rest of the "gravy brigade" back in court so the same "justice" can be applied!

      Phillie - 2012-03-27 15:58

      Why don't you try using spell checker?

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:04

      SALife, this is not about camps and everything else like flaakplas and so forth, this is about ethical conduct.

  • david.lebethe - 2012-03-27 14:44

    Despite his acquital by the Constitutional Court, the man will always be known as a living killing machine of apartheid government. It is through his expertise that activists did in th hands of security police - a young cadre by the name of Mtimkulu come to mind. According to reports emanating from Eastern Cape (PE) at the time, is that food of this young cadre was laced with poison, which caused his hair loss before finally succumbing to the chemical later. It hurt me to come to think that the man behind a chemical which contributed to the young man and other freedom fighters was employed by the anc government instead of releasing him to the US or UK. I mean we had no use for a man of his calibre in this country. The only way that the government can appease is by giving him a free passage to America and the West.

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 14:52

      Just like Robert Mc Bride!KILLER!

      Trevor Kahn - 2012-03-27 14:59

      Shirley : I remember all the Wimpy bombings as a child that was done by MacBride. I was always petrified of going into one

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 15:11

      Trevor: My sister inlaw was killed in Magoos bombing in Durban. If people cant distinguish between actions of "war" and actions of peace then this country will not heal. How does Mc Bride walk free but they want Bassons blood?

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-03-27 15:19

      *SIGH* Again...was this not why the TRC was implimented 15 years ago, so that ALL (not just black) PEOPLE could recieve amnesty for "war crimes" ...

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:09

      This was against his supposed professional conduct. Since yesterday people can't get. This is a council charging their member not government. So you can't compare with Mcbride who was just an ordinary soldier of the MK.

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:10

      @Schalk, a lot of whites did receive amnesty.

      Mc - 2012-03-27 17:51

      Die Generaal: with such utterances from your big muth, i bet You could suck an egg from a chicken.

      Meriam Matjila - 2013-12-21 09:33

      Bassoon did not act ethically and that is what he is found guilty of. As a Dr you take an oath to do no harm but Basson did a lot of harm. That is HPCSA concern!!!!! Bassoon should have resigned as a a dr and worked as a soldier, it is a serious embarrassment and misconduct according to health professionals bodies! I am beginning to think racism will never go away, with all these comments that I am seeing.

  • Bambanani - 2012-03-27 14:47


      Scouter - 2012-03-27 17:08

      Gee that's clever ....... I bet you can spell that word backwards as well.

  • EddyDeepfield - 2012-03-27 14:52

    Basson might be good heart surgeon. But that's the problem. What was he thinking when he worked for the apartheid enforcers? To talk about 1980 context is nonsense. How about human context. Let him off he can still be of value to mankind unlike McBride and co.

      Trevor Kahn - 2012-03-27 15:19

      Unfortunately I don't think some people had a choice... And remember back then we were under the understanding we were fighting for our country against communism... It's either your families life or theirs... Which one would you choose? Humanity doesn't come into it when the life of your family's life is at stake

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:28

      Most white were too dependent on whatever that put through their throat by the government of that day.

      Emil - 2012-03-27 23:18

      And you are such a wonderful human being Eddy, I'm sure in the 1980's you sold everything to send poor black people to university and that they are very greatful for what you've done.Wake up-there was a war.Idi Amin's behaviour towards an economically active minority, and other African countries' disastrous economic policies sparked fears that a transition to democracy must be negotiated on favourable terms.The SADF had to create a climate for a negotiated settlement and had to fight of threats from the left and the right.Peaceful negotiations and a peaceful transition to majority rule could not have happened witout a SADF with officers like Basson.

  • Sika - 2012-03-27 14:52

    Where is the HIV / AIDS cure?

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 15:40

      Ask Mbeki!

  • Nkosinathi - 2012-03-27 15:07

    Thanx for the revisit. At least we know it was actually planned organised distributed. As if we were dump when it said it was scinical. And others did not only make mistakes but attrocities. Maybe we do not need the truth but the framework of the truth.

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 15:13


      Donny Doncaster - 2012-03-27 15:15


      Steve - 2012-03-27 15:29

      @Shirley - I had to read that twice to make sure I was not losing it... Where the hell that came from only nkosinathi would know. The mind boggles!!!

      Scouter - 2012-03-27 17:14

      Durban Gold I reckon - powerful stuff I am told

  • Tshepo - 2012-03-27 15:14

    nelson mandela appointed you by mistake.

      Christopher - 2012-03-27 15:36

      Nelson Mandela is the Man! Its a pity Nelson is here to see the once great ANC turn to thievery and the exploitation of the South African people. I want a whole lot more mistakes then.

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:31

      Indeed Tshepo a human error.

  • bheki.dingiswayo - 2012-03-27 15:19

    A man must be free to advance his knowledge and apply it esp Scientific. It will be very bad if we deny Basson a licence to allows him to be productive so that he can feed himself and his family. Maybe he can help us with a cure for the HIV/AIDS etc. Please acquit him. Is is possible that his collegues are afraid that he is more knowledgeable then them hence these noises?

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-03-27 15:30

      Respect to you Mr. Dingiswayo, agreed, with the proper controls in place, Dr. Basson can be a great asset to the people of SA, it is true that foreign powers don’t want SA to benefit from his expertise, this is probably a big factor which causes him to be investigated and demonized over and over again, even when people who have committed much more horrific “war crimes” then he has are walking free in SA society, be afraid of them, you don’t know who they are…

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 15:42

      Some sense at last! There is so much more to this than we the public know!

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-03-27 16:28

      @bheki. Let play a bit around with what you said. Basson is known as a good hart surgeon in Cape Town. Specially in the Northern suburbs. Were you saying that there are also a few well known ones that are well connected with the medical board? Some that are the rich ones? The ones that need a lot of money to maintain there status? Basson still has to carry this burden of Dr Death, but the more he perform the more popular he becomes. One that is willing to treat you for less money and visit you after hours without you have to sell your house? One that ask the gov. not an inflated price to help the poor to do the same work that the expensive "boys"? One that is not part of that "click that control the market vs expertise" club? One that is a threat against the old order because of his intelligence? Was that what you were trying to say? NOT a statement from me, but a Question.

      david.lebethe - 2012-03-27 16:44

      @bheki.dingiswayo. We have too many scientists in the country and the world to worry about a killing machine. The problem is you didn't suffer from his products directly or you simply ignorant. In fact, you should start worrying when there is no black who supports you.

      bheki.dingiswayo - 2012-03-27 17:21

      To David_Actually I do not want support from other blacks because this is my view not black people view. It does not help anybody to have an idling brain which could be used to the advantage of South African. People can learn a thing or two. I do not know of anybody whop has done things nearer to what was done by Basson. The lot of Scientist that you talk about are not in SA. If we had we would not be importing technology. Get a wake up. @dutoitcoertzee, I do not get your point.

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:34

      If he is that clever where is the cure for HIV now, this is aperson who masterminded the death of people through poisoning. w

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:38

      David, maybe bheki does not even know what a teargas can do to you and even the smell of it coconut.

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-03-27 17:49

      @bheki. it was a sinister way of saying that what you have said. We should start using what we can use to enrich this country. I do not have much knowledge on what Dr. Basson did and neither will I claim, as a lot on this site do, but I know off the services he currently provide and that he was equated from court on charges against him. He seams also to have a brilliant brain that we can put to good use. I therefore agree that we need to use what we have to enrich our poor technology/Science knowledge. I also belief that your average intelligent South African is tired of games and looking back in the past because the longer we look the less we look forward, into a prosper future.( please note that I do not mention a race when talking of people and South Africans. It is a waist of time and being negative)

      bheki.dingiswayo - 2012-03-27 18:01

      @luviwe in fact I have been trained in the use of it_teargas so I know very well about it. I did not see it on the TV or hear about it on the radio (I know the smell, effect etc). Luviwe my point is, who will benefit if Basson is strike off their professional roll? I can not be a coconut because I hold a different view then yours. You should learn to be accomodative of other people view and learn that you are not always right. Ngeke sayandawonye njengamanzi.

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 18:15

      Bheki for it to be used against u or to use it towards other people is a different story altogether. I gues you are a policeman. Lucky you we still expirience in the townships from people like you, nowonder you cherish this area of his expectise.

  • Mark - 2012-03-27 15:39

    there are many whites (not representing the rest of the white folks)in this site who go all out to defend white terrorists. yes , we should move away from racial issues but we can't move away to suit certain people. That is disgusting

      schalk.mattheys - 2012-03-27 16:12

      Mark, maybe I misunderstand what you're trying to say here, but what it sound like is that you are also condemming Dr. Basson, and calling him a "white terrorist" ... well that is either ignorant or arrogant, or both, do you not believe in the priciples that the TRC was implimented for? To provide amnesty to those criminals that commited criminal acts under orders or instructions from their controling superiors. Dr. BAsson was follwing orders, he did not get amnesty. hundreds of other amnesty aplicants commited worse crimes than Dr. Basson was accused of, and they recieved amnesty. Do you not see the point here? Justice is meant to be served regardless of race, color, gender, job description, political affiliation...why do you think some people literally got away with murder, but Basson did not!? Thats Justice? This is not about defending a "white terrorist" this is about applications of law through a justice selective system.

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:40

      @ schalk. As he is so clever, he should have known better.

  • zipho500 - 2012-03-27 15:40

    Can't we just move on and leave this poor doc alone.Am sure we can use all this energy on catching bogus Nigerian doctors.Dr Basson please say sorry and we'll all move forward

      Xboxs - 2012-03-27 16:40

      Zipho500 you are such a xenophobic individual. Why single out Nigerians? Do you think a quack like you or Basson can compare yourself to Nigerian medical professionals? I think not. Before you start spewing your ignorant retort, do some research on Google and find out which country in Africa is known for it's exceptional medical doctors. Do I need to remind you that a top South African doctor was disgraced a few years ago in Canada for being a quack. Do I need to remind of you of the horror stories in your dailies about SA doctors? Do I need to remind you about the white South African doctor who caused horror in Australia a few years ago? I am not saying there are no Bogus Nigerian medical doctors in SA, yes there are but the same goes for SA doctors. Majority of SA doctors regardless of colour are clueless and extremely incompetent. A South African Indian doctor who graduated from university of cape town almost killed my child when she gave him the wrong diagnosis and medication. His life was saved by a Nigerian doctor who detected the mistake and gave him the right diagnosis for the child. Subsequently I sued the doctor and the case is still in court. Look around you and see how incompetent and “deadly” South African doctors are before you start throwing stones in a glass house.

      zipho500 - 2012-03-27 17:20

      Xbox chill.Nigerians are fake

      Generaal - 2012-03-27 17:31

      @Xboxs - you're spot on, NOBODY in this world can sink as low as a nigerian doctor! If you don't have aids, they GIVE you aids

      bheki.dingiswayo - 2012-03-27 17:31

      @Zipho I think you are too general. Not all Nigerians are Bogus. You will remember that some of your ministers were found to have doctored / Bogus the qualifications.

      Xboxs - 2012-03-27 18:23

      @Generaal, eskies? i don't speak "barbarian" Besides do you have any proof ,a link perhaps of what you claim or are you just spewing bile from your overgrown an.s

      Xboxs - 2012-03-27 18:26

      @Zipho.. and you are a fake African who hates his own skin color and his own people.News flash domdom ,you will never be white no matter how hard to try to fool yourself.

      zipho500 - 2012-03-27 19:27

      Xbox.believe much light skinned than most nigerians.u right i like almost all Africans except nigerians.reasons are obvious.let me know if u need the reasons too

  • eddiebant - 2012-03-27 15:43

    Leave this man now alone so that he can do his work as an excellent doctor,or do they also want him to practice his expertise elsewhere? He has done what was then expected from him under difficult circumstances.More rubbish walking the streets that are of no benefit to others or the nation.

  • Mark - 2012-03-27 15:53

    Guys all of you supporting Dr Basson I agree with, you are right ultimately he was a soldier following orders but why argue on this forum with those who are against him? It serves no other purpose than to frustrate and anger you! Remember in 1991 and 2003 the ANC was very against any US operation into Iraq as the supported Sadam Husein but this was the animal who used VX nerve gas on his own people! So when they speak out against Dr basson it is merely double standards and lack of knowledge after all mokeys only know bananas!

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:48

      Another arrogant white person in this forum starting to tell us we belong in the jungle because we hold a different view to his, what a shame. My question is, did he act infavour or against his professional oath? Dr Death must answer on that one or any of the people defending him.

  • Duncan Thabiso Mphailane - 2012-03-27 16:03

    You don't just obey an obviously illegal order! If you're ordered to kill women and children and you do it, you will be liable for your participation in the commission of the crimes.

      Skuiter - 2012-03-27 16:11

      And you are obviously a post 94 child.

      Deon - 2012-03-27 16:13

      He was found not guilty in a criminal court. This case is about being a registered doctor or not.

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 16:20

      Like Mc Bride? Explain,explain,explain?????

      Oom - 2012-03-27 16:31

      It was perfectly legal. His government asked him to develope weapons for the army. Perfectly legal anywhere in the world

      bheki.dingiswayo - 2012-03-27 17:24

      You have never been a soldier. In soldier speak there are not women or children but targets

      bluzulu - 2012-03-27 18:30

      @ Oom, He is not in front of a criminal court , He is fronting a Medical board hence these council is purely charged with looking at his Ethical behaviour from the standpoint of a medical Professional who swore an Oath to protect life not help take them.Looking at all the documented facts against him, there is only one real decision here. You can not have temporary principles as a Medical Professional.

      Fanie - 2012-03-27 20:09

      It may have been legal but it is certainly not ethical. A court of law can decide on the legality whilst a court of ethics pursues the ethical basis.

      Emil - 2012-03-27 23:07

      What are the names of the women and children that he supposedly killed? Or are you making this story up because you like to participate in the cANCer's propaganda machine? South Africa is a democracy with a civilised legal system.You can't just imply somebody is a murderer.

  • sthandwas - 2012-03-27 16:23

    Argh, jst leave the poor guy alone, if thats the case then lets also prosecute the MK and APLA forces for what they did while following orders as soldiers.

      Luviwe - 2012-03-27 17:51

      This is not a court he must answer to but a professinal body of which he is amember of.

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-03-27 19:20

      Sthandwa sabantu abamhlophe please improve your IQ before you comment

  • nkanyisorockstar - 2012-03-27 16:25

    In the aftermath of WW2 , a number of Nazi doctors during the Nuremberg trials claimed that they committed their horrendous , inhumane experiments under the orders of Hitler's government . They were all found guilty because whether you are following orders or not . You still have a moral compass , an order shouldn't conflict with your sense of right and wrong. How are those Nazi doctors different from Dr Basson ?

      Oom - 2012-03-27 16:35

      Well NASA recruited ex nazi scientist to develope their first rockets. They were of use to the west so the moral compass flew out the window

      Scouter - 2012-03-27 17:19

      The very NAZI scientists who developed the 'Terror Weapons' ie V1 & V2 - quite right Oom, the moral compass started spinning when it suited the yanks.

      bluzulu - 2012-03-27 18:39

      @ Oom, I suggest South African's have much more moral integrity than the Yanks, anyway, He may have not pulled a trigger however as a Medical professional sworn to Oath, he committed a crime. Regarding the McBride's of RSA, These were freedom fighter NOT terrorist. If anyone is to blame for the death of innocent Black and White RSA citizens, It would be the Apartheid government not the freedom fighters. History shows freedom was tried by Passive resistance and we got nowhere hence the fight was taken to the next level, If this had not happenedd, We would not be a Democracy today. Please understand ,if this was a Black Doctor of any of the RSA cultures...The opinion would be the same.

  • Pieter Erasmus - 2012-03-27 16:27

    nelson surely knew what he was doing, unlike the morons of today

  • david.lebethe - 2012-03-27 16:38

    @Shirley. I realise that you had a field day during my absence spewed venom against freedom fighters again? You should count yourself lucky that we didn't not subject whites to any Nuremberg Trials otherwise we would not have all the gabbage you are saying about us. The problem with many racists still gracing this pages is that we never smoked (if I may use American pun) them out and there are no mechanisms in place to identify them.

      Shirley - 2012-03-27 16:57

      Geuss what-NOBODY missed you! I wont reply to a trolling racist!

  • Clare - 2012-03-27 16:47

    This guy is an absolute pig! He shouldn't be fighting for his job he should be fighting to get out of prison. What a disgrace!

      Emil - 2012-03-27 23:02

      Why do you say that Clare? Was he found guilty of anything yet? Or think it is wrong for doctors to develop defensive capabilities to protect soldiers and civilians from chemical wafare, and to use your medical knowledge to for that? Absolutely nothing could be proven against him in a court of law.He is a threat to the USA because he KNOWS A LOT OF THINGS that would be a HUGE embaressment to the world's protector of "Freedom" and that is why there is a lot of propaganda that makes it easy to make up stories.

  • mmoledis - 2012-03-28 10:23

    There is no truth on Basson side let him tell the world the whole truth and then be forgiven otherwise if not then face the grilling until he tell the whole truth about his activities and to me he is also vital to the South African government just because he is white let him not be side lined he can still offer some thing to this country according to his knowledge and experience as a medical doctor and former chemical war fare expert we still need his knowledge and wisdom as the world is changing day by day.

  • blaqmonk - 2012-04-05 15:41

    In all truth most of the people commenting on all news24 stories are morons with a sh1t lot of time in their hands, ya'll just need to grow up, find hobbies and sh1t, go masturbate or something. Every comment u guys make is racially biased, truthfully makes one ashamed to b South African, Basson's hearing's not a witchhunt, he behaved unethically as a medical practitioner and for that he should answer, both black and white ppl who were nt forgiven by the TRC were put on trial. Find something constructive to say or shut the f**k up the whole lot of u, we sick and tired of ur racial tendencies, blacks and whites alike. If none of u are willing to work towards a non-racial South Africa then ya'll just jump ship, i'm sure we'll do just fine, we have non-racist black and white academics in our country. You morons should just b taken, put in a ring together and kill each other. Now as u were, imbiciles, morons and barbarians.

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