Mandela released from hospital

2013-03-10 16:42

Johannesburg - Former president Nelson Mandela has been discharged from hospital, says the presidency.

"Nelson Mandela has this afternoon [on Sunday] returned to his Johannesburg home following a successful medical examination at a Pretoria hospital," spokesperson Mac Maharaj said in a statement on Sunday.

"The doctors have completed the tests... He is well and as before, his health remains under the management of the medical team."

The 94-year-old was admitted to a Pretoria hospital on Saturday for a scheduled check-up and he spent the night there.

Maharaj said the check-up had been to manage existing condition that came at his age.

In December, Mandela underwent an operation to remove gallstones and to treat a recurring lung infection.

He was then placed under home-based high care at his Houghton home.

The presidency said in January that Madiba had made a full recovery from the surgery and continued to improve.

Former president Mandela has a long history of lung problems, dating back to the time when he was a political prisoner on Robben Island during apartheid. He contracted tuberculosis in jail.

  • Stephen Michaels - 2013-03-10 17:08

    Thanks be 2 God! u are the glue that keeps this country 2gether....

      Michael Hawthorne - 2013-03-10 17:15

      Kom gom?

      kari.pentikainen.7 - 2013-03-10 20:50

      We all can never under estimate the role he played in all our lives.Can never honor Madiba too much. A roll model and and example of note.

  • zip.reeper - 2013-03-10 17:25

    graca should trim the hair out of madiba's nostrils, if she cared. he is gonna outlive us all! will the waiting never end?

      john.cryink - 2013-03-10 18:33

      wonder does he go to state hospitals and treated by state docters???????

  • Samora Mdhluli - 2013-03-10 17:26

    well done pta hospital n doctors 4 good job

  • Nizole Middle-Finger Khala - 2013-03-10 17:47

    O Lord, help me to keep my big mouth shut until I know what I am talking about!!

  • Matome Ray Moshokoa - 2013-03-10 18:08

    those who dont care why did you bother your selves and read the article, why dont you just keep those 5 cent comments to your selves if you aint got anything better to write, le ska se bhora maaan, rena we do care

      tumelo.motloung.779 - 2013-03-10 20:14

      @Matome-if you really cared you'd first go back to school,then you'll know that yourself is one word,there's nothing like "le ska se bhora" in any language.take care of yourself first then worry about your Mandela after

  • Kgahliso Mthimkulu - 2013-03-10 19:02

    Yipiiiii we prayed for ur health icon enjoy home grandpa!

  • Jo.Davies123 - 2013-03-10 19:26

    At least the governmnet handled this visit properly. Calm the constant need for panic we insist on bringing into a simple doctors check-up

  • Sindiswa Mani - 2013-03-10 19:40

    The reason we comment its because its always on our faces we can't read anything but Mandela's health its tiring...there are so many things to write about or should I say many interesting things to write about one article is enough about him...all news papers have him asd front page even online is Mandela's health it never ends

      Blue Spheric - 2013-03-11 04:22

      Sindiswa I AGREE!!!! and so do ALL my business partners and friends....for how long must one praise this man. He has seen what is happening in our country - the same country he faught so hard for...yet he keeps his mouth shut. Surely he is aware of what a difference it would make if he came out of retirement for one single day and tried at least to stop the incessant corruption within our current government by lambasting it publically!!

  • gratton.rush - 2013-03-10 22:33

    Leave this wonderful man in peace. This may come as shock to many but he is going leave us soon. As sad as it is going to be rejoice don't panic as he will always be in our hearts and minds. Especially mine. May the peace of God be with everyday and may his presence comfort you and your family. There is no fear or panic in the perfect love of god. Godbless you sir you are a true example to us all.

  • Ditoa-re Gypsy - 2013-03-10 22:57

    Thank you lord, my stay in south africa has been extended

  • masamune.azeem - 2013-03-10 23:24

    Why the hell does this dude call himself Nelson doesn't he have a native name

  • masamune.azeem - 2013-03-10 23:28

    This dude i silent about the way ANC do things,he is no saint.

      Blue Spheric - 2013-03-11 04:23


      Mabhesha'nkone ZoSuthu - 2013-03-11 06:21

      He is old. Would you want your grandpa to battle things out with the Mac Maharajs and Jackson Mthembus of this world at Mandela's age? He's earned the right to bury his head in the sand - especially after 27 years in prison. He gave us a vision. We can't expect him to give us his soul too.

      Spankyda Panky Mpatho - 2013-03-11 13:33

      Leave uTata alone u masamune.azeem wateva yo name is,urrr just but a global disgrace

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