Mandela remains critical - Zuma

2013-06-26 17:51

Johannesburg - Former president Nelson Mandela was still in a critical condition in hospital on Wednesday afternoon, President Jacob Zuma said.

"As he remains in a critical condition in hospital we must keep him and the family in our thoughts and prayers every minute," he said to groans of despair from the audience at the National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union (Nehawu) conference in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg.

Zuma led a song from the anti-apartheid struggle about Mandela and Oliver Tambo taking up arms.

He then sang "Awulethu' Mshini Wami" with delegates joining him.

After that he had a bite of cake on the stage and left.

  • Free Your Mind - 2013-06-26 17:56

    The plot thickens...

      Godfrey Welman - 2013-06-26 18:10 wonder who has the final say, should it come to a decision to switch-off the equipment, Madiba's family or the anc.

      Jay Jay - 2013-06-26 18:30

      Is it over?

      Nathan Lombard - 2013-06-26 21:18

      @ Godfrey. I am rather surprised that decision hasn't been made by eskom already. :)

      Richard Scully - 2013-06-26 22:39

      Poloyantoki, it gave him character, look how good he's been you think the ANC could have made him like that without help? You can thank us bud

      Free Your Mind - 2013-06-27 11:57

      Poloyantoki, who is "you people"? Most of us weren't even born when he was locked up.

  • Louise Venter Coetser - 2013-06-26 17:57

    Borinnnnnnggggg !!! Please supply us with worthy NEWS and not repeated trivial crap !!!!!

      Anti-PC - 2013-06-26 18:16

      Louise, there was actually something VERY newsworthy - he had a bite of cake - :-) Now we know, you can have your cake AND eat it:-)

  • Kevin Marques - 2013-06-26 17:57

    Is this guy really the president?? He was probably grinning as he bit into that cake

      Christel-Michel Kruger - 2013-06-27 09:59

      I HATE the grin. I feel like I am holding my breathe as we watch one of the greatest men of our lives pass... and Zuma has that grin, and eats a wee bit of cake.

      Daardie Wetter - 2013-06-27 16:27

      Poloyatonki. Does the white guy whose garden you work in know you ran away?

  • KevinKing - 2013-06-26 17:57

    At least we know we have at least another 4 weeks with Madiba... you said he will be celebrating his next birthday.

      Tersia Louw - 2013-06-26 18:12

      And you believe a word that he utters?

  • Chamber Vibrator - 2013-06-26 18:00

    You are my hero. To Graca & the rest of the family we may be far from you but our spirit is with you.

      Aaron Prince - 2013-06-26 18:45

      God i beg u 2 heal u Tata 2 recover 2 that condition and back 2 a good life and be strong we need u ur the hero and b strong Amen.

  • Sergio Fernandes - 2013-06-26 18:11

    That's top class. It brings new meaning to 'have your cake and eat it'.

  • Godfrey Tshontso - 2013-06-26 18:21

    Hi Doctor Nelson Rolihlahla God send him to do his job and has done over that he gives many things we see many things about him let him rest leave him cause he the one falling the pain let him got to rest in peace

  • Mc Segal - 2013-06-26 18:24

    Took the cake.....

  • Deon de Lange - 2013-06-26 18:25

    Suspect Madiba would disapprove of most of these comments, including yours, Kwanele. Save the hatred for another story.

  • reggie.reginald.3110 - 2013-06-26 18:32

    I'm white, my wife black, we both know Zuma to be a clown leading a circus! !

  • Andre Botes - 2013-06-26 18:43

    Why would Zuma sing "bring me my machine gun" on such a somber occasion - the struggle is over my oke

      Fredster Mania - 2013-06-26 19:27

      I agree. If they put as much effort into the future as they do into remembering the past, it will be so much different...

  • Derek Axcell - 2013-06-26 18:43

    well said Jenn,so true.

  • Tom Hudson - 2013-06-26 18:44

    Only Zuma can sing and dance when Madiba is taking his last breath

  • Marhumbu Ya Vahlave - 2013-06-26 18:48

    Ra hemba Zuma they are waiting for Obama to officially announce his death on the 29/june/2013

      Chamber Vibrator - 2013-06-26 19:54

      you are twisted upstairs.

  • Elisshah Nkhwashu N'wanna WaN'waBen - 2013-06-26 18:49

    pliz God help Mandela

  • Brian Bagnall - 2013-06-26 18:50

    Our former President is in a critical condition and some of the people of this country are using this sad time in the history of SA to sling mud at each other. Let me just inform you Madiba would not be happy at all if he knew what is now taking place He was a man of peace and he showed us all the a person can change for the best and produce a rainbow nation. Lets stop the B**L S**T and get on with what Nelson Mandela wanted, a peaceful SA

  • Hasani Booysen Hlungwana - 2013-06-26 18:51

    News24 Why block my comment, are you trying to protect Zuma

      Vibrator - 2013-06-26 20:11

      blocked by malema and Kunene.

  • Ramosoeu Matli - 2013-06-26 18:55

    So... the cake... Oh greed!

  • Lynda Pitcher - 2013-06-26 18:57

    They have all gathered tonight at the hospital, so I guess this is it. Let the poor man go, just let him go.

  • Grant Henry - 2013-06-26 19:03

    I have a feeling they going to pull the plug when the US president is here.

      Billy Banter - 2013-06-26 19:26

      Perhaps a bit cynical but my interpretation is that Obama needs all the good publicity he can get in light of the Snowden affair, with 2 world powers having shown him and the US the finger - especially since the recent Irish jamboree made Obama believe he had some influence with those two powers. Won't help Obama or the US if the (official) death of Mr Mandela makes the American visit to Africa a complete non-news event. Possibly also a question of security - surely a bit stretched over the time of the visit.

      Lynn O'Shea Comley-White - 2013-06-26 22:02

      Yes I think they are waiting for Obama to get here even though he apparently is not going to visit Mandela.

  • Joe Irwin - 2013-06-26 19:04

    We know that he is still critical, we also know that he will remain so until he is taken off life support. We don't need Zuma to give us updates on something that is not going to change.

  • Richard Scully - 2013-06-26 19:04

    Now Zuma, THIS time I thought I might believe you, but maybe he's in the fridge already and you are waiting for the election to announce it

  • reggie.reginald.3110 - 2013-06-26 19:04

    You truly make sense Linda, except for every incongruous word lol..

  • Gideon Viljoen - 2013-06-26 19:08

    You are lying to the nation Zuma, why on the news it looks like they are digging a grave on Mandela's farm? Why dig a grave if he is still alive?

      Richard Scully - 2013-06-26 19:21

      Especially if he's going to live to 100...yeaaah

  • Mission Mathenjwa - 2013-06-26 19:09

    it thnk its tym 2 let the old man 2 rest now .......

  • reggie.reginald.3110 - 2013-06-26 19:09

    Maybe Obama will pull the plug, instead of a hunting safari ...

  • FUZZY - 2013-06-26 19:09

    I really think people should be careful whom they praise and worship.That is all I will say for now.

  • reggie.reginald.3110 - 2013-06-26 19:12

    Maybe OBAMA can pull the plug instead of a hunting safari, if you know what I mean...

  • Shaun Holder - 2013-06-26 19:16

    Mshini wami? Bring the machine gun?

  • Penwell Bonginkosi Sibiya - 2013-06-26 19:19

    The r romours going around that Nelson Mandela is be declaired braindead n will be de4 declaired dead afta Obama's visit n Zuma is buzy celebrating agh man that guy is a pis of crab

  • Jo van Salcedo-Loza - 2013-06-26 19:26

    """"""Hey!!!!.........I could dance the Chicken DAnce if that could re-elect me and my family""""""

  • Raymond Kok - 2013-06-26 19:28

    why do you feel the need to report it now and so by the way where is Zelda ,does this mean you and the old beetle lookalike will bring the news if something should happen.You know how many people change channels when you come up on ,you are so boring and useless

  • Timothy Martin - 2013-06-26 19:29

    Dear Madiba, i am a young white girl living in KZN and i have written this letter to say that i hope you get well soon and thank you for what you have done to make this country a better place. i really look up to you and hope that one day after you have recovered i will have the honour of meeting you. All the best to you and your family and get well soon. lots of love Kelly Martin

  • Amanda Delport - 2013-06-26 19:30

    remember there was no racism when FW de Klerk helped Mandela out of prison so there should be no racism in the future.

  • Michael Peters - 2013-06-26 19:34

    Zuma, we don't need your comment. The people are not stupid. Your dumb singing and dancing won't help either. You will always be and remain a moron. Just go away, I am begging you. You are making a fool of yourself. When will you understand that? Guess never, because your limited brain cells will not allow that.

  • masenke.tlabo - 2013-06-26 20:07

    I never be exhausted to wish madiba augment of days of life

  • Jill Chamberlain - 2013-06-26 20:09

    My own opinion, Mr Mandela has already passed away, and quite rightly his passing is being kept quiet for now so his family have time to come to terms with it, once the news breaks all mayhem is going to break loose. I feel as with any family, the loss is heartbreaking .. I think we need to give the family a break and let them deal with his illness and whatever happens as any normal family would.

  • Colin Ashby - 2013-06-26 20:24

    I don't read the news. I read these comments.

  • Angelique Meyer - 2013-06-26 20:31

    Today in history: 1950 - Makgatho Mandela, Mandela's second and only living son from his marriage to Evelyn, is born. 1950 - National Day of Protest and Mourning. The first national political strike called by the ANC as an act of national mourning and protest at the police killing of May 1. Since then June 26 a day of nation-wide protests and strikes has been observed annually as South African Freedom day.

  • Henika Gadd - 2013-06-26 20:37

    I had several clients that are in the medical field and in a very high position in that specific hospital that said Madiba has already died!!!! but because of economical reasons like soccer and the sprinkboks playing this week and estimating the other situations like Obaham visiting SA would have lost too much so it is decided to prolong the announcement, so the assumption that I make it is all and including his family about the money......

  • Liezel Bohdanowicz - 2013-06-26 20:51

    I've had long talks with my horticultural and maintenance assistant and another very dear black friend. The general consensus in the Western Cape townships is that Zuma is a fool. I would'nt be too worried about the guy. As long as we have investors flocking to SA, we'll be fine. when they stop coming, we're in deep s......

      Liezel Bohdanowicz - 2013-06-26 20:53

      and before the red pens attack me....would'nt should be would not!

  • Russell Narunsky - 2013-06-26 21:40

    i want some biscuits now

  • Bob Smith - 2013-06-26 21:42

    why is night dark

  • Bob Smith - 2013-06-26 21:43

    its cold but im ok and i want some toast

  • Jomo Kgomo - 2013-06-26 21:46

    It's a family affair, not ANC.

  • Jefferey Petts - 2013-06-27 06:06

    What am I missing here? Malaema may not sing about "killing the Boere" because it is hate Speech. but The President May Sing about The Ex President and companions taking up arms against the Whites, but this is not hate speech ?

  • Sean Goldie - 2013-06-27 09:14

    Looks like the cake bit him again and again and again and again and again

  • Gontse TheGie Masetla - 2013-06-27 09:36

    You may make commints but wt is left is UTata he"s @ peace and de pain dat he had is no longer,it painfull to leave with de elderly who is sick i knw cos de is nothing u can do. God has His own way to do Lets be 1 n pray for him to be healed in de hands of oyr Lord Jesus Christ,We love u Tata

  • Christel-Michel Kruger - 2013-06-27 09:57

    I watched the interview and was most unimpressed.

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