Mandla Mandela avoids arrest warrant

2012-02-21 13:16

Mthatha - Controversial ANC MP Mandla Mandela presented himself at Bityi police on Monday to sign a warning statement related to a bigamy charge.

This was confirmed by Mthatha police spokesperson Mzukisi Fatyela.

The bigamy charge was laid against him in December last year by his estranged wife, Thando Mabuna-Mandela.


Bityi police investigating the case experienced difficulties in getting him to co-operate with them, leading to a warrant of arrest being issued last Friday. It will no longer be executed given that he presented himself on Monday.

Mandela made it clear on Monday that he would fight his estranged wife in court, not through the media.

This was the upshot of a one-line statement issued by Gary Jansen, a member of Mandela’s legal team.

Mandela, who is no stranger to hogging the headlines, has been back in the news again since Saturday when Weekend Witness reported that police in the Eastern Cape had issued a warrant for his arrest.

Mabuna-Mandela was also granted a court order in her marathon divorce case, to compel Mandela to disclose his financial interests. This included whether he had sold the broadcast rights to his grandfather, Nelson Mandela's, funeral. Mandela had 15 days from Monday to supply the information, which is crucial to settling the divorce so that a financial settlement can be agreed to.

Jansen told The Witness on Monday: "These are legal matters, not media matters, and they are taking their legal course."

Funeral rights

A Mandela spokesperson referred the newspaper to a joint statement issued in July last year after allegations first made in 2009 resurfaced that the MP had sold the exclusive broadcast rights to his grandfather’s funeral to the SABC for R3m.

Mandela and the SABC denied the allegations.

At the time Mandela was quoted as saying: “When the story broke in 2009, I considered it a joke and wondered what could motivate a newspaper to fabricate such lies.

“Today I still hear people talking about this and using these lies to determine the kind of person I am. I am glad that we can today lay this matter to rest.”

In an interview published in the Daily Dispatch on Monday, Mabuna-Mandela is reported to have said that she was still sceptical and wanted answers.

She said that if Mandela had sold the rights, she wanted half as her share of the joint estate, although she would donate it to a charity to uphold the Mandela name.

Mandela is expected to appear in the Bityi Periodical Court in early March, after a deal struck between his lawyer and the prosecutor.

  • Sean - 2012-02-21 13:26

    This guy doesn`t give a sh@t , he thinks he is above the law , like many others !! No need to say the names , we all know !

      Tammy - 2012-02-21 13:32

      He KNOWS he is above the law - how typical

      procold2 - 2012-02-21 13:36

      this guy is a little pr#ck blackening the Mandela name and should report to the elders for a good shamboking and should also apoligize to his grandfather for acting like juju

      Paul - 2012-02-21 13:51

      @R3ndi3r Why does Nelson = Amazing Human Being. Just wondering.

      Poloyatonki - 2012-02-21 14:24

      I actually met this guy in person, he thinks everything rotate around him. We were having a meeting with community leaders in the Eastern Cape, and while the members of community are asking him questions he was busy reading smses on his cellphone or maybe searching for the next wife. This guy is rude and the next thing he did is he got up and went outside to answer his phone for an hour. People of the eastern cape must stop bowing for this scumbag. Madiba gave birth to a big failure.

  • Kobus - 2012-02-21 13:27

    Nothing will happen to this Mandela clown .... :(

  • Tammy - 2012-02-21 13:31

    Mandela is not even dead yet and already they are trying to make money out of him - shame on you

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-02-21 14:51

      I agree Tammy. No person, specially old, should read, hear or having this havoc, on his death, around him. Being known person or not. This if very rude against humanity.

  • Freddie - 2012-02-21 13:35

    What about Zooma and his polygamy? Is an arrest warrant imminent?

  • Dennis - 2012-02-21 13:41

    To all school kids : this is how you manipulate the system in your favour because he has the surname to get away with it !! TRASH !!

      Tammy - 2012-02-21 13:44

      how does one change your surname - I want to change mine to Mandela - anyone else?

  • Andrew - 2012-02-21 14:04

    How come they are all the same. Shame for Mandela's sake. Unfortunately you cannot change their genes.

  • shozi - 2012-02-21 14:11

    I don't like this Mandla Mandela guy....

      Poloyatonki - 2012-02-21 14:34

      The last thing you need is to meet him in person. He is pathetic looser..

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-02-21 14:55

      Poloyatonki, I red what you said in an earlier comment and it sounded if he is very rude, disrespectful and full of himself. If following your writing it is clear that he attend that meeting just to say that he has done it, but his plan of action was already in place.

  • Graham - 2012-02-21 14:12

    This is so "Animal Farm"! MP PIGS! It's just crazy what they get away with!

  • Steve - 2012-02-21 14:20


  • Ruth - 2012-02-21 14:24

    Don't they all, same s... different case

  • David - 2012-02-21 14:30

    I would be most worried If I receive such raving reviews from whites. It would immediately dawn on me that there is something wrong am doing. So there should be something seriously wrong that the old man did to receive such roaring accolades from most whites - especially from hardcore racists who have been gracing these pages.

  • gregmcdavid - 2012-02-21 14:33


  • Tammy - 2012-02-21 14:34

    say hello to the Mandela gravy train

  • fred.kruger2 - 2012-02-21 14:38

    So can we assume that Zuma can expect the same, seeing that he has a whole bunch of wives? Bigamy is bigamy, right?

      Ongama Dlabantu - 2012-02-21 15:57

      The President is married under customary law. Mandla Mandela married his estranged wife under a civil union. That means that he can't marry anyone else unless he first gets a divorce. Hence the bigamy charge.

  • Sizah - 2012-02-21 14:43

    what realy pisses m off abt this guy, he thinks he's above the law can do anything he wants, i dont think sure. 2 me he's a just fat ugly spoild GRANDSON of The Famious Mandela... sorry but i dont like him @ all,

  • DuToitCoetzee - 2012-02-21 15:01

    Maybe they must ask that Zelda woman to handle his affairs as a independent, that knows a lot of Madiba, love and respect him, but is not a family member. The family can be a part of a comity that monitor her.

  • Tau - 2012-02-21 15:09

    Being a public figure is tough guys. If he was just an orninary guy from felo fawu( No where ) it was going not to be a big issue. Now because is the grandson of the Greastest Icon. things are just thrown at him. The thing is that he needs to conduct himself in such a way that he maintain the old man statured , not to embarass the family name like this. lets hope that he learn some lesson in his journey and we dont read realy this disturbing news about the Mandelas.

      Kgomotso - 2012-02-21 17:31

      Tau the charges have nothing to do thing fame but a betrayed angry wife. This woman means business she is covering all angles.

  • Francis - 2012-02-21 15:09

    The bad news is this cretin represents the famous Mandela and is dragging the name through the mud! Come on ANC here is another of your members bringing the name of the ANC and Madiba into disrepute, haul him before a disciplinary board!

      Kgomotso - 2012-02-21 17:37

      You must separate issues. ANC and family matters are not the same. ANC should not interfere on Mandla`s marital affairs.

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-02-21 17:06

    The disappointment for me ,is that Nelson Mandela must surely be aware of this..I know he is old now, but I'm sure he could point his granson in the right direction...Nelson's family name will be disgraced..for a man of Nelson's world wide stature, surely some one can stop this undisciplined granson.

      Kgomotso - 2012-02-21 17:42

      Sandra i hear you but Mandla is an adults not a child. Nelson Mandela can not be blamed for his conducts. Even if the family elders can talk to him he decides on his own how he conduct himself

  • sandy.langenstrass - 2012-02-23 21:47

    Well I think he is a selfish adult to do as he pleases, even disregards the law, doe's he never consider the fact that his actions might dent the image of the Mandela family name.

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