Manyi to publish state newspaper

2011-03-27 15:58

Johannesburg - The government is launching its own newspaper, to be published by spokesperson Jimmy Manyi, City Press newspaper reported on Sunday.

The government’s bi-monthly magazine, Vuk’uzenzele, would be turned into a monthly tabloid newspaper with a print run of two million from next month. Manyi planned to publish it fortnightly by March next year.

“The media is censoring a lot of government information,” Manyi told City Press.

“Niyasivusa ukuba sizenzele [You are waking us up to do things ourselves]."

The paper would be edited by former Beeld journalist Tyrone Seale, currently managing editor of Vuk’uzenzele magazine and the GCIS’s chief director of content and writing.

Manyi said the government would be abdicating its responsibility if it allowed editors of commercial newspapers to decide which government information was published. He said journalists came to government news conferences, where 10 issues were raised, but only wrote about one.

The GCIS had issued a tender for the newspaper, which would initially be a 16- to 20-page tabloid with a print run of between 1.7 million and two million. This would make it the biggest circulating publication in the country. It would cost the government more than R1 million to print one edition, according to City Press.

At Thusong centres

Manyi did not rule out the possibility of turning Vuk’uzenzele into a daily newspaper. He said the commercial media would give the government reason to turn Vuk’uzenzele into a daily by continuing to “censor” government information.

Vuk’uzenzele would be free and not compete with the mainstream media, Manyi said. It would be distributed at the government’s Thusong service centres.

“We want it on the streets, in every township and rural area. It will be bigger than all of you guys put together,” Manyi was quoted saying.

About 1000 posters would be distributed with each edition.

Vuk’uzenzele's staff would be responsible for the newspaper, but more might be hired. Manyi had not decided yet whether to sell advertising. Although this might reduce the financial burden on the taxpayer, it might “clutter” the newspaper.

“It might create confusion. Don’t be surprised if we don’t allow commercial advertising,” Manyi said.

The paper would be published in all 11 official languages.

  • Piet Opperman - 2011-03-27 16:07

    All right. I won't be surprised if they don't allow commercial advertising. Yawn... Anything else?

      Digit - 2011-03-27 21:10

      Let the PROPAGANDA machine begin to roll ...... so much for non partisan press !!!!

  • Hungwe - 2011-03-27 16:12

    I smell the name Gupta from beginning to end and the whole things sounds like a bit of Shaibi (excuse my poor spelling) propaganda. As for Jimmy Manyi as the head publisher what a crass idea, he's about as intellectualy mature as a mousebird I've just been watching in my garden.

      Cynically Jaded - 2011-03-27 17:34

      Don't insult mousebirds. They have feelings too. Manyi is just an arsehole. Period. In fact, even arseholes are insulted by the association. He's an ANC-man...there you go! Perfect description!

  • Leeutjie - 2011-03-27 16:13

    Rather build some houses you morons. How much will two millions prints a month cost?? I bet you can build at least a few houses with that ching. We don't believe a word you say anyway. You are now really getting desperate for votes. Rather focus on service delivery, it'l go way further.

  • Clive - 2011-03-27 16:14

    Another waste of taxpayers' money, which means less for housing, health, education, etc.

  • exocist - 2011-03-27 16:14

    they should just call it ANC BULLSHIT NEWS

  • De Waal - 2011-03-27 16:16

    R1 million to print one edition. No advertising. Government propaganda. Who is paying for it. You and me?

  • Madelane - 2011-03-27 16:19

    And so the taxpayer is faced with another bill in support of a racist and his ANC party views and dictatorial aspirations. Disgusting.

  • derkus - 2011-03-27 16:23

    more money to waste on rubbish,when half the people can't even read

  • Harold - 2011-03-27 16:33

    I hope they use good absorbent paper - I'm getting a puppy soon.

      Leeutjie - 2011-03-27 16:52

      They must rather print on toilet paper. I want 30 issues a month.

  • Slapper - 2011-03-27 16:41

    They have to be joking? Its not April 1. They could not have picked a worse clown to front it. Headlines in the future, "Newspaper sued for the XIV time" for SLander, Libel, and generally lying through their teeth.

  • GT - 2011-03-27 16:51

    So they cant make the SABC work as a puppet mouthpiece, they need it in print. after todays headlines in the sunday times, I am hardly surprised they want to control more of what goes out of building in pretoria

  • Goddok - 2011-03-27 17:07

    This is an April joke isn,t it ????

  • fernando - 2011-03-27 17:11


  • fernando - 2011-03-27 17:11


  • laageen - 2011-03-27 17:17


  • Malcolm - 2011-03-27 17:25

    Is the ruling party allowed to spend taxpayers money on promoting themselves?

      Cynically Jaded - 2011-03-27 17:35

      There's a lot of crap the 'ruling party' does that they're not supposed to do. But they're the comrades that are entitled, so who the hell are we to object!?

  • laageen - 2011-03-27 17:25

    Finally, have been struggling for a while to post a comment. So, why would the media be so against the government? They are doing everything right. Have their priorities right and have an almost perfect approval rating by all the tax payers of this great nation. Surely this in not a broederbond plot to jeopardize the credibility of our supreme leaders (for life).

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-03-27 17:41

      Either you're being incredibly sarcastic or you are living in a bubble world full of candifloss and happy grape people.

      gizzy - 2011-03-27 18:10

      No wonder you've been struggling to post!!!!

      Ina - 2011-03-28 08:39

      Laageen lives in laa-laa land! Where have you been the last 16 years?

      laageen - 2011-03-28 12:23

      The struggle is over or has it just begun. Shoud have made more hints to my sarcasm. Apologies to all the moaners out there.

  • Mike - 2011-03-27 17:26

    The biginning of the end of private commercial news papers. R.I.P Was nice knowing you.

  • Cynically Jaded - 2011-03-27 17:32

    The start of the dick-tatorship begins! Why does this smack of the aspirations of other idiots in Africa and the Middle East? Next they'll insist on establishing a totally state run TV station that will be forced to spew out government propaganda 24/7. If we don't do something about these maniacal dogs soon, we can kiss our hard-won freedom in this country goodbye. We're already living like prisoners because of the crime and corruption that is a direct result of the power hungry corrupt buffoons in govt, so what's next?

      Felix - 2011-03-28 09:10

      They already run SABC.

  • leroux1 - 2011-03-27 17:36

    Shame. The ANC is grapling with the same problems 18th century european governments had when daily news was first widely spread on paper. Suddenly the man on the street could critize the government without having to listen to the official government propaganda. Hurry ANC . u have almost 300 years of catching up to do.

  • Mundu - 2011-03-27 17:49

    This should be entertaining. Now we can have a written record of their lies. It's going to be damn funny watching them fit both feet in their mouth's. Pity it has to be paid for with tax payers money.

  • GT - 2011-03-27 18:02

    Well, we can be sure it will be black and white only... no COLOUREDS!!!

  • nakkie1616 - 2011-03-27 18:03

    dis die joke van die jaar, omf

  • gcr - 2011-03-27 18:14

    April 1 st is only on Friday - or is this an early edition LOL

  • gizzy - 2011-03-27 18:14

    It's going to be published in the 11 official languages. Malema is going to do the pedi, zuma the zulu, kortbroek the afrikaans, winnie the xhosa. Who will do the rest????

      Ina - 2011-03-28 08:37

      You are dreaming if you think it will be in Afrikaans??

  • Cynical Sci - 2011-03-27 18:16

    Is this just to make the New Age seem more credible?

  • kosmos303 - 2011-03-27 18:30

    If only Jimmy Manyi would take a pill and dissolve!

  • 50something - 2011-03-27 19:06

    Government paper - who is paying for this? If it is a commercial undertaking - I, as a tax payer is not prepared to fund this paper. Bet it will become an ANC mouthpiece for which the taxpayer will pay - I say NO, NO, NO!!!! If this is an Alril fool's joke - I've been caught. I hope it is. Mind you the ANC election CD was not a joke - so I guess this is true, in which case I stick with my first comment.

  • Coffeeor Me - 2011-03-27 19:31

    How many people have said South Africa will go the same way as Zimbabwe! but no we all live with our heads buries in the sand. Look now Government newspaper. We might as well adopt the Zimbabwean National Anthem, kill two sird with one stone??

      lakhan7 - 2011-03-27 21:31

      SA is Not Zim. 3rd Generation South Africans are fighters. Everyone of us belonged to a military scenario in the past. Zim shall not happen to us, as we the people always delegate Viciously to the Government of South Africa to ensure fair running of our country and its services. By the Way Manyi is correct, the SA media are not fair on their stories published. I have been aware off this for a long time as a neutral observer to South Africa Motions. SA media personal have always slated their Government - thus coercing people to rebel , and worsen the situation. ( I am not sure if it was British teaching , that had the mentality that by selling negative news in newspapers increased sales? But I am sure that news can be written much more differently - readers are tired to read about article in which glasses are half empty! This article could be told in a positive light - the Glass is halve full.) My comment is absolute truth - based on a 2year observation of the SA system.

      Felix - 2011-03-28 09:20

      I disagree lakhan7, I have been observing SA for 29 yrs. Although it will be great to read how our fat cadres aren't stealing tax funds, all opposition to ANC is counter revolutionary and anything stupid they say was taken out of context. If they put it into a strip format I won't need to read Dilbert anymore.

      mm - 2011-03-28 10:14

      OMG lakhan7 but you are deluded. I am sorry, the media cannot ALWAYS be wrong. The media has a duty to report things AS THEY ARE independently. If the government f*cks up, they need to report it, not make anyone look good or bad. By not reporting on it is as good as being accomplices. And the fact that they report negative stuff on the ANC is not being rebels, it is their duty. Instead of silencing the papers, the stupid government needs to stop giving them so much to report. IE get their sh*t together, then there wouldn't be anything negative to report on | 1 reply () Delete

  • Lisaman - 2011-03-27 21:21

    How dare government use our tax payers money for government propoganda!!

  • Macho Mike - 2011-03-27 23:23

    Eish, call it "The Big Top" - fit's in nicely with the African National Circus. This newspaper will be a very thick newspaper - plenty of ANC B/S to be spoken about. They could always hire Gaddafi as an advisor.

  • Sisie - 2011-03-28 08:21

    The more things change the more they stay the same. Pre 1994 government had their own mouthpiece newspaper, and now this one wants the same. Or is this just another way to rob the poor to enrich those on the gravy train.

  • jwill - 2011-03-28 08:35

    Question: Government news OR pro-ANC propaganda?????

  • Ina - 2011-03-28 08:36

    Surely there must be a law against using tax payers money for this! Unbelievable! People dont have food, but maybe they can eat the newspaper! Oh! OK, now they won't need to buy toiletpaper anymore!

  • BigMoose - 2011-03-28 09:05

    ANC news on a roll. Perforated, double-ply.

  • Melly30 - 2011-03-28 09:07

    This is going to be a JOKE!!!

  • PB - 2011-03-28 09:23

    “It will be bigger than all of you guys put together” - not difficult, if you use TAXPAYER'S money. What a surprise - the ANC is starting a newspaper to spread propaganda just before the election. Manyi is getting more irritating than Malema, and that took some doing! Vuk’uzenzele = Vuk'off!

  • kuruption88 - 2011-03-28 09:29

    Didn't all the dictators of old have one of those??? (state newspapers)

  • mm - 2011-03-28 09:39

    A paper of lies, to further lie to their followers and tell them what they want to hear, and twist the truth in their own ways. These papers will probably be delivered for free by the truckloads to the poor squatter camp communities, to make them believe that they are actually living in luxury thanks to the ANC. Our next step to become Zim. Its a sad sad day. I am so glad I do not have children that are going to live with the fruits of this.

  • v3 - 2011-03-28 09:43

    I used to think of this guy as "Jimmy Verwoerd" - now I see he is really "Jimmy Gaddafi" - totaly out of touch with the real world - psychotic. On the other hand, as the ANC becomes more and more apartheid-Nat-like, it is inevitable that the Animal Farm pigs will emulate the Information Scandal.

  • Dilly - 2011-03-28 11:08

    “The media is censoring a lot of government information,” Manyi told City Press. Mr Manyi, don't you think that we are tired of your racial B&^LS*^T. We all know that the media does not censor government information but the government itself with the laws and by-laws and that this just another PROPOGANDA TOOL. AND WHEN THE F&^K DID YOU GET THE PUBLIC'S PERMISSION TO USE THEIR TAX MONEY FOR YOU F*&^KING PROPOGANDA TOOL???

  • dgee - 2011-03-28 12:36

    April 1st? This just shouldnt be allowed - How dare they use our taxpayers money for government propoganda! Why dont they sort out the media and stop giving the media such drivel to report on anyways? Actions speak louder than words - where's the action dear government? We want to see it not read about it. Houses, hospitals, jobs (maybe this is a job creation thing - for Jimmy dear who cant do the one he has already got) fix the water issues, power problems etc. No matter who prints what we wont believe what we cant see ( at the moment all we see is a bunch of desperate party fatcats who dont know how to run a democratic country.)

  • 50something - 2011-03-28 16:50

    Can the DA please ask this question in parliament - who is funding this and what will the editorial contents be? Guess they will be thrown out of the house again.

  • wide awake - 2011-03-30 10:51

    Wow this is exciting news, for once the cANCer are doing something beneficial 'Free toilet paper for the nation', delivered to you added bonus of watching the cANCer going down the toilets into the sewerage where they belong. Well done Jimmy can't wait.

  • wide awake - 2011-03-30 11:06

    Brilliant idea by Jimmy Manyi, I never thought he had the foresight for such a concept 'brilliant' 'Free toilet paper for the nation' hopefully it has plenty pictures of the cANCer on it. Thanks Jimmy

  • siviweviddosngcobondwana - 2011-03-30 11:54

    Long matter what type of defence Motlhante brings forth,the fact is Manyi is a propelled racist who has not yet showed his leadership skills rather than causing confusion.

  • onetickie - 2011-04-01 08:43

    Goodie, goodie, at last they'll be providing some toilet paper for their "wekkers".

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