Marikana women hold peaceful protest

2012-09-29 22:43

Mahikeng - Marikana women held a peaceful protest on Saturday following a decision by the North West High Court allowing them to protest.

"We, the women of Marikana, have won a decisive victory against the Rustenburg and Madibeng Municipalities, which have twice banned our planned peaceful march against the Marikana police station," the Wonderkop Community Women's Association (WCWA) said in a statement.

The women held their protest on Saturday afternoon.

They intended to protest police violence in their communities, which they said had led to the death or injury of several people.

"We feel unsafe and scared in our communities and this is because of the police, who have behaved like criminals," the WCWA said.

The women said they had first attempted to march on September 22 but were prohibited by the Madibeng municipality.

They then gave notice that they would march on September 29 but were again denied.

The WCWA accused the Rustenburg and Madibeng municipalities, as well as local police, of conspiring to prohibit their march.

"We had followed all legal requirements of the Gatherings Act, and had made every effort to co-operate with the authorities, but confronted bureaucratic confusion, obstruction and unlawful conduct by officials," the WCWA said.

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  • jans.opresser - 2012-09-29 23:38

    south africa is a sinking ship!this is the SS Titanic without the ice berg. zuma has covertly placed the country under MARTIAL LAW under the isguise of law and order and peace. when in fact he deployed the military because he thought then and still thinks now that he will be overthrown. just a matter of time before this sham of a democracy comes to a crashing halt!stock up on food and water!

  • cindy.dunn.9 - 2012-09-30 02:15

    This why a woman should lead all countries we are peaceful and only want to protect our young

      Annette Jacobs - 2012-09-30 07:54

      very dangerous argument. women can be beasts just like men, there is no difference, they also kill there children, abuse children neglect them, people running around with matches pangas sticks etc cant suspect anybody to trust them nearby. Sorry, dont defent them learn them otherwise, your children follow your own behavior

  • Chaapo - 2012-09-30 14:03

    Who marches for the people, including police officers and security guards, who were killed by the bunch of hoodlums form these communities prior to the so-called "massacres"? The people killed before this incident were not killed by the police but by some among the very community whose women are marching. If the aim it to protest and demand an end to violence, then they should be marching for all forms of violence to stop; not just selectively against the police. That is what would give credibility to the cause because, judging by the events leading up to how the community came to be in the spotlight, I do not buy wholesale into the allegations that the violence is coming from one end.

      Bluemoscow - 2012-09-30 14:13

      They are correct to march against the police. The police of south africa have abused its people many times and this is going to send a wake up call to the government to punish all this legal criminals \police\ strongly. You sound like a politician and it will be a huge mistake to put people like in you power cause you side with oppressers

      Chaapo - 2012-09-30 20:09

      To say fair and balanced does not imply bias. The one side-person is you who wants to demonize the police while trying to portray civilians as lily white and always at the mercy of the police. There are bad apples on both sides and we should not hold one side more liable than the other. perhaps you need to learn critical reading before blind criticism.

  • Bluemoscow - 2012-09-30 14:07

    @jans.oppreser True that. Zuma has brought back the apartheid system but people are failing to see that. Why do you think they are so obssessed with the e-tolls to start. Its because they are trying to keep poor people from the urban areas just like the apartheid government used to do with blacks by making us carry dom pass's. Since jacob Zuma was president after the 2010 world cup everything has turned into a mess and ANC politicians are working to gain millions out of the poor and blame it on private businesses

  • Bafana Joseph - 2012-09-30 14:27

    @Cindy it wont happen here in south africa nice try askies neah

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