Maserati gets Yengeni in trouble

2012-07-10 09:08

Cape Town - Traffic police in Cape Town pulled off Tony Yengeni on Monday after he was caught driving his Maserati without a front number plate.

The Sowetan reported that the former ANC chief whip and convicted fraudster also had an expired licence disc.

Yengeni apparently had the front number plate in the car and showed it to the officers. He also apparently had an updated licence disc but this had not been put on display on the car window.

He was given two fines adding up to R800.

A Cape Town councillor said it was common for people to drive without number plates as it helped them evade traffic cameras.

Yengeni, who currently heads the ANC's political school, could not be reached for comment on Monday.

  • julian.booyens - 2012-07-10 09:14

    A convicted fraudster who has been redeployed to currently head up the ANC's political school! So we can guess what is been taught there. I bow my head in shame

      JohncarlosBiza - 2012-07-10 09:17

      He was gaining valiuable experience in jail for an ANC promotion

      ann.murray.9279 - 2012-07-10 10:01

      REPEAT / SERIAL OFFENDER!!!! Typical ANC prototype!

      Bryan - 2012-07-10 10:25

      A covicted fraudster re-deployed within the ruling party.... Driving a Maserati?? Something completely wrong with this picture dont you think?

      Squeegee - 2012-07-10 10:44

      Em, SARS, have you taken a look at this guy recently?

      BigChiefPlumbPudding - 2012-07-10 10:50

      Vrrrrooooommmm - there goes another one of your fraudulent dishonest leaders Votas, in his fancy bling car racing at high speed past the squatter camps full of jobless people living in squalor. Good one Votas - enjoy your ANC and why not, they're certainly enjoying where you've put them.

      Esther - 2012-07-10 12:50

      @alicia.myburgh - must be a 'legacy of Apartheid and colonialism' this love for shoes. Or are shoes an African invention???

      nasheenar - 2012-07-10 13:57

      Thats where the housing money went to. To Maserati

      Preshen - 2012-07-11 08:24

      Vote DA

      erich.goosen - 2012-07-11 08:36

      What is even worse is that his guy is a big shot at the ANC academy where he is supposed to teach the newcommers ethics! I wonder how big was the 'discount' he received on the Maserati.

      Terry Elkington - 2013-08-12 09:47

      Yes, very worrying when we know this type of thing. The ANC full of convicts, fraudsters etc - like a Mafia !!

  • bennie.kruger.5 - 2012-07-10 09:19

    Another special person , depicting the material the ANC is Made of!!!

      bennie.kruger.5 - 2012-07-10 09:21

      "CHIEF WHIP ''- Is that the same as a TOOL ??

      jackal666.daniel - 2012-07-10 09:23

      Bennie the Chief Whip is the hand that jerks the spear.

      liana.loots - 2012-07-11 13:26

      LMAO well said jackal

  • millionwatts1 - 2012-07-10 09:21

    Not displaying Number Plates got Yengeni in trouble because driving a Maserati is not illegal.

      jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2012-07-10 12:12

      Gerald, why is it people like you feel obliged to defend people like Yengeni who wouldn't give you the time of day?.

      louis.vancoppenhagen.5 - 2012-07-10 15:16

      I'm guessing that the Political School is based in Cape Town, where a certain Italian brand of vehicle dealer franchise seems to enjoy loaning and selling this range to politicians and the "well-connected"..

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 15:45

      @ Jacqui i dont defend people, i am defending reason.

  • camp.j - 2012-07-10 09:22

    I guess he's above the law, therefore he cant be touched. CRAZY!

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 09:48

      how do you guess he is above the law and cant be touched...what in the article here written gives that impression...the man man made two traffic offences, one...his number plate was not on, and he had an expired license disc on the car even though he had renewed it...if anything this just gives an impression of one careless enough to have forgotten to put them in their right places. How this translates as someone who thinks he is above the law you have to show us, esp after he accepted both fines, or you were just you just saying what you said without thinking? the way, do also tell us that you never incurred a traffic fine as that by your argument will mean you also think that you are above the law and cant be touched. CRAZY, as you put it

      martin.britchford.5 - 2012-07-10 10:04

      gerald is right, its two minor infringements, only worth 800 bucks, but the convicted fraudster part means he should be struggling to find work, not driving a maserati.

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 10:15

      @ Martin, in an ideal world...but then also in an ideal world george bush jr would have been hurled before the ICC for crimes against humanity,apartheid would never have been, many stock brokers and investors in stock markets the world over will see the inside of prison for playing/gambling with people's pensions. We live in a world that dispenses selective justice, justice based on color and creed. we all know that...why are people turning pink about a lousy man with a lousy ticket that both you and i have incurred?

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 12:32

      @ Alicia "the man stole money, wilfully and with malice". With malice...i think you are taking a tad too far, in case you dont remember he convicted for fraud, after he received a discount on a Merc 350CDI, a car which at the time did not even cost R500k..So i find your choice of the words malice baseless. "your people carried him out of prison on their shoulders". "My people"? Please clarify who my people entail, seeing as it is i thought we were all part of one south african nation. So which people are mine and which are yours?

      chris.cunning.14 - 2012-07-10 14:29

      @Gerald: Personally I've had an expired license disk. Cannot say I've been caught without number plates though, especially on a sports car with a V8 supercharger. Considering the fact that plenty of people with sports cars "forget" there number plates off just goes to show they intend speeding. Considering he is one of the selected leaders who represent the country, I would say it is not good. He is a public servant (yes, he must serve his country) and therefore should lead by example.

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 15:23

      @ chris... Tony Yengeni is not a selected leader representing any country. If he is please enlighten us of his leadership position and the country he is representing. I just thought he was a senior member of a political party and his role was to advance the interests of that party. Thus he is not a public servant. You had an expired license right? Was that a reflection of your moral standing, does that mean you are a bad role model for your children? I must lack a certain intellectual or scientific predisposition then for i still dont see how not having a front license plate means one intends to speed. There are pleanty a of them being the fact that the plate was poorly put and either wind or a stone knocked it out and he never replaced it. You know what they say assumptions Chris... This is not a political matter, it is not a sign that the ANC was fashioned by Lucifer, it is not a sign that we are going to civil is a small personal issue. @ Alicia Seeing cat got your mouth can you then let me know what political party you and your people vote for so that i can stay clear of it and convince my people to the same?

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 15:46

      @ Alicia, then how are people who carried him on their shoulders "my people"?

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 16:08

      @ Alicia..and malice means with intent...seriously now. Whatever you are smoking i want some of it.

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 16:51

      @ Alicia... notice how you run away when you have nothing of substance to say...malice does not mean with intent , you know that...what you are defending still does not explain why you said Tony was malicious when he was in fact petty and greedy when he accepted that discount. I asked you who my people are whom you referred to and still no answer. Without insulting you, and with the greatest respect i think you are a typical example of an average news24 blogger, who puts forth arguments without actually thinking...its a knee jerk reaction to bash the ANC..but this issue has nothing to do with the ANC but with a man. Wether malice is brewing in thhe ANC is besides the point, i am not a member of any political party in this country, but stick to points...this is a traffic violation by a man, it is not a result of a ANC polcy document! Now apologies if you feel my statement earlier was a personal attack, it was just a figure of speech to portray my dismay, but point taken...i shall let you be in peace, with adults

      martin.britchford.5 - 2012-07-11 08:25

      the status quo needs to change, the way countries are run needs to change, politicians should be banned and countries run by a ceo and board, with us the populkation as shareholders, we call the shots, they just impliment it on our behalf,

      marcussusman - 2012-07-11 08:33

      1-0 to Gerald

      gail.hayesbean - 2012-07-11 12:25

      You know Alicia I do believe your post was poorly worded and that in this instance gerald has the right of it. If you had said intent it would still have been offensive just sslightly less so. I have no doubt that Tony never gave a thought to the fact that the discount he was given should have gone to the poor nor that a Mercedes is unnecessary. Had you used the word thoughtlessly or without consideration I would accept it. All of us do thoughtless things at times and he paid for what he did. Did the people giving him the discount pay for offering it in the first place? If Tony bargained them down then perhaps he was aware that he was buying a car beyond his means when the constituency he served could have benefitted from the money he was spending. I'm against any politician receiving kickbacks regardless of who his people are. It's how you conveyed what you felt that is incorrect not what you said.

  • sanet.oelofse - 2012-07-10 09:36

    Leading by example...

  • magomarele - 2012-07-10 09:41

    How did he afford Maserati? I recon the bribes and slush funds are too much to resist indulgence. I don't know any valuable job that this guy does to generate enough money for Maserati. Anyway, he has been above the law for very long time and because he's always drunk he probably suffers from delusions of grandeur.

      Jack - 2012-07-10 09:52

      That's how businesses get awarded large government contracts. They get into bed with someone with political ties. Cronyism. Classic example is Malema and his roadworks "engineering" firm. That engineering firm have no clue how to fix roads but they had been awarded multi million rand contracts. They money goes straight into the pockets of the likes of Malema and not invested into the "engineering" firm. Then we wonder why Limpopo's roads have gone to ruin.

  • alu.ntsandeni - 2012-07-10 09:51

    hahahaha... how is this news? the guy got two lousy tickets, do we have to hear about this??

      werner.nel.712 - 2012-07-10 10:05

      Lead by example ne!

      msophiasharp - 2012-07-10 10:22

      Yes of course we have to hear about it, seeing we are being vindicated (especially white females travelling alone) on roads and the highway....

  • devon.riley.52 - 2012-07-10 09:54

    Convicted criminal and he is still one of the big shots in the ANC. Go figure.........

  • Sidney Olifant - 2012-07-10 09:59

    remember guys he is leading by example after all he`s the head of the ANC`political school for fools

      patricia.dewet.92 - 2012-07-10 13:16

      It just shows, not used to money, that is why he goes for bling in cars and clothes. In 20 years time he will again be poor, becauce no ANC and nowhere to steal.

  • paddy.nolan.14 - 2012-07-10 10:03

    What is a public servant, who I pay for, doing in a f'king Maserati ??

      Siza Silvester - 2013-08-12 13:59

      Tony is not a public servant. His wife, Lumka, is a member of parliament. Facts plz!

  • deon.rossouw.56 - 2012-07-10 10:04

    yengeni the untouchable

  • RoryKlein - 2012-07-10 10:08

    .... and this makes news why? Who really cares? He is not going to be paying the fines, he doesn't care and I can bet you he still hasn't put the number plate or licence disc on the car either. Now if they had taken a pop rivet gun and attached his number plate to his car, well then I guess I would have at least read the article with a bit of a chuckle.

  • neo.khemisi - 2012-07-10 10:08

    How many people in all 9 provences drives around without front plate(you know him/her already) and traffic police keep giving them tickets and yet still drives them atleast Mr Yengeni here he has them and disc what he did not have was time to put them on and he got himself R800 fine did he refuse or threaten that he's goin to oppose the fine in traffic court? No no no to me and most no judgemental minds the moral of this article is not SAcan disobeying trffic law here is a black man driving maserati and that man happend to be Yengeni \coNvicted froudster\so he did not get it illegal as he did not get it from their daddy's shop LETS STOP BE JUDGEMENTAL SAcans

      raath - 2012-07-10 11:16

      Geez, learn how to use a comma

  • neo.khemisi - 2012-07-10 10:09

    How many people in all 9 provences drives around without front plate(you know him/her already) and traffic police keep giving them tickets and yet still drives them atleast Mr Yengeni here he has them and disc what he did not have was time to put them on and he got himself R800 fine did he refuse or threaten that he's goin to oppose the fine in traffic court? No no no to me and most no judgemental minds the moral of this article is not SAcan disobeying trffic law here is a black man driving maserati and that man happend to be Yengeni \coNvicted froudster\so he did not get it illegal as he did not get it from their daddy's shop LETS STOP BE JUDGEMENTAL SAcans

      msophiasharp - 2012-07-10 10:21

      Maybe people that cannot even spell....

  • neo.khemisi - 2012-07-10 10:09

    How many people in all 9 provences drives around without front plate(you know him/her already) and traffic police keep giving them tickets and yet still drives them atleast Mr Yengeni here he has them and disc what he did not have was time to put them on and he got himself R800 fine did he refuse or threaten that he's goin to oppose the fine in traffic court? No no no to me and most no judgemental minds the moral of this article is not SAcan disobeying trffic law here is a black man driving maserati and that man happend to be Yengeni \coNvicted froudster\so he did not get it illegal as he did not get it from their daddy's shop LETS STOP BE JUDGEMENTAL SAcans

  • joel.mafolo - 2012-07-10 10:10

    Those who know Tony Tengeni well will tell you that he is a good man, and definitely not a criminal. I for one I am still convinced that Yengeni serving a jail term was miscarriage of justice. And he went to jail for getting a discount on a car, and yet there was a long list of people who got discounts on cars, and from the same company. And getting a discount on a car has unjustly earned Yengeni the lifetime title of "convicted fraudster". I am not saying Tony is perfect but he is definitely no fraudster. And now the big story is that Tony was driving a Maserati with an expired disc and without a number plate. Now I remember that I renewed my license disc a while back and still have to get around putting it on the screen. After heavu rains in Cape Town , number plates do fall. It has happened to me lots of times. Does that make me a criminal or dishonest person if I am caught? Methinks not! Tony is a public figure and should not forget about these things, otherwise we shall be reminded that our brother and comrade is a "convicted fraudster".

      Jack - 2012-07-10 10:15

      That "discount" is called a kickback. It is illegal. There were further violations which lead to his conviction. The injustice is that Zuma did not go down with him and he is out of jail. He is not a good man.

      msophiasharp - 2012-07-10 10:21

      Are you another one of his 'flunkies'LOL....

      Thandekile Pokolo - 2012-07-10 10:51

      come on mr maan

      Cherri - 2012-07-10 13:46

      Let's not forget that he was also arrested for drunken driving but somehow, mysteriously those blood tests were tampered with so the convicted fraudster was given a 'get out of jail free' card.

      jason.sole.92 - 2012-07-10 15:48

      At least he has a good taste in cars.

      Archie - 2012-07-11 08:51

      Was Yengeni not part of the ARMS DEAL?That shocking piece of ANC history that wont go away.Semels and varker come to mind.

  • thabo.shaku - 2012-07-10 10:12

    Fraud is 2nd nature for this guy!

  • sean.goldie.9 - 2012-07-10 10:15


  • msophiasharp - 2012-07-10 10:20

    I would rather be driver of a donkey cart on a gravel road than drive in a Maserati such as this lordship and his kin, SIES....

  • paul.duplessis - 2012-07-10 10:23

    A fool, the very epitomy of the human stain.

  • pierre.dupreez.58 - 2012-07-10 10:31

    This guy's "I-will-not-obay-any-law" attitude is something unique! What is it with this guy, IS HE COMPLETELY ANTI-SOCIAL OR JUST STUPID?

      raath - 2012-07-10 11:17

      Now that is a difficult decision to make...

  • john.markham.737 - 2012-07-10 10:31

    No wonder they replace the one criminal with another, that all they'e got.

  • Gavin - 2012-07-10 10:34

    f'ing ANC scumbags. have you no pride ? are there any honest members of this f'ing useless corrupt incompetent impotent organisation ????????????

      gail.hayesbean - 2012-07-11 12:39

      I definitely must call you on the word impotent! Imagine when we have a President with I forget how many wives and children calling the organisation impotent? Perhaps you mean it figuratively? Thay do have all the power still and need no temptation to fit your other descriptions. ?

  • Thobile Lugwadu - 2012-07-10 10:49

    May have something to do with personal security, he must pay up the fine and make sure a similar incident doesnot happen again

  • jacques.marais.925 - 2012-07-10 10:50

    Criminal no head of school ! Fu-k this is so funny

  • zenithdolphin - 2012-07-10 10:51

    He heads the ANC political school...what school is that? How to Get In With The In Crowd In Politics..and Get Rich! Sound to good to be true? If you subscribe NOW you get a 20% discount, AND a free newsletter on how to COPE with the DA and Get your own Maserati! For a mere R150 you can also get the bestseller Fraud for Dummies.

  • Dhavandran - 2012-07-10 10:54

    now this answers our question to the quality of our govts officials. the cherry on the top is that this fraudster is heading the cANCer's political school. no need to about guess the about the quality of the future leaders of this political party. "qualified fraudsters" supported and maintained by pravin gordhan.

  • wayne.groenewald.5 - 2012-07-10 10:59

    where the fck does he get a Maserati from? Can he even spell Maserati?

  • colin.chester1 - 2012-07-10 11:00

    So who says crime doesnt pay? What is remarkable is how so many of the comments here dwell on the persons race, and yet completely overlook the facts. He was driving a car without the registration plate or new reg disc displayed - Fact He was previously convicted of fraud - fact In spite of this he still drives a Maserati - fact Most disturbingly, in spite of this he is still employed by our government in a key position - fact His race is quite immaterial, and anyone who seeks to justify,(or condemn based), on this fact is simply re-enforcing any ideals that Nationalist regime had. The idea that he should not be vilified as "plenty of people who have gone before should have been convicted of crimes but weren't" is the most illogical construct. Based on that presumption, no one form this day forth should ever be found guilty are reviled if it can be proven that anyone anywhere else in the world was not tried and convicted for crimes which may be considered more heinous. These comments only serve to underscore the tragic reality that most South Africans still base all their perceptions and meet out "judgement" based on the "perpetrators" colour.

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 11:55

      colin.chester1 your 4th fact is not a fact...he is not employed by government at all, he works for the ANC and works for himself, the latter affords him the abilty to drive the Maser, though i myself find it tasteless. i think the objection here raised is not inkeeping with the offense, that is the real tragedy in south africa, as long as people on these forums criticise anything associated with the ANC midlessly they will always keep people voting for the ANC. you say race has nothing to do with it but how many white people incur similar offences, how many are has nothing to do with race but his pilitical affiliations, thus you yourself are part of that tragic cycle in SA that will just criticise anything and anybodu if the ANC is associated with it. the man broke the law, he is paying for it...finish and klaar...have you ever been issued with a fine for a traffic violation?

      colin.chester1 - 2012-07-10 12:06

      Gerald - He is employed by the AND , as you yourself state, ergo he works for the ruling party, ergo, he works for the Government. It is quite simply a logical, and yes factual extrapolation. And YES I am part of that tragic cycle that criticizes the ANC, viz the ruling party, as I did with the Nationalist party. And yes, in answer to your question, I have been issued with a fine.. Of course I'm not a public figure, and I'm not employed by the ruling party, ergo by the State, and of course I have never been found guilty of fraud and STILL find myself employed by the state... As far as the gents taste for the finer things in life... Taste is personal. However given his previous nefarious predilections, the price paid for his taste, whether good or bad, certainly makes for good news. And I'm afraid I think you will find people equally as critical of the Cope MP who tried to exit an aircraft at a somewhat prohibitive altitude a few days ago. So I suspect criticism if not the sole bastion of the ANC.

      colin.chester1 - 2012-07-10 12:09

      Apologies..ANC..Spelling 1 oh 1 for me (Must be my underlying penchant for criticizing them)

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 12:20

      Colin- we are going to agree to disagree about his employment...being employed by the party with the majority seats in parly does not mean one is employed by the state...there is a disticntion between gorv and party, i suugest you familiarise yourself with it. A man got a ticket for what i would even call a misdemeanour, i do not advocate ANC politics and i sont know Mr Yengeni personally. He went to jail for a discount in a shady deal of which many you know with the codesa talks how many the issue that the prev nat party siphoned moneoy out of the treasury was never followed up, you use worlds like neferious predilictions, but the only crimes Tony was convicted for was the merc discount and the speedinng ticket in cape town which he paid for. i am equally critical of the ANC as i am of the DA or any another party, but call a spade a spade...Tony does not work for government, and your saying he does exposes the fact that you do not understand the parliamentary process(but then neither does the ANC itself given how Mbeki was outsted). The point i was raising to you is people are more inclined to criticise (and quite passionately) so when the name ANC comes up, abd that serves a hindrance to the progress of our country. perfect example is you and we are arguing about a stupid silly thing that either of us could have done, while we could be talking about real issues that our country deserves and uniting to achieve our common goals..hence u are part of tragedy

      colin.chester1 - 2012-07-10 12:32

      Its not a discount Gerald, its a kick back..Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with that distinction. The law certainly does. Yes, perhaps I should familiarize myself with parliamentary process. This would clearly make me a better judge of right and wrong? You assume I am part of the tragedy yet in your first missive you were quick to make a point about race... Yet in your latest comment you speak of unification? Unfortunately the two are diametrically opposed. As far as people being more inclined to critique the ANC as opposed to any other THAT Gerald is opinion, and not fact. Unless you have empirical evidence supportive of this. And yes you are quite correct, we are wasting time arguing something as simple as a traffic violation.. However the operative here is the WE, and the crux is not the fine, but the underlying issues, viz someone thinking their status in society put them above the law.

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 12:43

      @ Collin race issue: if you look at my statement, you will notice i state is more an issue of politcal affiliation than it is of race, seeing both black and white people get caught for similar offenses but it never raises such a comotion as with ANC people Kickback: you are right Collin, the discount he got was in bad faith as it influenced components of the arms deal. so i agree...kickback not discount. Bottom line i do not condone such and i wish more was done to halt such the world over, hence i have been crying the prev Nat party should be investigated for their corruptio, esp between 1991 and 1994 when they took money out of the treasury. Bribery, kickbacks and corruption are some of the main reasons why i do not vote for the ANC tragedy...yes you are part of that tragedy because, you, like the news24 sheep, will just about criticise anything to do with the ANC without applying their minds. on that note i want you to explain to me how in this case Tony thinks he is above the law?

      colin.chester1 - 2012-07-10 12:56

      Gerald - I suspect Tony Yengenis actions which resulted in a prison sentence are evidence enough of him thinking he is above the law. As far as being a New24 sheep - Well, I suspect thats rather the pot calling the kettle black, (no pun intended of course) And I need to point out that my criticism was not directed at the ANC per se. It was an observation that the ruling party employed an individual who had been found guilty of fraud. (And please dont engage in semantics about whether that makes him employed by the " Government" ). That, I believe we will agree, is fact. And whilst your wish that you had done more I commendable, Im sure there are better platforms for easing your conscience at not having done so than the comments column of News 24? Especially given how crowded it is with live stock here...

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 13:06

      @ colin, we can drag this out forever so lets not... Tony served his jail sentence and got out on parole, not a presidential pardon. do not prejudice Tony's current offence by judging him from a past offence. a man got caught for not having his licence plate on...that's it...there is no arrogance here, or assumptions of grandeur by him. it was a misdemeanour, the fact that he accepted the ticket is an admission of guilt which disproves your point that he thinks he is above the law. My objection about Yengeni's employment are not me engaging in semantics but pointing out your bias because the momemnt you mention government here you include government in this issue, which is would be more credible to blame gorv about the Cope MP who took one too many yesterday than to mention gorv here

      colin.chester1 - 2012-07-10 13:16

      Gerald - Sure ,I like most others, judge or form opinions based on previous experience. And given Tony's brush with discount, and his miraculous escape from a parole violation on 2007, it does rather provide a wonderful springboard for prejudging. And no bias toward government - Simply fact. he is employed by them and he is a convicted felon. Also rather odd that you go on about people using this forum to criticism the ANC, yet a few comments up you engage in exactly the same activity. Apparently you can argue for both sides of the fence...

      ben.bjergstad - 2012-07-10 13:30

      One could argue that The ANC works for our government based on the proportional representation system which allocates state funding to the political parties according to the number of seats held. So ergo all politician's, who's parties have parliamentary representation, have salaries that are state subsidised. Ergo Politicians are Civil Servants.

      gerald.nchabeleng - 2012-07-10 13:32

      a few comments up i engage in a discussion based on this argument. I criticise the ANC or gorv where i think criticism is due. Yengeni is not ANC and sorry Colin, not, and i repeat NOT, employed by gorv. This is a personal human matter that its getting more than its fare share of introspection. is there bias here

      Cherri - 2012-07-10 13:50

      Gerald, if you say it enough you might convince yourself that the ANC is not the government. The rest of us aren't so naive.

  • annette.vorster.54 - 2012-07-10 11:00

    Now do you understand this mess in South Africa? THIS MAN HEADS THE anc POLITICAL SCHOOL! With teachers like that what the hell do you expect? . . . john v

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-07-10 11:07

    "Political School" Is this a euphimism for "Brainwashing Centre" ?. This fool probably get paid more than 100 honest hardworking Cosatu members, for doing nothing! I wonder what Vavi has to say about this? Number plates and licence discs? I am not a peasant like you people!

      don.quioxte.3 - 2012-07-10 11:32

      This is where one is taught how to keep your cANCer pig-snout firmly in the trough no matter how loud everyone shouts 'Foul'!

  • riedwaan.jefferies - 2012-07-10 11:14

    This convicted fraudster really thinks he is above the law.

  • don.quioxte.3 - 2012-07-10 11:17

    Can anyone in the cANCer tell us what this parasite actually does in the line of work.

  • Randomhero6661 - 2012-07-10 11:33

    ah the ANC has a lot of heavyweights... boombalatastic

  • faizieishlah.shabalala - 2012-07-10 11:43

    Is this a Parole violation, shows dishonest intent

  • sizwe.bwana - 2012-07-10 11:47

    Another example of the caliber of ANC top management, Hitler also liked to surround himself with criminals.

  • flysouth - 2012-07-10 12:26

    Maseratis were never intended for people like this!

  • percy.vanzyl.1 - 2012-07-10 12:32


  • Esther - 2012-07-10 12:41

    Headmaster of the ANC's political school? What does he teach? Could I please attend classes in 'How-to-get-a-tender-without-having-any-other- qualifications-than-being-black'?

      ben.bjergstad - 2012-07-10 13:39

      Esther, how original of you to come up with-a-long-winded-statement-like-that. Statistical fact more black youth have FET qualifications than whites, Percentage to populace wise it's the other way around cause white are a minority.

      Cherri - 2012-07-10 13:53

      That may be so Ben, but the standard of those qualifications leaves much to be desired. Take off your rose-tinted specs.

      ben.bjergstad - 2012-07-10 14:14

      @cherri.pie So you just chose to call black youth who are University graduates, stupid? If I'm not mistaken my diploma in hospitality gave me the knowledge to find a horrendous waitering job, which led me to develop myself to where I am today. Skill and experience is not taught in the classroom, it's taught "on the job". Now how is it their fault if they have neither skill nor experience if there are no jobs or are not given the chance to succeed by people with your very same mindset, who shoot them down with out a flying chance in proving themselves. I challenge you to employ, mentor and develop a black youth graduate. You'll be surprised, they're just like you and me, and by that I mean Mixed or White, cause heavens forbid I should be pure caucasian but then again given the settlers history in the Cape, you may not be either.

  • brian.m.sithole - 2012-07-10 14:15

    Next weeks news24 headline : Tony Yengeni takes a dump at Cape Town mall....

  • polelo.phokwane - 2012-07-10 16:12

    In the ANC conference they agreed to uphold discipline on/off duty.Now what is this that Tony is displaying on our public roads?

  • willem.dehaan.94 - 2012-07-10 16:51

    Ow, its tough being a poor, deprived black in this country! Only a Maserati! Not even the top of line model, no man, life is hard, those whiteys have it all. And those speedcops have no respect! Don't they know whose car it is? Yengeni, man, you must teach them respect, my man. Where were your body guards? Maybe you were driving too fast for them, they could not stay ahead to clear the way for you? Next time, take it slow, let them go ahead and beat the hell out of those disrespectful cops, show them whose the boss! I mean, you did not join the struggle to be subjected to this kind of treatment? Amandla!

  • siliziwem - 2012-07-11 06:09

    i ws also given the same fine 4 the same offence in the i ws driving Toyota bakkie nt a Mazerrati...@ least sum consistency shame!

  • Sannie - 2012-07-11 07:17

    Crazy indeed.

  • 6Lady6Cadaver6 - 2012-07-11 08:07

    He is a convicted fraudster... and he is the head of the ANC's political school... I have no words.

  • FourieGP - 2012-07-11 08:21

    Seems like the ANC is paying very good money for the members to drive these luxury sport cars, guess he also only earns R20k a month like his brother Malenma

  • - 2012-07-11 08:38

    The depths and lengths people go to be make the news.

  • jwdupreez - 2012-07-11 08:44

    He has made it abundantly clear (before) that he is above the law and F*ck the poor - all they have to do is vote ANC and shut-the f*ck-up. Leave the spoils to the Comrades and their chronies. We have the power - you just vote

  • Aaron - 2012-07-11 09:52

    a disgrace to our nation. he will rot in hell

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