Matric: Maths, science 'need attention'

2013-01-03 11:19

Johannesburg - More attention needed to be given to maths and science, the principal of a school in Benoni, Ekurhuleni, said on Thursday shortly after pupils received their matric results.

Jacob Reba, head of the Ephes Mamkeli Secondary School in Wattville, said his Grade 12s had failed to obtain a single distinction in either of these subjects.

"We need to work harder in order to improve because [they], including accounting, are subjects that are a very important. These are subjects that government has highlighted as important and necessary."

A few students started trickling into the school around 08:15 to get their results.

The school, which was one of the top schools in the township, received an 80.2% pass rate this year - an improvement from last year's 78.8%.

Reba said he was happy with the results.

"We have been doing well as a school compared to our neighbouring schools. We have even achieved [pass rates] in the 90s region before."

Hard work

He said they had worked hard for these results.

"We remind the children of the vision of our school. They should aim for international universities, not only local ones. We also push them for quality results... It's not just about how many of them pass, but it matters how they have passed."

Out of the 147 matriculants at the school, 118 passed. The school's top achiever was Nkululeko Vilakazi, with four As and three Bs.

Outside the principle's office, a few students sat waiting for their results statements.

Busisiwe Feketshane said although she only received one distinction, she was certain she had done well.

"I believe I did well because the exams weren't that hard," she said.

Toned down

Ntombifuthi Dube said she had performed well and received a B symbol, which would allow her to study towards a Bachelor's degree.

"I already have a scholarship with Edu Campus, and I want to study management."

In comparison to past years, when matrics paraded the streets of the township, shouting and celebrating, some blasting music from their homes, this year only a handful of students were kneeling in the streets, paging through newspapers looking for their results.

  • jannie.devos.56 - 2013-01-03 11:51

    Of course it needs attention. Problem is, to teach these subjects you need teachers with at least B.Sc. degrees in the subjects. How do you convince someone with a qualification like that to enter the teaching profession and work for less than what a Lonmin mine worker earns today while they can earn 3 - 4 times that elsewhere? Methinks it ain't gonna happen...

  • calvin.eighteeseex - 2013-01-03 12:02

    Last time I had a teacher for both maths and science was in grade11,in matric we had no teacher we formed a study group with neighbour school after hours,and ya I managed to pass both these even though I passed with a low mark but I proved there is no difficult subject in the world,I passed without a lab and I had never touched a computer then,it was back in 2005, so these kids must drop savanas n mxits and do what we did, no excuses!!!

      xolile.khoza.505 - 2013-01-03 15:13

      Calvin, you right. Drop Savanas, mxits, porn and get to their respective books! klaar!!!

      colin.dovey - 2013-01-03 21:52

      To get around this problem every child needs a Laptop with Free Wifi (it was done in Argentina recently) THEN they have access to FREE Maths & Science: and Also and, for a small annual fee of R590: This "government" needs to get its ass into gear. Maths Lit is an excuse for a subject.

  • lybon1 - 2013-01-03 12:14

    Suprise suprise........we knw that already......tell us wat u r gonna about it....bcz this is turning into a broken record......every year they say the same thing

  • sandra.j.rennie - 2013-01-03 12:15

    Understatement of the decade !

  • denise.wilshire - 2013-01-03 12:35

    This old song is 20 years old! Just when are we going to actually address these issues. Unfortunately we now have 2 generations of people who are dismal at Maths and Science and it shows up all over in the workplace and universities. STOP THE GRANDSTANDING AND MAKE OUR TAX MONEY WORK FOR THE YOUTH OF THIS COUNTRY. No wonder Jacob Zuma's homestead cost more than the inital quote.

  • rona.vanrensburg.1 - 2013-01-03 13:25

    The thing is, teachers should be selected and write and admission test! This is one of the highest responsibility jobs cause the country's future depends on the quality of the educators! No qualified person will leave a salary of R20k a month for a teaching salary and that's where the problem lies. And there is lots of qualified engineers etc that will rather teach maths and science...but won't even consider it due to the salary drop! Therefore teacher should be valued more, cause the future of this country depend on the quality of education!!!

  • denise.wilshire - 2013-01-03 14:10

    As a parent of a teacher with a 4 year degree, I can tell you that it was very hard to pay for her tuition at Wits. Especially since I knew that she would be paid peanuts to do such a hugely important job. She had a calling so I shut up and paid up. Since when do you reward all those hours of study with a terrible pay packet? The future of our country rests on the shoulders of our teachers and they need financial rewards. I also maintain that they should receive a performance bonus at the end of each year, based on hours in the class room and results. Too many of the teachers in township schools pitch when they feel like it and are underqualified to do this major job. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SEE OUR TAX BURDEN PUT TO BETTER USE?

  • jason.marshall.1804 - 2013-01-03 20:49

    What the hell do you want to manage? Should you first get a degree in something, and then manage once you know what you doing? Times are changing.

  • angelina.nhlapo - 2013-01-03 21:25

    Attention is needed from lower grades. These leaners needs to know and acknowledge basis of each subject and build their knwledge from what they already studied from previous grade. Their foundation must be solid

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