Matric improvement 'must be sustained'

2011-01-06 08:42

Johannesburg - The improvement in the matric pass rate for 2010 must be sustained, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga said in Pretoria on Thursday.

"There is no turning back now. The increase is a significant achievement we can write home about and be proud of," she said.

"I take my hat off to the class of 2010."

Some 67.8% of matrics passed the 2010 exams, up from 60.7% in 2009.

However, there were still many schools below the national benchmark which needed attention and support, the minister said.

"We will work closely to make sure they reach that national benchmark."

Motivated by the World Cup

She said the pupils had been motivated by the FIFA World Cup.

"The class of 2010 was simply distinctive... the World Cup was not a disruption. It motivated schools, parents, and officials to go the extra mile."

She described the pass rate as a "remarkable achievement" and said it was possible that the 2010 public sector strike might have robbed the department of its targeted 70% pass rate. The department had aimed for a pass rate of 70% for 2010 and a 10% improvement by 2014.

Intensive study camps were organised and it was indeed "business unusual" during the strike, she said.

"The exams went smoothly and the department consistently worked to ensure credibility of exams."

The process of checking exam results was conducted fairly and the results were credible, she said.

She said although there had been a decline in the pass rate in previous years, the department had committed themselves to change that in 2010.

"It is pleasing to know that there were no major challenges like leakages," she said. The 2009 results were marred by matric examination paper leaks in Mpumalanga.

  • Rooikoppie - 2011-01-06 08:48

    I would like to say well done to the department of education, they must keep it up.

      rmarkram - 2011-01-06 09:14

      You should really learn to think before you speak. In essence this only shows the matrics that passed knows 30% of their work and would definitely not pass in the university. Though I must admit more Job Security for me =)

      T-man - 2011-01-06 09:29 are really selfish.because of your insecurities, you are happy that other people will not progress. That is very sad.

      T-man - 2011-01-06 09:33 are very selfish, because of your insecurities you are happy that other people will not progress. that very sad

      SiphovdMerwe - 2011-01-06 09:37

      Interesting analogy @rmarkram, say, you mind taking me through how you got to that 30% figure?

      tshembane - 2011-01-06 10:16

      i see crisis @ university, rmarkram im wit u on det one

      bluewire123 - 2011-01-06 10:40

      Mo rmark, yes in deed your job as an unskilled labourer is indeed secure cause your 30% remark makes no sense. Hope to heaven that you are not a doctor or engineer.

  • derek.dekoker - 2011-01-06 08:53

    Definitely encouraging, I would like the government to add the competitiveness of our senior certificate to these announcements. If we increase our pass rate over time and increase our competitiveness then we are winning as a country. Not trying to sound like a cynic or implying that it is the case, but if an increase in our pass rate comes at the expense of the quality of our senior certificate then it is indeed an empty victory.

      lmaoeng - 2011-01-06 11:25

      I agree with your 2n paragraph, it does not help to push passing % to as low as 33.3 and still be happy with 67% rate. Gorvement must act harshly to any public servant that strike during its time, we are sick and tired of lawlesness and hope for better in nothing. They must start job creation programs e.g science & egineering student to show off what they can invent and get financial assistace, to encourage students that pass with good % and give all students with 3+ distinctions bursariesm,

  • themantshepo - 2011-01-06 09:05

    well done to the department and all those matrics....this shows that teachers have the right to strike as the students were not affected and also shows that togeather, government, trade unions, students and the teachers we can achieve great things.....but next year the department must pass more black students as they could have passed more black students this year, but automatically passing an extra 50% students to improve the apss rate was a good start

      Tebza! - 2011-01-06 09:25

      and where do you expect them to end up? surely you wouldn't want your kids to get automatic pass unless you got one're a disgrace to black people you f***k*n idiot!

      Lottie - 2011-01-06 09:31

      Unfortunately, nothing here proves that the strikes did not affect the students. For instance, had the strikes not happened, the pass rate could have been even higher. The point is it's not a causal link just because you want it to be. Justifying the strikes because this year's pass rate is higher is only wishful thinking on your part, not fact. And it takes away from the hard work of the matrics. Well done to them for achieving so well despite difficult circumstances facing them.

      Darwinian - 2011-01-06 09:46

      nice of you to admit that a certain race group IS less intelligent that another....

      tshembane - 2011-01-06 10:23

      some blacks r dom, some whites r dom 2 but who cares big up to da department for pushing our learners to varsity. Darwinian U RETARD!!

      Darwinian - 2011-01-06 10:45

      hehehe did I hit a nerve tshembane? themantshepo explained it to us, I just made it more understandable :) tit for tat my friend.

      Sage - 2011-01-06 11:10

      By implication you're condoning a society of illiterate and uneducated masses that will lead this country to hell. And, for your edification, nothing justifies teachers going on strike and robbing the youth of an education. Maybe you're an example of the future that your folly hints to, and that's neither appealing nor promising.

  • mba - 2011-01-06 09:07

    Empty victory. We need to cast our minds back to the fact that examiners were instructed to be lenient with black candidates.

      Seleso - 2011-01-06 09:54

      hmmm ..empty victory? I guess you only congratulated the IEB students with 98%

      Carl Muller - 2011-01-06 15:53

      You make me think of some farmers, when it rains R200 notes they complain about the lack of change with it.

  • fredl.laing - 2011-01-06 09:13

    Well done Ms Motshekga!! It's great to hear good news from this key area of our country. You give us hope. Thanks for the great effort.

  • cnel1979 - 2011-01-06 09:20

    Repeat these results by planning a strike for 2011.

  • Evanzo - 2011-01-06 09:20

    "It motivated schools, parents, and officials to go the extra mile." "It motivated officials to go the extra mile in strikes literally walking in down main roads all over the country causing commotion" That' what she should be saying.

  • plasticpeppe - 2011-01-06 09:21

    lest build from here..regardsless of background to result

  • plasticpeppe - 2011-01-06 09:22

    lets build from here.. regardless of the views.

  • ba45 - 2011-01-06 09:26

    67.8% remains shockingly low. That means 32.2% of matriculants could not even achieve the most basic of qualifications, yet its called a "remarkable achievement"! How will these people ever find jobs?

      Ederik - 2011-01-06 09:48

      The real figure is 56,64%.

      Darwinian - 2011-01-06 10:06

      No worries mate!! 32.2% new police officer will be trained...

      T-man - 2011-01-06 10:34

      Ederik, 67.8% is for students which wrote all seven subjects...56.64% is for everyone incuding the students that did not write all seven should have read the article carefully before commenting

  • jiamalunga - 2011-01-06 09:32

    I wonder if these results are real? Already an anonymous marker called in this morning to 702 claiming the department asked them to review some results. Time will tell. These things get out eventually. But Gongrats to everybody who passed!

      DeonL - 2011-01-06 09:38

      I too smell a rat, would not be surprised if all pupils marks were raised by 10%.

  • Xram62 - 2011-01-06 09:33

    I've just looked at all the "achievers" with 8 or more distinctions but sadly don't find any names beginning with double consonants like "mpo" or "kgalema". What happened to Freeman, Matric Examption, Service Provider, Beauty and God Knows? Were their papers not marked lenient enough? Or has it got to do with "potensial" "achieve" instead of "struggle"??? Words fail me...

  • SiphovdMerwe - 2011-01-06 09:36

    Interesting analogy @rmarkram, say, you mind taking me through how you got to that 30% figure?

      Ederik - 2011-01-06 09:50

      These days you only need 30% to pass. The only way they could increase the pass rate!

      SiphovdMerwe - 2011-01-06 10:02

      ever occur that some natural born genius as well some hard workers got 100%

  • position08 - 2011-01-06 09:43

    I find this difficult to believe. Teachers at the marking centers reported receiving instruction to inflate marks. Our domestic workers daughter failed grade 11 with results below 30%. They pushed her through to grade 12 against her mothers request. She was clearly not ready for grade 12. Her trials results were 72% for Zulu and below 28% for remaining subjects (2 coming in at below 10%). She had no hope of passing finals. Heard this morning she passed matric with "flying colours" - don't have individual results but that is nothing short of a miracle...failing 9, crashing & burning trials, but flying through finals...and now she is expected to go find employment...God help our future.

      Greg - 2011-01-06 10:37

      True comment, and indeed sad. Our friend's Housekeeper's son was incredibly concerned because he had not reached the required standard in his pre-lim's. Last night he was apparently withdrawn and anxious. I have just heard that he did 'incredibly well', gaining entrance to a Tertiary Institution. Now whilst he is a pleasant enough young guy, he has portrayed little interest in academics, and this has shown through the Secondary School years. Somehow he has managed to just get through each time. Suddenly, his very last, and he does this well. I question it. If the marks are a true reflection of his effort and ability, salute, but he himself is today in more shock than he was anxious last night!!!!!!!!!

      T-man - 2011-01-06 10:42

      The problem with this education of ours is that they push the marks up and down. If the highest mark for maths was 60%, these people will push the marks up. That tells us that they do not care about the quality of education, as long as they get their good stat than its fine. What suprise me the most is that they are the people that set these exam papers knowing very well the scope but for some strange reason they decide that the paper was too hard let push the marks

  • papaown - 2011-01-06 09:44

    UNLIKE the majority of SA population i listened to what the minister said and how she spoke about the new initiatives put in place this year to improve the marks, the churches tht opened u as extrra class rooms for extra classes for schools targeted for improvement LeadSA's contributions the increase in volunteers to assist with matrics for lengthening school hours, and a whole host of other things ,it made sense how the numbers could improve most people dont get facts before they decide on a topic...especially in SA,which is sad

  • IandI - 2011-01-06 09:45

    Now lets lower the pass mark to 20% and distinction to 65%. Even the woodwork veteran would excel at this standard.Then we will show real progress...NOT??

  • wattalotokak - 2011-01-06 09:47

    While I reserve the congratulatory statement, I would like to state that when I hire staff members I will be extremely cautious to those who have "passed" during 2010...! I just don't think I'd be comfortable hiring someone whose paper was marked leniently due to skin colour and feeling sorry for them because of strikes and fifa world cup. Can you imagine same person performing brain surgery???

  • Baby Ewing - 2011-01-06 09:48

    Poor grammer, but excellent propeganda oppertunity not missed by the ANC. The result is 57% if you can do the arithmatic,and this is after mark manipulation. Sorry for these kids that now expect success in further studies.

  • Don - 2011-01-06 09:53

    I would like to know the true pass rate figure for 2010. Bear in mind this percent pass is based on the total number of scholars writing matric at the time of the exams. It is not based on the figure of the total number of scholars that had entered matic in Janaury 2010. If we took the total figure of matriculants from January 2010, the total pass rate would be far less that 67%. The figures used by the department of education are mis-leading. Lets use the enrolment figure of matrics for a year and then realistically provide the percent pass rate, I have seen 2008 and 2009 figures based on this calculation and its a very different figure - the actual is around the 41% pass mark!!!!!

  • pat.pugheparry - 2011-01-06 09:54

    The proof of the improvement will be in the success these matriculants have at tertiary institutions and in the workplace.

  • emmamimie - 2011-01-06 09:59

    Congratulations SA Matric's let us see some more hard word this year, you young people should not allow anything to disrupt your studies, you are the most important thing in your life, remember no one will give you and your family quality of life but yourself. God willing we hope to see a better year with no disruptions for our learners.

  • hw - 2011-01-06 10:01

    I will start listening to the results when the universities have their say - they are the ones who will analyse the results for their intake of students.

  • EBAGUM - 2011-01-06 10:06

    Imagine what the ANC can do with the election results if they can do this with the Matric results

  • Real_Issue - 2011-01-06 10:07

    Well done to Ministers, MECs and all educational officials for ensuring that students utilised their potentials to this level as a group. Lets praise them for if theotherwise had happened; we were going to castigate them and say all negative things about them. However; the pass mark should be changed to 40% so that it will synchronise with many higher educational institution of learning levels. Also more teachers and learners/students should be encouraged to study computers/I.T; Maths; Accounting and Sciences. As these above subjects are the main foundations for develpment of all major economies

  • Logs01 - 2011-01-06 10:08

    To sustain the growth in anual pass-rate, they can; 1. Up the standard/quality of teaching. More pupils pass 2. Drop the standard of exam papers. More will pass 3. Drop required 30% to pass further to 25%. "Help' more pass 4. "Mark" papers more "conservatively". "Help" more pass 5. "Adjust" results positively. "Help" more pass. My bet is on a combination of points 2 - 5. If it goes on like this, they will be handing out Matric Certifcates for "good" attendance and behaviour, in a couple of years.

  • charles.nsi - 2011-01-06 10:12

    Well.... what they're actually saying is that if the teachers bugger off on strike, the students and parents pick up their game and do a better job. Why bother with those striking teachers at all?

  • chrismtb007 - 2011-01-06 10:15

    Its so funny, everyone goes on about the improvement, but dont mention the fact that the quality of the work and the pass rate has dropped increadable, these days you just need an average of 35% to pass, Geez, My 12 year old can pass that!!!

  • tshembane - 2011-01-06 10:31

    I know what the department did, u think u clever neh!!! All the schools known for good results You make them archieve, those known for poor results u break them down. its not flipin fair all kids should get same treatment, same 40% increase

  • Henry - 2011-01-06 10:35

    Did they get the 25% as promised?

  • Cruiseruser - 2011-01-06 10:50

    Do you trust this government, they arent beyond manipulating the exam results and the children to look good in the face of the anticipated disaster. If the figures in fact don't lie, and I am not sure of this, then it does emphasize that the kids actually do better when motivated than they do with their so called teachers, I think there is a very important message in there for all south africans, perhaps this motivation will lead some of the moaners to start building their own toilets and houses and solving some of their own problems instead of hanging around waiting for non deliverable handouts from the ANC

  • T-man - 2011-01-06 10:53

    Maybe we should ask ourselves why the private schools are able to get 98% pass rate. If government put more money in quality education, we would not be talking about 30% pass rate. first of all some of these teachers survived at school because of this 30%, then they come and generate more 30% survivers. lets me tell you what usually happens next...these 30% survivers never get to university, they end up in the street looking for anything that comes along..some end up doing crime.

  • a.bryanh - 2011-01-06 11:27

    To sustain this "improvement" simply continue to lower the standard as done this year,eventually everyone will pass with distinctions,be stupid and like the previous matrics have no jobs.There is a song that goes like this...WHO IS FOOLING WHO....good grief who are you people,don't you care?

  • bennirak - 2011-01-07 08:57

    Clearly, the marks where adjusted. 7% is just too big a leap to be credible.

      chrismtb007 - 2011-01-07 11:46

      no, the standards were dropped, and the pass rate is 35% and not 50% as when we were in schools, This is how the 7% increase happened....

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