Matric pupil killed for laptop

2010-04-07 09:32

Pretoria - A matric pupil has been shot dead through a bedroom window on a smallholding outside Pretoria.

The attackers then fled with only his laptop.

Ernst Hoon, 18, who was home-schooled, was shot at 03:00 on Tuesday at Leeuwfontein, north east of Pretoria. After being shot, he stumbled to his mother's bedroom and said: "I've been shot."

Deon Hoon, Ernst's father, said his son then stumbled into the bathroom, where he collapsed.

Ernst's mother, Brenette, 51, and his sister, Kalike, 21, tried in vain to resuscitate him, but he died of the gunshot wound.

Shot through the window

Deon said his son's murderers broke the bedroom window before shooting Ernst, who was in bed, through the broken window.

"Then they jumped through the window and stole his laptop. His mother heard the window breaking and the shot go off. Just after that, Ernst came into her room," said Deon.

According to Deon there are three homes on the smallholding at Leeuwfontein.

Ernst's grandparents live in one home, Ernst, his mother and his sister in the second, and Deon in the third. Deon is divorced from Ernst's mother.

When he arrived at the scene moments after the shooting, his son was already dead.

"It was terrible to see him lying there like that. Life has no meaning to the murderers and robbers. I'm very angry.

"The government needs to do something about crime. It's getting completely out of control," said Deon. He said his son was a normal teenager.

"The one day he'd be excited and the next day he'd be down. But he was very funny, that came easily to him. He took things very seriously, especially his studies. He was planning to study law," said Deon.


Ernst's mother and sister were too traumatised to speak to Beeld on Tuesday.

Deon Grobler, chair of the Leeuwfontein Area Protection Initiative (API), once again called on all residents in the community to join their network.

"Since the family wasn't a part of our network, we only heard about the attack when it was already too late. If we'd heard about it sooner we might have caught the suspects," said Grobler.

Sam Shibambo, police spokesperson, said the police have provided counselling for the family.