McDonald's sorry for guide dog incident

2011-12-28 22:15

Cape Town - The managing director of McDonald's South Africa has apologised to a blind woman who was chased out of one of the hamburger restaurants on Christmas Day because she had brought her guide dog inside.

Greg Solomon told Sapa he would see to it that the woman, 33-year-old Sanet Gouws, would have the experience that she should have had in the first place.

"McDonald's does allow guide dogs in our restaurants," Solomon said.

"We regret this happened to the lady. On behalf of McDonald's I apologise sincerely to her."

Die Burger newspaper reported on Wednesday that Gouws, her mother, Tienkels Gouws, and her sister, Susan Botes, had wanted to buy a milkshake at the fast food outlet in Mayville.

Gouws was being guided by her 2-year-old black Labrador, Grover.

"We ordered and Grover went to one side of the restaurant and sat down," Gouws senior said.

She told the newspaper one of the workers at the restaurant became "fidgety" about the dog and called another woman who was outside cleaning the floor.

"The woman came inside and said it was against McDonald's policy to allow dogs in the restaurant," Gouws senior was quoted as saying.

The more Gouws senior and Botes tried to explain that Grover was a guide dog, the less it appeared the woman wanted to listen. According to Botes they were told to drink their milkshakes outside.

"We would have, but there wasn't shade... outside," Botes said.

Grover had been wearing his special harness and tag to confirm he was a guide dog.

"It doesn't help anymore to get angry. I just laugh about it," said Gouws junior, from Worcester in the Western Cape, who had been visiting her family for Christmas.

"During this busy period we have lots of customers in our restaurants but that doesn't excuse what happened," Solomon said.

"We treasure all our customers."

  • Walter - 2011-12-28 22:20

    Well, airlines do allow guide dogs onto a plane, I personally think THE BIG MAC should too, let's hope the staff only just 'overreacted'...

      jruppersberg - 2011-12-29 02:12

      I've stopped eating that poison a long time ago. Not just because the food is crap but because the staff is also unfriendly and it looks like they all hate their jobs. The last time I visited Mac Donalds I saw the cashier digging something nasty out of her nose...

      Squeegee - 2011-12-29 07:13

      So the spin starts. Soon we will see guiide dogs in their ads. I'm sure there will be articles and photos of her and her family being treated by McD. etc. etc. What we need is for staff to be better trained to start with and for staff to have a better attitude towards their work.

      Andre - 2011-12-29 07:15

      @Squeegee: The MD apologised for this sad situation. What more do you require?

      Sean - 2011-12-29 07:41

      @Ruppersburg, I cannot agree more with you, the branch in Centurion are also so extremely rude and once I was standing there waiting for my order their was a whole bunch of staff having a brawl right in front of all the clients! Highly un-proffessional indeed, I don't think any training has ever been given to the group's staff about etiquette!

      Ettienne - 2011-12-29 08:22

      @ Andre. You should rethink your comment. Should it have been necessary for an apology? It should not have happened in the first place. An apology does not just rectify what happened.

      moss.nteo - 2011-12-29 08:39

      Ettienne, Ek stem saam met Andre, the MD has apologised and if you say "an apology does not just rectify what happened" then tell us what will rectify it? how on earth can you reverse the incident? it happend ant that's about it. only a regret/apology can do. At least the MD has shown humanity by apologising nationally nogal.

      Comrade - 2011-12-29 08:44

      Jannie Ruppersburg super troll, human google - master of nothing

      Squeegee - 2011-12-29 08:49

      Moss - he apologised because this is a PR disaster. Show some action. Discipline the staff. Lets see more friendly, service orientaded people behind the tills, etc...

      nasheenar - 2011-12-29 09:00

      Discrimination is the word that comes to mind. What this incident outlines is the lack of sympathy that is shown for a person with a dissability, the pure ignorance of the staff and in general the lack of respect for another human being and the guide dog that is super intelligent to perform this function.A great man once said "The greatness of a nation & its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated" Here in the Cape, many restaurants also provide water bowls for the dogs.That way more people support the business. The message McDonlads staff sent out, was blind people with dogs can support the business by purchasing the product(Cos we need your money) but you will have to eat it outside. Respect to all we seem to be loosing this philosophy.

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:26

      It is clearly not part of basic training to people who have no common sense

      lydonmcg - 2011-12-29 10:45

      @moss.nteo Well, apart from apologising how about the Managing Director offer some insight into how they aim to prevent this happening again in future? He made no mention of additional staff training, discipline on the part of the guilty employees and/or concessions to ensure she ever feel the need to step foot inside a McDonalds again.

      Sharkshoot - 2011-12-29 11:29

      Any person with a bit of common sense and judgement would make the resonable deduction that the lady has to have her guide dog with her. The manager hired morons and that is a clear as daylight. I hope the waitron never tries to do any other job other than packing boxes or cleaning toilets as intelligence is not her forte. Aich!

      Bloody-Agent - 2011-12-29 11:29

      I see another Nando's add in the making..

      Ettienne - 2011-12-29 14:16

      @ Moss. I did not say the apology was not warranted, I said it does NOT rectify the situation. As Squeegee pointed out, it is also my opinion that due to the media coverage, it has damaged their reputation, so he had to act. Let us see what action is taken if any? If the employees involved are fired, yes, I would agree the apology was a fair one. Otherwise a no go. It is time that management acts instantly, not after media coverage!!!

      moss.nteo - 2011-12-29 15:34

      Guys I'm dead sure and we all know that McDonalds will deal with this matter internally, it goes without say that those involved will be disciplined accordingly. matters of this magnitude will never be left unattended.

      jruppersberg - 2011-12-30 07:32

      @Comrade. Troll?? Haha! So says the one with the fake profile...

      Karin - 2011-12-30 10:06

      I have not been to any MC d's where I have received friendly or efficient service. I do not go there at all any more, and I know of plenty people who does not use their "facility" any more, for the exact same reason.

  • Pieter - 2011-12-28 22:28

    That happens when a cleaner decide who may come inside,where were the manager?

      miyo27 - 2011-12-28 22:55

      busy cleaning

      keesbus - 2011-12-29 06:07

      Playing golf??

      Burtfred - 2011-12-29 09:46

      Filling in tender forms

  • Anthony Faul - 2011-12-28 23:01

    Mac suck anyway. Go to Steers.

      Sean - 2011-12-29 07:44

      I too have stopped eating there for a while now.- Steers' meat at least does not taste like cardboard!

      petronel.wit - 2013-01-08 14:43

      Just an interesting fact: An exact same incident took place in December at the Steers at the Shell Pitstop Garage at the Eeufees Road (now Kenneth Kaunda road) in Bloemfontein.

  • Lloyd De Raay - 2011-12-28 23:06

    It is a shame that the majority of us are not better informed about guide. They are fantastic dogs and are allowed just about everywhere in order to assist the visually impaired.

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:29

      Think it is more a case of people who cannot think for themselves, common sense. Guide dogs are angels, love them.

  • Kevin Nicklin - 2011-12-28 23:24

    I stopped supporting McDonalds awhile back because of terrible service I experienced at their stores. When you report them on hellopeter you get no feedback from macdonalds management either. Doesn't surprise me in the least that they treated a blind person the way that they did!

      Henk - 2011-12-29 12:18

      Not just the service, the food sucks also. I don't know why people still go there.

      barry.mobey - 2011-12-31 10:03

      Kevin, I would be extremely surprised if they answered any complaint on hellopeter... We can complain about anything on there at no cost to us, but hellopeter charges R500.00 per reply from any company with a complaint lodged against it, whether it is a ligitimate complaint or not... What a rip-off, I don't even bother to read hellopeter anymore...

      barry.mobey - 2011-12-31 10:06

      BTW, I have never had the misfortune of entering any MacDonnalds and I have no intention of ever doing so!

  • christrentcpt - 2011-12-28 23:27

    People make mistakes all the time. Whether you like the brand or not is irrelevant. If Ms Gouws, who is visually impaired can be so forgiving, why are we, who are privileged to have full sight, making such an issue over it. People make mistakes. So what. Mac may serve crap food but at least they dont mock like Nandos did with their ad.

      Ray Siefe - 2011-12-28 23:46

      I suppose you park in disabled parking as well, remember stupidity is not a disability!

      Squeegee - 2011-12-29 07:18

      Chris... the problem with South Africans is that we don't complain about bad service - the result is it stays the same. Please people speak up. You don't have to scream or cause a scene, but call the manager and complain. In the same light, call the manager over and report good service.

      Pierre - 2011-12-29 08:03

      I like the Nando's adds, especially the latest one with dictator PW waving his little flag.

      edward.d.beesley - 2011-12-29 08:49

      Ray, what a stupid, disconnected comment.

  • philip.rensburg - 2011-12-28 23:37

    Fire the incompitent Bee enployees , and relpace them with well-educate High EQ people to do the job....Its a digrace how the just do what comes to mind. MacDonalds should be boycotted till the apologise and PROOF that they are sorry!

      John - 2011-12-29 04:02

      Philip, I agree with you but what "well educated high IQ person" is going to do that crappy job all day without going crazy looking at that $hit they serve up?

      bvniekerk - 2011-12-29 08:46

      Now, they will still spit in your food

      edward.d.beesley - 2011-12-29 08:51

      Phillip, read your comment. Do you think you'd qualify as a "well-educate EQ people" to clean Mac's floors? I have my doubts ...

      Mildly_Amused - 2011-12-29 09:30

      There aren't enough "well-educated, high IQ" people to go around... With the education standards these days... Do you know how many MacDonalds branches there are?

      Ianm - 2011-12-29 10:25

      No intelligent person would work for McD payrates

  • Ray Siefe - 2011-12-28 23:39

    This must be the worst thing I have heard to happen over christmas, besides the usual, she deserves better than just an apology from a manager!!!

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:34

      I agree let them put their money where their apology is. Sponsor at least training for 1000 guide dogs.

  • Johann - 2011-12-29 00:05

    Shame shame on a soiety where the incompetent and dum is held up as beacons of all wisdom and intelligence this is what you get . Know what they stil dont get it ,will be called a racist again

  • Kraken - 2011-12-29 00:40

    Inexcusable. Order those employees to do community service at SPCA or help blind people.

      SergeD69 - 2011-12-29 07:09

      Every McDonalds staff member should go on a compulsory visit to a guide dog training facility and they should assist a blind person for at least week.

      Sean - 2011-12-29 07:52

      Perhaps the staff member thought that the dog was blind!?

  • giovanni.izar - 2011-12-29 00:45

    ****Mc Donalds**** Food designed to kill

      SergeD69 - 2011-12-29 07:10

      Weapon of Mass Dstruction

  • Johnny - 2011-12-29 01:02

    I am disabled and in a wheelchair, and in solidarity with Ms Gouws, I and my family will forthwith boycott all McDonalds outlets. Why did the rude cow who insulted them in the first place not appologise?

      Donald - 2011-12-29 02:10

      Johnny I am also in a wheelchair and even at work I get people parking in my bay. Shopping centres are not sensitive to our needs and my big pet hate people who use the disabled loo for a number 2, while most disabled people never use the loo for that, but have to use the stinky loo. Bottomline our country is far from ready to take blame for the silly behaviour of a few. I still make bookings to places insisting on wheelchair 'friendly' and find big companies in SA not knowing what it means. I don't do McD anyway.

      John - 2011-12-29 04:12

      Because Johnny it's not IN THEIR CULTURE. BEE is empowerment, why apologize when you're empowered?

      Hans - 2011-12-29 07:52

      @ThailandJohn -, It does not sound nice to say what you are saying, but sadly you are 100% correct.The arrogance displayed by BEE staff is horrible.It comes across as "we are in power now, so we can do what we like"

      nasheenar - 2011-12-29 09:11

      Exactly Johnny! I agree an apology from the Dim Wit is whats required here or else how will IT ever learn.

      John - 2011-12-29 09:20

      @Hans, believe me I don't enjoy saying it, but unfortunately it is a horrible fact. It's like to be a PDP you are entitled to treat customers as you wish and fu$k the consequences. The upper management of MacD and everyone else in the fast food industry must have these lack of people skills complaints all day, if they had to fire all of them the cANCer government will give them a hard time.

  • Pierre - 2011-12-29 01:50

    McD’s should get their act together. However I am surprised nobody blamed Malema or the ANCYL for this incident.

      red.clover3 - 2011-12-29 09:54

      It should be obvious that this incident was the result of the same attitude as that of Fat-Kid Malema and the lawless ANCYL.

      Morne - 2011-12-29 10:03

      Ja. People have lost their main focal point for bitching.

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:35

      You mean blame apartheid

      Peter - 2011-12-29 10:48

      The ANC should be apologising for what happened as cyril ramaposha used thier money to buy the company like everthing else

  • sean.looney - 2011-12-29 02:15

    who the hell goes to mcdonalds on christmas day anyways? i didn't even realise they opened on christmas.. they certainly aren't here in europe anyways! the crux of the issue here is proper staff training. i work in retail and we're forced to watch guideline video's 4 times a year and consideration for the hearing/visually/physically and mentally impaired is one of the most important training modules we watch.

      Ingrid - 2011-12-29 08:21

      Sean, did you take long to suck that lie out of your thumb? If you really are watching all those guideline video's I reckon you are both blind and deaf.How can you judge people for going to McDonalds on Christmas day?Has it occurred to you that perhaps they did not have enough money to go anywhere else for the milkshakes they wanted???!!!

  • michel.pieterse - 2011-12-29 04:11

    No dogs allowed in a place that sells dog meat???

      clivegoss - 2011-12-29 05:10

      Road kill honey road kill

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:36

      Dog meat is a compliment to them

  • clivegoss - 2011-12-29 05:08

    Dogs on the whole are cleaner ,trained and better behaved than most peoples kids. What is the problem ?

  • Emmanuel - 2011-12-29 05:27

    Dear Lady. If this was any other place than Beautiful South Africa, then McD's would have been SUED for Millions. We as South African are truly a positive bunch of people. I love this country. A sincere apology was good enough and I respect that, Mr Solomon

  • james.d.torley - 2011-12-29 05:51

    thumbs down for me at macdonalds,dog was lucky it did not eat there.A happy ending.

  • Hermann - 2011-12-29 06:06

    Somewhat late after all the publicity. Makes no difference I still avoid McDonalds.

  • Ruan Pretorius - 2011-12-29 06:07

    Blah, blah, blah... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:37

      And your point being???

  • Comrade - 2011-12-29 06:17

    Unique to RSA.....employees with no manners or brains. Why am i not surprised.

      John - 2011-12-29 09:32

      Comrade, trust me it's not unique to RSA, MacD is just as bad here. Their staff are the lowest paid and they have to stand and serve that crap to people who want $20 worth of food for cheap. Can you imagine how soul destroying that is? Here they swear at you under their breath in Thai knowing you can't understand them, if you call the manager how do you repeat "?.?.?.??????????????????????????? ??????" what they said.

  • Boris - 2011-12-29 06:31

    We all have different needs and we need to know what they are - maybe this will make each and all of us try and be aware and care..also have problems with deaf people who are very limited as to subtittles is a matter of training and awareness

  • Rodney - 2011-12-29 06:50

    McDonald's is an RACIST COMPANY they do not allow a WHITE person to Own a McDonald And there Policy is that no WHITE person is allowed to work to WORK for Them that is why i will not touch there food or allow my kids to buy there food I SAY BOYCOTT McDonald's

      Burtfred - 2011-12-29 09:50

      Come to think of it, I don't recall ever seeing a non-black worker in a Mc Donalds in South Africa. Maybe you statement is correct.

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:39

      You are absolutely right Rodney.

      Wim - 2011-12-29 11:11

      Support for McDonalds equals support for the ANC. Cyril Ramaphosa is the owner of McDonalds South Africa. See here:

      Pramesh - 2011-12-29 12:36

      The Managing Director, Greg Soloman is White dude...

      Jason - 2012-01-16 13:49

      Rodney - get your facts straight, you are boycotting McDonalds for reasons you know nothing about. Do some proper research before you make false comments such as this.

  • Lorrin - 2011-12-29 07:12

    Bloody uneducated twats - who on this earth does not realise that the dog is a guide dog? They need to have a minimum education requirement when working in a situation like this.

      StarStruck - 2011-12-29 08:19

      My first reaction towards the person in question would have been to find out from my manager if guide dogs are allowed in. The staff clearly had no training on the matter what so ever and they reacted aggressively instinctively. What a sad bunch.

      Mildly_Amused - 2011-12-29 09:42

      It's a capitalist corporation... Their target market is kids and drunk people coming home from clubs at 4 in the morning... Why would they serve decent food? Why would they pay their employees decent wages? Why would they need to train their employees? if they just keep on advertising cute little kiddies meal toys and being open 24 hours, they're sorted.

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:41

      Send a few Police K9's to "train" them

  • Daft - 2011-12-29 07:15


      Jacqui - 2011-12-29 10:12

      Doesn't Cyril Ramaphosa own Mc.Donald's South Africa?.

  • Rudy - 2011-12-29 07:23

    Yes we need to boycotts the Mac brand from now on

      Jannie - 2011-12-29 08:12

      i can to like wearing a jean pant

  • Piet - 2011-12-29 07:29

    I'll never EVER buy MacDonalds again!!!!!

      Zion - 2011-12-29 08:49

      Go grab a Wimpy burgher, man

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:42

      Make your own, just buy the patties at woollies

  • colleen.figg - 2011-12-29 07:40

    hahahaha what a PR faux pas McDonalds! ignorance, ignorance and more ignorance makes you look like a bunch of idiots.

  • martinbjorkelund - 2011-12-29 07:43

    One of the duties of a board of Directors is to ensure that the staff of a company is properly trained. I would like to see the McDonald's board assessment, what's the bet they gave themselves full marks for training.

      Ingrid - 2011-12-29 08:26

      I would love to see their staff being trained in all aspects of the hospitality industry.They are the rudest bunch of twats anybody can come across. They chew gum while serving customers, they take for ever to get the meals prepared, and they think they are doing you a favor when helping you.McDonalds se moer man!!!!

      SergeD69 - 2011-12-29 08:38

      What hospitality industry training? Very few places can get it right. I can mention many things that can be put right. Let me just mention one. @ McDonalds and KFC; Please look at your client base and play the music they would like and not the music your staff would like.

  • hellochristie - 2011-12-29 07:57

    Well Greg, you have a real "treasure" there in your staff. Did they miss their basic training about guide dogs not actually being pets? And if they did, what else have they not been trained in. And where was the manager during all of this? Watching TV in the back somewhere and letting the serving and cleaning staff decide company policy? Sies - that woman owes Sanet a huge apology for the way she was treated. Discrimination against disabled people is just not on.

  • Paul - 2011-12-29 08:01

    tell you what the problem is, and it's not just @ Macds, it's over the phone with Telkom, over the counter @ the bank and the list goes on, it's a NEW SA thing, an AFRICAN disease, it's called entitlement, AKA the world owes us, AKA "I am doing you a favour talking to you umlung, so show respect",(in stead of being thankful for having a job and REALIZING the customer is paying my salary) AKA I am suffering from inferiority because of so-called oppression, AKA I will show you who's in charge now and the list goes on. There I've said it.

      Ingrid - 2011-12-29 08:28

      Paul, daai bek moet jam kry. Could not have said it better myself.And they treat their white co-workers like crap, in the hope that the whites will resign so that another black uneducated can be put into a high ranking job.Then we wonder why this country has more businesses closing down than babies being born.....

      SergeD69 - 2011-12-29 08:31

      You are right. And not to mention that all these fast food places wants to do you in with that 5 cent change. Always short of that little 5 cent.

  • Jannie - 2011-12-29 08:06

    this is a case of some 2 bit moronic employees that are " scared " of dogs. I hope they fire them. to teach them a lesson. ignorant MORONS

      Piet - 2011-12-29 10:43

      Sent a friendly police dog to teach them respect for dogs

  • mike.bester1 - 2011-12-29 08:10

    Eish !

  • Ingrid - 2011-12-29 08:11

    I hope they have fired her ass!!!!

  • Tony - 2011-12-29 08:24

    If you treasure your customers then stop serving the crap you make

  • betscilliersanderson - 2011-12-29 08:24

    Mc Donalds must give a HUGE donation to the SA Guide Dogs Assoc to 'atone'

      Peter - 2011-12-29 10:53

      Dont you mean to the anc fund as cyril ramaphosa owns macdonalds and he bought the business with anc funds,, people please wake, the anc owns everthing owned by clowns like him and sexwale

      Charmaine - 2011-12-29 20:46

      Best suggestion and remark so far!!!!!!!!!! Would like to hear McD reply on all these comments if they would bothered?!!!

  • dave.loughton - 2011-12-29 08:25

    The apology would sound more convincing if it was accompanied by a large donation to the S A Guide Dog Association together with a pledge to give the staff some basic training. Anywhere else in the world the offending staff would have been fired on the spot!

      SergeD69 - 2011-12-29 09:02

      Maybe all McDonalds' middle and senior managers should forfeit their bonuses and donate that to the SAGDA! And the Mayville staff should forfeit their 13th salary cheque and the staff member and the day's duty manager should be fired without compensation.

  • Willie - 2011-12-29 08:35

    No brains ---- Why do they appoint these people. Where was the manager?

  • Haha - 2011-12-29 08:38

    Well, it's obvious that it was part of the uneducated masses who chased out the dog. I say boycott McDonalds and all American franchises..They're just taking our money and the rich in the States are getting fatter and richer. The only good thing about McD's was their coffee.

      Mildly_Amused - 2011-12-29 09:46

      Eww... MacD's coffee? Epic disagreement.

      Jacqui - 2011-12-29 10:17

      McD America sells McD South Africa to local people. This is their policy everywhere. Thus they get the money and no risk. Of course a more than substantial amount stays here.

      sorryson3 - 2011-12-29 13:11

      Wimpy coffee large take out R18 !!! Breakfast special R22 !!! HOWZAT Name change needed MAD DONALDS

  • bvniekerk - 2011-12-29 08:43

    Too Little Too Late. Stop the Big Crap GO Steers. . > much better food and quality. MC D will not improve quality

  • edward.d.beesley - 2011-12-29 08:47

    Andre's absolutely right: the Managing Director has apologized and promised that she will receive special attention. What the hell more do you want? Everybody makes mistakes, and it's how we recover from these that determines the way forward. I love McDonalds and will pop in to an outlet at least once wherever I am in the world. A great travelling tip when in dodgy areas: always clean loos at Macs ...

      Jacqui - 2011-12-29 10:20

      Every time someone use that lame excuse,'everyone makes mistakes', I wonder if we shouldn't accept it as South Africa's mantra.

  • danien1 - 2011-12-29 08:53

    Who wants McDonalds in South Africa anyway?

      Ruben - 2011-12-29 09:39

      Start a Van Der Merwe franchise and let's all support it.

  • Silvana - 2011-12-29 08:54

    Well Greg Solomon, saying sorry doesn't quite cut it for me. Why did your manager not know the company's policy regarding guide dogs? Why didn't the waitron call the manager to intervene instead of a cleaner. What amangerila back-up do you have, when the manager is not on site? What action are you taking to prevent this from happening again? Sorry se voet!

      Mildly_Amused - 2011-12-29 09:48

      amangerila = anagram for managerial?

      Joan - 2011-12-29 19:06

      Because they didn't call a manager, probably meant that all senior staff (if you can call them that) at that branch were not working on Christmas Day. The cleaner was probably the longest serving member so was "in charge" whilst the manager was at home eating proper food!!!!

  • SergeD69 - 2011-12-29 08:55

    The only thing McDonalds is sorry about is that the news media picked up on it. (Thank you for Die Burger.) Now they have the inconvenience of fixing the PR blunder, spending more on advertizing, stop cutting corners and attempt to train their staff, get real feedback on the public's opinion, etc.

      bvniekerk - 2011-12-29 08:59

      Maybe the newspaper editor will get arrested under the new info bill

  • barry.mcbride - 2011-12-29 09:28

    I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in over ten years but, from the taste of their ‘meat’ back then, that dog may have become a burger!

      Ianm - 2011-12-29 10:35

      Lucky dog!!

  • Tommie - 2011-12-29 09:30

    fire that b******* with all staff and management immediatly.....

  • Pastor Jerome Nel - 2011-12-29 09:31

    I publicly declare that I will never again eat McDonald's food. This incident is not just a isolated occurrence have found McDonald's staff rude, often overbearing, don't greet decently, chew gum in the face of customers, look disheveled in untidy uniforms. Seems they show staff how to make burgers and send them into the production machine. This is a case of rude McDonald's staff on a power trip and they felt the liberty to dominate a blind woman. SIS!! It is indicative of the McDonald culture. This apology will change nothing. McDonald's must choose their staff better and get their values right. This incident is a representation of an inner McDonald's value system that has become their uncaring culture.

      Piet - 2011-12-30 11:50

      yip , thats turning the other cheek.. sorry Pastor your comment is not what The Good Book teaches.apology will change nothing?? oh boy we are doomed...

  • Janice - 2011-12-29 09:41

    Nice for him to apologise! Well done, but I think the blind lady deserves a big fat cheque from Mc Donalds, they can certainly afford it.

  • Shirley - 2011-12-29 09:42

    Bottom line they dropped the ball and this has given a clear idication of just how well their staff are trained! Yiu dont get second chances to give your customers the "right" experience. Its shocking and disgraceful and this pathetic apology makes it worse!

  • Ruben - 2011-12-29 09:43

    If I was the MD of Mc Donalds I certainly would make the effort to read these comments, a huge eye opener. Perhaps I will stop supporting them too, problem is if I stopped supporting businesses because of shoddy service I wouldn't be able to buy anthing, anywhere.

      SergeD69 - 2011-12-29 10:16

      If you want excellent hospitality service, go to the Zambezi Sun. The staff are well trained and there are enough duty managers that are visible and available at all times.