McIntyre gets double life sentence

2012-03-30 22:23

Pretoria - A Middelburg security guard was sentenced to two terms of life imprisonment by the North Gauteng High Court on Friday for raping and killing his wife.

Johan McIntyre, 35, was found guilty last year of killing his wife Zelda, 19, whose body was found in a Pretoria park in February 2008.

Judge Peter Mabuse said the only mitigating factors in McIntyre's favour was that he was relatively young and was a first offender, but these were outweighed by the aggravating factors in the case.

The killing had been brutal and it was clear that the victim had been defenceless, he said.

According to the post mortem report, Zelda had probably died of strangulation, but also had blunt instrument injuries to her head and scratch marks on her throat.

McIntyre claimed during his evidence that he and his wife had reconciled and had consensual sex in the park that day, but Mabuse found that this was unlikely.

The evidence showed Zelda McIntyre had no intention of reconciling with her husband, Mabuse said.

It was also highly improbable that she would have consented to have sex with him in a public park, or that she would have launched a vicious attack on her husband if the sex was consensual.

The fact that her underwear was not found at the crime scene also cast doubt on this, he found.

Mabuse earlier also rejected McIntyre's claims of amnesia.

McIntyre testified that his wife had scratched him during an argument after they had sex and he remembered holding her hands and telling her that he was tired of fighting, but could not remember anything else.

Psychiatrist Paul de Wet testified last year that McIntyre had a history of substance abuse, but did not have any mental disorder and there was no reason for his supposed memory loss.

McIntyre's own mother and sister testified against him in the trial.

His mother said he had confessed the murder to her and showed her his wife's body.

His sister said he had threatened to tie up his wife and slit her throat because she refused to let him see his baby daughter.

Several witnesses testified that McIntyre had boasted about bashing his wife to death.

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    Rot in jail sicko.

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