Mdluli seeks financial assistance

2012-04-10 13:07

Johannesburg - Crime Intelligence boss Lieutenant General Richard Mdluli has applied for financial assistance from the State, his attorney said on Tuesday at an inquest hearing into the 13-year-old murder case.

"The matter is receiving attention," Ike Motloung said as he requested a postponement of the inquest being held in the Boksburg Magistrate's Court.

"I am optimistic that in a week or two, finality would be reached."

The inquiry heard that his alleged accomplices, court orderly Samuel Dlomo and Colonel Nkosana Sebastian Ximba, were also under financial constraints.

Criminal charges against Mdluli, Dlomo, Ximba, and Lieutenant Colonel Mtunzi-Omhle Mthembeni Mtunzi were provisionally withdrawn in February, pending the outcome of an inquest proceeding.

Not about finding someone guilty

The initial charges against them included intimidation, kidnapping, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The charges related to the killing of Mdluli's ex-lover's husband, Oupa Ramogibe, in 1999.

The inquiry heard that Tuesday was the first day of what had been scheduled as a 10-day hearing. Some 39 witnesses were meant to testify during the inquiry.

The presiding officer said the inquest was not about finding someone guilty, but to ensure that guilt would not remain hidden if did exist.

He decided to allow testimony from investigating officer Kobus Roelofse before making a decision on a postponement.

Roelofse gave a detailed history of Mdluli and the three others, their promotions and rankings in the SA Police Service.

Roelofse also gave some details of the crime, as reported during the bail hearing of the four.

  • Scouter - 2012-04-10 13:14

    Back to milking the system already - God help SA with this one back on the scene.

  • Bibi - 2012-04-10 13:20

    Legal aid?

      Antipoaching - 2012-04-10 14:02

      not eligible for Legal Aid, he earns too much

  • siyadyosiba - 2012-04-10 13:22

    you kidding me, right?

  • Shirley - 2012-04-10 13:22

    The udder of the cash cow is working overtime!!!!

      Phalo - 2012-04-10 14:10

      Lol Shirley, well put. I never thought of such a beautiful expression!

  • Phumi - 2012-04-10 13:24

    Why this obsession by the media of a career cop who has served more than thirty years behind the badge is mind boggling? There only people who have persucuted Mdluli under the court of public opinion is the media! All charges against Mdluli were dropped by a compitent court of law. Those who do not agree to this are the enemies of democracy. The position of a police commissioner cannot remain vacant forever and if there is anyone out there with evidence that Mdluli cannot fill this vacant post must come with evidence. We welcome the move by Zuma for appointing a career cop with over thirty years experiance on this crucial position. All the political appointments have failed and with Mdluli and his experience in the service we hope this will bring a new era to crime fighting strategy and boost police morale!

      Maredi - 2012-04-10 13:35

      No Phumi, the charges were never dropped by a competent court of law. Just like his master Jacob Zuma he circumvented the law and never appeared in court. Your problem is you see everything in Zuma colored classes. Zuma is probably the worst president this country will ever have, so just like he did with Menzi Simelane and Mogoeng, expect the worst from him. You need to catch a wake up because you are very deluded.

      Graham - 2012-04-10 13:38

      Seriously? You must be one of those ethically and morally challenged ANC supporters. You probably support corruption too?

      Rob - 2012-04-10 13:41

      You want dirty, you get dirty...never mind he has not been found guilty. He is nevertheless tainted by association. If you lie with dogs you get fleas. You want police morale to improve, good so do I. The starting point is integrity and leadership. Do you really think that Mdluli qualifies?

      Lufuno - 2012-04-10 14:01

      what if there are merits in this case. How can someone who has been accused of such a horrendous crime be allowed to be a police officer, let alone a commisioner. How can he enforce the same law that he is accused of breaking. I think this should be left to the objective court of law to be decided, because people like are not being objective in this matter.

      Phalo - 2012-04-10 14:03

      No Phumi, it is not an obsession, it is plain reasoning. He was never cleared by a competent court as you assert, in the same vein as Zuma. Secondly, Joe Citizen would not have this kind of privilege. Mdluli is more equal by virtue of his proximity to Zuma. Please refrain from killing debates by using the "anti ANC" card. It is worse when you equate ANC to democracy. They have lost that, I am sure even the textbook explanation they no longer understand it. Interestingly you already know Mdluli will be the next police commissioner??? You talk of fairness and equality yet you display the opposite. The media has not done anything deserving of your attack in this regard.

      Scouter - 2012-04-10 14:23

      @Phalo - so well said. I was going to respond to Phumi but you put everything I had to say most succinctly. Thank you. I see no end to this corruption and nepotism in sight.

  • Niel - 2012-04-10 14:19

    NO,NO,NO!!!!! Jackie Selebi owes over R16 million for his court case and that is money never to be seen again! Where is this going to stop.......?!!!!!!

      Scouter - 2012-04-10 14:36

      One would hope when we run out of cash and are holding out the begging bowl to the IMF or the international community for hand-outs. Except we all know that won't change much - they'll just steal their money as well.

      eradingoana - 2012-04-10 15:06

      This corrupt country is still going to drain taxpayers. This country is not the one I can be proud of anymore. We financed ANC 's 100 years party and now suspect Mdluli

  • Gavin - 2012-04-10 14:33

    The nice part about the ANC government is that you can rob them blind, still get your salary, take 14 years sick leave (while still getting paid your salary) then when you get caught, you can apply to them for legal aid. No wonder the bedraggled masses from all over africa wanna come here !

  • eradingoana - 2012-04-10 15:03

    The rules of who earns enough is about who you are. In this country if you are a top ANC brass you will be given the Financial Assistance and told that you would refund them if you loose the case, knowing that arrangement would be made to withdraw the case and state will loose that funds. The so called Legal Aid is for others because myself won't even be allowed to complete the application form at the Legal Aid because they will just SAY I earn more than being offered that assistance.

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