Menlyn Park centre evacuated

2013-07-08 14:58

Pretoria - The Menlyn Park shopping centre in Pretoria was evacuated on Monday after a bomb threat.

Menlyn Park spokesperson, Leone White-Phillips, told News24 that a phone call warning of a bomb in the complex was made to centre management.

"The shopping centre was evacuated and security personnel alerted emergency services," she said.

A sweep of the premises was conducted with sniffer dogs and the bomb squad gave an all-clear at 14:18.

According to White-Phillips, the evacuation was orderly.

  • gavinspaztaylor - 2013-07-08 15:17

    Never a dull moment at Menlyn Shopping Centre. Forever seems to be robberies, bomb threats or some sort of criminal activity...

      Patrick Buckley - 2013-07-08 15:43

      Quite relieved that it may only have been a bomb. It could have been more poo............

      Foc Us - 2013-07-08 16:21

      Its PITORIA what do you expect?? anything to kill the boredom ... lol

  • Jurgen Rombouts - 2013-07-08 15:22

    Who ever phones in with a bomb alert, is nonsense in anyway, if he/she wanted to blow the building, then they would have done it, and not phoned to inform the mall, from "ey, there is a bom in the building man" W t f, some people are idiots

      Foc Us - 2013-07-08 16:23

      Jurgen you don't get out much do you?? The IRA always warned before a bomb is detonated and so did many other organisations that did it in protest rather than to kill and maim ppl...

  • Clive Cox - 2013-07-08 16:26

    The place needed a sweep. The mall filthy! The sniffer dogs did not find a bomb but did enjoy the white powder the found!

  • Amos Moledi - 2013-07-08 18:04

    Would the dogs sniff it if perfumed?

      Mike Bundy - 2013-07-08 18:41

      Probably, yes

  • Diederik Bester - 2013-07-08 23:20

    Even if there was a bom, they will always say "cleared". Because how many people will return if they say "bom deactivated"

  • Diederik Bester - 2013-07-08 23:21

    Even if there was a bom, they will always say "cleared". Because how many people will return if they say "bom deactivated"

  • Precious Moraka - 2013-07-09 00:35

    this ppl r playing u guys.... u dnt gt it by now....dis is not da 1st nor 2nd neithr 3rd threat in 3months.... thy bombing or stealing samwhr n jst wana distrct y'all...

      Donovan Mackenzie - 2013-07-09 10:50

      Just a thought here Precious, but what are the chances of typing in proper English?

  • Linda Bekker van Wyk - 2013-07-09 04:22

    The evacuation was orderly but the aftercare sucked. We were left in the sun for two hours with no info about what was going down. An elderly lady almost fainted from exhaustion and another older gentleman with a walking aid could not bend his knees to sit down on the gravel parking lot. Emergency services raced around the building and then converged in the parking lot and stood around chatting. Heaven help us if such a threat should turn out to be real one terrible day. I went back into the Mall afterwards to collect something and then left. Menlyn management should train staff and security and ensure that people convene a safe distance from the building, We were right next to the building for the first hour.

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