Mental patient dies in fight

2012-03-01 13:11

Fort Beaufort - A psychiatric patient was killed on Thursday in Fort Beaufort, apparently during a fight with another patient, an Eastern Cape official said.

The fight broke out early on Thursday morning at the Tower Psychiatric Hospital, said health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo.

The two men quarrelled, but the argument turned physical and they started hitting and kicking each other.

One patient suffered head injuries and died while being taken to another ward for treatment, Kupelo said.

"We are shocked, and we are going to investigate the incident," he said.

Although fights had occurred before at the hospital, this was the first time a patient had been killed.

The other patient would be transferred to the Fort England hospital in Grahamstown, a high-security psychiatric hospital, Kupelo said.

He said the department would investigate Tower Hospital's security measures.

  • Shirley - 2012-03-01 13:19

    Where are the "marvelous" staff??? Must of been tea time! Sad and avoidable!

      Lorenzo - 2012-03-01 14:50

      Gees it’s like Arkham Asylum… where’s Batman when you need him???

  • Luke - 2012-03-01 13:55

    Thats crazy... :P

  • raegan.mcreed - 2012-03-01 13:56

    eish, ''insane'' article...

      Janice - 2012-03-01 14:47

      Loony Tunes...

  • Amanda - 2012-03-01 13:57

    jes u right thy dont care about these patients. where were thy when it happened , but for them the these poor people are mos NOT people. HOW SAD !!I REALLY WISH THY CAN GET STAFF THAT ARE MORE CARING .

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-03-01 16:05

      They were on Facebook and News24 just like you.

  • Barry - 2012-03-01 14:02


  • JJ - 2012-03-01 14:12

    These guys clearly went mental!!

  • Marion - 2012-03-01 14:17


  • Emally - 2012-03-01 14:25


  • Poloyatonki - 2012-03-01 14:30

    If they can fight that means they are no longer mentally ill.

      Barry - 2012-03-01 14:35

      How do you work that out?

      Mikkel - 2012-03-01 14:59

      I think you are mentally ill.

      raegan.mcreed - 2012-03-01 15:16

      eish poloyadonkey i think you a biscuit short of a packet, Fort England is calling you...

      Themba - 2012-03-01 18:08

      Sir, i happen to like your world-view of events as they unfold. It's like, you do not give it any thought, you just spit whatever makes it's way to your mouth first. I think you really need a crash course on life and how to approach things. Not that you are wrong, but that you must have an approach in your right-ness.

  • marnusmnorval - 2012-03-01 14:39

    Mental patient dies in fight... With his imaginary friend..

      Mikkel - 2012-03-01 14:59

      lol jy is stout.

  • Nigel - 2012-03-01 16:57

    I have a son who is in Tower hospital Fort Beaufort presentl-y- and has been for 5 months and who has previously been in Fort England Grahamstown. I can tell you that despite initial fears and sceptism i have been very impressed by the standards of staff and care that i have observed at Tower hospital to date. I have only encountered dedicated caring competent staff who work in an environment i would battle to cope with.

      Cindy - 2012-03-02 11:43

      One has merely to witness a fight to realise that violence can flare incredibly quickly. The staff to patient ratio would have to be about 4 staff to 1 patient to completely eliminate the chance of a fight in a Psychiatric hospital, or the patients would have to be drugged into oblivion.... these are dangerous environments people and its remarkable that no-one has died before... Condolences to the family of the deceased BUT the assumption that the staff were a) absent and b) could have stopped the fight that quickly are both unreasonable and silly..... Nowhere in the article was it suggested that the staff were absent and/or didn't try to stop the fight

  • Bruce - 2012-03-01 18:33

    Eastern Cape mental hospitals violate all sorts of human rights and are extremely shoddy places to have to exist in...goes back to the old days of mental health treatment where patients weren't patients but prisoners, and had to sleep naked in the cold with rats crawling all over them. Where is our government in protecting our rights - and doctors and nurses, asserting the Hippocratic oath?

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