Metro cops probe sexual assault claim

2012-03-20 19:45

Johannesburg - A sexual assault claim is being investigated against a Johannesburg metro police official, police said on Tuesday.

"The woman reported the incident to us yesterday [Monday]. We have asked her to give us a statement and we will start internal investigations," said spokesperson Superintendent Edna Mamonyane.

"The woman told us what transpired and we are tracing a vehicle to the scene of the incident."

She said the Johannesburg motorist had alleged that metro police sexually assaulted her last week.

  • John - 2012-03-20 22:23

    I bet that a traffic cop stopped her and question: "Sorry Ma'am, Is your airbags on?" No more romances for traffic officers...sad Hahahaa :)

      Silvana - 2012-03-21 07:28

      @John You're obviously cut from the same cloth as the officer. Just pray that it doesn't happen to your mother. You're disgusting!

  • Rodney - 2012-03-20 23:08

    This is SOOO in the spotlight on Radio 702 with Mandy Weiner and Jenny Cruyws Williams that the son of a bitch is toast. No way he or his three accomplices will stay out of jail. Wooo Hoooo!

  • Stirer - 2012-03-21 08:07

    This is a tough one. Even when they identify the cop, there is no proof. Its her word against his. He could claim that she had tried to extort money from him. (what a reverse that would be!) And that she trumped up the charge because he wouldn't come to the party. My guess is that in a court of law, this is going nowhere - unless the cop confesses.

      Phillys - 2012-03-21 14:16

      give the deployed scumbag to me, 1/2 an hour in a soundproof room with a wet beach towel and you will have your confession!!! AND i leave no marks!!!! :)

  • Tyran Von Bear - 2012-03-22 07:37

    I hope these corrupt bastards get their pathetically small 'man' bits removed with fishhooks, which in turn becomes septic and they loose movement from the neck down

  • Naz - 2012-04-10 10:56

    I have to add my 2 cents worth and say the GP Cops are the worst. I am from Cape Town and travelling down Rivonia road, into Oxford heading to the Zone in Randburg on 22 March around 20:30. The roads changed since my last visit with the Gautrain and I circled twice in the area not familiar with the road. 3 traffic officials pulled me over with vehicle registration BPZ047B. One of them had no uniform and accused me of driving in the area for 30mins and advised that he wants to arrest me for loitering. The other official said he wants to teach me a lesson for loitering. The official not dressed in uniform searched the hired car. This went on for 30mins after which they let me go, after harassing me and trying to find some fault. At the end I was told they on shift for the evening and if they found me in the area, they would teach me a lesson I will not forget. Instead of finding real criminals involved in crime, they target innocent victims. They quick to make up a story saying I been driving around 30mins, and only after I realized, the guy in no uniform could have placed something in the car to frame me if he wanted. Why do Cops accuse people for doing something they had not done, and why do some of them not wear uniform. I reported this to 0114977458 as advised by 10111 and wonder if they even done anything about it

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