Metrobus drivers in Joburg to strike

2013-07-06 18:14

Johannesburg - Metrobus drivers in Johannesburg will embark on strike on Monday, the SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) said on Saturday.

Samwu chairperson at Metrobus, Phanuel Tshikovha, said the drivers were demanding that Metrobus acting managing director Lawrence Maqekoane be suspended pending an investigation into allegations levelled against him.

"The strike will go on until we reach [a] positive agreement," Tshikovha said. The union wants Maqekoane to be investigated for allegedly violating company polices. They wanted him out of the office as he could manipulate the investigation.

Tshikovha said the union had five main allegations against Maqekoane.

"We... have suspicions of corruption against him and we demand a forensic investigation immediately," he said.

Samwu is also against a "behavioural assessment" Maqekoane introduced for recruitment. They claimed it had the potential for nepotism.

Maqekoana said he did not want to comment on the allegations as he had already responded to the union.

  • Downs Shareholder - 2013-07-06 18:27

    Poor Commuters.

      Downs Shareholder - 2013-07-06 18:39

      The union leaders get full pay while the drivers get nothing. No work no pay remember.

  • Thabani Dube - 2013-07-06 18:30

    Striking in SA has become a hobby, just like in the Middle East where war is an in-thing. Eish!!?

  • Tanya Paine - 2013-07-06 18:30

    Do they ever stop to think about the commuters? The ones who actually contribute towards their salaries? I feel for those who have to now feel stranded

  • Nadia Graf - 2013-07-06 18:35

    Do these bus drivers ever work?

  • Shelly Tyrone Jordan - 2013-07-06 18:43

    just another excuse not to work as if they ever do....!

  • Phuphudlelwe Vukayilahle - 2013-07-06 18:43

    Aslong is it going to be about crushing corruption you go for it boys

  • Lindy Jeffery - 2013-07-06 18:54

    Why dont we all just go on strike!!! Ridiculous really!

  • Thukhe Ndlovu Farmer - 2013-07-06 19:03

    Do some people take a moment to ask themselves what they realy want? The other day someone complained abt people going along with corruption, surely u wanted them not to be silent abt it, maybe they heard that complaint and they are doing something about it, but still some people are complaining about this action. Is there maybe a particular way we want people to voice out their dissatisfication about corruption? Please let us all know, or hiding behind our keypads and typing the hell out of us is the best way to fight it?

      Phuphudlelwe Vukayilahle - 2013-07-06 19:14

      Realy mfo ka Ndlovu kanti mele senzeni makumele svakale?

  • Lindy Jeffery - 2013-07-06 19:11

    dissatisfication?? Where did you go to school?

      Phuphudlelwe Vukayilahle - 2013-07-06 19:23

      Cant you morons stop focusing on others people writing skills and start to focus on what are we trying to communicate.

  • Lindy Jeffery - 2013-07-06 19:23

    Perhaps you actually meant 'dissatisfaction'!!!

  • Danny Fury - 2013-07-06 19:24

    Why is there a pic of a white guys arms driving...... Pls are you having a laugh.

  • StaalBurger - 2013-07-06 19:27

    A Unionist who does nothing but keep his ear to the ground doesn’t have much vision!

  • Desiree Rowe - 2013-07-06 19:35

    I didn't know they were even back at work after the last strike!

  • Patrick Bouwers - 2013-07-06 20:35

    strike 1 strike 2 strike ?????

  • John Butler - 2013-07-06 20:36

    Is this even news any more? News24 should rather report when these lazy drivers go to work. At least then we won't need to read about them so often.

  • Makgokele Morris Maribe - 2013-07-07 01:19

    So we still resolve everything through strike,

  • Derrick Chong - 2013-07-07 06:04

    Bunch of Lo$ers ! They deserve to be unemployed.

  • Khaya Mataba - 2013-07-07 07:33

    If they don't want to work they must transport us then, do their whatever......we want to work for our children. This thing is not assisting us

  • Michael Kleber - 2013-07-07 08:14

    Any excuse to go on strike , what about your customers who have just bought monthly tickets , you don't deserve to have a job

  • Jones Mojax - 2013-07-07 09:36

    What about us as passengers,we neet guys think twise

  • Jones Mojax - 2013-07-07 09:38

    What about us as passengers,we need guys think twise

      Mc Segal - 2013-07-07 11:32

      Just remember when you vote....

  • Adriana Gebhardt - 2013-07-08 08:07

    These bus drivers have a cheek...They also full of corruption. Every time someone pays cash, they take the cash but don't give a ticket. When you insist on one, they snap at you to move to the back because you are keeping up the people behind you. So they never give you a ticket, they keep the cash then they want to go on strike when one person is corrupted...Come on...they are just as corrupted.

  • Joanne Pereira - 2013-07-08 09:07

    Damn these bus drivers, on strike every other minute.So who cares if the guy is corrupt what about the goverment.Why don't they go on strike for that, they will still all vote anc.

  • Lebogang AnDris Kekana - 2013-08-01 11:33

    if corruption is suspected then the chairman should be investigated but they should not strike. why should bus users suffer ? the guy can be investigated while they still work

  • Zanele Zamanzima Mazibuko - 2013-09-07 08:38

    Please guys to hiring womans in your company it makes Metrobus name very bad because wright now,I saw accident happen in front of me this woman who is driving your bus is busy on a call and beating a robot as well Thats very bad and sad

  • Zanele Zamanzima Mazibuko - 2013-09-07 08:42

    Really really sad unzima umhlaba

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