Midvaal municipal workers end protest

2012-06-22 13:09

Johannesburg - Midvaal municipality workers in the Vaal area in Gauteng were back at work after downing tools for a day, the municipal manager said on Friday.

Albert de Klerk said a few employees protested on Thursday but had returned to work on Friday.

Employees picketed outside the municipality to protest against an apparent racial slur by a municipal official.

A senior manager at the municipality is accused of using the slur against black protesters during a strike last year.

Hendrik Brits is facing a disciplinary hearing.

De Klerk said the case was set down for Thursday but was expected to continue next week on Wednesday.

He said the postponement was granted to allow for more witnesses to come forward.

De Klerk said the municipality would not allow for any racist behaviour.

The Democratic Alliance retained control of the Midvaal region during last year's local government elections, defeating the African National Congress' attempts to win it back.

Last month, the Gauteng government applied to merge the region with Emfuleni, which would mean the DA would no longer have control of the region.

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-06-22 13:21

    "Last month, the Gauteng government applied to merge the region with Emfuleni, which would mean the DA would no longer have control of the region." Cheap and dirty politics, sis ANC, bitter losers.

      smili.fication - 2012-06-22 13:57

      ANC rats trying to destroy democracy by merging Midvaal with a corrupt ANC municipality? WTF is wrong with you people? All ANC supporters get what they deserve.

  • jan.human - 2012-06-22 13:27

    One white person bring a whole municipality to a halt..... That is what i call power!

  • mantsho.tlali - 2012-06-22 13:37

    ANC and all its supporters are racists!

  • rob.baggaley - 2012-06-22 13:55

    Protesting, dancing, singing, burning = Union aerobics ! A one, a one, two, three !!!!

      richard.hipkin - 2012-06-22 14:05

      No, it's always 1, they don't know 2 or 3...

  • lerato.kay.3 - 2012-06-22 15:07

    If I were to toyi toyi everytime someone insulted me racially, by now my legs could have disappeared. Many non-whites can relate with me here, how many times when you call to book or rent a place and once the person on the other side of the line picks up your accent then you get the usual “sorry it’s taken”. We had that argument once in the office and we tried it on 6 advertised properties and guess what our white colleague was invited for all and a black brother got an impressive 2 out of 6!! Go to clubs and see how racial profiling it’s done. All I’m saying is please I would rather be discriminated according to my buying power than skin colour. Racism is much alive in SA in as much as we may deny or ignore it, but I just wish that white people let go apartheid tendencies because they are not sustainable, how can you continually suppress the majority.

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