Military to seek legal advice on Malema

2012-09-13 11:32

Johannesburg - The SA National Defence Force will seek legal advice on expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema's address to soldiers, the SANDF said on Thursday.

"We want to understand the legality of it and the implication. The meeting between Mr Malema and SANDF members... we need to find the legal basis of that," said Brigadier General Xolani Mabanga.

"We cannot think that any member of the public can just go and talk to members of the SANDF."

Mabanga said it was also unacceptable for SANDF members to invite a person to address them outside defence structures.

"Anybody outside the established military structure and the South African government, that would be out of order. Even if they invited a pastor, or a priest or a bishop or a sangoma or whatever," Mabanga said.

He said SANDF members who had grievances should use existing structures to voice them and not air them with private individuals such as Malema. Mabanga said legal advice would not be sought by the SANDF itself, but through its civilian leadership in the department of defence.

On Wednesday, Malema addressed about 60 soldiers in civilian dress at the Lenasia Recreation Centre.

There he criticised the political leadership of the country and accused them of ignoring the needs of SANDF members, including not re-instating the 1 100 soldiers put on special leave for protesting at the Union Buildings in 2009.

Mabanga said some of the 60 soldiers at Malema's speech were among the 1 100 members put on special leave and they could face disciplinary action for their attendance.

"They still fall under the military disciplinary code. They're still members of the SANDF," Mabanga said.

He said they had been ordered to return to their home units and would now be charged with failing to obey that order.

Some of the other SANDF members had already been dismissed and the military had no jurisdiction over them.

  • julian.booyens - 2012-09-13 11:38

    Why seek advice? just make a oops and call it friendly fire..

  • craig.hopkins.376 - 2012-09-13 13:01

    Yip, pity no one in the SANDF thought to use numb nuts as target practice

  • craig.hopkins.376 - 2012-09-13 13:04

      Wally Walters - 2012-09-13 14:12

      Im confused who is pres of SA

  • Tello Moleko - 2012-09-13 13:35

    both malema and sandf are at fault,if sandf dont attend to its members problems,someone will,malema u need attention?

  • Antipoaching - 2012-09-13 14:36

    civilian dress, not on SANDF property; go suck eggs Minister of Defence, you employ the soldiers you don't own them........ Even though the rights (under the Constitution) of soldiers are somewhat restricted you don't have the right to stop them listening to Malema on their own time at a "lawful" gathering...... this govt is pathetic!

  • stefan.kruger.1297 - 2012-09-13 14:39

    Testing.... to see if News24 doesn't delete my comment... I don't swear or anything, I only say the truth and they DELETE IT!! why???? Do you have your own INFO BiLL Now???

  • julian.knight.7 - 2012-09-13 14:42

    Charge him for Treason and Sedition and Inciting Public violence to start with ,seeing that the Tender Fraud and Tax Evasion dont seem to be prosecutable offences against ANC members past and present.

  • nunu.nana.58 - 2012-09-13 17:02

    I blame Mbeki for all of this, his dictatorial tendencies, by default, brought the Zumas and Malemas of this world, let him come and work at home for a change and sort this.

  • Hennenman - 2012-09-14 11:56

    We should treat this person like the cancer he is. Cut it out and do everything possible to ensure that it doesn't return.

  • mzondistanley - 2012-09-15 16:10

    Malema, The Cheque stopped coming on his side!! So anything happening any where, where people complain against the Government department, He wants to join in and do the Finger pointing to the Head of state!! He started with Mandela, Came to Mbeki and now He wants Motlante!! Shame !! If the Economy is not in its Best shape we do not keep on shading crockdile Tears!! Just go Home and work on the farm!!

  • mzondistanley - 2012-09-15 16:15

    No need for Legal advice except for choice of action on misbehaving soldiers!! which is within the defence Act and Regulations as updated from time to time!! Court Mashall them!!

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