Miner dies in rockfall

2012-10-26 13:27

Johannesburg - A man was killed in a rock fall at Village Main Reef's Tau Lekoa mine operation in Orkney, the company said in a statement on Friday.

A contractor employee was injured on Wednesday and taken to hospital, where he died on Thursday.

"The board and management of Village express their deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased," the company said.

The department of mineral resources (DMR) in the North West was alerted and an investigation was being conducted.

An instruction was issued for all production at Tau Lekoa to stop.

"The management of Tau Lekoa is working closely with the DMR to minimise the duration of the stoppage on production at Tau Lekoa, while a full investigation continues," the company said.

  • thabelorale - 2012-10-26 13:34

    But you refuse to pay them well

      andrez.kolesky - 2012-10-26 14:28

      @thabe. Stick to the article already. What has "pay" got to do with this accident ?? Geez, another vacuum pipe sort of guy.

  • Successful Nhlamulo Mabilane - 2012-10-26 14:57

    oh how fair is the people who live today they are under paying this workers yet their life at risk,God Have Mercy people are greedy

  • jackie.stone.501 - 2012-10-26 16:54

    And Mine bosses refuses to pay miners even less than 1% of their salary. I know that 12k would not bring back the soul, but at least the miner could have had something to invest toward his/her children so they don't have to go through the same struggle. I never heard a mine boss been killed

  • - 2012-10-26 18:00

    What has happened to the safety campaigns the mining industry has been bragging about since the late 1970's all just a big show to make it look like management is doing their job. would be interesting to see the fatalities on mines since 2004.

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