Miners must benefit from mine - Malema

2012-02-28 14:28

Rustenburg - Striking mineworkers at Impala Platinum near Rustenburg must negotiate to end their strike, suspended ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said on Tuesday.

"The employer must be prepared to negotiate. Negotiations means give and take," he said.

Malema told the crowd that the mine could afford the workers' R9 000 wage demand or more.

"Workers cannot be wrong," he said to the applause of the crowd.

"Once workers decide on action something must be wrong."

He said the ANCYL had called for the nationalisation of mines based on the conditions mineworkers were exposed to.

"You must benefit from the mine. If you are not benefiting, you must fight until you benefit."

Malema called for the workers to return to work but said they should do so on condition that they would enjoy the benefits they had before the strike.

"You must not allow the employer to divide you," he warned.

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  • Robin - 2012-02-28 14:32

    All the way there just for this?...waste of petrol

      Henri - 2012-02-28 14:37

      Julius is in the bathroom and Murphy shouts to him. "Did you find the shampoo? Julius says, "yes but it's for dry hair and I've just wet mine."

      Francois - 2012-02-28 14:37

      It is difficult to see how people who are earning salaries are not benefiting from the mine. Sure R 3000 is not a lot, but it is better than a social grant. (Malema, this is not a call to increase social grants to R 3000 pp per month). There is another way in which the miners are benefitting from the mine, it is free education, almost free medical attention, roads, an army, a police force, a ministry that gives them IDs, a ministry of two that ships jobs to China- it is all paid for by the tax the mine pays. Julius off course scores by the fact that he gets access to tenders, but that is another story.

      Rodney - 2012-02-28 14:57

      I think most right thinking people ignore the rantings of a nutcase, my question is this, why does news24 insist on calling fatboy a leader in the ANCYL? He was kicked out, he is a leader of nothing. Please stop giving this fool a platform from which to rant.

      David - 2012-02-28 15:06

      Juju probably thinks that's where Breitling watches are mined..hehe

      Max - 2012-02-28 15:10

      Julius Malema, where were you with all this insight and wonderful words of wisdom when Khulubuse and his cronies plundered Pamodzi Gold in the name of BEE? I hope there is a special place in hell for people like you and them that enrich yourself at the expense of ordinary working people.

      phumlanii - 2012-02-28 15:19

      Robin you really made my day. I can't control this laughter.

      Moss - 2012-02-28 15:38

      Julius as he call himself a" COP"(Champion of the poor) he should fix our province LIMPOPO before he can even think of being chanpion of the rest of south africa .

      Spyker - 2012-02-28 15:50

      I was about to smash out a message on my keyboard, with my blood boiling - then I read the Zoolie's 'though for the day'... Tx Zoolie, bru, yours is the best bit of therapy I have had in years - keep it up. I have to say though - did the Fat Fetid Trust Fund Toddler tell the mesmerised mobs that the real reason they need R9000-00 per month to survive (aka "to be stoned every night") is because their fat comrades in "da guvamint" is lying to them about the inflation rate. The bona fide inflation rate is likely in the region of 15%. SA's economy is in fact shrinking and shrinking FAST. That is what is wrong Woodwork-Wonderboy - nothing wrong with Impala's management...

      Tshifhiwa - 2012-02-28 15:56

      All the people that are commenting here earn 15 times more than these workers, enough with exploitation, this people must be compensated accordingly.

      Spyker - 2012-02-28 16:00

      O absolutely Steen and I bet you are a Storage Specialist @ MTN...

      Garth - 2012-02-28 16:03

      `Fat Fetid(sic) Trust Fund Toddler' - ROTFLMFAO

      TSR01 - 2012-02-28 16:13

      Steen, let me ask you something - is manual labour really that expensive? How's about the physical labour of roadworks? Should that also receive R9,000 per month? Have you ever driven past roadworks teams and seen only 2 out of 8 of them doing any work while the others stand around? Have you driven past them 30 minutes later to notice 4 of them vanished and now only 3 are working, with 1 standing there watching the others? Its not slave labour, its not unreasonable, and its idiotic for you to imply that physical labour should earn more than college-grade job positions - most companies these days start salaries between R4,500 and R6,500 for professional certifications. What education do mine workers have...? Anyone can be a mine worker if they can hold a jack-hammer. If you would rather train chimpanzees to work in the mines, then we won't have to pay them or worry about strikes! The SPCA can complain, but at least then it won't be a humanitarian issue, now will it? Please stop being unintelligent; it isn't becoming of someone who is capable of using a computer. ;)

      Tshifhiwa - 2012-02-28 16:17

      @Spyker_May do you have a problem with the mine workers taking home a minimum of R9000? Come on man, these people have families and children to support and some of their children have dreams of going to UCT one day. You lot are just being negative because the affected people are of a different color to yours.

      Hugh - 2012-02-28 16:45

      Steen, its called supply and demand. There are 16million people who need work and would take those jobs at a heart beat. If that's the going salary, then it is what it is. If they dont like it, they can go work elsewhere.

      Arno - 2012-02-28 17:07

      @Steen: 17 000 miners want at least 9 000 per month, that means that the most basic pay would cost the mine R153 million a month... I'm not going to elaborate anymore, seeing that I have the feeling that you, like most of the miners have a serious misconception of the financial side of an mine. To make it as simple as possible: NO mine in SA makes a clean PROFIT of more than 157 million a month, what this means is that they can't pay R9 000 a month per person. Is that simple enough?

      Spyker - 2012-02-28 17:20

      Steen.., Sure bru, lets pay them R9000/month, no prob... I fact WTF, lets just pay them R90000/month.., ag you know what, I am not a racist white manager, let us pay them 900000000000000/month..! You see my feckless friend, this is exactly what happens – the more you pay people, the more worthless the money becomes. It is a basic law of economics. The laws of economics are as strong as the laws of nature - there is NO free lunch. If you not work harder- and produce more in the same time – in other words become more productive and as such get a higher pay, all that will happen is that the money will become more worthless – it is called inflation. You will simply find that you still cannot come out with your salary – irrespective how much you earn. Pretty much what is happening in SA at the moment. Perhaps YOU should spend your off-time getting an economics qualification, rather than practising faux emotional rhetoric (like a professional Woodwork Student). The vehicle manufacturers are already working on an alternative for platinum. When they find it – Impala’s mesmerised mobs will have NOTHING. They can then sing freedom songs and eat their toenails for dinner and pick their noses for breakfast. Ask yourself this though - where will Fat Malema then be..? Shopping in Switzerland, while you are starving.

      Warren - 2012-02-28 20:31

      @ Steen: I see you own your own company (Dyve Consulting), how much is the minimum you pay? Oh wait, I see you are the only employee.

  • Henri - 2012-02-28 14:33

    Mick says to Julius, "Christmas is on a Friday this year".... Julius says "Let's hope it's not the 13th."

      Garth - 2012-02-28 14:38

      Thanks Zoolie, I have been `sharing' these all day!

      Henri - 2012-02-28 14:59

      Malema and his bodyguards are making letter bombs. One of the bodyguards: "I'm not sure whether I put enough explosive in this envelope before I sealed it." Malema: "Well, then open it and look." Bodyguard: "But if I open it, it will explode!" Malema: "Don't be stupid – it's not addressed to you!"

  • Alisha - 2012-02-28 14:34

    They do benefit from the mine. They get paid for their work at the end of the month. If they don't like the pay they can take their unskilled labour elsewhere and see how far they get. They have the right to resign.

      Bonga - 2012-02-28 14:54

      Maybe resigning is not an option given the lack of employment in SA. I do believe that the mine can do extra than what they are doing now. I'm not saying they should raise the wage ridiculously but I'm sure the is a way around this..

      MoAfrika - 2012-02-28 14:58

      Shut your pie hole, you've never worked in a mine.

      Marion - 2012-02-28 15:01

      @Alisha. Well said. Last night some NUM guy stated that those who don't return to work by Wednesday deadline have the right to exercise their freedom of choice, association or whatever. That is as it should be. These people are not slaves. If they do not like the working conditions / pay, they can seek alternative employment and make space for someone who would be happy to do that job in order to get some money.

      KGALEMA PHOGOLE - 2012-02-28 15:47

      Alisha I think you are one of the mine bosses who are benefiting alone please stop insulting our brothers by calling them unskilled,they were disadvantaged by previuos goverment

      Shaun - 2012-02-28 17:09

      @KGALEMA PHOGOLE, unskilled labour refers to the kind of work that they are doing, and not the fact that they are unskilled individuals.

  • Dave - 2012-02-28 14:34

    So is a job providing steady income not a benifit of working at the mine? And yes I'm sure better working conditions is why you want to nationalise the mines.

      Marion - 2012-02-28 15:02

      @Dave - what part of 'you won't have to work underground in such terrible conditions anymore when we nationalize' didn't you understand? :-)))

      Robin - 2012-02-28 15:31

      Once its nationalised they will all have office jobs at the mine..

  • Henri - 2012-02-28 14:34

    Julius & Mick find three grenades, so they take them to a police station. Mick: "What if one explodes before we get there?" Julius: "We'll lie and say we only found two."

      Tammy - 2012-02-28 14:37

      OR: we will blame in on apartheid LOL

      Marion - 2012-02-28 15:03

      If Julius copyrighted/trademarked or whatever, his name and published a Just Julius book of jokes he could make a fortune.

      Scouter - 2012-02-28 15:21

      I think he has already made himself a fortune, Marion.

      Morama - 2012-02-28 15:28

      Initially it was funny but nomore!!!

  • Herman - 2012-02-28 14:35

    Malema actually means HE wants to bennifit from the mines. The striking miners actually finance their own sallary increase with their strike. NO WORK NO PAY! One months salary lost due to the strike = 2 years sallary increases. HOW STUPID CAN YO BE?

      Nigel - 2012-02-28 14:40

      @Herman, this is the problem, they can't see the bigger picture, as you say, even if they get the increase, it will take 2 years to break even again, what then what, strike again, & take another 2 years to break even, in the mean time the mine loses R 1,5 Billion each strike, after 5 years the mine goes bang & 25 000 fools loose their jobs. WAKE THE HELL UP, for your own good!!!!!!!!

  • Tammy - 2012-02-28 14:36

    just bury him in a mine dump already

      Henri - 2012-02-28 14:40

      Julius says to Mick - I'm ready for a holiday, only this year I'm going to do it a bit different. 3 years ago I went to Spain and Mary got = pregnant. 2 years ago I went to Italy and Mary got pregnant. Last year I went to Majorca and Mary got pregnant. Mick asks - So what are you going to do this year?. Julius replies, - I'll take her with me!

  • Mike - 2012-02-28 14:40

    Now, now!! So you have an MBA and Masters in Economy? Yip, give them ALL R9000 when you nationalised the mine, and then go and ask Mandelas' and Zumas' family why their Grootvlei mine in Springs is bankrupt!??! "You must benefit from the mine." Now is that rhetorical or when there is some money left?

      Juan - 2012-02-28 16:00

      Yeah that is an increase of R75 million to the monthly wage bill. Yes they could easily afford it. Malemarse ....

      Abram - 2012-02-29 09:10

      They lost R2b in 6 weeks it mean the can offord double the money

  • kgomotso.radise - 2012-02-28 14:41

    Malema only semi(un)skilled people will believe you.

      Francois - 2012-02-28 14:59

      Kgomotso, the problem is that there are a lot of them and they don't even read the newspaper, let alone News24, simply because they cannot read. Julius, knows this and is feeding on this for his support base - the problem is that the lack of quaility education is creating a bomb, Julius just started to ignite it.

  • Celtis - 2012-02-28 14:43

    Couple their salaries to the profit. It is auditable and they can see when they do nothing there is nothing to pay but the harder they work the better the pay.

      Jomah - 2012-02-28 15:14

      They are being paid for production performance. The better they produce the better the profit should be (in effect). If they share in the profit, they should also share in the loss. Like any good partnership. However I do not think NUM would like this!

      jan.roodt1 - 2012-02-28 15:26

      They do get a salary and a bonus. THe beter the production, the higher the bonus.

      Samantha - 2012-02-28 15:38

      I'd like to see what they say when they get told that now that they will be earning 9000+ a month, they have to pay TAXES!!!! :) - wonder if they thought about that ?

  • Johnny - 2012-02-28 14:44

    Great Julius Jokes... keep them coming !!

      Henri - 2012-02-28 14:58

      I have four extra tickets for the Robbie Knievel (son of Evil Knievel) who will be flying into SA to stage an Event at the Durban Mabhida Stadium next weekend, if anybody wants them. Robbie is going to try to jump over 1,000 Malema supporters with a Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer

      Garth - 2012-02-28 15:36

      Where do I deposit the money to purchase the tickets?

      Johnny - 2012-02-29 14:31

      That should make them think level-headed ! (;-)

  • rodfor1435 - 2012-02-28 14:44

    5 points for Malema for understanding what NEGOTIATIONS means.....hope you didn't kill the last brain cell you had looking up the meaning though!

  • Yolanda - 2012-02-28 14:47

    Julius Malema "Workers cannot be wrong" Lmao!!! Where in the world does this guy come from???

  • Schmee - 2012-02-28 14:49

    Obviously I've been brought up badly. My parents taught me that getting paid for work is a benefit.

  • David - 2012-02-28 14:50

    Has he not been sacked from the YL? excuse my ignorance, but why are we still hearing from him?

      Mike - 2012-02-28 15:38

      More to the point why is News 24 quoting him anymore? They are not doing our country a favour by keeping him in the news. Politicians thrive on publicity. Take it away and they die. If he ever gets into power there will never be another election in this country. That is why he supports Mugabe, Gadaffi etc. Guys like this believe in absolute power and to hell with the people.

      Morama - 2012-02-28 15:40

      Because you have been dreaming all along.He won't be fired and is now destined to become the president of this country including all of news24 haters!!!

      Riaan - 2012-02-28 16:23

      Dream on Moron(a)

  • Garth - 2012-02-28 14:50

    Is it possible that this creature from the depths of the primeval forest is really respected by some? Believed by others? Supported by hundreds? This thing is as thick as 2 short planks. But that is not the major problem here, for it is worse than that. This ignoramus profundipus believes that it is clever. That is the major danger here!

  • Phumi - 2012-02-28 14:52

    Zimbabwean Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere gave Impala platinum fourteen days to comply with the laws of that country of handing over 51 percent of ownership to Zimbabweans and they complied gladly. Why do we have to tolerate their abuse of the workers here? I have said it from the onset that DMR should temporary take over this mine before this debacle we find ourselves in. The management of Impala is only interested on the bottom line and balance sheet and not on the interests of the workers!

      Nigel - 2012-02-28 15:08

      yea & ZImbabwe is broke as a result of their policies, which you seem happy to ignore, IDIOT!!!

      Nigel - 2012-02-28 15:12

      Please show me a successful black run mine, just show me one, at least Impala actually PAYS their workers, unlike the now bankrupt failure Arora. What did you say about them...huh!!!!! what?????

      K0BUSL - 2012-02-28 15:19

      South Africa’s Impala Platinum shares were down 2,7% yesterday after its Zimbabwean unit Zimplats received an order to hand over 29,5% ownership to the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board within 14 days. Sure Bud there goes your mining profits, see they complied gladly hahaha

      lindz.kok - 2012-02-28 15:28

      wow what a stupid statement seeing what an economical giant zim is... phumi do you realy want to go live with your brother mugabe?

      Morama - 2012-02-28 15:43

      Well said mpumi,if it's possible in Zim why not here.The only man that can implement what south africans want is DR JUlias malema.FINISH AND KLAAR!!!

      Morama - 2012-02-28 15:45

      @KOBUS,yes they have to go down,it depends again as to who is interested and specifically in this case....we all know the culprit is'nt it?

      Theo - 2012-02-28 16:35

      Phumi my man, we meet again. I wonder if you actually know anything about business and how it works. The reason why people go into business is to make money. That is why it is called business. The irony is, you live in a house built by capitalists, you drive a car or take the bus... also made by capitalists and to top it off... you are using their technology to post comments on these forums. Zim is broke and the people are dying... Your one friend made the comment of the big bosses drinking red wine, well yes if you had the money wouldn't you too enjoy some red wine? Of course you would... The fact of the matter is, if the workers stopped drinking and smoking they would have more money. Also, if they had done better at school, they could have had a better future. Let me ask you this Phumi, if you had a multi million dollar company, would you give it away to people who did not have the necessary skills or experience to run it? Also, didn't your beloved leaders not run the Limpopo province into the ground? What makes you think they could run a mine? Maybe Phumi, if you would "nationalize" your own salary, maybe the South African public might follow your example.Take enough to pay your bills and buy food and give the rest away to Mr. malema. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • Deon - 2012-02-28 14:54

    Malema is not known for his Maths and Economic sense, it showed again.

  • Che - 2012-02-28 14:56

    Too many chiefs... too little indians...eish wonder if the workers would share in a loss...

      Francois - 2012-02-28 16:33

      I think it is a cool idea! All ANC and specifically ANCYL members and Cosatu and SACP members must pay in so the a company does not make a loss! Let us start with mmmm Zincor.... let us get some other suggestions. The rules does not apply to ANC tenderpreneur companies.

  • Marion - 2012-02-28 14:58

    What did he actually say that hadn't been said before? Oh yes, he said workers can't be wrong. If they can't be wrong then there wouldn't be legislation differentiating between legal and illegal strikes. Once they've nationalized wonder if the likes of Julius are going to be so quick to say 'the mine can afford Rxxxxx'... doubt it very much. Salaries of teachers, nurses, cops, firefighters - all civil servants in fact, tell us that Julius is simply saying what the masses want to hear and not what the reality is going to be.

  • J-Man - 2012-02-28 15:00

    "alema told the crowd that the mine could afford the workers' R9 000 wage demand or more." So now he's a financial expert with intimate knowledge of the mine's workings and what it can and cannot afford? Big steps for the young Woodwork graduate....

  • StarStruck - 2012-02-28 15:00

    And this just in from Sally, our news reporter on the ground. "Yes, thank you Mr.Anchorman. Hello everyone I am Sally reporting live from the Implats mine near Rustenburg. The notorious Julias MALema is just about to debrief the thousands of illegally striking mine workers. Yes, I can hear it clearly they are in fact asking of one month’s wages from Mr.MALema. OH he seems to be concluding his visit very swiftly and, and yip he's off. Back to you Mr.Anchorman". Thank you Sally, news just in. The HAWKS have confirmed that they are still investigating Mr.MALema. Apparently they are having trouble getting any information with 20 lawyers who happens to represent Mr.MALema, refusing to release any information without compensation. BillyBob is next with your weather update and I hear it will be a scorcher...

  • Collen Masetla - 2012-02-28 15:01


      Nigel - 2012-02-28 15:08

      caps lock is on the left of the keyboard, if you are worried about the ANC (& I agree they are pretty useless), you should worry more about the so called "prince of the poor", what destruction the ANC have managed to do in 17 years, he will do in a matter of months, my suggestion to you is get an education & learn some skills, that way you will be sure to have a future.

      Herman - 2012-02-28 15:31

      Collen, you've got abselutely no idea what you just said!

      HiJack - 2012-02-28 15:38

      Check out Collen's picture. There is fkall happening in that head. PS, maybe you parents should have tried to copy the Westerners correctly... its "COLIN", not "Collen".

      Felix - 2012-02-28 15:40


      Morama - 2012-02-28 15:48

      Alluta continua!!!

      Garth - 2012-02-28 15:49

      Collen - you are a useless, worthless, anc racist troll. Outside! Out! By the way, did your parents not know whether you were a boy or girl at your birth and so named you using a mixture between Colin and Colleen? I do not like, nor appreciate the comments of, supporters of idiots.

      KGALEMA PHOGOLE - 2012-02-28 16:01

      SACP,NUM,COSATU,ZUMA are busy telling the mine bosses that Mine nationalisation is not the policy of ANC while the employees are starving,they are busy drinking red wine with the mine bosses to please them with a nice words,I think Zuma must step down because He cannot solve the problems,He is only concern about being elected for second term.

      Tammy - 2012-02-28 16:01

      big yawn!!! time for you to go idiot

      gunofmine - 2012-02-28 19:07

      ALUTA CONTINUA! they hate the poor guy for reminding them of what they've stolen from AFRICA- Its people (slavery), land and resources- now they hate him for speaking the truth? bring back malema!

      Clive - 2012-02-29 15:36

      @Kgalema: If Impala "workers" are starving it's because they've been on strike, for which they are not paid. Impala management are adhering to the law. Aurora workers ARE starving because their ANC-connected bosses haven't paid them for over a year, in violation of the law. Worse, no legal steps have been taken against those owners. Which is the more likely scenario were the state to take over the mines?

  • Orapeleng Molosiwa - 2012-02-28 15:04

    He has spoken and it stands,that s why we love you juju,you speak for us...

      J-Man - 2012-02-28 15:07

      What does that say about you....shame....the irony...

      David - 2012-02-28 15:50

      He speaks for you but will watch you starve, you think the other dictators in africa cared about the masses?

      Clive - 2012-02-29 15:37

      Shame, if Julius is your leader, you are doomed.

  • derrick.chikanga - 2012-02-28 15:08

    No offence, but in what capacity was he addressing these mine workers. For all we know he is neither a minister, MP or labour representative.

  • nkosiab - 2012-02-28 15:09

    that makes sense

      Garth - 2012-02-28 15:56

      What makes sense? The fact that every time that fool opens his mouth, he would have one believe that he has invented the wheel. Unfortunately, his idiot, ignorant, racist supporters believe him! Don't they aaron and orapeleng and collen and graeme and sganja and moafrika?

  • George - 2012-02-28 15:13

    Malema, workers are employees and not co-owners. It is the employer who decides what to pay employees. this is usually done after taking other factors of production into mind. Of course you wouldnt know this with your level of competency. Would you?

      Ronald - 2012-02-28 17:09

      That is why malema and his like have to keep on stealing, because he is unable to take that which he has and grow it in a legal manner. Better to just waste it on watches and flooring expensive houses than to do something constructive and lasting.

  • J.A.Rademan - 2012-02-28 15:14

    Then let them Buy it....... This mentality of unreasonably wanting and demanding that was and is condoned by the ANC is crap. For the last 18 years you can be what you want to be if you are black. Zuma with his ST 8 is a good example. Nobody is forcing you to be a miner and earn a low pay. The mines gets exploited by political agendas like those of Malema, at the expense of SA in general. Good on you Impala for sticking to your guns. There are thousands of people willing to work for a low pay just to be able to afford food in these difficult times and they are both black and white.

      George - 2012-02-28 15:33

      JA Rademan, your language is not acceptable. There are many black people who have attained everything through hard work. You will be a fool to generalise. There is still a big number of disgruntled blacks who are not benefiting as per your suggestion. Let us not forgot what apartheid did to the black community. Some of us are still feeling the effect while your kind is still licking the juice from the proceeds of apartheid.

      Theo - 2012-02-28 16:39

      @Mpaketsane24, How are you still feeling it? Through the fancy cars you drive? The nice house? Your ability to go freely where ever you want? Man life is hard.

      George - 2012-02-29 00:50

      @Theo, and how do you expect me to have a constructive discussion with you? Did you go that that camp? I didn't want to entertain you because you are not in my class. Hope you are enjoying the free ride 'cause one of the days your ignorance will come to bite you. Mind you, you are becoming obsolete.

      nolan.brunsdon - 2012-02-29 12:53

      @Muppet sane00 The ANC is in power and the laws favor you, why the F@#% are you still opening your hands and your mouth? Always easy just to blame apartheid.

  • Morama - 2012-02-28 15:20

    The man they had been waiting for has finally arrived and finished!!! Thank you JUlias.

  • Graeme - 2012-02-28 15:23

    J.Malema is right,the miners have been exploited for hundreds of years.

  • Zimbobwe - 2012-02-28 15:24

    If my father was a miner I would slap him and tell him were to get off when he gets home. I would tell my mother to let him sleep in the chicken shed for the whole week. How can a group of grown up men old to be fatboy's father wait in the sun for hours just to listen to this shortpants mampara??? Imagine malema telling my father what to do and how resolve his problems at his workplace??? This is so low and stupid I don't have words to describe it!!!

  • Juan - 2012-02-28 15:24

    When people are thirsty, they will drink anything... even the sand...

      Herman - 2012-02-28 15:35

      They will drink the sand not because they are thirsty but because they dont know the difference!

  • tshepangr1 - 2012-02-28 15:26

    Having worked at the mine before.. I am shocked that there are people who still earn R3000 working underground. I believe the minimum wage at the mine should be R5000 because just by going underground you put yourself at a huge risk. Anything can happen down there, support or not! I also find it strange that one group of workers can get bonuses at the expense of another. The management knew that this would cause havoc! There's a bigger agenda at play here...

  • Remi Du Preez - 2012-02-28 15:30

    Mineworkers already benefit in the form of a salary you knob.

  • Taki Daniel Rakgomo - 2012-02-28 15:31

    I wonder if Malema wants 2 b d next ANC or COSATU President he loves Power

  • HiJack - 2012-02-28 15:31

    They do benefit you fkin idiot. They are paid a salary. Work = Salary. Nothing is free, they don't live in your world where you can just flap your fat lip and get sjit for free.

      Tammy - 2012-02-28 16:03

      LOL - well said hijack

  • Jannie - 2012-02-28 15:34

    Malema at an art gallery:- I suppose this horrible thing is what u white people call modern art??? Art dealer:- I beg your pardonSir, that's a mirror.

      Tammy - 2012-02-28 16:04

      LMAO - keep them coming

  • Paulo - 2012-02-28 15:35

    isn't getting a salary benefit enough-i guess if you don't like it you can always try opening up your own mine perhaps?

  • Masego - 2012-02-28 15:36

    the day you see your brother going underground to work,the day you pass your borther/sister in the scotching heat waving a red flag on the highway, the day you see your brother/sister push a trolley full on empty boxes in a busy intersection, the day you see your borther/sister doing gardening for a different race,the day you see your brothers/sisters packed at the back of a bakkie while its raining, the day you see your son or daughter working at a maize farm, ONLY THEN,you will understand what we fighting for,only then you will see why Juju is part of our Hope at this moment in time.Hate him,hate us, but you can never stop us from fighting for decency to live like humans,even if we still have to do the above mentioned.

      HiJack - 2012-02-28 15:42

      Well its clear you thumb-downed just about every post above yours, and thumb upped your own post. You sound pretty level headed. Tell me exactly what it is that you (and those that you call brothers and sisters) want? Break it down for me, tell me what this "economic freedom in our lifetime" is all about? Cause I don't understand it.

      Duncan Thabiso Mphailane - 2012-02-28 15:43

      You words just pierce a hole in my heart.

      Christian J Denyschen - 2012-02-28 15:50

      Sorry hijack that was suppose 2 be a thumbs up

      George - 2012-02-28 15:52

      what about school? your brothers and sisters do they ever think about getting an education instead of hopping at the back of a bakkie? Why is Malema not encouraging people to get education? Oh, I know, he is not educated so he cant really convince anyone to do what he could not do. Your Malema does not represent the majority of youth in this country. All SA need is a stable economy which will create jobs. The government is failing to run their departments. How are they going to run mines?

      HiJack - 2012-02-28 15:53

      No worries Chris, I'll get you back some other time ;-)

      Garth - 2012-02-28 16:23

      Well returned Mpaketsane. Education is the key to rising above the morass of malema's mindset. @masego - you complain about seeing your brothers and sisters hard at work or earning money through recycling - what is your point? Should they be getting money for nothing, like your useless, worthless anc masters? Decency comes from within - it cannot be bought. `. . . doing gardening for a different race,' The racist will always blame others for his/her own demise.

      Mike - 2012-02-28 17:07

      When you have got what you are fighting for what are you going to do with it and how are you going to sustain it Masego?

  • Ian - 2012-02-28 15:40

    They are benefiting from the mine - they get paid a salary - you toss. Oh, sorry but workers can be wrong, espcially when they are encouraged by tossers like you (Malema) to practive their sense of entitlement.

      Christian J Denyschen - 2012-02-28 15:42

      "Malema told the crowd that the mine could afford the workers' R9 000 wage demand or more" wow now that's adding petrol 2 a already out of control fire well done d@@s secondly i thought its the client thats always right this is the reason way we get such poor work in this country al the benefit is going 2 the workers and its the consumers who gets f@cked

      HiJack - 2012-02-28 15:50

      If they could affort to pay 9k salaries, why wouldn't they just employ twice as many people rather and get the job done twice as fast? They can't because they can't afford it. Jis, someone that failed woodwork musn't try his hand as financial matters...

  • Jannie - 2012-02-28 15:41

    HOE DIE TOI-TOI DING REGTIG WERK: Die voorste klomp skree almal "We want equal rights". Die middelste klomp kan nie mooi hoor nie en skree: "We want electrical lights!!!". Die agterste klomp het nie 'n flippen idee waaroor dit gaan nie en skree: "We want Big Corn Bites!!!!"

  • Simon - 2012-02-28 15:49

    If you dont like the pay you can dive it to me , there are 100000 homeless and jobless , if it is such a issue , why did you apply for the job in the 1st place , there are people that will work for that money , mabey you can go and squiter on Malemas farm

  • Eric Maseko - 2012-02-28 15:52

    Collen, not ONLY the racist but also that old regime oppressor which now has predecessors from that old government which sought to devour & rewrite our history. It still does hunger for that same power! Racism is not only a matter of skin but heart & mind! I see & experience it daily! Malema is so FU**EN right! These imperialist doesn't wanna give up & share power! @ Yolanda Malema is no extraordinary human being nor superior to your inferior mind, simple answer he's from the SAME world & planet you live in! Difference is he speaks out for many that are oppressed whose voices have been suppressed & silenced in the name of "corporate governance & work ethics" while being exploited. Yet fat cats seat & enjoy sweat of the same poor & exploited people!

      Tammy - 2012-02-28 16:06

      @ eric - are you really this stupid or are you trying to be funny?

      Derek - 2012-02-28 16:09

      Eric, you might want to add Malema to the fat cats. He doesn't starve or lack for anything. He has an agenda and will use anyone to achieve it. His speaking for the oppressed and exploited is purely for his own gain.

      HiJack - 2012-02-28 16:11

      Eric. Tell me, brother. Why must EVERYONE always give up something to give to blacks? Why can't blacks do it for themselves? With BEE companies HAVE to put a smiling back face right at the top of the boardroom - even after said sliming back face had to hand in building that company up. Why can't blacks just start their own businesses, why always want pieces of what other people brought about? It pathetic, really. Malema tells you EXACTLY what you want to hear, he is a charmer. He does it so that you keep continueing to support him. Someone said the other day they saw him at a tollgate somewhere in a brand new, R1m Merc. Honestly, do you REALLY think he gives a sjit about YOU? Nope. I probably care for you more than what he does, so that's very little indeed. You must know this, or do you continue to lie to yourself so that you can sleep at night?

      Riaan - 2012-02-28 16:31

      Geez, what is this? Dumber by the dozen? You fools at Lootfreely house should do an honest day's work for a change, instead of hogging the internet the whole day.

      NrGx - 2012-02-29 09:44

      @ Eric - can i retort to your verbal diarrhea? I will anyways, or do you think as a white man, my opinion is regarded as racist because it doesnt fit within your own misconceptions. Malema does not "speak out" for the oppressed, he just says what they want to hear with no thought of the ramifications. "These imperialist doesn't wanna give up & share power!" HUH? tell you what open your own company and give it to people who have no experience in the business world. NO? you imperialist hypocrite! and finally.... "Racism is not only a matter of skin but heart & mind" tell me sir, what is the foundation of your heart and mind, while you knowingly support, AND CONDONE, the blatant racist behavior of malema and the "governing" party? before you judge and point fingers based on skin colour, look within yourself and ask...AM I NOT BEING EXACTLY THE KIND OF PERSON I PROTEST AGAINST?

  • Phillip Coetzee - 2012-02-28 15:55

    Feel sorry for the miners, conditions they are working in is atrocious, who is making the money? On the other hand most of the miners is from neighbouring countries, now how does Malema raleigh them. Using then to achieve his goal.

  • Evan - 2012-02-28 15:57

    Absolutely... and we as tax payers should also benefit from paying tax, what are we getting other than corruption and theft for our taxes... this guy is a genius economist in the making.

  • Den - 2012-02-28 15:59

    how does malema know what the mine can afford? these miners are dum enough to believe any trash that spews out of his mouth

  • Mark - 2012-02-28 16:07

    If the Idiot is suspended why do we care what the moron does or even says.Remember empty vessels make the most noise.He is a has been.

  • Johnathon - 2012-02-28 16:09

    Most posts on this site obviously did not do economics as subjects. Read the statistics and you will find that the common black miner here in South Africa earns more money than any other common miner anywhere else in Africa, or China for that matter. They have been getting twice inflation increases for I don’t know how many years. Increasing mine labour salary accompanied by a severe drop in productivity, is actually causing concern to mine management, in that as our mines labour bill is now becoming completely uncompetitive with other mines in the world, and our mines may no longer be able to compete internationally. On top of their salaries, South African miners get unbelievably generous perks added to their package. It is just pure greed on their part, that they demand ever increasing, non-sustainable, continuous salary and perks increases year on year on year. Correcting other quotes, the miners earn R6000/m before deductions. All they are asking for is 225% increase to R13000 / m. The hard lesson in life is, if you want to earn more money then improve your skills. Every job has a ceiling to what an employer will pay for the skills and experience offered. Who in this country would not like to earn a heap more.

  • Masego - 2012-02-28 16:10

    @Hijack,What is done in the past is done, but that doesnt mean we have to live in the past. We are not aiming at fighting with anyone, our fight is directed towards the system that still oppresses us,the issue before us is very simple, our land,our wealth,our minerals, give the people a cut.when i say people,im talking about each and every South African who feels oppressed by the system irrespective of color.Why cant Frikie Van der Merwe pay his employees a decent salary and walk away with a million in his pocket rather than 7 million. same applies to all races.Lets face it,Black nation is the Majority compared to others, even if we stand here and say, the are other people who wants little money to afford food,who are the majority of those people?Show me any sector in RSA that requires pure hard labour, and you get more than 15000 employees being of different race than black?im not making racial remarks,this is the reality at present.Many people died while fighting for me and others to enjoy the freedom we have today.I will risk it all as well making sure that our sons and daughters dont live in the same enviroment as we are currently,the imbalance of living.they will fight different battles if the are still any.For now,we know very well what our Battle is.

      HiJack - 2012-02-28 16:25

      Your battle should be to get your kids to go to school. And don't get me started on "your" land. It never was "your" land to begin with, it was unclaimed. I'm not going to get into that now because that topic is tired beyond comprehension. You can't just give "a cut" to someone because they feel entitled for some reason? So with that logic I can go to ABSA and demand the money someone else worked for because the money is currently on South African soil and I should be entitled to some of it? Nope, sorry. Go to school, PASS matric with GOOD grades, then get a job. That's the way the world works, the entire world. In the Arab countries, with the rich oil sheiks, they don't just give "cuts" of anything to the locals just because they are locals? Na-ah. White kids are silenty going to school, doing what they need to be doing, and then moving on with life. Black kids are roiting at universities, not studying, and then still thinking they are entitled to a "cut" of something just for being black? Surely you must agree that that is laughable. Also, what is this system that is opressing you, if it is you (blacks) that are controlling the system? Maar nou ja, nice talking, I'm leaving my PC now.

  • Luzuko Tosh Plaatjie - 2012-02-28 16:16

    Look who's talking f....g tenderpreneur. What does he know about hard labour?