Minister awaits Derby-Lewis query

2011-11-10 13:02

Johannesburg - Correctional Services Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula is waiting to hear from Public Protector Thuli Madonsela about a complaint about parole for Clive Derby-Lewis, her office said on Thursday.

"[The minister] notes reports in the media that the public protector has received a complaint regarding the granting of medical parole to offender Derby-Lewis," the statement said.

"The minister awaits correspondence in this regard from the office of the public protector."

The statement reiterated that Derby-Lewis had never applied for consideration for medical parole.

Derby-Lewis, the leader of the apartheid-era Conservative Party, and an MP, was sentenced to 25 years’ in prison for his part in the murder of SA Communist Party secretary general Chris Hani in 1993.

He arranged a firearm for triggerman Janusz Walus, who is serving the same prison term.

Both were initially sentenced to death, but this was commuted to life in prison after the abolition of the death penalty.

Derby-Lewis, 75, is being treated for prostate and skin cancer.

  • jacqui.jacobson1 - 2011-11-10 13:07

    why is it Derby Lewis has prostrate and skin cancer and is in jail and Mr Shaik has high blood pressure and is on medical parole????

      StarStruck - 2011-11-10 13:11

      Good point. The problem is - he just happens to be white too so he will probably have to live with the discomfort of having cancer until he dies - in prison that is.

      Ntrrr - 2011-11-10 13:21

      Shaik didn't kill anyone

      Thelma - 2011-11-10 13:25

      He is not Zuma's buddy.....

      StarStruck - 2011-11-10 13:36

      @ - Ntrrr. An uneducated society will have far more defecating consequences for SA. Somalia is a very good example of this problem. They haven’t had a functioning government of 20 years. Millions starving, disease ridden and nothing can be done about it except supplying the people with food and blankets which is coming from nations that learned the value of education.

      marazor - 2011-11-10 13:47

      Because Shaik did not kill anyone, you thick-headed imbecile!

      Myancmyfuture - 2011-11-10 13:56

      That's why we need to be careful on medical parole since the Shaik debacle, the state cannot be fooled twice

      George - 2011-11-10 14:31

      Derby lewis is not white. he is pink.

  • Shellerjc - 2011-11-10 13:17

    Derby is white and will therefore never be releases. Had he been any other colour he would been out long ago with a slap on the wrist - sorry to say

      marazor - 2011-11-10 13:46

      playing the race card... how unexpected...

      Myancmyfuture - 2011-11-10 14:30

      Just like the white Bees or Scott-Crossley who fed a black man into lions, I presume

  • Julie - 2011-11-10 13:37

    It's WRONG that Derby Lewis is still in prison!

      phathuchicos - 2011-11-12 12:24

      gah do even have brains...

  • pbobbins - 2011-11-10 14:17

    Shaik may not have killed anyone, but since Derby Lewis is a white person in SA he wont get parole at all. But let a black SA man kill someone then they A loose the documents B the case is postponed or C he is sentenced to jail but hey they are so full they will just let him go on parole. Look at the ppl the killed the AWB leader whats going on there. Hey catch a wake up you un educated ppl of RSA its time the white ppl of SA start standing together

      Myancmyfuture - 2011-11-10 14:33

      Mark Scott crossley a white male in Hoedspruiit who fed a black man to lions got parole after serving less than 2 years. The people who killed ET are still on trial and behind bars as we speak but your lack of information on the case makes me think you just take the normal pub-gossip and convert that to actual events

  • Andre - 2011-11-10 14:29

    ..CDL is incarcerated for a politically motivated killing, nothing unlike the ANC bombings at the Benoni Wimpy Bar or the 2 bombings in Durban... If he has to remain so, then many including the hero (not) who was our former Metro police chief (mcBomb - McBride)should be sitting. The powers that be have suspended JuJu maybe just maybe another olive branch in releasing CDL to family (as was SHAIKY) will go a long way to cementing a few race relations....mmm?

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