Minister bemoans road deaths

2012-03-12 22:42

Durban - Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele bemoaned on Monday the deaths of 30 people in road accidents in the past five days.

"The Road Traffic Management Corporation has dispatched an independent team of accident investigation and reconstruction specialists to assist in the investigation of these crashes," he said.

Eleven people were killed when a truck and a Toyota Venture collided on the R56 between Kokstad and Umzimkulu on Monday morning, KwaZulu-Natal road traffic management spokesperson Sinhle Mngomezulu said.

A child was among the dead. Provincial health department spokesperson Chris Maxon said two people were critically injured and the others were seriously injured.

On Saturday night, seven people were killed when a car hit a group of pedestrians in Tshaulu, near Thohoyandou, in Limpopo, transport department spokesperson Logan Maistry said.

On Thursday, 12 people were killed in a head-on collision near Queenstown, in the Eastern Cape.

Ndebele sent his condolences to the families of those killed.

KwaZulu-Natal Safety and Security MEC Willies Mchunu said accidents could be prevented if people adhered to the rules of the road.

"Please ensure that your vehicles are in a roadworthy condition," Mchunu said.

  • Ian - 2012-03-12 23:01

    Well then, that will really make a BIG difference!How to solve the carnage on the roads, anc style. 'Bemoan the deaths' and it will stop!GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE!!!

      Martin - 2012-03-13 07:30

      metro are about profit, not saving lives, they will argue that, but then they must explain why their little sissy cops cant sit and pull motorists off during a rain shower, or trap during a rain shower, are they afraid to get a little wet.

  • Getafix - 2012-03-12 23:27

    Fix the potholes and have the roads repainted, investigate the point of accident. Is there enough signage warning of hidden dangers such as sharp bends? Was the vehicles roadworthy? All these things should be investigated before speed limits across the country are changed.

  • seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-03-12 23:57

    Firstly I would like to stress my utmost condolences to the deceased and the families they left behind! :( Secondly I would like to comment on the very visiblestop anapest search/roadblock/s drive and hopefully clamping down on transgressors of all kinds n our roads - congratulations on this to the minister and all his staff who are drivingbthis clampdown. Transgressors beware - be very aware! This is already making me feel alot safer on the roads seeing this and the fact that that vehicles are being stopped on the in/off-ramos to freeways is a very good thing because I've seen in the past that when people see roadblocks at a distance, they simply make a quick u-turn, and these are usually the perputrators that we want caught, they are obviously hiding simething! Whilst on the on/off-ramps there is no chance for a quick-u-turn and this makes for a better chance of randomly pulling off the real perputrators who we want off the roads with their un-roadworthy/un-licenced vehicles/drivers/drunk-drivers etc. entering our freeways causing deaths. And reckless driving! I am not afraid of this drive and support it through thick and thin and will even be as patient as ever if stuck in one if these roadblocks - after all this is what we all have been bitching and moaning about. So now that it is actually taking place, people please be patient so that our roads can become safer again and nit worry if your children that have just obtained their licences are going to arrive alive!

      seanpresherhughes_1 - 2012-03-12 23:59

      "Stop and search" sorry about the spelling - this tablet changes my words totally just before I post my comment

  • Sylvia - 2012-03-13 04:06

    What we need are for drivers to be "in a roadworthy condition."

  • Mel - 2012-03-13 09:23

    Actions speak louder than words Minister, so what are you going to do about reducing road tragedies huh, enough of you're empty words action is required quicksmart...Cmon earn you're salary or we will kick you to the kerb..

  • Andrew - 2012-03-13 09:25

    Thats about all our government ministers do all the time, moan and talk with no action being taken to correct the situation. Do they investigate if the drivers are qualified and have the necessary skills. Are the vehicles roadworthy etc.

  • anneline.duplessis1 - 2012-04-09 16:47

    Motor Bestuurders verontagsaam die padreels alte vreeslik! Gaan by jou verby op sper en doodstrepe asof dit nie bestaan! Selfone word ook in die ry alte veel gebruik.Stop hierdie senario en siedaar wat n verskil dit sal maak.

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