Minister condemns spate of child murders

2011-10-13 22:39

Johannesburg - A recent spate of child murder cases in South Africa was met with outrage by the minister of women, children and people with disabilities on Thursday.

“The barbaric actions of child abusers and murderers have no place in our democratic society," said Lulu Xingwana in a statement.

She said the net was closing on perpetrators of child abuse, with her department working closely with law enforcement agencies.

Xingwana was satisfied with the police's reintroduction of the family violence, child protection and sexual offences units.

“Child murderers will have no place to hide as more and more of them will continue to face the full might of the law,” she said.

On Wednesday morning, schoolgirl Louise de Waal was kidnapped at gun-point as she walked to school in Roodepoort, Gauteng.

A badly burnt body - widely believed to be De Waal's - was found on a farm in Magaliesburg later in the day.

Last Friday, a three-year-old boy's butchered body was found stuffed into a suitcase in his next-door neighbour's house at Gugulethu in the Western Cape.

Just over a month ago, two sisters, 8 and 12, were stabbed in Khayelitsha, also in the Western Cape.

The younger girl died from her injuries. Police said they could not rule out the possibility that the girls had been raped.

Xingwana appealed to the public to work with the police to ensure child abusers were rooted out of society.

  • kevin.rack - 2011-10-13 23:16

    You judge a country on how it treats the vulnerable. No where else in the world does this dispicable crime occur so often. Shame South Africa shame and more shame on men. We should be standing up and ridding our group of these viles dogs.

      sstellenboom - 2011-10-14 09:02

      I could not agree more! Then we wonder why people emmigrate to safer countries! This is just disgusting!

      Koos - 2011-10-14 13:29

      ...and is still happens as we speak...a child killed with a broken beer bottle and another raped so badly that she needed surgery. This is the quality of humanity voting for the ANC...

  • cf.liebenberg - 2011-10-14 04:03

    It's easy to condemn Lulu Xingwana..........but if their is no action taken, it means nothing!!!

  • Mart - 2011-10-14 05:31

    Outrage is going to solve nothing. It is patently clear that the mutants amongst us only understand violence. For the sake of humanity as a whole we need to start killing these bastards...period. The people have the will....government must wake up to this fact. Create one important job in this country Zuma....that of hangman, and I want it !

  • Roy - 2011-10-14 06:32

    Yes! and they get away with it because of our stupid laws. Bring back the rope so that society can be rid of this rubbish. Sitting in jail cost the taxpayer money for some-one who should not be living after what they have done.

  • Jesse - 2011-10-14 06:39

    Everyone should be outraged - not just the minister!

  • Kevin Nicklin - 2011-10-14 07:00

    I agree fully with Roy. Unless there is a proper deterrent for criminals, they are going to continue perpetrating acts of extreme violence. Bring back the death penalty, it's time criminals fear retribution for their actions!

  • Sammy - 2011-10-14 07:02

    Criminals clearly don't fear the law in this place. Bring back the death penalty.

  • Ian - 2011-10-14 07:04

    all the big talk from the big anc wankers oops sorry i meant talkers about how crime is down, bull fffng crap man, I suppose they want want to use there pathetic media tribunal to stop the press from reporting how high crime is in this place as well as corruption, this anc belongs in the freaking hague

  • Heinrich - 2011-10-14 07:12

    I am not a psychologist, but look at this: The Minister and the Government on the one side. Living in luxury, spending like crazy on themselves and their Party, travelling all over the show, bodyguards,gala dinners and functions, self-enrichment through corruption,never acted against when stealing from the people, taking huge salaries and perks for no meaningful output. Creating a vulture culture. On the other side: People squashed into into shacks. Living in squalor. Jobless.Hopeless. Like Rats.Trying to survive from day to day. Their only value seen as a vote. Reminds me of an experiment someone did with rats. Increase the population density and aggression, even cannibalism, grows.

  • ryanwiblin - 2011-10-14 07:52

    Less talk... more action, please!

  • Hugh - 2011-10-14 08:28

    Is it safe to walk in the park?- no. Is it safe tostay doors? - not really. Are your children safe awaywhere in south Africa? NO. Until there is a real deterent and perpetrators are speedily caught and punished crime on the individual will continue to get more violent. Almost every crime that occurs seems the perp seems to have a criminal record. Time has come to make a Choice SA. Kill them off to rid the tax payer of the burden and futher victims or keep them in prison until they die.

  • adeleh1 - 2011-10-14 08:37

    This aspect of our society makes me terribly sad.

  • keith.staniford - 2011-10-16 12:45

    Full might of what law Madam Minister and what democracy are you talking about?

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