Minister in sex and lies scandal

2011-04-17 10:24

Johannesburg - Sicelo Shiceka, the embattled cooperative governance and traditional affairs minister, is caught up in an unravelling web of sex, ­scandal and ­deceit.

City Press has been shown a list of names said to be current and former lovers of Shiceka, who has been on sick leave since February.

Three sources close to Shiceka have spilled the beans on his affairs with a string of women, some of whom he fathered children with.

The minister also has a live-in partner and an estranged wife.

Most of the women with whom Shiceka allegedly had romantic ­liaisons denied it when contacted, but confirmed knowing him.

One of the women with whom Shiceka has fathered a child is Free State public works MEC Sisi Mabe, in whose presence Shiceka collapsed during a visit to Bloemfontein in February.

A source close to Mabe said she rushed the minister to a local hospital and “camped at the hospital for days, sleeping on the benches”.

Mabe did not respond to our questions this week.

The three sources close to Shiceka confirmed that his department had seen an exodus of female ­employees. Other women were afraid to visit his office, they said.

City Press was also shown SMSes believed to have been sent by one of Shiceka’s lovers, who is unhappy with his “control freak” ­behaviour and “empty promises”.

When contacted, the woman laughed and asked whether City Press was “going to make me ­famous”. She would neither confirm nor deny the affair.

It has further emerged that Shiceka enjoyed an improper relationship with a top North West ­official at a bankrupt municipality whom he allegedly protected from being fired.

City Press was told it was unlikely that Shiceka would be fired by President Jacob Zuma because he was seen as being part of a powerful Gauteng ANC faction which ­includes ANC Women’s League president Angie Motshekga; her husband, ANC chief whip Mathole Motshekga; and former housing MEC Dan Mofokeng.

This group swung Gauteng behind Zuma at the 2007 Polokwane conference.

ANC and government insiders said Zuma treated Shiceka “like a favourite son”.

They likened the ­relationship to that of former ­president Thabo Mbeki and Manto ­Tshabalala-Msimang, Mbeki’s late health minister.

Sources said Shiceka had ­fathered a string of children, some of whom lived with him.

Parliament’s ethics committee this week announced an investigation into Shiceka for alleged abuse of public office, and has referred ­allegations of wasteful spending to the Public Protector.

Shiceka was exposed last week by the ­Sunday Times, which said he had spent more than R300 000 visiting his former girlfriend, who was serving a two-year sentence in a Swiss prison.

It also said he spent R6 400 000 in taxpayers’ money on luxurious hotel accommodation, in just one year.

This week Shiceka denied the ­allegations against him, saying he was the ­victim of a smear campaign by two ­unnamed former employees whose contracts had not been ­renewed: “There are two women whose contracts have ended.

They have vowed and threatened to go down with me.

I do not abuse abafazi (women),” was all Shiceka was ­prepared to tell City Press in a ­telephone interview.

His spokesperson, Vuyelwa Vika, said: “Minister Shiceka is on sick leave. Your questions would ­require us to consult him, but unfortunately he has been given leave to recuperate and as soon as he is well enough to resume his duties he will be in a position to guide and advise on the questions.

“The minister will cooperate fully with the office of the Public Protector to respond to the allegations made about him in the media.”

A source privy to the affairs told City Press the minister’s mistresses regularly complained about inadequate attention from him, and his philandering.

“It is a power thing. He sees them as sex objects. The problem with some of these women is that they like good things,” the source said.

City Press is in possession of a commission report marked “Top Secret” and presented to former North West premier Maureen Modiselle last August.

It describes an “improper relationship” between Shiceka and Nana Masithela, the chief financial ­officer of the bankrupt Madibeng municipality.

The report, compiled by a ­company hired to investigate graft in the municipality, claims ­Masithela accompanied Shiceka on a trip to Belgium last year and also visited him in Cape Town.

Top officials tell how Masithela threatened anybody in Madibeng – based in Brits and with a yearly budget of R1 billion – who dared to oppose her, saying that Shiceka was “protecting” her and she was untouchable because he had ­deployed her to the ­municipality.

On Friday Masithela invited City Press to a meeting to discuss her relationship with Shiceka, but she failed to keep the appointment.

  • Eric West - 2011-04-17 10:32

    The thick plottens! :)

      Christo - 2011-04-17 11:37

      lol. Not sure if that was meant, but it's funny :P

      Slapper - 2011-04-17 12:39

      Tats the problem with the Thick, they think that they are smart simply because they have a smart position. Same as the rest of the bunch. I would not be surprised if he gets redeployed as Minister of Science and Technology, knowing the mentality of the ANC.

      PilgrimX - 2011-04-17 13:20

      Southern African politics.. the best soap opera yet.

      Graham Rees - 2011-04-17 16:38

      I really do feel sorry that the guy is sick, and more so if he is terminally ill as reported, but Dear G-d!: 1) If 10% of what is alleged is true, then he is not fit to continue holding public office, let alone be a cabinet minister. 2) A government will never be able to claim credibility or legitimacy, so long as it values loyalty to comrades above loyalty to principle.

      Simpiwe Cele - 2011-04-17 19:24

      Great role model , excellent leader , a fine upstanding member of our Govt , a mentor to others , a man that we all aspire to be. What a fantastic group of people we have at the reins of our country. Again this "NEW ANC" are an embarrassment to us , VIVA a Change VIVA !! down with these corrupt officials. Teach these phoney politicians a lesson and vote them OUT !

      Larro - 2011-04-18 05:31

      or the plot sickens - more accurately...

      Mike - 2011-04-18 08:00

      This illness of his - not linked to some type of ASSISTANCE perhaps?

      Ares - 2011-04-18 14:59

      Remember, if its a scandal of someone in politics, then its true.

  • CliffBradley - 2011-04-17 10:40

    Whats new , the ANC has been corrupt since its beginning !!!

      Clive - 2011-04-17 16:23

      What Motsokwane needs is a brain transplant. Oops, sorry, what he needs is a brain; that way he won't vote ANC next month.

      paulf - 2011-04-18 09:09

      They call it "Follow The Leader". All following in Zuma's footsteps!!!!

      RL - 2011-04-18 09:10

      well i suppose it took a corrupt party to over throw a racist militant apartheid government who murdered, robbed and raped thousands of black people for centuries ... while the current dispensation have all but lost their way, your comment is nevertheless woefully misguided and short sighted. however corrupt the government is your misplaced arrogance and ignorant attitude does nothing to improve the situation ...

      Mike - 2011-04-18 13:41

      Since its beginning? I beg to differ - it is from "before its beginning"

  • CTS - 2011-04-17 10:42

    Eish, the minister is obviously working on higher qualifications as far as government positions are concerned. He's either going to be promoted or discharged with full lifelong benefits. Wonder which one it's going to be...?

      pistolpete - 2011-04-17 11:13

      Sexual positions rather than government positions? LOL

      pistolpete - 2011-04-17 11:14

      This calls for the ERRECTION of a monument in his nameLOL

      Frungy - 2011-04-17 14:34

      It would be funnier in a country without a massively high HIV/AIDS rate. If the rumour is true that this guy is actually dying from AIDS then all his mistresses are possibly infected too. If so the ANC bigwigs aren't not only spreading corruption and moral sickness, but also physical illness.

      maseratifitt - 2011-04-17 19:13

      This minister has been working diligently at furthering the aims of the ANC. His dedication to nation building is paralleled only by our esteemed president. He heeded the call to breed (Julius Malema)and clearly his patriotic efforts took a toll on his health. His doctor will probably recommend he stays out of bed for a few weeks.

  • mynah - 2011-04-17 10:45

    This can't be called a scandal, as the word implies (a) at least some shame at being exposed and (b) some condemnation from his colleagues.

      AJ - 2011-04-17 12:24

      Too true mynah, too true.

      BigSpoon - 2011-04-17 18:33

      Honestly.... I'm quite proud of the man...he gives us all hope that one day we can achieve the same standards as him

      Meanleader - 2011-04-18 13:50

      Nah ... this IS a scandal Mynah !!!

      Warren - 2011-04-18 19:02

      @ Big Spoon: ...can achieve the same standards as him by stealing from the poor. And ofcourse, blameing it on me, the taxed to death, tolled to death, law abiding pink phoepol!!!

  • Kevin King - 2011-04-17 10:45

    This man is quickly outdoing the prez! Make this man president!

  • gizzy - 2011-04-17 10:46

    Of course Zuma won't fire him. The two are two peas in a pod. Disgusting womanisers that impregnate at will. They are like monekys that have sex for entertainment!

  • Jungle - 2011-04-17 10:48

    To the ANC, you okes are out of your league. Give the power back to the real men/women. You clearly don't know how to handle real power. Go back to school you have failed...

  • george - 2011-04-17 10:51

    of couse nothing will happen to him.he is showerhead's buddy. they have so much in common.

  • Sedick - 2011-04-17 10:55

    So he is an apprentice of Zuma.....corrupt, womanising, lots of loss kinders.....what can we expect......things are rotten from the top......

  • Opstoker - 2011-04-17 10:58

    Please can someone confirm the rumour that Dr Lulama Zitha, the lady Shiceka "deployed" to the Buffalo City Municipality and who proceeded to stuff it up even more, was one of the Big Man's conquests - and that he fathered her child.

      pistolpete - 2011-04-17 11:15

      The father of our nation!

      Warren - 2011-04-18 19:07

      What? Imagine that... him & Wee-nie at it???

  • JOHNNYBRAVO - 2011-04-17 10:58

    much ado about nothing. freely translated: NOTHING WILL COME OF THIS.

  • BigMoose - 2011-04-17 11:04

    The ministry of copulation and traditional affairs.

      Rodney Emmerich - 2011-04-17 15:42

      That is CLASSIC !!!!!

  • Wesi - 2011-04-17 11:05

    please use a condom minister

      Achmed - 2011-04-17 11:17

      Why use a condom when a shower does the trick??

      Rugged - 2011-04-17 15:03

      He also eats all his vegetables which helps....

      Warren - 2011-04-18 19:10

      @ Rugged: Don't forget the BEETROOT!!!

      SharkyKzn - 2011-04-19 08:59

      Eish - The Minister have a place (condom) by the sea too ?

  • Macho Mike - 2011-04-17 11:06

    Yesterday Zuma lectured about being more aware of the law. Today we see more evidence of a corrupt, irresponsible government who say one thing, and do something different. The African National Circus is showing the way in leading SA down the Zimbabwe road.

      See-More - 2011-04-17 13:17

      Wasn't that African Natural Circus?

      Macho Mike - 2011-04-17 13:42

      Eish, can't be See-More. Everything must be Nationalised according to the ANCYL, that's why they are a National circus.

      Rapier - 2011-04-17 14:36

      African Nationalised Circus

      Gatvol - 2011-04-17 17:48

      ANC a.k.a. cANCer

  • porra 1 - 2011-04-17 11:09

    it proven the pear never falls far from the tree merda merda merda DEUS nos livre e so merda

      Meanleader - 2011-04-18 13:55

      Or .... a chip off the old monkey ! or something like that !

  • gvdmvdm - 2011-04-17 11:09

    And any arrogant ANC cadre will (a) blame it on the previous regime and/or(b)berate the media for 'opposition politics' and/or (c) deny it and/or (d) eat sushi off his butt. What a bunch of unethical &6**%#. Viva the revolution.

      Rapier - 2011-04-17 14:40

      Trouble is...they say THEY are the revolution....maybe they meant revolting?

  • Jack - 2011-04-17 11:11

    He may not abuse them but he definitely uses women. No wonder he fell sick.

      See-More - 2011-04-17 13:19

      Eish - no, no, it can't be the reason... I have been following the boss, a shower every know that fixes everything!

  • saliem - 2011-04-17 11:12

    "They have vowed and threatened to go down with me." That's better than going down on him... right?

      Kaapie - 2011-04-17 11:41

      What they meant is that they were going to 'go down on him'

      braveinternetguy - 2011-04-17 11:49

      It's a case of "don't touch me with my studio"

  • WiseOwl2 - 2011-04-17 11:13

    Human vs Animal --- are their any human traits in this pathetic power drunk ANC bunch. This is not what Mr Mandela fought for.

      Mariano Cast - 2011-04-17 11:44

      You are right.They behave like there is no tomorrow.

      See-More - 2011-04-17 13:21

      Eish, all pigs must have their feed at the trough!

      croix - 2011-04-18 09:13

      Yip - The species is "Elitus Hyeanaensis", but not to worry - when the carcass is almost empty, the snapping at each other over the last scraps will turn vicious.

      Meanleader - 2011-04-18 13:59

      Ja . Meng jou met die semels , dan vreet die Bobejane jou .

  • Umfubi - 2011-04-17 11:15

    No wonder there are water shortages. Imagine all the showering going on.

      See-More - 2011-04-17 13:22

      Eish, I tell you, it's a lot more than you think!

  • SAtoStay - 2011-04-17 11:17

    We have been confronted by so many scandals in the past few years, and the perpetrators were so loyally defended by the ANC, our leaders have shown such constant disrespect towards the public, that just one more scandal on the pile barely has any impact. Yes, our politicians now have what they wanted: blank cheques. We have come to expect nothing better from our leaders and aren't surprised any longer by their behaviour. Their lack of integrity will be their only legacy.

      See-More - 2011-04-17 13:23

      Eish, the people have already forgotten what integrity is - that's our lasting legacy...

  • Lihle - 2011-04-17 11:19


  • Suiciety - 2011-04-17 11:20

    I wonder if my R500 for "Garbage collection" went towards this endeavor....luckily I'm becoming a bit of a garbage collector...should stand me in good stead cometh recycling!

  • Brieuse - 2011-04-17 11:24

    His boss does the same thing. Only in Africa!

      See-More - 2011-04-17 13:24

      No, what about that Italian dude?

  • Mariano Cast - 2011-04-17 11:40

    Fire him and those who made it possible for him to become a minister. (ha,ha,ha, like it is going to happen!).

  • Dave - 2011-04-17 11:42

    After reading the Sunday Times report on this scumbag, I would advocate hauling him out of his hospital bed ( if he is even sick ) and publically flogging him and then throwing hin in jail for the rest of his life

  • james strawson - 2011-04-17 11:43

    The new focus is to Nationalise the mines, private sector and women.....

  • Heks - 2011-04-17 11:44

    Shame this man will be in a prison hospital one of these days (at our expense)

      Clive - 2011-04-17 20:26

      Then a private hospital, then the golf course.

      Meanleader - 2011-04-18 15:17

      Clive .... that was a witty one boet ! 10/10

  • Mariano Cast - 2011-04-17 11:52

    You are right.They behave like there is no tomorrow.

  • derkus - 2011-04-17 11:52

    They must put a fence around the ANC and we will have our own Disneyland in South Africa

  • wheazel - 2011-04-17 11:59

    Eeeek dis grosss.. Hy lyk reeds reaktief.

      Meanleader - 2011-04-18 14:01

      Dis boiya gross nah ?

  • Mariano Cast - 2011-04-17 12:05

    If Zuma treated Shiceka like "a favourite son", guess who is Shiceka's father?

  • zistros - 2011-04-17 12:13

    you know wht, i am starting to think i chose a wrng career. Now i want to be a politician living a responsibility free life and getting away from anything e.g rape, murder, froud.. da list continues... what a life would that be....

  • AJ - 2011-04-17 12:23

    With behaviour like this, he's clearly angling for promotion. May I suggest an HIV test for all his 'conquests'...... Furthermore jail the fraudulent loser.

  • FerretGee - 2011-04-17 13:06

    Don't woory comraades, he will be "re-deployed" to another senior post and his shennigans will be sweept under the carpet because of his "struggle credentials" (That is unless he is in the opposite camp to Zuma and Co)

      Ke maketse - 2011-04-18 13:35

      This guy is about to kick the bucket

  • Thabo Mokoena - 2011-04-17 13:27

    @whuyu i'm one of the brain dead masses who voted for the ANC just tacle the issue at hand and leave the insults out of it. Shiceka clearly an embarrassment.

      Mike - 2011-04-18 08:11

      And so too the rest of your circus! Including Mandela - who by his silence is quite in agreement with what is going on and ongoing!

      Realist - 2011-04-18 13:17

      Thabo Mokoena, are you still going to vote for the ANC? That is the question now!

      Meanleader - 2011-04-18 15:22 are obviously not as brain dead as you voted , but @realist has hit the nail on the head "who will you vote for now" I think that your vote is a foregone conclusion , as it is with the flock !

      Thabo Mokoena - 2011-04-18 22:33

      If there ever was an alternative i would consider it but at the moment i'll stick with the ANC. I just can't identify with other parties cos they not giving me sense particularly those playing the race card and the rest are a joke cos they can't COPE.@ Mike i don't discuss with intelligent people like you who enjoy throwing stones at others (I'm being polite by the way).@Meanleader is it wrong for me to vote for the ANC? or the flock as you put it (subtle level of disrespect in there but i'm not like you so i will be civil cos i'm matured enough).Our background will always influence our political stance whether we like it or not (it's a fact).

      liesl - 2011-04-19 10:54

      @ Thabo - Of course our backgrounds will influence our political stances and points of view - but I'm hoping that our brains will kick in at some stage and not only our backgrounds when making these important choices.

  • See-More - 2011-04-17 13:28

    Eish, the comrade is so ill and of little use... it is ok to throw him to the hyenas (press) to distract them so that we can get a good showing at the upcoming elections - but my election promise to you is that I will never kick a good man, even when he is down!

  • Allin - 2011-04-17 13:42

    1) was unlikely that Shiceka would be fired by President Jacob Zuma... How can he be fired by Zuma? Zuma will have to fire himself as well.Schceka is just following the example set to him! 2) I guess "They have vowed and threatened to go down with me." should have read "They have vowed and threatened NOT to go down ON me." 3) To those of you ranting about the ANC leaders fornicating a bit - they follow in the footsteps of former President De Klerk. No wonder Kortbroek joined the ANC - birds of a feather...

      Clive - 2011-04-17 20:29

      You are so right about birds of a feather, but De Klerk and his lot were way behind this lot when it came to screwing around.

      Ke maketse - 2011-04-18 13:38

      Allin don't you see it. This guy is dying and the ANC is using him to look like they are doing something about the ill-discipline in the party.

  • maggielou - 2011-04-17 14:12

    Does anyone know when this portfolio was 'created' for this useless favourite son? Investigate the achievements(??) of this department and weigh up the costs! Not even mentioning this a/holes wastage and philandering. NO MORE BLAMING APARTHEID - THOSE THUGS ARE NOW LOOKING LIKE ANGELS compared to this lot. Question is: What are we doing about it???? We should demand that he gets suspended immediately with no renumeration and the investigation launched immediately with results in a month's time. What a waste and look what pensioners get paid!! This is beyond a joke! According to the salaries these thugs earn our pensioners on state pension should earn R10,000 per month. Their salaries and perks are all according to the great western standards (when it suits them) whilst the middle class and poor have to be satisfied with salaries and grants almost below the breadline! This is disgusting!!!!

  • Dingaan - 2011-04-17 14:27

    The ANC are like a fox terrier chasing a car in the street. When they eventually catch it they don't know what to do with it!! That is why they haven't known what to do since they caught "freedom".

      Gundaan - 2011-04-17 18:25

      ..Then they piss on it a fox terrier ....

      Clive - 2011-04-17 20:31

      Please don't insult my late, lamented fox terrier by comparing her with ANC politicians.

      liesl - 2011-04-19 10:56

      Sorry about your puppy, Clive, but Jack Russells are a good comparison ... always in trouble, always amorous, always where they shouldn't be, and always pissing where they shouldn't be pissing ....

  • Anton - 2011-04-17 14:32

    Sleeping around is his business and that of the women concerns, but what does concern us , is that we seem to be paying for this playboy life style ! !

  • FinalJustice - 2011-04-17 15:33

    Couldn't help defaulting when I read the heading; "Minister Of Sex And Lies" ... Almost thought JZ instituted a new portfolio in case he got demoted! LOL

  • MrSpiderman - 2011-04-17 16:18

    Give this man a Bells!!!!

  • Zion - 2011-04-17 16:47

    So what exactly is wrong with this guy? Nothing. President Zuma took 22 children off the production line and few batted an eyelid. Now this national hero comes along trying to do the same and the country and DA are up in arms.(Not his arms) We support the prezzie, his children and his concubine with our tax. Why not just extend the tax payments to our hero and he, too, can savor the tang of opulence and power. He is after all the minister of copulation or is that co-ordination? Oh, hell forget it.

      Mike - 2011-04-18 08:13

      Do you expect the DA to sit and look on in silence?

      Meanleader - 2011-04-18 15:40

      He had a corrupt relationship with a municipal manager , and protected her from being sacked ........ THAT's what the DA are up against ! In this country , with the staggering level of governmental criminality , we must watch these fellons with a hawk eye .It is when you leave crime , that it spirals out of control . Understand ?

  • lovioun.molebatsi - 2011-04-17 16:58

    i agree with ur opinions bt it is nt only julius who shud be charged with hate speech bt all white ppl who take part in this forum.they cnt expect us 2 vote 4 them while calling us names i was goin 2 vote DA bt since i started reading commets of u whites racist i changed ma mind nd i m nt da only much as i hate wats happening in gvmnt i hate 2 witness yet onother blunt hatred frm whites,if u cared so much 4 SA as u claim u shud start be tolerant nd is nt only blacks politicians who will take this country down bt ur arrogance nd empty pride u mst wake up nw nd start doin something 4 our country,ACE VAN DER POOS

      Gundaan - 2011-04-17 17:29

      For a start why don,t you spell properly ..your comment reads like its written by a moron ...or is this the modern so called revolutionary clap trap ...

      Clive - 2011-04-17 20:41

      So once again if you criticise a greedy, useless ANC politician you are being racist. Why should we be tolerant of ministers who steal our money so that they can live the high life? Perhaps Molebatsi and his ilk should become more intolerant and vote these thieves out. The only thing they are competent at is corruption and bare-faced theft, to say nothing of their arrogance. We hate what they are doing, not them or the ANC as such. What are THEY doing for our country? They are only in it for themselves. After 16 years I think patiense is running out.

      gizzy - 2011-04-17 20:50

      You obviously don't read ALL the comments. I regularly take people to task for being racist whether they be black or white. There are many other posts that do the same. Try reading the comments in the week and see how many racist blacks post and read some of their disgusting comments. There are black and white racists that post and they are best ignored.

      Mike - 2011-04-18 08:17

      So bob-jaan - only whites are racist = we don't need your vote with your silly stance on the matter - why do you blacks take umbrage when constructive criticism is leveled at your ANCircus? Why can't you acknowledge that the whole ANC scenario is a shambles? Why don't you do something about all this wrong (I do not have the time and space to list) that these muppets are getting up to - by your silence you are in full agreement with this tribe!

      Gazza99 - 2011-04-18 10:01

      @l.b. No-one is asking you to vote for a whitey. All that is being asked is that you vote for someone with integrity, who has the communities best interests at heart. It seems that nearly every single person in power is in it just for them selves, and their justification is "because I can". There are very few ANC ministers who seem to be without fault, and this is a problem. It is not that people are racist, it is an unfortunate fact that the perception is that the only people in government that are being caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and their pants around their ankles happen to be black. Sad but true.

      Sizwe - 2011-04-18 11:12

      @lovioun. You honestly believed that 17 years would change attitudes instilled at birth and institutionalised since the 18th Century?? Wake up man apart from the flag and anthem very little has changed all round...

      Meanleader - 2011-04-18 15:57 are the epitome of ignorant ANC voters . Do you really think that we will believe that you were going to vote DA . You've been smoking too much Stumble Weed son . You are an indoctrinated clown . Just check out the coments of your black flock . Go jump off Thaba Boseo ... you are part of this problem SA has .

      Meanleader - 2011-04-18 16:00

      I see we have malema's litter making coments here too . Hello Sizwe ... got computers in jail too son ?

  • Sanjiv - 2011-04-17 17:20

    He's probably dying from AIDS with all that sleeping around, Im sure he thought beetroots will cure him been the traditional affairs minister.

      Mike - 2011-04-18 08:18

      You forgot to mention the shower!

  • Mxhuma - 2011-04-17 17:43

    This is this the same Minister who recently was accused of falsifying his CV by claiming to have a Master's Degree from the UFS. What more scandal must we expect from this Mampara Minister? Or others for that matter!

      OuBoerseun - 2011-04-18 13:29

      Maybe he has a Masters Degree, and it could in all probability be in fornication. You ask quite correctly what more scandal must we expect, maybe we should consider that idiom "Monkey see, Monkey do" as all these guys seem to be copying exactly what Jake is doing be it fornication, scooping our taxes for his personal gain or just wallowing in the trough.

  • Gatvol - 2011-04-17 17:57

    The whole thing starts at the top. Lead by example is a critical leadership principal. Shickeca is just following his leader, uncle Jacob. Zuma having gotten away with his sex scandals and corruption scandals has set an example to others within the cANCer organization.

  • BigSpoon - 2011-04-17 18:28

    I though, that this was the norm for all the "cool guys" in the ANC to do???

  • Eugene - 2011-04-17 20:59

    Unfortunately the majority of ANC supporters would not be able to read this article.

      Mike - 2011-04-18 08:20

      And if they could they will label these anti-ANC comments as racist!

      Ke maketse - 2011-04-18 13:42

      Well they will hear about in on radio. The do have radios u know