Misa encourages knowledge of PFC report

2012-05-02 13:28

Johannesburg - The Media Institute of SA (Misa) encourages careful consideration of the Press Freedom Commission's (PFC) proposals on co-regulation of the print media, it said on Wednesday.

"[Misa] encourages all stakeholders in this process to carefully consider the recommendations and come up with a regulatory framework that will advance South African journalism and not undermine it, fostering unquestionable public confidence and maintaining credibility," it said in a statement.

Last Wednesday, the PFC released a report based on submissions it received on how best to regulate the print media.

This was done in response to the African National Congress's proposal to start talking about establishing a media appeals tribunal.

The PFC, headed by former chief justice Pius Langa, recommended a number of changes including more public participation, and a hierarchy of increasingly stringent penalties for journalistic infractions, culminating in space-related and monetary fines.

The ANC's initial response was that it was "comfortable" with the report.

The SA National Editors' Forum, which co-commissioned the report with Print Media SA, said it too had received it well, and would discuss the implementation of the proposals with its members.