Mob justice murder accused let off

2012-06-20 11:26

Polokwane - Charges have been dropped against nine people accused of killing a Moletji man who stabbed his girlfriend to death, Limpopo police said on Wednesday.

The Mankweng Magistrate's Court heard on Tuesday that there was insufficient evidence linking the group to the killing of Johannes Mafikeng, said Constable Moses Malepo.

Residents of Makotopong apparently stoned Mafikeng, 30, to death on Monday morning after he stabbed Maria Mahlodi Lethole, 30, to death on Saturday. He had accused her of cheating on him.

Molepo urged members of the community to help the police with information about Mafikeng's murder.

"We are pleading with residents who have information to come forth," he said.

  • martin.britchford.5 - 2012-06-20 11:33


      Squeegee - 2012-06-20 11:42

      Lose!! This can only encourage others to get involved in mob justice. Innocent people will die. Not the way for SA to go...

      christopher.columbus.3950178 - 2012-06-20 11:46

      At least justice is being served in this case.

      Bardy - 2012-06-20 12:19

      @ squeegee.pilot - which in turn will discourage the criminals from committing the crime in the first place!

      mukosit - 2012-06-20 12:35

      "The Mankweng Magistrate's Court heard on Tuesday that there was insufficient evidence linking the group to the killing of Johannes Mafikeng" So who killed him? Something fishy.

      Schmee - 2012-06-20 13:21

      Squeegee is right, innocent people will die. It is a pity people have lost faith in the justice system.

      Hermann - 2012-06-20 14:38

      I hope the community, cruel as it sounds, will go Zip it closed mouth.

      Squeegee - 2012-06-20 17:31

      Bardy, while officials steal Billions some hungry guy gets necklaced for stealing food - great justice. Or perhaps the cops must just shoot you the next time you break the speed limit? How about your children get beaten to death for doing something stupid at school...?

  • Mark - 2012-06-20 11:37

    When they say "people" are they referring to humans?

      msendi - 2012-06-20 11:42

      I think so…

      i2meleng - 2012-06-20 15:16

      How nice of you to remove my reply to your comment, Sies on you still.

  • christopher.columbus.3950178 - 2012-06-20 11:44

    We are pleading with residents who have information to come forth," he said. I am sure I saw them boarding a plane to brazil...somewhere there...actually was it Yemen?

  • msendi - 2012-06-20 11:45

    What do you call the people of Makotopong class? Makotopongians teacher!!! What a name…

  • david.diego.14 - 2012-06-20 11:48

    He deserve to die because he killed too,those community they have done the great job because once u hand over the suspect to the police the next day they release him too much corruption!!

  • Stille - 2012-06-20 11:50

    Excellent - now if they can pnly get malema, zuma, the ancyl and some mp in one spot, im sure we can start moving forward

  • dave.lester.125 - 2012-06-20 11:54

    Unfortunately mob/township justice is more effective than court justice in SA. The people in the townships know more than would be revealed in court, and I assume less corruption is at play in township justice.

      robert.cerff - 2012-06-20 12:46

      Sadly these are the same mobs that accuse people of witchcraft... I don't see how this can be justified.

  • dusty.w.mat - 2012-06-20 12:33

    as long as they kills de right criminal not someone by mistake , Lets give dem a bells

  • romeo.mahlalela - 2012-06-20 12:45

    We have to analytically view this mob justice in a justifiable manner, though the people (vigilantes) who did this, acted outside the parameters of the criminal justice. Firstly, the suspect claimed that HE killed his girlfriend or wife on the basis of Unfaithfulness or Cheating on him. Secondly, by confessing his evilhood, which led to infuriating the community that stoned him to death ( without calling the 'bobby's or police).On the other hand, when looking this matter in the judicial or legal perspective: the case could be opened, more investigations probed, a bail application process, legal representation of the suspect, and so on. In this course of incident which clearly involved the killing of another person in a clear and heinous crime, the Community in that area can be given a praise for what they did. IF ONE KILLS OR RAPES ANOTHER HUMAN BEING(CHILDREN, WOMEN OR MEN), JUST KILL THEM, Too. Unfortunately our criminal justice system is very soft or weak on criminals, hence in this particular scenario, it is UTTERLY unfavourable.

  • Schmee - 2012-06-20 13:26

    I wonder whether the police have investigated the first stabbing of the girlfriend. Was Johannes Mafikeng guilty or not? If not who did kill his girlfriend?

  • Isaac Nhlahla - 2012-06-20 15:21

    next time just do me a favour just to that 2face malema just stone him

      aubrey.makgobela - 2012-07-31 10:53

      why should they stone him

  • aubrey.makgobela - 2012-07-31 10:50

    in this case justice was served.they know will think twice before they attempt something like

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