Modimolle hippo all atwitter

2012-08-24 08:11

Johannesburg - The hippo that has been stranded in a swimming pool in Modimolle in Limpopo has found a voice on Twitter.

@ModimolleHippo has been tweeting since Wednesday, the day the hippo became stranded in the swimming pool.

With a bio stating: "I'm stranded in a swimming pool. Still... fame at last!" and location listed as "A Modimolle swimming pool".

The hippo’s tweets include:
- My feet are getting soooo wrinkly. #hippo

- Okes I'm not going to lie. Could do with some fresh water in this pool. Getting a bit grim in here.

- This pool party sucks.

- What if freedom relegates me to nobody status?

- They are saying I might not make it. This is the first I'm hearing of it.

- I made the front page of The Star! My mom would be so proud. If she hadn't chucked me out of the family unit. #solly #stroppie

@ModimolleHippo had about 130 followers as of Friday morning.

  • kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-24 08:27

    @ModimolleHippo is requesting an air-lift !

  • diana.gill.18 - 2012-08-24 08:54

    Funny enough but after seeing Fatboy screaming and jumping on which was followed by the story of hippo i hardly was able to tell the difference between their faces. Maybe its worthy to change Solly's name into Julius after he is rescued?

      kevin.pitzer - 2012-08-24 09:01

      Probably better not as it would do injustice to Solly after all he has been through.

  • gary.williams.7186896 - 2012-08-24 09:25

    Malema looks like he's lost a bit of weight in this pic...

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