Mogoeng: SA laws need religion

2014-05-28 14:50

Cape Town - If religion were a part of the law-making process, the moral fibre of South African society would be better, reckons Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng.

Speaking at a conference on law and religion at the University of Stellenbosch, Mogoeng said the lack of religion in the country’s laws has directly resulted in evils such as crime and corruption that are currently plaguing society, SABC Online reported.

Mogoeng’s religious beliefs came into question when he was appointed as chief justice in 2011.

Mogoeng is a lay pastor in the Winner’s Chapel International church which condemns homosexuality as a disease that can be cured.

The chief justice came under fire for rulings he had made regarding rape survivors when he was a high court judge.

Among the rulings, reported the Mail & Guardian in September 2011, was a reduction from a life sentence to 18 years in jail for a man who had raped a 7-year-old girl.

Among the reasons Mogoeng had given for reducing the sentence was that the man was unmarried, unemployed  and had epilepsy.

  • Bantsijang - 2014-05-28 14:54

    If religion were a part of the law-making process, the moral fibre of South African society would be better, reckons Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng..... True....

      Herrie Dielandst Roper - 2014-05-28 14:57

      Says a man who thinks that a man has a right to drag his wife behind a bakkie? Says a man whose church never castigated his boss's (Zuma's) lifestyle?

      Omombo Mboko - 2014-05-28 14:59

      Not true! Who makes these laws? Atheists???? The government not taking care of its people is to blame. Poverty, poverty and poverty!

      andre12 - 2014-05-28 15:03

      mogoeng did you join the Taliban in afghanistan

      Joe Black - 2014-05-28 15:04

      Morality can exist without faith.

      DerekMain - 2014-05-28 15:06

      JZ783 is a lay preacher so the notion that religion increases morals flies out the window.

      mbongeni.t.nkambule - 2014-05-28 15:06

      He is entitled to that belief and opinion. Just not sure if I am that's all. But comments like these need to at least get us talking and asking questions about our country as citizens. That we must promote.

      RabbleRouser - 2014-05-28 15:15

      Absolute rubbish. South African laws must remain secular.

      Thuto Moloi - 2014-05-28 15:17

      So for some of us that are not religious, does that mean we will be stoned to death? Or given 1000 lashes for a one night stand?

      Sattva2 - 2014-05-28 15:23

      Morals and ethics can exist outside of Religion. Never combine Religion and Politics ! All of the problems experienced on this planet right now are due to OVERPOPULATION and excessive human breeding! The "Be fruitful and multiply" quote is a load of crock!

      Alex - 2014-05-28 15:31

      This man is dangerous. Most people choose to keep politics and religion apart for a good reason. The same goes for the law! We are a secular country so we demand secular laws based on our Constitution. Keep religion OUT OF IT!

      Robert Sidney - 2014-05-28 15:33

      @Andrew. True. Why is it not restricted on a Friday, when it is the Muslims' "Sunday"? And they should not say "religion", but "christianity".

      Robert Sidney - 2014-05-28 15:35

      And of course there is easter and christmas

      Edelin Cele - 2014-05-28 21:45

      @Bantsijang Absolutely not true. Can you even imagine how minority religions in South Africa would be marginalized if there wasn't a separation of church and state? Can you even imagine how some Christian societies would be marginalized under this man's views that has been so tainted by this pentacostal movement he's apparently a lay pastor of? A church that adopts a wealth and prosperity gospel that is contrary to biblical teaching? A church founder (David Oyedepo) who claims to heal the sick ... of course as long as they pay to keep him living in the lap of luxury and gallivanting all over the world in his R320 million private jet? Of all our judges, Mogoeng is probably the least impartial in his views. It's scary. No my friend, religion has no place in our justice system. There is just no way it would work ... I mean jeez, not even the different sects of Christianity can agree on what constitutes "good morality" nowadays. Thank goodness we live in an age where we can look and biblical morality and see how utterly cruel, how utterly barbaric it can be. How it discriminates against women and children and how it tries to justify violence, all in the name of a god.

      Travis Vermaak - 2014-05-29 09:23

      Religion and politics do not mix. Religion is a choice, not a law.

      Chris P Noodle - 2014-05-29 09:37

      And this is the man who declared Zuma fit to be president of SA, are we supposed to then take him seriously.

  • David Van Schalkwyk - 2014-05-28 14:58

    I just came here for the comments... This is guarantied to start religion bashing or bible pushing...

      Chris P Noodle - 2014-05-28 16:05

      May the good lord save us from these religious nutters

      Omgeklits DeMaaifudí - 2014-05-28 16:10

      "the lack of religion in the country’s laws has directly resulted in evils such as crime and corruption that are currently plaguing society" If this man said this he must be removed from his post prontro - I thought the Chief Justice should uphold the constitution - not work against it.

  • tess.boltar - 2014-05-28 14:59


      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-28 15:00

      does not exist

      Graeme Armstrong - 2014-05-28 16:51

      god= delusions

      Amandlawhereto - 2014-05-28 20:40

      Yes Tess?

  • Selokane Sa Mokwena - 2014-05-28 14:59

    Don't try to turn SA into another nigeria,if you got nothing to say,S T F UP!

      mbongeni.t.nkambule - 2014-05-28 15:14

      Your comment is insensitive and against our constitutional ideals as country. He is not a stupid guy, you know. Just religious and free to express himself from that angle. I don't share his beliefs and view on the matter but I respect the right he has of expressing himself as a Christian. Let's tolerate differences my friend and build a country. If we can't then who will. Tell me if we can build a country on the basis with which you made that comment?

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-28 15:21

      who can build a country based on religion. Iran Saudi Arabia Egypt Somalia DRC Pakistan All it leads to is legalised oppression

      Tor Bloodhoof - 2014-05-28 15:43

      @ Mbongeni T. Dude... You've spoken more sense here than most of the crap combined. You're absolutely right. He never said that the Constitution or Legal System should be changed, he offered his opinion (as a Christian) at a conference who's sole purpose was the discussion of Law and Religion. Context is everything!

      NicolasGombert - 2014-05-28 16:11

      Mbongeni, you are right, he is free to express himself in a manner that he wants, but it does not give him the right to foist his believes on others. Each of us is entitled to his on belief, therefore implementing laws based on Christianity might offend Islamists, Buddists or free thinkers. Faith is one thing, religion is something totally different.

      Heresmy Finger - 2014-05-28 16:16

      Im sorry Jurgen, is America not a country based on religion? "in God we trust" what about a countries not built based on religion, like Russia? do they or have they not oppressed? Did this man say that one religion should rule this country? Its funny how irrational you sound. Is being irrational not for those who follow a religion?

      Michael Bignold - 2014-05-28 16:51

      You will actually find that religiosity and crime are positively correlated, meaning that the greater religiosity of a country the greater the crime. It does not necessarily mean religiosity causes crime but it could. Some examples of highly atheist countries, as well as those with lowest crime: Japan, Canada, north-Western Europe and Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand. Some deeply religious places are the worst (Middle East, Africa, Russia, Central America, United States, Mexico). So clearly moegoeng has NOT done his homework and is basing his opinion on an emotional belief. Is that really someone we want as a judge?

      Heresmy Finger - 2014-05-28 17:08

      66% of Australians are religious. one of the biggest Christian center's in the world is based in Australia. only 23% of the people there admit to be atheist as far as wiki is concerned.

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-29 09:32

      @ hersmyfinger America has a secular constitution. Your argument does not hold

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-29 10:50

      @ heresmy It appears on U$d bills. Means nothing

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-29 13:05

      And Wheremydick Since you like wiki so much In a 2008 global Gallup poll, nearly 70% of Australians stated religion as having no importance,[22] much higher than their American counterparts and on par with similarly secular countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, Finland and France. Only a few Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and post-Soviet states (Estonia) are markedly less religious. In 2008 an Intelligence Squared debate was held with the topic "We Would Be Better Off Without Religion." The debate ended with 54% for the motion and 36% against.[23][24] The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian newspaper, asked its readers "Would the world be better off without religion?". Eighty-one per cent responded in the affirmative.[25] A 2006 study by Monash University, the Australian Catholic University and the Christian Research Association found that 52 per cent of Australians born between 1976 and 1990 have no belief in a god.[26] A 2008 Christian Science Monitor survey of 17 countries reported that youth from Australia and the United Kingdom were the least likely to observe religious practice or see any "spiritual dimension" to life.[27] quoted per wiki

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-29 13:06


      Heresmy Finger - 2014-05-29 15:04

      Everyone knows the US has a secular state. but I guess the fact that they still acknowledge the existence of a god on their money really does mean nothing. Its like not believing in Vampires but wearing a Garlic necklace just encase. I for one believe this man is right in the context in which I understood in him. But I don't believe that Religion should be enforced by law. That would go against my morals, my religion, my God and my humanity.

  • Dave Leverton - 2014-05-28 14:59

    Hell no. We have enough problems already.

  • Johan Blom - 2014-05-28 15:01

    And what happened to this is a free country a country for all people so if you want to intergrate religon into law you can go and screw ure self this country has so many religons so how are you gona decide witch religon ure gona chose to intergrate. Its simple let politics be politics and leave religon to those who practice the no one will lissten to ure laws and u will have more brojen laws

  • Adriaan Pieterse - 2014-05-28 15:02

    What a bad idea, people will start stoning people to death etc. Religion has no place in law making.

  • TJ Tjemza - 2014-05-28 15:03

    He is talking crap! What's happening in religion-based countries such as those in the Middle East?!

  • Johan Blom - 2014-05-28 15:04

    And what happened to this is a free country a country for all people so if you want to intergrate religon into law you can go and screw ure self this country has so many religons so how are you gona decide witch religon ure gona chose to intergrate. Its simple let politics be politics and leave religon to those who practice the no one will lissten to ure laws and u will have more brojen laws

  • Anakin Stealthwalker - 2014-05-28 15:05

    How did Mogoeng Mogoeng get to be Chief Justice in the 1st place? I think he should go back being a 'lay pastor' so he can preach to ignorant and gullible audiences.

      Andre Neuhoff - 2014-05-28 15:14

      He was appointed by the president. That is one scary reality.

      Margaret Cox - 2014-05-28 15:23

      And he said god told him he was the right person for the job!

      Andre Neuhoff - 2014-05-28 15:46

      I doubt if God spoke to him. But JZ certainly whispered in his ear.

      Alex - 2014-05-28 16:53

      Margaret - as soon as Mogoeng uttered the words "God wants me to be Chief Justice" he should have been immediately relieved of his duties as Chief Justice. I was completely astounded when he said that! No wonder JZ nominated him over the other candidates.

  • Vicki Malatse - 2014-05-28 15:05

    So which religion if i may just ask

      Reality - 2014-05-28 15:27

      The Thokoloshe religion of course

      Heresmy Finger - 2014-05-28 16:18

      when did he say, it should only be one religion?

  • Nkosinathi Radebe - 2014-05-28 15:05

    And I know Moegoe Moegoe means christianity. Please we have enough problems as it is.

      Reality - 2014-05-28 15:28

      Be specific Not the NATS religion where God supported the NATS but the ANC religion where everybody who wants to enter heaven needs a ANC membership card.

  • KingPun - 2014-05-28 15:05

    Is this guy serious? religion has un proved foundations all religions are just beliefs...

      MM - 2014-05-28 15:06

      so what should it be based on?

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-28 15:08

      society determines morals not your flavour of religion

      MM - 2014-05-28 15:12

      so if enough people think its a good idea... then it must be?

      Nick - 2014-05-28 16:47

      So if the Nazi's decided it was ok to kill Jews, that's ok then?

  • Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-28 15:05

    Excuse me. What religion. Islamic Christian Hindu Pantheism Rastafarian (yes please) Jewish faith Satanism Scientology Ancestor worship Please enlighten me. Maybe strict Islam or sharia law? Maybe old testament law. Feck off

      Michelle Schutte - 2014-05-28 15:34


      Warren - 2014-05-28 15:45

      All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Peace be upon Him

      David Van Schalkwyk - 2014-05-28 16:20

      I will take Satanism have not see a war start with that religion yet. LOL begin the bashing...

  • Werner Kramer - 2014-05-28 15:06

    God said he would get rid of evil men, Odin said he would get rid of ice giants, I dont see any Ice giants

      Thuto Moloi - 2014-05-28 15:10


  • Robert Coughlan - 2014-05-28 15:06

    Nope. Laws must remain secular for very good reasons.

  • konfab - 2014-05-28 15:07

    This is the article we have been waiting for: Religion -check ANC -check Homosexuality -check I shall be watching with popcorn in hand

  • Hendrik de Winnaar - 2014-05-28 15:07

    I see myself as a religious Christian man. No you may ask why would I have a problem with statement made by CJ Mogoeng? Well on whose religion will that be based??? Christians or Muslim or maybe Buddhist? Okey lets say Christian religion is the basis?? What denomination's doctrine are going to be used?? NG? AGS? Catholic? SDA? can you see where this is going???

      Deeked De Dose - 2014-05-28 15:16

      Yup, And will he prosecute Zuma for bigamy?

  • Thapelo Kenneth Makame - 2014-05-28 15:07

    Politics should NOT mix with religon 1. It is against the law to mix religion and politics. 2.Everyone would end up being biased to there own religion, instead of looking at facts of who should be in government 3.NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME RELIGION!!! If everyone in the world had the same religion, well... That would be something.

  • Keith Oosthuizen - 2014-05-28 15:09

    What bloody nonsense! Since the ZANC are losing grip on power, King Booma Bloated Butternut's puppet now wants to resort to more "people control" tactics.

  • Julia Griffiths - 2014-05-28 15:10

    What the law requires is the adults to be adults & be responsible. That will reflect in the children of tomorrow. People follow their leaders so if leaders are responsible others will follow

  • ben.nel2 - 2014-05-28 15:10


  • Dene-Paul Elliott - 2014-05-28 15:10

    Absolutely agree - I think we have more than enough proof on a daily basis of where a godless society is taking us.

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-28 15:14

      and that proof is? the catholic fraternity condoning the pedo-priests?

      Deeked De Dose - 2014-05-28 15:18

      So, Dene - where is this god fearing country you want us to emulate?

      Evildino Six Six Six - 2014-05-28 16:16

      So you speak of proof? So Dene, where is your proof that god exists in the first place? And where is the proof the a "god" loving country makes it a better country ?? The irony in your post is overwhelming.

      Reality - 2014-05-28 16:21

      South Africa is not a godless society. Black christians vastly outnumber white christians. Even Zuma and Mogoeng Mogoeng are christians.

      Edelin Cele - 2014-05-28 20:56

      As long as it's YOUR god that's in charge right? Please. There's has been more torture, killing and suffering in the name of some god than anyone would care to mention, but hey ... it's all part of the "big plan" right? Thank goodness our society has evolved in such a way that we can now see biblical morality for what it is: Lacking.

  • Oben Clifford - 2014-05-28 15:11

    another man's idea can not be critised unless is proven wrong...lets take it as an opinion..

      tess.boltar - 2014-05-28 15:25

      Because of his position as Chief Justice we dare not take it as just another 'man's idea' or opinion. He has been given dangerous power to influence our law

      Edelin Cele - 2014-05-28 21:20

      I'm afraid it doesn't work like that my brother. If a man puts forward an idea, for example "society is worse off because of the lack of religion", the burden of proof falls on that man to present the evidence to corroborate that statement. You are right though, that it is an opinion, nothing more. It is unfortunate though, that a man in his position would make such a careless public pronouncement, but then again, not unexpected. For a man of justice, he doesn't care much for such basic constitutional principles as the separation of church and state, nor the multiculturality of the society he serves, nor much of section 9 of our constitution that deals with equality. I would say, this man is a joke, but that would be careless. He's dangerous, and so is this pentecostal movement he's a lay pastor of ... Winner's Chapel is even criticized by fellow Christians of being fundamentally un-Christian in some of it's teaching surrounding the achievement of success through the accumulation of wealth.

      Johannes Smid - 2014-05-29 10:26

      @Edelin One only needs to consider 'religion' from an evolutionary perspective. If society were better off withou religion, surely atheist societies would have flourished over the last 50 million years alone and we would not find religion anywhere? Yet we find the polar opposite, societies with a belief firmly routed in God, flourish. In fact, in the last century alone, we need only look at attempts at the promotion of atheism over religion. State atheism: Communist Russia, Cuba, Albania, China, North Korea. Do you need the death count?

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-29 10:54

      None of those states you mentioned killed in the name of atheism, unlike the religious wars

      Johannes Smid - 2014-05-29 14:10

      @Jurgen I think the bishops and priests killed as a direct result of the 'official promotion of atheism' by the state probably have a different opinion.

  • maxrainer - 2014-05-28 15:11

    Yeah...cause our Chief Justice is the picture perfect of moral fibre...

  • Theuns Jacobs - 2014-05-28 15:13

    go give your president zuma a lesson in morals you po#s!!! start by stealing and end by lying please!! ALL politicians dont give a sh*t about morals when it comes to stealing!!

  • Eugéne Germishuys - 2014-05-28 15:13

    No sir what we need is less ANC

  • David Allcock - 2014-05-28 15:14

    yeah right....perhaps we should invite boko haram to lay down the law....

  • Kevin Marsh - 2014-05-28 15:16

    Well , this was a better country when it was called a Christian country and schoolssaid the Lord's Prayer every morning . Then they recognized all the false religions and the rest is history .

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-28 15:24

      Oh in the good old days of apartheid. And all the Jewish kids being chased out of assembly because that cr@ppy prayer came from the NT. Segregation here we come

      Keith Oosthuizen - 2014-05-28 15:25

      yeah, like the other evil (aka apartheid) before the zanc? No thanks, never!

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-28 15:26

      I for one would like to see Rastafarianism being introduced as the country's main religion. Imagine, peace would reign once everyone lit up a j

      Reality - 2014-05-28 15:33

      It's still called a christian country except god has switched allegiance from the NATS to the ANC

  • Guy Alain - 2014-05-28 15:18

    OMG! please don't bring BOKO HARAM moral in South Africa.

  • mark.heath.3388 - 2014-05-28 15:18

    Doesn't religion cause enough problems already, let's just leave it out of the law!

  • Theo Martinez - 2014-05-28 15:19

    here he goes again. this is the judge who said he was chosen by God during his selection process. Maybe he needs to go with Oscar to Weskoppies!

  • maxrainer - 2014-05-28 15:19

    Religion in politics can be used positively, but in the hands of these idiots, it's a devastating catastrophe begging to happen

      Graeme Armstrong - 2014-05-28 16:53

      Max religion is a lie!

  • Michael Lewis - 2014-05-28 15:20

    He can keep his God mumbo-jumbo to himself.

  • maxrainer - 2014-05-28 15:21

    @Theo hit the nail on the head

  • Theo Martinez - 2014-05-28 15:21

    But lots of those ANC people are Christians and still steal state funds. The apartheid nutters also thought the Bible gave them the greenlight for their insanity. Hitler thought he was on a christian crusade when he invaded the Soviets. The 9/11 muslim nutters also thought their terror was sanctioned by the Koran. Boko Haram also thinks it's religiously cool to hijack these girls. Religion is simply evil. All types and all kinds. If it would remain strictly a personal thing, then fine but it seems always used to undermine, attack, main, kill, discriminate 'others'.

      Lindiwe Mcata - 2014-05-28 15:29

      ANC at leasu Christians who steal, unlike the apartheid nutters who were thieves and murderers.

      Joseph van Wyk - 2014-05-28 15:56

      Lindiwe what's the difference between someone who steal and n thief?

  • Joe Black - 2014-05-28 15:23

    Which religion? The problem is of course that other countries that wishes to promote inclusive laws have come up against this question. The only thing a marriage between state and church gets you is religious persecution which the world has experienced many, many times.

  • maxrainer - 2014-05-28 15:23

    Yeah....give a child rapist a reduced sentence? Shows just how much moral fiber he believes in...

      Johannes Smid - 2014-05-29 10:38

      But Max, By what secular moral truth can you claim that raping a child is even wrong? I know you 'feel' it is wrong (we all do), but how do you justify it is actually objectively wrong? Or can we all just base our moral values on what we 'feel'?

  • Kosmonooit - 2014-05-28 15:24

    Oh yea .... does Mr Mogo know this same Bible was used by a certain tribe (who believed they were the Chosen People) to justify racial discrimination in the Apartheid era?

  • Hartmut Balzer - 2014-05-28 15:24

    what for religion you talking about? sharia? olt testament in the bible with eye for eye? handle the law you have correct and you have the result what the nation darraly need. blame you self for that at is.

  • Deon Mathews - 2014-05-28 15:24

    No Sir!! Religion is far to diversified to be counted on...

  • Proto Nel - 2014-05-28 15:25

    God is real and he will deal witg those who use his name in vain

      Keith Oosthuizen - 2014-05-28 15:32

      LOL and many believe God is a Christian .... that too compounds the issue!

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-28 15:36

      what god? Thor Zeus Flying Spaghetti Monster (ever blessed be the noodly appendage) Ra Allah God (Xian) God (Islamic) God (Jewish) Pray tell, what is your flavour of your imaginary deity?

      Evildino Six Six Six - 2014-05-28 15:45

      You assert you idea of "god" without evidence so we can dismiss your assertion without evidence :)

      Keith Oosthuizen - 2014-05-28 16:36

      .... and some Afrikaans "Christians" apparently think their God must be an Afrikaans christian. Eish, Meneer Rassie Last.

      Satis Dictum - 2014-05-28 17:10

      @ Rassie "comment, judge en joy" is nie Afrikaans worde nie. Jy is nie n suiwer Afrikaaner nie.

      Keith Oosthuizen - 2014-05-29 08:56

      @Rassie ... Who is "Gog"? By stating fact, viz. God is not Christian, I am neither mocking your religion, nor proclaiming my stand (either way) on Christianity. May I suggest that you research the fact that Desmond Tutu said about some Christians thinking God is a Christian. Regardless of yours and my views, Moegeo Man has no right to impose his bigoted, insular view that SA's laws must be based on religion. Nowhere in the world has nor can this work. PS This is an English news site.

      Philip Venter - 2014-05-29 08:58

      Rassie, go and read about "Pascal's Wager".

  • Lucy Afarensis - 2014-05-28 15:25

    How about integrating brain in law-making? Nobody needs religion in politics. And nobody obviously really needs a brain...millions live without it! But the small existing amount should really be used properly...

  • Evildino Six Six Six - 2014-05-28 15:26

    I had respect for this guy but not anymore. As a legal practitioner he should be as objective as he can. Clearly he isn't and is influenced by his beliefs so much that it affects the outcomes of the cases he presided over. Very very disappointed. Law and religion should not mix. They are completely separated things and for a good reason. Morality predates religion so I don't see why it should affect laws now. If religion is to be used in formulation of laws then which religion will be used?? All or just one? And which one will it be? Let me guess it will be the one that says its the one true religion who's believers go to heaven and non believers suffer in hell? I boast about the separation of religion and law in this country, but if this garbage finds its way into the legal system, I guarantee you we will go backwards and not forward.

  • Matthew Patrick - 2014-05-28 15:26

    This is the clearest evidence yet that he is not fit to hold the position of Chief Justice. He needs to make decisions based on sound logic and in the interests of justice and he cannot make these decisions by bringing something emotional such as religion into the equation. Religiosity does not automatically correlate with morality. I have agnostic ideas, and don't subscribe to any organised religion, yet I am a good person with a good conscience and have never robbed anyone, committed fraud it corruption or murdered yet know people who are regular church goers and have a lesser moral standing. This guy will find great pains in applying his mind to difficult decisions with a thinking as narrow as his.

      Bruce Wilson - 2014-05-28 18:26

      In other words - Mad as a Hatter

  • Andile Zondi - 2014-05-28 15:27

    So its fine that christianity influence our laws,but then you condemn sharia law.what if I say let's use islamic law as a base for our law,would you agree Mogeassng.

      Kevin Marsh - 2014-05-28 17:02

      Christianity is the only religion

      Matthew Patrick - 2014-05-28 17:25

      That's like saying that Santa Claus is real but the Easter Bunny is not. Anyway, some of the texts of the Q'uran and the Bible are based on the same scrolls written by the same tribes, roughly 3 to 4 hundred years after Jesus died.

      Jurgen Dieter - 2014-05-29 10:58

      @kevin I eat your religion and defecate your flavour of god

  • Shrian Ramsamuj - 2014-05-28 15:27

    What a load of rubbish. Idiots running this country.

  • Lynn Hugo - 2014-05-28 15:28

    Yes, bring back an eye for an eye and the death penalty. Mogoeng: has spoken.

  • Dorrien Venables - 2014-05-28 15:30

    Who goes and appoints chief justice who is a pastor, that is the first mistake! Separation of church and state is the only proper way a true democracy can be run, otherwise there will be total anarchy. There is already enough contradiction in our governing structures with the national house of traditional leaders vs the westernized judicial system.

  • Mira Sturmair - 2014-05-28 15:31

    one can never mix politics and religion, religion is a personal belief of every individual and humans need to respect that and compromise and allow better relationships.....basic law is, either right or wrong.........