Mokoetle denies R30m settlement

2011-01-20 14:09

Johannesburg - Embattled former SABC CEO Solly Mokoetle on Thursday denied a settlement of R30m following his resignation.

Mokoetle told SABC radio news he left with nothing not due to him, following Wednesday's announcement he had stepped down.

"I had served the SABC even before that. When I left [then] I left with nothing else but my pension and my salary. This time around I am leaving also in the same way, with nothing else that is undue to me."

The New Age newspaper reported on Thursday that Mokoetle was "laughing all the way to the bank after securing a massive golden handshake to leave the corporation".

It said lawyers representing him agreed on the settlement, believed to be about R30m.

"I've not come here to make profit, but really to serve the public. I came to the SABC to serve the broad South African public, not because the SABC was a money making machine."

New chapter

Meanwhile, Communications Minister Roy Padayachie commended the SABC board and Mokoetle for the mature manner in which the situation was handled. He believed it was time to "open a new page and start a new chapter", in returning the SABC to normality.

"The importance of a stable public broadcaster that functions optimally to meet its mandate cannot be overemphasised.

"In the recent past the nation has been subjected to continuous reports about cracks within the leadership ranks of the SABC, tension between board members and senior management, a total breakdown of corporate governance and financial instability leading to cash flow challenges," said Padayachie.

Mokoetle said on Wednesday he was exhausted following a tough six months at the SABC.

He was the SABC's chief operations officer between 2001 and December 2006, and appointed by former communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda.

His appointment was opposed by the SABC board as he reportedly left the state broadcaster in a huff as COO, following a damning audit report compiled by Gobodo Forensic and Investigative Accounting in 2005.

The report found he had badly failed in his corporate governance duties.

A showdown between Mokoetle and the board came after the former nominated Phil Molefe as head of news.

The board eventually suspended him for Molefe's appointment, and also alleged Mokoetle had failed to come up with a turnaround plan for the broadcaster.

The public broadcaster's chief financial officer was appointed acting group CEO.

Mokoetle's disciplinary hearing was suspended recently. He said it was no longer possible for him and the board to work together following a breakdown in their relationship.

  • IandI - 2011-01-20 14:15

    I'm sending in my CV to replace Solly as the SABC head honcho. I will run repeats of Rambo and Liewe Heksie plus all the president's speeches every night, in-between the soapies. I will be laughing all the way to the bank in about... 6 months

      Tarzan@banna - 2011-01-20 14:35

      will join u My kop is te plat om al die dinge te verstaan...melk die koeie leeg to kokkol oorbly

      The Stig - 2011-01-20 15:22

      I'll be your deputy boss

  • BlackSwan - 2011-01-20 14:30

    If it's not R30M, it might be R50M!!!!!

  • - 2011-01-20 14:32

    "I've not come here to make profit, but really to serve the public. I came to the SABC to serve the broad South African public, not because the SABC was a money making machine." If you believe that you will beleive anything.

  • tatholo - 2011-01-20 14:40

    The ANC government and its depoloyed cadres have become nothing except common thieves. They do not care about us anymore, only how to get rich quick. I will spread the truth among all on the ground, working and paying tax, or still looking for a job.

      privatecourier1 - 2011-01-20 15:11

      @tatholo "They do not care about us anymore...." THEY NEVER DID! You are only finding this out now? LMAO!

      Mnumzane - 2011-01-20 15:18

      Anywhere in the world Govts deploy Cadres

      ocon777 - 2011-01-20 15:41

      spot on my man. Glad you see it too :)

      Perfume - 2011-01-20 20:00

      Well put tatholo!!!!

      croix - 2011-01-20 21:07

      Well, Mnumzane - I and 99,9999% of the people on this forum don't give a rat's ass about what happens elsewhere in the world. After all, we don't pay taxes 'there', we pay taxes HERE- so that makes it our business to care about what is 'stolen/corrupted/misappropriated' HERE. Easy,ne? We shall see in due course what the dishonourable payment to Solly was?

  • Garry - 2011-01-20 14:44

    Another orchestrated "Golden Handshake" ANC officials certainly know how to enrich themselves, without working up a sweat.Cannot do the job, screw up on a massive scale, then resign a millionaire, what a SCAM.

  • maseratifitt - 2011-01-20 14:46

    There recently was an article written by Jay called :"They don't read the News" to which many commented with outrage. This kind of ripping off of the public is done in an indirect way and many people are blissfully unaware. Even if they read the news, they don't think. It started way back when Telkom CEO took R11m as a bonus for himself, and since then many have followed. People who do not even deserve to get paid R10 000 for their services, walk away with millions.

  • ArtGee - 2011-01-20 14:52

    R3m a year, and paying him out until the END of 2014 = R12m.... Not bad for a Pekkie O, placed in the SABC by his masters....does this pay out include Bonuses?

  • Andy49 - 2011-01-20 14:54

    So this is the new way that the Africa's New Corrupt create a better life for all (their chommies only). Appoint a crony to any parastatal, fire his arse for incompetence or let them resign after creating chaos due to incompetence, then reward that incompetence with a HUGE payout for the remainder of their contract. Alternately place the incompetents on suspension pending investigation into whatever which may take upwards of 3 years. Pleez sir can I have some more..

  • Sparkling - 2011-01-20 14:55

    So that's what I payed my tv licence for. To give it some useless ahole to retire with.

  • Andy49 - 2011-01-20 14:56

    How much money has been wasted by paying these incomepetent parastatal so called big chief hot shots?

  • alousav - 2011-01-20 15:08

    Let him prove it by showing ALL his bank accounts...... We don't believe a word the SABC says anymore!!

  • trumpi - 2011-01-20 15:12

    Did anyone who commented here read the article? He was offered a R30 million golden handshake, but he turned it down. He has done right in my eyes.

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-20 15:18

      Trumpi : I had another look, but my eyes aren't that good. Please show us where

      Perfume - 2011-01-20 20:02

      Where did you read what you just said, I even had to read this article with a magnifying glass to make sure I did not miss what you said...he turned down R30 million like bloody hell, he must of been licking his lips in glee!!!!!!!!

      croix - 2011-01-20 21:21

      Stumpi- you're talking utter 'shite', bud.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-01-20 15:14

    SABC - Stealing And Bankruptcy Corporation

  • Mnumzane - 2011-01-20 15:14

    If my memory served me well Solly said yesterday he thought about this in December and he approached the board about calling it a day at SABC. So a settlement of R30m is a media speculation. There is no way if he approached the board about a settlement to so much. Also Mr Gina a Board member present yesterday mentioned that it was not a golden handshake.

      croix - 2011-01-20 21:32

      No, Mnumzane - The NEW AGE reporter (not the FF's newspaper) said "the Lawyers representing him (Solly) agreed on the settlement, believed to be about R30m" - which part of this is hard for you?

      croix - 2011-01-20 21:40

      Mr Gina said it was not a 'golden handshake' - he's quite correct. It was rather a golden AVALANCHE !! Ou 'slapgat Solly' sit nou lekker met sy slap gat in die botter!

  • siera85 - 2011-01-20 15:29

    ......and they continue to plunder the public purse.....

  • callan - 2011-01-20 15:47

    And Roy "hotel service" Padayachie commends all concerned for a job well done...!!! What was your cut Roy? Getting crowded at the feeding trough...sorry gotta dash, TV license to pay.

  • Ogre - 2011-01-20 16:01

    I get the impression that the reward for screwing up in public service is exponentially proportionate to the screw up. You and I would normally expect to be fired in disgrace, lose benefits and struggle to get a job thereafter. The message that I get from the government and state institutions is that it is OK to be mediocre at your job; you will get rewarded beyond your wildest dreams if you screw up.

      croix - 2011-01-20 21:51

      Where can I join this rotten band of klepto-warriors? Maybe if I pretend to be REALLY DOF, they'll appoint me to screw up some 'State Entity' and then once the job is done, I can also claim the 'big pie' - just think : I can go ask Fana Hlongwane to open accounts for me in some obscure and secret offshore 'tax haven'? Why the hell didn't I think of this before?

  • Julius - 2011-01-20 16:39

    Oh dear ! Is the ANC's new mouth piece spilling the beans to get readers.

  • pine.bh01 - 2011-01-20 18:31

    @mnumzane: it is dumbasses like you that keep these pigs feeding from the trough filled by hardwokring taxpaying suckers like us.

      Mnumzane - 2011-01-21 07:23

      Also fools like u Pine that think everything about the ANC is bad

  • Perfume - 2011-01-20 19:58


  • Goose - 2011-01-21 14:30

    Sorry but Solly, Roy Padayachie and Siphiwe Nyanda are ALL useless and a waste of taxpayers money! And on top of that they are all liars! Siphiwe is a criminal in fact, Roy commends Solly for the way in which he handled the case(HAhaha) and Solly almost ceratinly got a HELL of a lot more than was due him. What crap to write he came not to make money but to serve the SA public. I tell you to your face Solly: YOU ARE A LIAR AND A THIEF! How many more people will lose their jobs, starve and lose their homes as a direct result of the 30million rand that this scumbag received to step down! This golden handshake to reward utter incompetence has become a disease in the new SA!

  • Perfume - 2011-01-21 14:59


      GogoGranny - 2011-01-21 17:04

      A riffak is a riffak is a riffak. This will not change in 1000 years, just live with it if u choose 2 live in la Afrika!

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