Mom, daughter caught in Cape drug bust

2011-08-23 20:52

Johannesburg - A mother and daughter were arrested in Manenberg, Cape Town on Tuesday when drugs with a street value of R500,000 were found in their flat, Western Cape police said.

Following a tip-off, police raided a flat in Lettie Court around 14:00, Warrant Officer November Filander said in a statement.

Hidden in a wardrobe in the bedroom they found 800g of tik, 900 Mandrax tablets and a heroin-based drug called "unga".

The mother, 56, and daughter, 18, were expected to appear in the Athlone Magistrate's Court on Thursday on charges of drug dealing.

  • May - 2011-08-24 06:26

    Lock them up !!!! scumbags!!

  • Robbie - 2011-08-24 07:48

    Well done to everybody concerned.I wonder how much cash was found and why wasn't it mentioned? There is always cash in a drug house. Just a thought??

  • BRAD24 - 2011-08-24 08:34

    Thanx to the public of Mannenberg for the tip-off.Well done Saps.Keep it up.

  • ohannah - 2011-08-24 09:20

    drug dealers in Manenberg; never !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mielie - 2011-09-20 14:33

    1 down another million to go!

  • Barry - 2011-09-20 16:54

    Tewe Typical Kaapies

  • Martha - 2011-09-21 12:03

    I just cant believe some "mothers", this is child abuse at it worst. She is supposed to be a role model for her child. Hope and pray this daughter's eyes will open and she will forgive her mother for allowing her to live such a "boundary and loveless" existence. Doesnt the mother know the story of Eli in the Bible. There is no excuse though for both of them as this is most deplorable. Hope they face a tough sentence so that they will realise crime does not pay. They will never be able to make good on the lives wasted of their users....Thank God they were caught before they could do any more damage. May all the drugdens be closed down and drugdealers repent from their evil way and make restitution. May all the drug addicts be rehabilitated from legal and illegal drugs and be able to live victorious, succesful lives. This is the prayer of my heart...

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