Mom jailed for poisoning baby

2011-10-12 10:08

Pretoria - A woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Pretoria Regional Court after she poisoned her 3-month-old baby with pesticide, according to a report on Wednesday.

Nita Shipalana, 21, was given 15 years, five of which were suspended, on Tuesday after she entered into a plea bargain with the State, Beeld reported.

Shipalana, from the upmarket Cornwall Hill suburb, east of Pretoria, put "two step", an agricultural chemical pesticide, into her daughter's porridge after she refused to drink poisoned milk.

Three-month-old Morongwa's parents took her to the Unitas Hospital in Centurion, Pretoria, after she started vomiting and struggled to breathe.

The father allegedly said they should hold off going to the hospital "to wait for the poison to start working". Neither of the parents told doctors the child had been poisoned.


"That could perhaps have saved the child's life. This was a pre-planned and cold blooded murder on a defenceless child," prosecutor Kas Sami-Kistnan told Beeld.

Shipalana admitted guilt after her two older brothers saw the pesticide in the infant's porridge. They forced her into a car, sitting on either side of her, and drove to the local police station.

She was allegedly angry after her mother told her to take time off from her studies to care for the baby.

The father would be tried on a later date. Shipalana would testify for the State as part of her plea bargain.

In sentencing, the court took into account that Nita Shipalana was a first-time offender and suffered from borderline personality disorder, Beeld reported.

  • Gordon20 - 2011-10-12 10:15

    This is F$%&ing discusting!!! Bring back the death penalty!!!!

      tHeOrAcLe - 2011-10-12 11:22


      QuestionSam - 2011-10-12 11:28

      Why Jail time? Feed her some pesticide and see if she likes it... Absolutely disgusting! Savages!! so true.

      saabnut - 2011-10-12 11:36

      Utterly barbaric- may they rot in hell!

      Great White - 2011-10-12 15:13

      Another useless enters South Africa's already overpopulated correctional system. What a swell country of excellent young men and women we are producing.

      Nobodyelse - 2011-10-13 13:40

      Mother poisons her baby.. father kidnaps and rapes his daughter.. teenager found raped,murdered and burnt.. all in one day. The only solution is to bring back the death penalty, especially for those hurting our children!

  • Pixie1984 - 2011-10-12 10:17

    You shouldn't have opened your legs if you didn't want to look after a baby. Utterly disgusted! God will judge you and the child's father. Meanwhile, while you wait for that, enjoy getting beaten up by other women in jail. Everyone hates a baby killer. RIP to Morongwa. you didn't deserve such evil parents.

  • Sbuda - 2011-10-12 10:22

    Pure pressure: Studies are important, but not worth taking someone's life. I suppose even the family were not well supportive by asking her to quit - anyway, we don't know the full motive behind this. But, it was wrong doing!

      IrishLuck - 2011-10-12 11:34

      @Sbuda. I studied for years through correspondence, raised kids and worked full-time, as many other people have had to do to get somewhere in life. This girl's family didn't get pregnant, she did. This is another case of not taking responsibility for your own actions - she's a selfish little bitch! Rot in hell

      Mya - 2011-10-12 11:54

      Well, on the bright side for her, she only got ten years, and she will be rewarded by being able to study for free while in prison! Sounds almost like a win win for her.... RIP to the little girl.

      mpumie - 2011-10-12 14:35

      @Sbuda, her family didn't open her leg she did and she must face the music

  • Big mack - 2011-10-12 10:23

    Personality disorder??WTF!! What sick people.. sounds like a good time for mob justice on these inhumane barbarians!!!

      DEVILS SON - 2011-10-12 12:58

      i have major personality disorders, but i dont recall killing babies, execute them charge the bullet to their families

  • Prodigy1979 - 2011-10-12 10:26

    Bloody Savages!!!

  • Moi1980 - 2011-10-12 10:32

    If you are not willing to deal with the consequences of your actions, then you shouldn't be having sex. That poor child did not ask to be brought into this world. If she was not prepared to raise the child, then why not give her up for adoption??? 15 years is not enough. They should pay for their actions for the rest of their miserable lives. Well done to the brothers for turning their sister in.

      KCT - 2011-10-12 10:48

      Well said!!!

  • Ke maketse - 2011-10-12 10:32

    She was probably raised as a spoilt brat. Me, me, me. Its all about me. And the baby is inconvencing 'me'

  • Majordad.007 - 2011-10-12 10:33

    I am disappointed for someone to get HERSELF into the situation and then be angry with others having to get her bailed out.

  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-10-12 10:35

    b!tch must die !

  • Dx7 - 2011-10-12 10:37

    disgrace indeed,plea bargain on the life of the 3mounths old child?

  • Sue Laurynhill - 2011-10-12 10:39

    Poor child RIP

  • ProudlyWhite - 2011-10-12 10:41

    WOW! What a bunch of sick people out there! Why wasnt the father also sentenced the same time?? Seems like they were working together on this! Hope these people get the same treatment in jail!

  • CNA-LOL-BS - 2011-10-12 10:44

    Sick bitch!!! OMW - I have no words for pshyco's like these!

  • Bigyin - 2011-10-12 10:46

    They should both get the death penalty. These people hold no value for human life. Can you imagine how they treat their animals if this is how they treat their own child. If I was given permission I would force them to drink some of their own medicine.

  • Shalini - 2011-10-12 10:47

    Such a rubbish, there are so many people that cannot have children!

  • Kmay - 2011-10-12 10:49

    I truly hope that the mother and father die an equally horrible death, and soon!! They shouldn't even bother with a court case, just give them over to people who know how to deal with such pieces of dog excrement!!

  • Melanierose - 2011-10-12 10:55

    kill the bastards. but kill them slowly

  • Kez - 2011-10-12 10:57

    Justice will be served in jail. I hope she gets everything that she deserves

  • MattVan - 2011-10-12 11:01

    Kill them? Why taint the rest of society by taking part in that poison? The death penalty is not a deterant, stats show this. The death penalty is not cheaper, demonstratable truth.

  • lucyfire - 2011-10-12 11:03

    my god, and little babies are SO cute at three months. All smiles. Why couldn't she just go for an abortion??? Then that child wouldn't have suffered like she did.

  • Michelle - 2011-10-12 11:03

    Personality disorder, my arse. This is inhuman!! Sterilise the bitch so that this won't happen to a child of her again!!!

      Mucaine - 2011-10-12 13:03

      Him and her! She didn't do it alone.

  • zibbalans - 2011-10-12 11:05

    What the HELL is going on hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???? Didnt i just comment on another article about a father who slit his son's throat? now THIS???? What the FRIKKADEL?????

  • African_meisie - 2011-10-12 11:07

    I seriously don't understand how you could kill your own child? WTF? She should get 500 years without parole. Sick!

  • terry - 2011-10-12 11:10

    i will say it again bring back the death penalty for such henious crimes neither of these parents care and are happy that the little one died, I hope and pray she gets what she deserves as the prisoners hate child molsters and killers little one RIP

  • kimmifreak - 2011-10-12 11:11

    as a 20 year old single mother i am disgusted by there actions as hard as raising my daughter might be never once has the thought crossed my mind i can not imagine my life without my daughter and as a chemically depressed person i keep my thoughts to myself and in control dont people know they have options i would have adopted that baby even though i dont have alot atleast he would be alive! its a mentality thing some need to learn to think outside the box!

      Robbie - 2011-10-12 11:23

      Well said kimmifreak

  • Nielson - 2011-10-12 11:21

    They should both rot in hell

  • DeonL - 2011-10-12 11:25

    This killer could be out in 5 years, this is not right.

  • user123 - 2011-10-12 11:26

    I cannot believe she is only going to sit in jail for 10 years for this. How can anybody do this to their own child; the father says,"to wait for the poison to start working." Just sickens me.

      ACEUP - 2011-10-12 11:33

      she will do much less, she has a suspended 5 years, so she has 10 years then she gets 1/3 off for first offender, then a another 1/3 off for "good behaviour", you do the math, "for murder"

  • juliana.erasmus - 2011-10-12 11:27

    Cold blood murder. Bring back the death sentence!!!

  • Sue-Ellen - 2011-10-12 11:29

    hope that bitch rots in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perfume - 2011-10-12 11:41

    Pesticide would of worked wonders in this case!!!!!!

  • gillyB - 2011-10-12 11:43

    We just lost our little girl...and then you read this! How disgusting they are. I hope she gets all she deserves.

      Wendy - 2011-10-12 12:44

      Sorry my friend. Lost my son too.

  • Tieneke - 2011-10-12 11:47

    I can just hear some religious person or family member telling the poor girl not to have an abortion....... Not everybody can cope with raising a child alone and she felt maybe this was her only option.....Let women decide, not some religious freak. Not right that a baby died because adults made poor choices.

      Springbokkie - 2011-10-12 12:33

      Why must there always be a comment about religion or race! The fact here is they CHOSE to have unprotected sex and fell pregnent! Therefore they needed to take responsibilty for their actions!! Clearly they thought killing the child would be the better option. WRONG!!! Let's just hope justice will prevail and both parents serve their full sentences. R.I.P little one

  • DanglyBits - 2011-10-12 12:01

    So WTF hang all of this personalities,they should gut the cow alive !!!- And while you at it Shoot the idiotic judge

  • Charmain - 2011-10-12 12:07


  • mrp721 - 2011-10-12 12:08

    Both of them should be sterilized immediately, this is so disgusting I hope her parents rot in hell... They could have given the baby up for adoption, taken it to the welfare, but killing the child in such an inhumane way is beyond excuse.. There is just no justice in this country..

  • Kiepies - 2011-10-12 12:09

    Feed her the same kind of poison as the Bible says, an eye for an eye, etc. and lets see how she handles it... Genade, nice to have all the pleasure but not so nice to look after little bundle of joy resulting from such pleasure...!!

      barry.mcbride - 2011-10-12 12:58

      Wrong interpretation of the Bible for our times, i.e. any sin can be forgiven and even forgotten by God for those who truly believe in Jesus Christ and follow him.

  • Emily - 2011-10-12 12:10

    you are going to burn in hell oxygen thief. Cant even call you a lady or woman. You are pure evil, the devil's advocate.

  • Dan - 2011-10-12 12:29

    Just another barbaric animal. Not tamed at all.

  • Wendy - 2011-10-12 12:39

    15 years. WTF? Hang her from the rafters with fish hooks so she dies a slow and painful death and let her rot in HELL. Bitch

  • tmbopape - 2011-10-12 12:41

    there is no boarderline disoder here!!!!!!!!, she knew waht she was doing when she lied on her back and opened her thighs, now that she has to live up to her responsibilities she wants to make excuses. i cant believe other people, at the age of 21 ur already consudered an adult, this is a well though out cold blooded murder, she n the daddy should rot in jail.

  • whysoserious - 2011-10-12 13:00

    I feel sick to my stomach! I dont have any words for people like this!

  • DON VITO - 2011-10-12 13:04

    RIP LILTLE ANGEL.these lunatics must rotttt in jail,for the father,bad luck for him because they will gang raoe him in jail,i jst wish all the jail birds f***k his butt untill he dies(pissed)

  • Mordy - 2011-10-12 13:17

    Oh my fu#king word!!!! Animals don't even do this to their young...

  • MelJay - 2011-10-12 13:50

    For a preplanned crime like this -- sentence should be sterilisation for both 'mother' and 'father' (I use those titles lightly in this instance as they both don't deserve to ever be called that -- EVER!)

  • zapper - 2011-10-12 14:06

    This is inhuman, maybe its best the child did die, imagine if she survived what torture might she have endured further with parents like that. And please dont make this a political issue again, like so many do!

  • Spykerr-ZN - 2011-10-12 14:14

    Feed them the poisen!! I have i child and he is currently 3 months old, my child and my wive are the most inportant people in my life , i love them so much , how can you get into a state of mind to do such a thing.The child did not ask to be here , a child is a Miracle that any person should be thankfull for.. it's so sad.

  • D - 2011-10-12 14:48

    "In sentencing, the court took into account that Nita Shipalana was a first-time offender and suffered from borderline personality disorder, Beeld reported." There is something seriously wrong with a society that will condone this - a cold-hearted outright murder ! What is wrong with these people ? Give her a light sentence, rap on the knuckles and go out there and do it again at a later stage ? For heavens sake - sterilize her and put her away for Life ...... She is a murderer period!

  • Peter - 2011-10-12 16:56

    She doesn't deserve jail time She and the father deserve a long and painful death Bring back the death penalty

  • Hamz06 - 2011-10-13 13:50

    And to think she was in my matric class... wtf! Disgusted by this!